Cancer – the New Paradigm for the World

Most people who make their way to this blog read “SCORPIO – the Sign of the Times” that I wrote in 2006.  We are currently in the process of exiting from this heightened Scorpio ‘hotspot’ that affects the world from 2005 until 2015, but with the upper half of the bell-curve located 2007 to 2011/12.  This Scorpio hotspot is currently being replaced by the sign Cancer, and Cancer will be the paradigm of note for the next five years (2012-17) but it has a wider bandwidth than the normal five years.  This Cancer period will be stronger than the effects of most five years quasi-micro age decans but it will not be a hotspot like the previous Scorpio quasi nano-age that resonated with the large Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970-2148)

For those new to this blog, a micro-age is approximately 15 years long and is one-twelfth of a sub-age (approx. 178 years).  Each age of approximately 2,150 years has twelve sub-ages.  These small micro-ages can be divided into three equal parts using traditional astrological techniques.  One third of a micro-age is a micro-age decan.  Associated with all ages and their sub-periods, including micro-ages, are quasi periods comprising the last half of the current period in question with the first half of the next period.  This explanation of a quasi-period in relation to the astrological ages can suffice at this point, and those readers wanting to delve into the subject can purchase my book “THE DAWNING – Shedding new Light on the Astrological Ages”.

If each sign has three decans, one of which is the same as the parent sign, then sometimes the parent sign and sub-period will be the same.  This is the case with the current Cancer quasi-micro age decan.   The Cancer quasi-age decan (2012-17) is derived from the Cancer micro-age decan (2010-15) and is the last decan of the Cancer micro-age (2000-15).  Due to the overflow effect, as the influence of all periods rolls over the following period similar to a wave, the full extent of Cancer is the Cancer micro-age and overflow (2000 – 2015 – 2029).  We can easily verify the arrival of this 29 year period – in 2001, the 9/11 attack upon the USA brought to the forefront of world affairs the situation in the Muslim world.  The key zodiacal sign associated with Islam is Cancer.  This Cancer period has increased the status of Islam in the world for better or worse.  In response to this attack, the USA and its close allies attacked Afghanistan and then perversely attacked Iraq – two nations in the Muslim heartlands.  The Afghanistan war has now become the longest war of all times for the USA.  The other key region in the world that has strong Cancer associations is China. Though we cannot pinpoint China’s ascent to world stardom to the exact year 2000, it has certainly exhibited its daunting lurch forward in economic development over the last ten years.

The arrival of Cancer is noticeable, but the whole period under the rulership of Cancer is not homogeneous – it is more like a giant bell-curve.  In 2007  is the beginning of the Cancer quasi-micro-age (covering the period 2007 to 2022) indicating this central area of heightened Cancer activity.  Again we can clearly see the arrival of this increased Cancer influence with the GFC that commenced with the sub-prime crisis of 2007.  In 2007 it became obvious to traders that a huge swath of derivatives based on real estate mortgages were worth far less than their market value. Homes and consequently real estate is a strong Cancer archetype.  The collapse of this sub-prime market led to the collapse of a number of banks and resulted in the GFC which was basically aligned to the Scorpio quasi-micro age decan (2001-12) that comprises one of the decans of Cancer.

Not only did the rising intensity of Cancer precipitate the sub-prime mortgage crisis, it increased the temperature in the Muslim world, and by 2011 a number of governments of Islamic nations fell to protestors or commenced civil wars or periods of ongoing dissent. The temperature increased in 2012 with the arrival of the five year Cancer quasi-age decan (2012-17) – the upper echelon for Cancer in its assigned 29 year period.  We can expect further unsettled conditions in the Middle East and we can expect China to soon peak – which does not insinuate it is ready to ‘fall’ – this is merely the dreams of American Republicans nostalgic about America being the only superpower of note in the world.

Cancer is not limited to Islam and China.  Cancer, the ruler of homes, always witnesses mass migrations of people looking for a new home and whom we sometimes call refugees – but governments and right-wing politicians and their supporters generally prefer the term illegal immigrants.  This practice by human beings over the last tens of thousands of years (hundreds of thousands of years?) to move to locations where conditions are better has now been made basically illegal.  In response to mass migrations, governments often resort to another archetype associated with Cancer and build a defensive wall (in medieval times a fortress with moat).  The USA is constructing and upgrading its border with Mexico as is Israel building massive concrete walls against Palestinians.  Under Cancer we can expect the number of refugees and ‘illegal immigrants’ to increase exponentially, and extreme approaches to ‘defend our borders’ – perhaps we should buy shares in company’s specializing in fortifications?

Another aspect of Cancer is that it is opposite the sign of Capricorn.  Capricorn represents the status of leaders and those with rank, especially with a conservative approach, plus it also rules the long-term view and long-term plans.  Both these are under threat under the current Cancer period.  The leaders of countries are falling, either democratically voted out by their citizens incensed at their handling of the GFC or falling to insurrection such as we have already witnessed in the Middle East.  In place of Capricorn long-term policy and wise decisions the world will be ruled by changeable public opinion for a number of years, as the public is ruled by Cancer.  I thought the Cancer world today was a threat to the re-election of President Obama as public opinion can swing wildly under Cancer, but in the end he was probably saved by opposing Republicans in the Capricorn camp.  Conservative leaders are on the nose to the general public and I don’t think the general public took kindly to Romney stating that the Democratic 47% of the populace were parasites on the system.

Unfortunately this lack of Capricorn long term view has derailed the international effort to curtail climate change.  At a time when leadership is required, the major carbon producing nations have their heads in the sand and are bickering about their relative carbon emissions.

Countries with Capricorn predominantly in their respective astrological signatures can expect additional turmoil.  Two countries that are unambiguously in this camp are the USA and India.  The USA was first settled by Europeans under the highpoint of the Capricorn sub-age and overflow (1433 – 1612 – 1791) – the first sub-age in the Age of Aquarius.  The USA’s conservative credentials are strong relative to the other First World nations basically due to a large fundamentalist Christian faction derived from the austere and conservative Puritans and religious folk who fled from Europe to escape religious persecution.  The first Cancer micro-age the colonists encountered was from 1687 to 1702 with its overflow period extending to 1716.  For example in 1688 the first group to denounce slavery occurred in Pennsylvania precipitating the split in American values leading ultimately to the much later American Civil War.  Another similar public statement was made by a Boston judge in 1698. In 1689 two insurrections occurred, one in Boston and the other in New York based on divided loyalties between Jacobites and supporters of the new English king, William of Orange. In 1692 twenty `witches’ were executed in Salem. In 1699 a yellow fever epidemic killed many people.

The next Cancer micro-age and overflow was (1836-1851-1866) which naturally includes the American Civil War (1861 – 65) at the end of the Cancer micro-age overflow period (1851-1866).  If this war was replicated in the current Cancer micro-age and overflow, it would occur from 2023 to 2028.  While I am not suggesting that there will be another American Civil War in the current elongated Cancer period, it does suggest that the USA will pass through a very stressful time in the next two decades.  It turns out that the American Civil war coincided with a Gemini micro-age decan (1861 – 1866).  It is therefore possible that the American psyche has aligned itself strongly to the Sagittarius sub-age and overflow (1612-1791-1970) and therefore any Gemini period may be difficult as Gemini is opposite to Sagittarius.  The Gemini micro-age (2015-29) is not just another Gemini period.  The year 2029 marks the end of the Gemini sub-age decan (1970 – 2029) and the beginning of the powerful Gemini sub-age decan overflow (2029-2089) with 2029 the very highpoint of Gemini.  So while I don’t expect another American Civil War, I do expect great tensions and stresses in the American psyche at this juncture.  This will possibly be the culmination of the stress fracture between progressives versus the fundamentalists and conservatives that appeared in the 1970s with the arrival of the Gemini sub-age decan.  Alternatively it could be a major opposition with China or the Muslim world.

India is showing no signs to date of succumbing to the Cancer micro-age and overflow.  Any strategic change may relate to its Capricorn cast system that remains a strongly entrenched social practise even if illegal.  Greater India includes Pakistan and so they may use their nuclear arsenals against each other, but unless this occurs by 2015, it is more likely to be a conventional disagreement.

There is a lot more to Cancer than refugees, American dissent, fall of leaders, lack of long term planning, China, India and Muslim countries.  My research on historical events over the last two centuries indicates a number of developments that congregate around the sign Cancer.  These include everything to do with ships, canals, food (including eating disorders such as bulimia, binge eating and food intolerance), mental health, Mexico, the Moon, mines, New Zealand, photography, protectionism, Russia, Scandinavia, temperance, water (including tsunamis and floods), women and the Working Class. I am not suggesting that this list is exhaustive as I expect great developments towards curing the disease cancer during the current Cancer period, which is already happening.

More blogs on these subjects associated with the sign Cancer is planned!

6 thoughts on “Cancer – the New Paradigm for the World

  1. Hi Terry,

    Allow to begin by saying I love your blog, and I find your dating of the start of the Age of Aquarius, and your subsequent dating of the sub-ages of Capricorn, Sagitarrius, Scorpio and now Libra, as well as your very precise dating of micro-ages within the sub-ages, really quite astonishing. I have schematically charted your dates and I find them to be uncanny and, basically, correct in that the degree of correspondence (as above, so below) with events here on Earth is simply too close, to frequently, over too long a period of time, for your calculations to be wrong.

    My first question is, how did you come to the specific dating of the start of the Age of Aquarius? This is the most significant question for me, because obviously your subsequent datings are derived from this starting point. I intend to buy your book next pay-day, is the answer to this question in the book? I hope so!

    Secondly, re: the current micro-age of Aquarius, I’d like to ask you about current events here in Ireland and in neighbouring Britain. I don’t know if news of the events in Belfast have reached you down in Australia, but Ulster unionists, mostly Presbyterians and Anglicans, are reacting very negatively to the Belfast City Council decision to reduce the number of days the Union Jack can fly from 365 days/year to 18 days/year, as is standard on other city halls throughout the UK. It seems to me that English puritan libertarianism is under the rulership of Capricorn, and as you may know the plantation of Ulster occured during the peak influence of the sub-age of Capricorn, 1610-1650.

    The Ulster unionists, the UKIP party in England wanting to leave the EU due to a perceived threat to the sovereignty of the UK, the Tea Party and Libertarian movement to start state secession from the US federation, all seem to be Capricornian opposition to the flow of the times. Scotland, traditionally said to be Cancer, has a vote for independence from the UK in 2014. There seems to be a Cancer/Capricorn dynamic playing out across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. What do you think?

    In a previous correspondence, you told me you felt Spain had a lot of Capricorn in its signature. Isn’t it interesting that Spain, too, is experiencing such tremendous difficulty at the moment?

    Thanks in advance for your repsonse.

  2. Hi Rob,
    I came to the specific date for the arrival of the Age of Aquarius by the sub-periods. When I first commenced the research in 1987, it took me about 6 weeks to discover that the ages following a geometric application of dwadasamsas (sub-ages going in ‘reverse’ direction). By 1993 I believed I had located the micro-ages of the 20th century and made the start of the Age of Aquarius around 1474. This was a mistake as subsequent research discovered, and I progressively shifted back the start of the Age of Aquarius as my research into micro-ages strengthened. However once I discovered the 5 years micro-age decans my rectification significantly improved and finally with the discovery of 15 months nano-ages I could rectify the ages down to a 15 months accuracy. This is all in my book.

    “re: the current micro-age of Aquarius” – this is maybe a typo on your behalf? The current micro-age is Cancer. There does seem to be a Cancer/Capricorn dynamic playing out across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland – and the UK is also heavily influenced by Aries and Taurus. In the last Taurus sub-age overflow England suffered its last conquest and the Magna Carta is dated from this period. The current Scorpio sub-age overflow is the major stress point for all things Taurean. Taurus may sit at the 10th house to (Leo/Capricorn) England, and if so, Scorpio places the emphasis on the 4th house – the house of low status.

    The Cancer/Capricorn dynamic may play out even stronger in the USA as the backbone of the USA was the Capricorn conservative Puritans. In the last Cancer micro-age overflow they had their Civil War. You can see the polarization strengthening in America and some fascist groups are calling for the retaking of America (presumably by the gun-toting Americans)?

    I am currently researching and writing my second book based on the sub-ages and sub-age decans, and this should clarify the issue of much of the rulership signs for various countries. The modern USA was settled and developed during the Capricorn sub-age and overflow.

    I hope you enjoy the book!

  3. Hi Terry,

    Yes indeed, it was a typo, I meant to say the current micro-age of Cancer.

    As you say, the Puritans founded America during the Capricorn sub-age and overflow, and thus the Capricorn emphasis on work, struggle and sovereignty is deep in the American sense of self-identity. But let us not forget that the Puritans were English Calvinists – the leader of the Puritans during the English Civil War and the brief and bloody English Republican Commonwealth, was Oliver Cromwell, who is the only man to have his statue in pride of place in front of the Houses of Parliament at Westminster, London.

    The Calvinists of England were called Puritans, but in Scotland and Ulster they are called Presbyterians. As in the USA, the Ulster Musuem in Belfast has no dates on artefacts before 4000BC because Ulster creationists get upset about it, they believe that the bible says the world was created in 4000BC. Ulster Scots, as Ulster Presbyterians were known in America, contributed hugely to American independence, as of course did Scottish and English Puritans.

    The same Capricornian Puritan culture of liberty and small government exists to this day in England, Scotland and Ulster and it is threatening the break-up of the UK and the withdrawl of the UK from the EU altogether, momentous stuff indeed.

    I agree with you that Capricornian fanaticism may lead to more deaths in America if secessionists and militias take up arms against the federal government, and anyone who listens to American talk radio knows that a massive civil war is a real possibilites. That said, the Capricornian qualities of the UK and Ulster (and Spain) threaten to lead to crack-ups and break-downs as the Cancer micro-age peaks in influence in the run up to 2020.

  4. I totally agree with your Capricorn assessment of the UK and that the Puritans etc took this Capricorn element with them to the Americas. The USA is more like medieval England than England is today. A speech researcher found that the closest surviving speakers of the English language closest to what was spoken by Shakespeare can be found in the deep South of the USA! By the time i finish my current book, I should have confirmation of the power signs associated with the UK!

  5. […] While the Aquarius micro-age decan is on our doorstep (as of December 2014), the major player on the micro-age decan and micro-age level remains Cancer as the Cancer micro-age (2000 – Dec 2014) is at its apex and entering its most powerful quarter in its overflow period lasting until around June 2022.  For more details on the role of Cancer in the world today, see Cancer – the New Paradigm for the World […]

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