December 21st End of the World Increases Interest in the Astrological Ages

The December 21st 2012 end of the world scenario obviously garnered interest around the world. As the graph for this blog indicates, interest over the two days (due to shifting time zones) reflect December 21st at different parts of the world.

Wordpress Statistics Dec 23 2012
WordPress Statistics Dec 23 2012

Why were so many people affected by such spurious claims about the end of the world? It’s all due to the fact that the most important zodiacal sign in our part of the Aquarian age is actually Pisces, the sign of the previous age. When the Pisces age came to an end in c.1433 AD, it was at its greatest strength, and like a wave washes over the new Aquarian age which is like a newborn infant (see Is the Aquarian Age Like a Block of Granite? ). It will take until around 2500 AD before Aquarius can significantly begin to push Pisces aside. In the whole approximate 26,000 years cycle of the Great Year, the period 1433 to 2148 AD will be the time of greatest strength for Pisces (see Aquarius in Pisces Sheep Clothing). Pisces is strongly associated with end-of-the-world scenarios, delusion, deception, deceit, fantasy and general lack of clarity plus self-made destruction. Pisces rules belief-system, and does not care if these belief-systems are based on religion, politics or whatever. People prefer to believe in their beliefs than in reality when Pisces is strong. This is why many people who believe in the love of God one way, will kill other people who believe the love of God manifests differently. The world depends upon superficiality, fashion and smoke-and-mirrors under Pisces.

In a Pisces environment, it is not surprising that some delusional self-seeking publicist will claim the Mayans predicted the end-of-the-world on 21 December 2012. The reason why so many people were affected by this delusion, is that at this time of the cycle of the Great Year, people in general prefer delusion. Delusion is so comforting because you can mould it whatever way you want. Under Pisces you can develop whatever belief system you like, then pretend this belief system came from God, the cosmic force… whatever. This is why the US Civil War of the 19th century was actually a religious war as one side claimed God did not like slavery while the other side believed God supported slavery. Many US politicians treat capitalism as if it was God-given perfect way to run the world’s economy.

Many people sensibly treated the Mayan end-of-the-world with a party. Fortunately we are coming near the end of the Pisces at full throttle as it shifts down a gear over the next 150 years. For anyone born after 1940, including the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Gen Y and whatever comes next have never experienced a serious hit of Aquarius, even though we have been in the Aquarian age since 1433 AD. This anomaly will be rectified soon. Between 2015 and 2025 (and especially the peak of the bell curve 2017 – 2022) Aquarius will be in serious self-promotion mode as the Aquarian age passes over an Aquarian sub-period within the Aquarian age – creating a small Aquarius hot-spot. We are heading towards very interesting times from the astrological perspective and the world is actually on the cusp of the most dynamic and progressive developments not seen in the world for over 7,000 years and linked to the coming Aquarius hotspot commencing in 2015 (see A Celebration 7,000 Years in the Making )

Every one of us will experience the end-of-the-world when it is the end of our life. This life is a gift, this world is a gift and the universe is a gift. Reality dictates that we should experience primarly the fact we are surrounded by gifts not of our making. The only real response to the gifts that have been bestowed upon us is one of gratitude. If the world was orientated towards gratitude rather than delusional belief systems that ultimately are based on projecting our greatness (‘I live in the best country in the world’ is one of them) – the world may be a very different place. Just because the dominant paradigm in the world is currently Pisces-delusion, that does not mean as individuals we have to be locked into this fashionable stupidity.

For a comprehensive understanding of the astrological ages, see:

Now available online and at major book stores.
Now available online and at major book stores.


Cancer – the New Paradigm for the World

Most people who make their way to this blog read “SCORPIO – the Sign of the Times” that I wrote in 2006.  We are currently in the process of exiting from this heightened Scorpio ‘hotspot’ that affects the world from 2005 until 2015, but with the upper half of the bell-curve located 2007 to 2011/12.  This Scorpio hotspot is currently being replaced by the sign Cancer, and Cancer will be the paradigm of note for the next five years (2012-17) but it has a wider bandwidth than the normal five years.  This Cancer period will be stronger than the effects of most five years quasi-micro age decans but it will not be a hotspot like the previous Scorpio quasi nano-age that resonated with the large Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970-2148)

For those new to this blog, a micro-age is approximately 15 years long and is one-twelfth of a sub-age (approx. 178 years).  Each age of approximately 2,150 years has twelve sub-ages.  These small micro-ages can be divided into three equal parts using traditional astrological techniques.  One third of a micro-age is a micro-age decan.  Associated with all ages and their sub-periods, including micro-ages, are quasi periods comprising the last half of the current period in question with the first half of the next period.  This explanation of a quasi-period in relation to the astrological ages can suffice at this point, and those readers wanting to delve into the subject can purchase my book “THE DAWNING – Shedding new Light on the Astrological Ages”.

If each sign has three decans, one of which is the same as the parent sign, then sometimes the parent sign and sub-period will be the same.  This is the case with the current Cancer quasi-micro age decan.   The Cancer quasi-age decan (2012-17) is derived from the Cancer micro-age decan (2010-15) and is the last decan of the Cancer micro-age (2000-15).  Due to the overflow effect, as the influence of all periods rolls over the following period similar to a wave, the full extent of Cancer is the Cancer micro-age and overflow (2000 – 2015 – 2029).  We can easily verify the arrival of this 29 year period – in 2001, the 9/11 attack upon the USA brought to the forefront of world affairs the situation in the Muslim world.  The key zodiacal sign associated with Islam is Cancer.  This Cancer period has increased the status of Islam in the world for better or worse.  In response to this attack, the USA and its close allies attacked Afghanistan and then perversely attacked Iraq – two nations in the Muslim heartlands.  The Afghanistan war has now become the longest war of all times for the USA.  The other key region in the world that has strong Cancer associations is China. Though we cannot pinpoint China’s ascent to world stardom to the exact year 2000, it has certainly exhibited its daunting lurch forward in economic development over the last ten years.

The arrival of Cancer is noticeable, but the whole period under the rulership of Cancer is not homogeneous – it is more like a giant bell-curve.  In 2007  is the beginning of the Cancer quasi-micro-age (covering the period 2007 to 2022) indicating this central area of heightened Cancer activity.  Again we can clearly see the arrival of this increased Cancer influence with the GFC that commenced with the sub-prime crisis of 2007.  In 2007 it became obvious to traders that a huge swath of derivatives based on real estate mortgages were worth far less than their market value. Homes and consequently real estate is a strong Cancer archetype.  The collapse of this sub-prime market led to the collapse of a number of banks and resulted in the GFC which was basically aligned to the Scorpio quasi-micro age decan (2001-12) that comprises one of the decans of Cancer.

Not only did the rising intensity of Cancer precipitate the sub-prime mortgage crisis, it increased the temperature in the Muslim world, and by 2011 a number of governments of Islamic nations fell to protestors or commenced civil wars or periods of ongoing dissent. The temperature increased in 2012 with the arrival of the five year Cancer quasi-age decan (2012-17) – the upper echelon for Cancer in its assigned 29 year period.  We can expect further unsettled conditions in the Middle East and we can expect China to soon peak – which does not insinuate it is ready to ‘fall’ – this is merely the dreams of American Republicans nostalgic about America being the only superpower of note in the world.

Cancer is not limited to Islam and China.  Cancer, the ruler of homes, always witnesses mass migrations of people looking for a new home and whom we sometimes call refugees – but governments and right-wing politicians and their supporters generally prefer the term illegal immigrants.  This practice by human beings over the last tens of thousands of years (hundreds of thousands of years?) to move to locations where conditions are better has now been made basically illegal.  In response to mass migrations, governments often resort to another archetype associated with Cancer and build a defensive wall (in medieval times a fortress with moat).  The USA is constructing and upgrading its border with Mexico as is Israel building massive concrete walls against Palestinians.  Under Cancer we can expect the number of refugees and ‘illegal immigrants’ to increase exponentially, and extreme approaches to ‘defend our borders’ – perhaps we should buy shares in company’s specializing in fortifications?

Another aspect of Cancer is that it is opposite the sign of Capricorn.  Capricorn represents the status of leaders and those with rank, especially with a conservative approach, plus it also rules the long-term view and long-term plans.  Both these are under threat under the current Cancer period.  The leaders of countries are falling, either democratically voted out by their citizens incensed at their handling of the GFC or falling to insurrection such as we have already witnessed in the Middle East.  In place of Capricorn long-term policy and wise decisions the world will be ruled by changeable public opinion for a number of years, as the public is ruled by Cancer.  I thought the Cancer world today was a threat to the re-election of President Obama as public opinion can swing wildly under Cancer, but in the end he was probably saved by opposing Republicans in the Capricorn camp.  Conservative leaders are on the nose to the general public and I don’t think the general public took kindly to Romney stating that the Democratic 47% of the populace were parasites on the system.

Unfortunately this lack of Capricorn long term view has derailed the international effort to curtail climate change.  At a time when leadership is required, the major carbon producing nations have their heads in the sand and are bickering about their relative carbon emissions.

Countries with Capricorn predominantly in their respective astrological signatures can expect additional turmoil.  Two countries that are unambiguously in this camp are the USA and India.  The USA was first settled by Europeans under the highpoint of the Capricorn sub-age and overflow (1433 – 1612 – 1791) – the first sub-age in the Age of Aquarius.  The USA’s conservative credentials are strong relative to the other First World nations basically due to a large fundamentalist Christian faction derived from the austere and conservative Puritans and religious folk who fled from Europe to escape religious persecution.  The first Cancer micro-age the colonists encountered was from 1687 to 1702 with its overflow period extending to 1716.  For example in 1688 the first group to denounce slavery occurred in Pennsylvania precipitating the split in American values leading ultimately to the much later American Civil War.  Another similar public statement was made by a Boston judge in 1698. In 1689 two insurrections occurred, one in Boston and the other in New York based on divided loyalties between Jacobites and supporters of the new English king, William of Orange. In 1692 twenty `witches’ were executed in Salem. In 1699 a yellow fever epidemic killed many people.

The next Cancer micro-age and overflow was (1836-1851-1866) which naturally includes the American Civil War (1861 – 65) at the end of the Cancer micro-age overflow period (1851-1866).  If this war was replicated in the current Cancer micro-age and overflow, it would occur from 2023 to 2028.  While I am not suggesting that there will be another American Civil War in the current elongated Cancer period, it does suggest that the USA will pass through a very stressful time in the next two decades.  It turns out that the American Civil war coincided with a Gemini micro-age decan (1861 – 1866).  It is therefore possible that the American psyche has aligned itself strongly to the Sagittarius sub-age and overflow (1612-1791-1970) and therefore any Gemini period may be difficult as Gemini is opposite to Sagittarius.  The Gemini micro-age (2015-29) is not just another Gemini period.  The year 2029 marks the end of the Gemini sub-age decan (1970 – 2029) and the beginning of the powerful Gemini sub-age decan overflow (2029-2089) with 2029 the very highpoint of Gemini.  So while I don’t expect another American Civil War, I do expect great tensions and stresses in the American psyche at this juncture.  This will possibly be the culmination of the stress fracture between progressives versus the fundamentalists and conservatives that appeared in the 1970s with the arrival of the Gemini sub-age decan.  Alternatively it could be a major opposition with China or the Muslim world.

India is showing no signs to date of succumbing to the Cancer micro-age and overflow.  Any strategic change may relate to its Capricorn cast system that remains a strongly entrenched social practise even if illegal.  Greater India includes Pakistan and so they may use their nuclear arsenals against each other, but unless this occurs by 2015, it is more likely to be a conventional disagreement.

There is a lot more to Cancer than refugees, American dissent, fall of leaders, lack of long term planning, China, India and Muslim countries.  My research on historical events over the last two centuries indicates a number of developments that congregate around the sign Cancer.  These include everything to do with ships, canals, food (including eating disorders such as bulimia, binge eating and food intolerance), mental health, Mexico, the Moon, mines, New Zealand, photography, protectionism, Russia, Scandinavia, temperance, water (including tsunamis and floods), women and the Working Class. I am not suggesting that this list is exhaustive as I expect great developments towards curing the disease cancer during the current Cancer period, which is already happening.

More blogs on these subjects associated with the sign Cancer is planned!

Waiting for Ages

Some years ago I watched a swords and sandal epic movie (produced in Italy with English sub-titles) about an old Grecian legend involving titans, monsters heroes etc.  The titans had just been released from some kind of very long captivity from a previous age.  One titan (in human form) was chatting with a barmaid and said “I have been waiting for ages to meet someone as beautiful as you”.  This innocuous story led me to consider how the astrological ages correspond with developments with the astrological ages.  Allegorically this could be likened to the astrological ages navel gazing.

The ‘modern’ approach to the astrological ages was kicked off by the Greek astronomer-astrologer Hipparchus in the late 2nd century BC when he irrefutably discovered the slow eastward shift of the stars due to the precession of the equinoxes.  This newly perceived perspective from around 127 BC (for the Greeks at least) allowed Hipparchus to conceptualize the astrological ages.  This occurred in the previous Scorpio sub-age (189 – 8 BC) – specifically extremely close to the first sub-age decan cusp around 129 BC, the Cancer sub-age decan cusp.

Jump forward to modern times, and the equivalent to 127 BC is 1853 AD (equivalent in the sense that both 1853 AD and 127 BC exist two years past their respective Cancer sub-age decan cusp).  There is also another way of relating specific periods between different ages.  Each age is approximately 2150 years.  Add 2150 years (an age) to 127 BCE and we arrive at 2024 AD.  At a minimum, we know that the period 1853 to 2012 (leading to 2024) has experienced a revolution in the acceptance, understanding or recognition of the astrological ages in modern times along with a massive resurgence of interest in astrology. 

In the 19th century Blavatsky, who co-founded the Theosophical Society in 1875, popularized the concept of a new age commencing in 1888 and some of her followers specifically addressed the Age of Aquarius.  This marks a new age for the astrological ages rising to a crescendo in the late 1960s when the musical Hair proudly proclaimed in its first song ‘this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius’.  References to the Age of Aquarius are now so ubiquitous, that on any day, about half a dozen references can be found in the media (especially in the USA), and particularly promoting the urban myth that the Age of Aquarius arrived in the 1960s and 70s.  In following the press and online articles, many commentators suggest that the Age of Aquarius lasted 10 or 20 years as the world seems to have moved away from the Age of Aquarius in recent decades.

Therefore in the two periods associated with highpoints for the astrological ages, both are associated with a Scorpio sub-age and both periods are about one age apart.  The next area of interest is another age before Hipparchus discovered precession.  Using both methods as applied above, 2150 years before 127 BC takes us back to 2277 BC based on an age with an average of 2150 years.  Two years past the Cancer sub-age decan cusp of the ancient Scorpio sub-age (2188 – 2006 BC) places us around the year 2125 BC.  Therefore the period 2277 to 2125 is the target period for an ancient highpoint related to the astrological ages.  For many people this is ridiculous because in academia, precession of the equinoxes was only discovered by Hipparchus around 127 BC.  How could anyone before this time know about astrological ages or precession of the equinoxes?

Though academia rejects ancient knowledge of precession of the equinoxes and the astrological ages before Hipparchus – mountains of circumstantial evidence suggests the contrary.  Most astrologers know that astrology is too subtle and sophisticated for academics to comprehend (they need an apple to fall on their head), so we will put aside their collective limitation and move back to very ancient times and see if ancient astronomers may have made advances in their understanding or knowledge of the astrological ages.  Surprisingly, the period 2277 to 2125 BC hits the nail right on the head.  A major restructuring of the zodiacal constellations occurred in the late third millennium BCE because over the thousands of years since the Mesopotamians had been observing the heavens, the constellations had shifted position due to precession of the equinoxes.[1]  It is believed this restructure of the constellations occurred in what is known as the Akkadian period (2390–2210 BC).  If the astronomers from this ancient time could perceive that the stars had shifted, did it occur to them that the stars would keep shifting into the future?  Did they relate astrological ages to these shifting stars? 

Though we cannot be certain of the knowledge-base of ancient astronomers, we can historically perceive the developments in ancient astronomy.  For thousands of years a cosmic religion had existed where the heavenly bodies were deified.  Sometime, not long before 2000 BCE in Mesopotamia, the astronomers commenced applying astrological concepts to the heavenly bodies.[2]  This very major development in astrology appears around our target period of 2277 to 2125 BC.  Another key development is that the stars and constellation, as defined in those ancient times, became ‘frozen’ until Hipparchus appeared around one age later.  As early as 1915 researchers noticed that the ancient Greeks inherited the Babylonian constellations, but the constellations they used were defined around 2084 BC (in the final florescence of the old Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia).[3]  Other researchers agree with this approach. 

Basically what we have is three highpoints associated with astrology (and astronomy) in general, including the astrological ages to a certain extent – all associated with a Scorpio sub-age.  Between these highpoints are large periods of time of erratic or reduced activity or understanding but with some highpoints, particularly when any period is associated with Aquarius.  For most of the 1st and 2nd millenniums BC, a lot of important astronomical/astrological knowledge or understanding appears to have been lost in the turbulence of those times, and people much information could only be hand down and possibly only partially understood.

There is a delusionary expectation that as the years unfold, everything improves.  This is not the case.  Shakespeare is still called the greatest poet the world has seen.  Michelangelo’s artwork is revered today.  Any original Impressionist painting is worth a fortune.  Picasso is undoubtedly the greatest surrealist or abstract painter the world has known.  Most of the best classical composers lived a number of centuries ago.  People will be listening to the music of the 1960s and 70s in awe for centuries.  The best novelists the world will appear around 2029 (minus 15 years or plus 60 years), and not to be overtaken for around another 700 years.

The reason for these spikes in accomplishment is that they all relate to peaks in ages and sub-ages.  For example, the power of Pisces at the time of Shakespeare will not be replicated for almost another 26,000 years.  The music of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, the Beatles and so on is associated with the Pisces-Aquarius age (1433- 3574) with a highpoint for Scorpio in 1970.  As Richard Tarnas points out in his music and astrology workshops, the music of the 1960s and 70s was the combination of the Uranian (Aquarian) electric medium combined with the sexual rock-and-roll beat of Pluto (Scorpio).

Therefore it can be expected that the current highpoint for astrology in general and specifically the astrological ages will not be constant in the coming millennia. It is therefore appropriate that such a major discovery of the true nature of the astrological ages is made during the current period when the astrology of our time resonates with major advances in astrology.  Even ten years ago, near the beginning of my major research into the astrological ages, I was aware of the need to produce a book at a time that was a suitable highpoint for astrology.  The whole Scorpio subage and overflow (1791-1970-2148) is a highpoint for astrology, but there are specific Scorpio hotspots within this multi-century period.  One such hotspot is the current Scorpio micro-age decan and overflow (2005-10-15) with the bell curve highpoint located 2007-12 (basically aligned to the GFC).  Ten years ago I thought this hotspot was located around 2020 and so I thought I had plenty of time to write my book.  This illusion was shattered in 2006 when I eventually fine-tune my rectification of the start of the Aquarian age to 1433 – about 10 years earlier than my previous estimate.  This advanced the current Scorpio hotspot from around 2020 to 2010.  I immediately felt the pressure to produce the book of the astrological ages and I commenced writing it in 2007, with it being published in 2011.

For those readers interested in the astrological ages we live in a magic period.  In hindsight it is easy to see why Hipparchus in the 2nd century BC got his calibration technique for measuring the astrological ages wrong.  This is why for over the last 2,000 years the astrological ages have been a mere toy and plaything for some astrologers, as it gave the hint of correlation but was basically useless as a predictive tool.  One of the big questions I have is: did the astronomer-astrologers of around 2100 BC perceive and understand the astrological ages?  Circumstantial evidence cannot provide a definitive answer but there is a good possibility the answer is yes.  Every time you look at a zodiacal constellation in the sky, you are looking at the forensic evidence left by the ancient astronomer-astrologers over 4,000 years ago.  These zodiacal constellations, in their heliacal rising mode of calibration, are exactly aligned to the astrological ages as defined with the Age of Aquarius arriving in 1433 AD.  Is this an accident or were the zodiacal constellations purposely defined to measure the astrological ages? Now this is a real mystery!  Will we have to wait another age to find out?

For details about my book THE DAWNING see

[1] Babylonian Star-Lore, p. 256–9

[2] The Great Year, p. 21

[3] Mythology of the Babylonian People, p. 322


Sometimes it is necessary to stand back and take a global perspective. For most people, this is not necessary when examining the astrological ages because each age stands alone like a brick in a wall.  The only relevance of this common approach is that the Age of Pisces preceded the Aquarian age, and the Age of Capricorn will follow it. If you have been following this blog or have read “THE DAWNING Shedding New Light on the Astrological Ages” you will know that the whole system of the astrological ages is much more sophisticated and full of fractal nuances.  Firstly you would understand that no age acts in isolation because the influence of the previous age always carries into or overflows onto the next age.  So while we have been in the Aquarian age since around 1433 AD, the overflow from the previous Pisces age is so prevalent that the current age should be called the Pisces-Aquarius age (1433-3574 AD) reflecting the dominant influence of Pisces in the Aquarian age.  Furthermore each age has age-decans, sub-ages, micro-ages etc. all contributing to the chorus at any time.

Though we are in the Pisces-Aquarius age, at the upper level or big picture view of the ages, the current astrological influence upon the world is not limited to Pisces and Aquarius. As unbelievable as it may seem, the influence from the age before Pisces, the Aries age and overflow (2916 BC – 1433 AD), continues to exert a tangible influence upon the world – principally on culture and society.  Culture is conservative and sluggish, and maintains cultural momentum for thousands of years.  Since 1433 AD, the lingering cultural influence from the Aries age is like a cartoon character that has run out past the edge of the cliff, but hasn’t looked down yet.  The wily roadrunner is still out there for a short time but without a solid base beneath his feet.  Once he looks down he will plummet to earth far below.  This is the current status with Aries – it is out past the edge of the cliff but has not yet looked down – that will occur around 2148 – the middle of the next century.  Aries’ cultural momentum upon society will then seriously begin to ebb and wane – but not disappear entirely!

The reason for this fall is very simple.  The first age-decan of the current Aquarian age is the Libra age-decan and overflow (1433-2148-2863) with its highpoint at 2148.  Between 1433 and 2148 Libra is ascending to its point of power in 2148.  It is not until this point is reached that Libra can exert its maximum power to undermine Aries, its opposite sign.  Because Aries is out past the cliff edge, it still has some power in the meantime, but not enough to withstand the opposition from Libra at full strength next century.

What will happen from the middle of the 22nd century onwards?  Any archetype associated with Aries will be progressively subdued or opposed.  Aries is the prime sign for war and violence, and so we can expect a significant drop in war and violence from the mid-22nd century onwards.  For example, it is extremely unlikely that there will be another world war even between now and the middle of next century…. but this does not exclude the explosion of nuclear bombs or dirty bombs – especially by terrorist groups or renegade nations.  While war is in subsidence however, terrorism remains on the rise for a long time – at least until the end of the 22nd century.

There will also be wars and violence because the leading edge of the astrological ages and their sub-periods only affect the leading edge of world developments, but many countries and regions exist in a cultural time warp, with new cultural developments taking a long time to reach them.  Think of the wake from the bow of a boat spreading out behind.  For example the circumstances of women in many conservative Islamic societies is very constrained and limited, but their dire modern circumstance is very close to the position of women in western society 500 years ago.  The wake of the Aquarian age and Libran age-decan has only arrived in Muslim countries recently whereas it hit many western nations some centuries ago.  Another example is North Korea.  The rest of the world has turned away from brain-numbing communism which saw its hey days in the middle of the 20th century, but here is North Korea keeping alive 1930s communism ridiculously oblivious to where the world has subsequently headed.

The leading edge of the Aquarian age has affected western society far more than other societies – which is why many other societies seem to lag in their cultural and political development.  It may seem that western society has already jumped onto the new Libran bandwagon – which to a certain extent is true.  Women have made enormous progress in most western nations and some developing nations.  The best is yet to come.  So while the leading edge of the world in the 22nd century will embrace Libra faster, it may take many centuries for other parts of the world to catch up with the new cultural reality.

Another reason why Libra at full strength will not create a warless world is that Libra rules opposition.  The age empire of the Pisces-Aquarian age, the USA, will have to contend with a political force in the world equal to itself but with many opposing views and policies.  This does not automatically mean war and violence, but it does suggest a yin-yang polarity.  Also, during the powerful Libra age-decan overflow (2148-2863) there is an Aries sub-age decan and overflow (2327-2387-2447) indicating at a minimum a 60 year period (2387-2447) fraught with sabre rattling and the usual stupid disagreements that have plagued nations since they commenced forming about 5,000 years ago.  Nevertheless, there is the potential for the next best thing to a mini golden age from around 2148 until 2863 when Libra is dominant.  Libra, like all signs, has positive and negative archetypes, but Libra has probably the softest negative archetypes of all the 12 zodiacal signs.

Despite Libra’s softness, there will still be losers in the Libran age-decan overflow.  Aries-aligned Ancient Rome, the empire of the previous Aries-Pisces age, included most of Europe.  Any vestige of Ancient Rome is sure to suffer under Libra.  Historical analysis of previous age-decans indicate that the first age-decan cusp in any age (such as the Libran age-decan cusp in 2148), is the most potent, and often associated with the collapse or fracturing of societies, sometimes due to climate change or the results of environmental damage.

How will the Libra age-decan cusp in 2148 effect Europe?  I suspect it will be an environmental catastrophe of some type.  Perhaps the Atlantic Conveyor Belt that sends warm ocean currents to Western Europe will be affected.  This current has stopped in the past and when it does, it usually drops the average temperature in Europe by over 10 degrees centigrade. This would devastate Europe.  If it is not an environmental catastrophe, some other far-reaching influence will negatively affect Europe from around the mid-22nd century onwards.

Aries archetypes are not limited to war and violence.  Any positive or negative ‘force’ is an Aries archetype.  When Aries is strong, many people want or demand other people to follow their own form of conduct – akin to social bullying.  This can be demonstrated by the Right to Life Movement.  Any member or supporter of the Right to Life Movement can abstain from abortions, as is their right.  However they are not satisfied with this, they want to ‘force’ or bully other members of society to follow their cultural maxims.  The same applies to many societies’ attitudes to gay marriage, recreational drug use or any behaviour adopted by any minority group in society.  For example, it was reported in April 2012 that one state in the USA intended to outlaw males wearing baggy trousers.  Bullying of minority groups will progressively fall out of favour over the coming centuries.

The problem with Aries is that it generally results in a win-lose situation, whereas Libra suggests a win-win result due to compromise and team work. Another aspect of Aries that will be threatened by the rising tide of Libra is the ‘shoot first ask questions later’ Aries syndrome.  We can see that this applied to the US and its allies approach to Iraq in the first decade of the 21st century – but it is not limited to warfare.  Human society is still marching forward at an accelerating rate with seemingly no one in control or analysing where we are at, where we want to go, and how we should get there.  In place of this we have a powerful lobby in the age-empire at least a (Pisces) belief system that capitalism will automatically sort everything out for us perfectly.

Unfortunately, anything that gets between corporations and money is seen as an enemy.  This is why ecological sustainability is strongly disfavored by conservative politicians in bed with corporations.  Libra cannot over-ride Pisces belief systems, only the dynamic heads-down energy of Aries – like a charging ram – that can go a long way but cannot see where it is going.  Libra is the sign of discernment, so from the middle of the next century, there should be more checks and balances in place than has been the norm for the last 5,000 years, to assure the world of an agreeable future.

A mini-golden age may appear for many centuries by the middle of the 22nd century.  There cannot be a utopian age while the astrological ages exist because each age and sub-period is associated with positive and negative archetypes. Libra is connected with Protestantism, China and the whole of the East in general, the USA and specifically with the USA government. The Roman Catholic Church archetypally represents the continuation of Ancient Roman culture, which is strongly associated with Aries, and therefore it is in for a rough ride come the middle of the 22nd century when Libra peaks.  The Protestant religions were born at the beginning of the Libra age-decan, and therefore should experience far greater longevity and may even relatively thrive under Libra in comparison to the Roman Catholic Church – but will still be on the wane because the Christian base has Aries as a key archetype in its signature.

Islam, primarily associated with Cancer, will see its 4th house activated.  Islam will retreat in more than one way.  It will retreat to its heartland and to being a religion of the people, and it will cease its public or political stridency. If it fights for prestige, it will not succeed.  China is strongly associated with Libra and Cancer.  Cancer also insinuates that China will keep to its heartland but its Libra element will thrive. China will probably provide the polar opposition to the USA in the coming centuries.

The main problem for the USA under Libra is its gun-toting mentality – both domestically and internationally.  The Aries archetype has instilled itself into the astrological signature of the USA, probably imported from Europe, or defined in the formative Aries sub-age decan overflow (1731-1791) when it violently wrenched itself from Great Britain. Therefore the strong militaristic and right-to-bear-arms side of American society is in for an overhaul of values.  All past age empires experienced extreme stress at the cusp of age-decans.  The highly stressful time for the USA political establishment will occur sometime in the 22nd century.  A clash between the gun-toting culture and (Libran) pacifists cannot be ruled out. There may even be an interregnum of the US government lasting decades until it regains control and restores the republic.

Any Aries archetype will be in detriment in a Libra period.  These include contact and extreme sports and competitive sports in general, the iron and steel industries, skyscrapers and engineering, sheep, armaments industry, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, forest fires, cremation, violent crimes, surgical operations, and patriotism. Perhaps scientists will finally find a remedy for Alzheimer’s disease? The brain damage incurred by some American footballers will cease to be an issue as physical contact sports fall out of favor with the general public (don’t expect this to occur in your lifetime).

In the same way as the world’s greatest poet lived many centuries ago, our skyscraper jungles of cities will probably be looked back as some kind of highpoint of engineering and construction or a massive aberration – our inner cities may become giant living museums! It will not be the dynamic construction of ever taller buildings and engineering prowess that will attract future generations, but gardens, greenery and mellow harmonious cities that blend natural and man-made elements.

Anything associated with Libra should be enhanced.  These Libran archetypes include: architecture, art and music, ball games (i.e. tennis), clothing, social clubs, women and girls, sugar and diabetes, etiquette, fads, public and private gardens (national parks), happiness, immaturity, justice, luxury, relationships of all types, social life and peace.  The 60s and 70s peace movement will evolve into such a powerful political bloc in the world, that they will balance the dynamic capitalists and their supporters and ultimately come to a compromise in how to manage the world sustainably.

Some additional countries and places that may excel under Libra are: Austria, Burma, upper Egypt, Japan, Siberia and Tibet.[1]  Tibet has periodically been either absorbed by China or an independent nation – so present circumstances my not be an indication of its future.  Libra is an indecisive sign, so the world may swing from being proactive to responsive.  This should reduce wars but way retard the future world’s ability to grapple with some problems – preferring to let the situation ride rather than solving it.

One particular Libran archetypes on the ascendancy is diabetes linked to sugar.  If we are in the preparatory stage for Libra, this suggests that the world will increasingly be overweight and more people will get diabetes as Libra grows in strength.  This may only partially be the case.  Certainly the ubiquitous nature of sugar in the modern world suggests that we are on a downhill run with the sweetness epidemic, but Libra is also the balance.  Many people do consume sugar in excess, but a growing number of people understand that they need moderation in the use of sugar.  The time lag will be influential here, because even when western society clearly understands the danger of sugar, it will take a long time to flow through to the rest of the world.  For example in my many travels to South-East Asia I have regularly seen many billboards extolling the virtue of monosodium glutamate as a food additive, something that is becoming increasingly rarer in the cosmopolitan west.

The seeds of many of the developments that will flourish or retreat under Libra from the middle 22nd century are already perceptible. The rise of Libra to its peak in 2148 is a four stage affair.  Firstly in in 1433 the Libra age-decan arrived and two queens quickly made an impact – Queen Elizabeth in England and Queen Isabella in Spain. Protestant Queen Elizabeth withstood the anger of European Catholic nations including the Spanish Armada. Queen Isabella oversaw the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in southern Spain.  Secondly the arrival of the Libra quasi age-decan in 1791 saw the beginning of the suffragettes, bent on female equality – not to mention Jane Austen! This also was the beginning of relative luxurious living by the new middle class, commencing in Europe, that progressively benefitted from the arrival of the Industrial Revolution in the years leading up to this time.

The third stage was the arrival of the Libra sub-age in 1970 which saw further social and political emancipation of women, and the beginning of deregulation of relationships in general.  The peace movement also appeared. Since 1970, the growth in the middle class around the world has been accelerating at an exponential rate. Even before the culminating forth stage in 2148, another significant Libra stage post will be encountered with the arrival of the Libra quasi sub-age in 2059.  Closer at hand is the small Libra micro-age decan and overflow (2020-9) – a foretaste of things to come?  It’s only eight years away, and only 11 to 12 years for the influence of this small Libra period to be widely noticeable.

Between now and the mini Libran golden age sits Scorpio – specifically the Scorpio sub-age age overflow (1970-2148).  Unlike Libra, Scorpio is not a tranquil sign.  The going will be rough until the middle of next century, but this Scorpio influence does almost sit under the umbrella of Libra.  Two significant and overlapping sub-age decans will also add their influence leading up to 2148.  Firstly the Gemini sub-age decan and overflow (1970-2089) and the Aquarius sub-age decan and overflow (2029-2148).

The world is currently in the growth curve of Gemini which on a superficial level correlates to the rise in cellular phones and the ubiquitous email.  The Aquarian sub-age decan overflow (2089 – 2148) will be the real cause of concern, but this is unlikely to affect any current readers. Regardless of Gemini, Aquarius and Scorpio, the broad reach of Libra should offer some comfort to the world even in the coming turbulent times sitting between us and the Libra mini-golden age.

When I introduced the mini-golden age arriving in the middle of next century at a talk at the Bar Luna Literary Club, Ubud, Bali in December 2011, there was a concerted and palpable sigh of disappointment that we don’t get to live in the Libra mini-golden age.  However the influence of the coming Libran mini golden age is already here for those who wish to experience it.  The fact that less than 20% of the populations of western nations only subscribe or support peaceful Libra, environmental awareness etc. is not a weakness, but a work in progress. Many people already live in the coming cultural paradigm defined by Libra.  So while any mini golden age may not arrive until the 22nd century, many people have already crossed the threshold of the new Libra age-decan as a preview to the coming centuries.


[1] Rex E Bills, “The Rulership Book”, Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co, Richmond Virginia,  1976, Aries, Libra and Venus sections

US Presidents in the Age of Aquarius (Revised for 2012)

While most people know about the Aquarian age, and some people know that the Age of Aquarius follows the Age of Pisces, very few people realize that within the Age of Aquarius are twelve sub-ages. These sub-ages last approximately 179 years each. Within the sub-ages are twelve micro-ages per sub-age of approximately fifteen years each. These fifteen years micro-ages provide the generational markers that identify one generation from the next.

I discovered some interesting correlations when the generation markers for all the US presidents to date are examined – either the voting public has preferences to specific generations for their presidents or specific generations are over-represented amongst politicians that run and win the presidency (or vice presidency and become presidents). For example more presidents are born in a Libra generation than any other sign. 18%[1] or almost one in five presidents (statistically weighted) were born in a Libra generation whereas from a random statistical analysis only 8.3% of presidents should be born in a Libra.

The Libran presidents include President Abraham Lincoln born in 1809 who is considered to be one of the top three presidents based on the presidential ratings supplied by James Lindgren (and sponsored by the Federalist Society of the Wall Street Journal[2]).  Apart from Lincoln (rank 2), only one other Libran generation president was highly rated (Polk ranked 10) with one below average and half the Libran presidents rated as failures.  So while the Libran generation is the most represented, this provides no indication of any excellence in office.

In absolute terms (without statistical weighting applied), the greatest number of presidents to date has been born in Aquarian generations.  The Aquarian generation presidents were: G H W Bush (b.1924), R Reagan (b.1911), J Carter (b.1924), G Ford (b.1913), R Nixon (b.1913), Kennedy (b.1917), Monroe (b.1758) and Madison (b.1751).  Combining the results from Libran and Aquarian generations, it should come as no surprise that the highest percentage of presidents come from an Air generation (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) accounting for 41% of presidents against an expected 25%.  This is a significant deviation from average.  Again, despite a preference for presidents born in an Air generation, this provides no guide to their competence, as the Air generation presidents have an equal number of above average and below average performing presidents.

Examining all presidents that have been rated above average or better (i.e. Above Average, Near Great and Great) reveals a distinct preference towards presidents born in Air generations (eight presidents) followed closely by Water generations (six presidents) while only three presidents were born in Fire generations and one in Earth.  This is the first analysis that provides a link between competency and specific generations.  The only Earth generation president to make it in the competent group is General Jackson (b.1767).  The only Fire generation presidents to make it in the competent group are: Eisenhower (b.1890), Truman (b.1884) and FDR (b.1882).  This initially suggests that Air and Water generations provide the most competent presidents, while Fire generations are slightly below average and Earth generations well below average.

The above positive results from Air generations is negated by examining the below par presidents (i.e. ranked Below Average or Failure).  Over half (61%) of the below average presidents come from Air generations,  30% from Fire generations, only 8% from Earth generations and none from any Water generation. Combining the results from the above and below average presidents suggests that being born in an Air generation provides no indication of competency, Fire generations are slightly more incompetent than average, Earth generations are well below average for being either above or below par, and Water generations have a 100% success rating to date.  The only conclusion to draw from this is that Water generations to date definitely provide the most competent presidents.  This is fortified by the fact that no Water generation president was even in the Average group – they were all above average (Barak Obama as a Water generation president is excluded as he has not been assigned a ranking to date)

Sub-generational Marker

The generational markers are based on the 15 years micro-ages, but each micro-age can be divided into three decans (of almost five years each).  These decans provide a sub-generational marker.  Take the Sagittarius micro-age (1940 – 1955) principally associated appropriately with the Baby Boomers.  The three sub-generational markers (micro-age decans) are Leo (1940 – 45), Aries (1945 -50) and Sagittarius (1950 – 55).  If we examine the student riots around the world focused around 1969, those of the Sagittarian generation with Aries as the sub-generational marker would have been between 19 and 24 years of age – anecdotally the age of university activists and young rioters at the time.  This also suggests that this Aries sub-generation of the Sagittarian generation were the most violent sub-generation as Aries is the sign most associated with violence.

Based on sub-generational markers, more presidents are born in an Air sub-generation (36%) against an expected random result of 25%.  Fire sub-generations are also above average (30%) while Water (18%) and Earth (16%) are well below average.  This basically reflects the results for whole generations.


  • Libra is the most popular generational sign statistically weighted, but Aquarius has been the most popular (in absolute terms)
  • The Air element is the most preferred generation (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)
  • Earth generation presidents are the most lacking in numbers
  • Water generation presidents to date have by far the best rating for competence.

2012 ElectionCourtesy Wikipedia

How do Barak Obama and Mitt Romney compare based on their generational and sub-generational markers – assuming Romney will get the Republican nomination?  Barak Obama is a Water generation president suggesting that he is likely to be considered an above average president in the years to come.  Barack Obama was born into a Scorpio generation and until his election as president in 2008, Scorpio was one of two signs that had never had a president (the other sign is Virgo) but this is due to a statistical anomaly as the Scorpio micro-age (1955-1970) has been the first Scorpio micro-age possible for the birth of a president since the formation of the USA.

The 2012 election will occur in the Cancer micro-age (2000-15) but with a significant influence from Scorpio (based on the Scorpio micro-age decan overflow (2010-15).  Though I have not analyzed the relationships between the micro-ages of serving presidents and their micro-age at birth, Obama being a Scorpio generation and having an election in a Water micro-age suggests an affinity.  His Scorpio sub-generation resonates with the strong Scorpio influence at this point in the Cancer micro-age – and especially to the Scorpio micro-age decan overflow (2010 – 15).

Mitt Romney (born 1947) is from the Sagittarian generation with an Aries sub-generation.  He is from the ‘aggressive’ sub-generation of Baby Boomers.  If there is a relationship between birth generation and presidency, the Sagittarian birth to Cancer micro-age is not a fortuitous astrological combination (8th house relationship).  Cancer’s relationship to Aries is also a negative (activating the anti-status 4th house).

Despite the theoretical astrological advantage Obama seems to have over Romney, there have been three former presidents born in similar circumstances to Romney (i.e. born in a Sagittarian micro-age) that have gone on and won their presidency in a Cancer micro-age. They were Martin Van Buren (b.1782) – a one term president, Zachary Taylor (b.1784) who died in office after 16 months and George W Bush. A one term president suggests some negative issue, John Tyler (b.1790) was also born in a Sagittarian micro-age and became president in a Cancer micro-age, but inherited the position due to the death of his predecessor.  George W Bush’s served as president in the first half of the Cancer micro-age when the influence from the previous Fire Leo micro-age was particularly strong.  Therefore on closer analysis, only one president (G W Bush) born in a Sagittarian micro-age was elected in a Cancer micro-age and served two terms.  This does support the contention that Sagittarian generation presidents do not do well (on average) in a Cancer micro-age.  The 2012 election reverses the emphasis between Leo and Cancer significantly, compared to the election of George W Bush (with the same astrological signature as romney), to Cancer’s favor and thus favoring Obama.

Future Presidents

If the past is any guide to the future, any more presidents from Obama’s Scorpio generation (1955 – 1970) should provide above caliber presidents but the next over-performing generation in terms of numbers (not competency) to provide presidents will be from the Gemini micro-age (2015-29).

Note: The post was derived from US Presidents in the Age of Aquarius based on the 2008 US presidential election (and is available at )


Generations Based on Micro-ages

Sagittarius Sub-Age
Pisces 1731
Aquarius 1746
Capricorn 1761
Sagittarius 1776
Scorpio Sub-Age
Libra 1791
Virgo 1806
Leo 1821
Cancer 1836
Gemini 1851
Taurus 1866
Aries 1881
Pisces 1895
Aquarius 1910
Capricorn 1925
Sagittarius 1940
Scorpio 1955
Libra Sub-Age
Virgo 1970
Leo 1985
Cancer 2000
Gemini 2015

Presidential Generations

President Birth Term Status Generation   Micro-Age Sub-generation
Barack Obama 1961 2008- Unknown Scorpio Pis
George W Bush 1946 2000-08 Unknown Sagittarius Ari
Clinton 1946 1994-8 Average Sagittarius Ari
G H W Bush 1924 1990-4 Average Aquarius Aqu
R Reagan 1911 1981-89 Near great Aquarius Lib
J Carter 1924 1977-81 Below Average Aquarius Aqu
G Ford 1913 1974-7 Below Average Aquarius Lib
R Nixon 1913 1969-74 Below Average Aquarius Lib
LBJ 1908 1963-9 Above Average Pisces Pis
Kennedy 1917 1961-3 Above Average Aquarius Gem
Eisenhower 1890 1953-61 Near Great Aries Ari
Truman 1884 1945-53 Near Great Aries Sag
FDR 1882 1933-45 Great Aries Sag
Hoover 1874 1929-33 Below Average Taurus Vir
Coolidge 1872 1923-9 Average Taurus Vir
Harding 1865 1921-3 Failure Gemini Gem
Wilson 1856 1913-21 Near Great Gemini Lib
Taft 1857 1909-13 Average Gemini Lib
Teddy   Roosevelt 1858 1901-9 Near great Gemini Lib
McKinley 1843 1897-1901 Above Average Cancer Sco
Grover   Cleveland 1837 1893-7 Above Average Cancer Pis
B Harrison 1833 1889-93 Below Average Leo Leo
Grover   Cleveland 1837 1885-9 Above Average Cancer Pis
Arthur 1829 1881-5 Average Leo Sag
Garfield 1831 1881 Unknown Leo Leo
Hayes 1822 1877-81 Average Leo Ari
Ulyssus S   Grant 1822 1869-77 Below Average Leo Ari
Johnson 1808 1865-9 Failure Libra Tau
Lincoln 1809 1861-5 Great Libra Tau
Buchanan 1791 1857-61 Failure Libra Gem
Pierce 1804 1853-7 Failure Libra Lib
Fillmore 1800 1850-53 Below Average Libra Aqu
Taylor 1784 1849-50 Below Average Sagittarius Ari
Polk 1795 1845-9 Near Great Libra Gem
Tyler 1790 1841-5 Below Average Sagittarius Sag
W Harrison 1773 1841 Unknown Capricorn Cap
Van Buren 1782 1837-41 Average Sagittarius Ari
Jackson 1767 1829-37 Near Great Capricorn Tau
JQ Adams 1767 1825-9 Average Capricorn Tau
Monroe 1758 1817-25 Above Average Aquarius Aqu
Madison 1751 1809-17 Above Average Aquarius Gem
Jefferson 1743 1801-9 Near Great Pisces Pis
John Adams Jr 1735 1797-1801 Above Average Pisces Sco
Washington 1732 1789-97 Great Pisces Sco


[1] There are an unequal number of 15 years micro-ages since the earliest born president (George Washing in 1732) and the latest (Barak Obama born in 1961).  If we took the statistics at face value, more presidents have been born in an Aquarian generation (12%) than any other sign.  But between Washington and Obama, there have been one generation per zodiacal sign from Aries to Scorpio, and two of each from Sagittarius to Pisces.  This has been corrected and the signs Aries to Scorpio have been given double the weighting of the signs Sagittarius to Pisces.

Neptune and You

This post is not related to the Aquarian age, or any other astrological age.  The focus is upon the planet Neptune as it moves from Aquarius into Pisces in early February 2012.  Though my specialty is the astrological ages, I have been a student of modern western astrology for almost 40 years and Vedic astrology for around 25 years.  While I was researching the shift of Neptune into Pisces, I became aware of how far reaching this impact will be, not only for individuals but for the world as a whole.  If most individuals will expereince a net beneficial influence from Neptune moving into its own sign, then theoretically the whole world should experience the acccumulated benefits from the 7 billion inhabitants.  I have not yet explored the worldwide benefits, but the following link should provide you with insights into how Neptune shifting into Pisces should benefit you.

Note to astrologers:

In researching and writing this webpage, I experienced for the upteenth time that Neptune rules Pisces (in modern western astrology).  There is some confusion being generated in the astrological community that the insights discovered in Hellenistic and medieval astrology somehow affect modern western astrology.  Pisces can be ruled by Jupiter in Hellenistic and medieval astrology (and Vedic astrology) but ruled by Neptune in modern western astrology.  Each type of astrology maintains its own form and integrity.  Modern western astrology already has integrity without any input from Hellenistic or medieval astrology. The astrologers who developed modern western astrology over the last 200 years were not stupid. Each form of astrology is like a different language with different syntax, grammer etc – but each language manages as a medium for communication.  Modern western astrology is a valid form of astrological communication and has its own richness and diversity without being corrupted from Hellenistic and medieval astrological influences.  Today, we have the option of choosing one or more forms of astrology as astrological tools.  Diversity is always an advantage.