On the Threshold of Aquarius

If you have been following this blog you may be slightly confused by a statement suggesting that we are on the threshold of Aquarius when the Aquarian age arrived many centuries ago.  However since the arrival of the Aquarian age in 1433 AD, no period stronger than a 15 year Aquarius micro-age[1] has been encountered.  The last Aquarius micro-age was 1910-1925 with its overflow extending until 1940, and its momentum extending until 1945.  Therefore anyone born after the 2nd World War, which includes all Baby Boomers, has never encountered, nor experienced, a serious period of Aquarius.  The most that has been experienced are small 15 month Aquarius nano-ages.[2]   The last Aquarius nano-age was from around January 2005 until April 2006 with its overflow period extending until July 2007.

Though relatively minor, some Aquarius associated events (i.e. democracy and fascism,[3] people power, progressive politicians, flight, IT technology etc.) that occurred in the recent 2005 to 2007 Aquarius nano-age and overflow include:

  • The first free Parliamentary elections in Iraq since 1958
  • Saudi Arabia held its first ever municipal elections (for male citizens only)
  • Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak asked Parliament to amend the constitution to allow multi-candidate presidential elections
  • Tabaré Vázquez was sworn in as the first President of Uruguay from a leftist party
  • 800,000 people gathered for an opposition rally in Beirut, a month after the death of former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri. It is the largest rally in Lebanon’s history.
  • The Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan reached its climax with the overthrow of president Askar Akayev
  • The Taiwanese government called on 1 million Taiwanese to demonstrate in opposition to the Anti-Secession Law of the People’s Republic of China. Between 200,000 and 300,000 attend the walk.
  • The Airbus A380 made its first flight
  • Kuwaiti women were re-granted the right to vote
  • Violent anti-G8 demonstrations occurred in Gleneagles, Scotland
  • The 2005 French riots began after two young immigrants die while hiding from the police
  • 2006 – The UN voted overwhelmingly to establish the UN Human Rights Council
  • Twitter (the popular social-networking service) was founded
  • A scramjet jet engine, designed to fly at 7 times the speed of sound, was successfully tested
  • Montenegro declared independence after a 2006 referendum
  • The International Astronomical Union redefined ‘planet’, demoting Pluto to the status of ‘dwarf planet’
  • The Royal Thai Army staged a coup d’état removing the democratically elected Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from power.
  • The former Soviet republic of South Ossetia held a referendum on independence from Georgia
  • Al Jazeera English was launched
  • The military seized power in Fiji against a democratically elected prime minister
  • Steve Jobs, announced the first generation iPhone
  • The President of Ukraine dissolved parliament, following defections that increased the majority of his opponents.
  • Ethnic Russians rioted in Estonia, about moving a Soviet World War II memorial – two of the worst nights of rioting in Estonian history.
  • Live Earth Concerts were held throughout nine major cities around the world. [4] [5] [6]

Each of the above newsworthy items[7] has a strong association with Aquarius but the whole period was under the sway of a Pisces micro-age overflow (2005-2010) and so this little Aquarius nano-age period is limited in what it can do.  However, from around December 2014, this is no longer the case as the world has moved from a Cancer micro-age (2000-December 2014) to a Gemini micro-age (Dec 2014 – Nov 2029).  Dividing this new Gemini period into its three decans finds the first micro-age decan encountered is the Aquarius micro-age decan (December 2014-December 2019) and its overflow the following five years with its most powerful time the Aquarius quasi micro-age decan (Jun 2016 – Jun 2022).  Even though the Aquarius micro-age decan commencing around December 2014 is at its absolute weakest strength, we should relatively quickly find one or more examples of Aquarius (and Gemini) flexing their new-found muscles.  Relatively quickly means the next 24 months.

Established archetypes associated with Aquarius include: sudden or unexpected developments; electricity; eccentricity; dictators and tyrants (reactionary politicians), all freedom–loving archetypes such as all forms of independence, freedom and equality, new teachings, liberty and fraternity, and a more secular, free thinking liberal view of the world (the modern liberal democratic political system), humanitarianism, ideals, reformers, non–profit and altruistic organizations, socialism, revolutions and revolutionaries, radicals, rebels, and extremists, plus civic responsibility, schizophrenics and mental diseases, fringe dwellers, different or abnormal behavior, astrology, astronomy, explorers and anything exciting or bizarre. Anything new including modernity, fresh developments especially in the scientific, mechanical and electrical fields, concepts and views of the future, the avant–garde, unique developments, and science fiction (with Pisces). Finally Aquarius does everything quickly, like a bolt of lightning or with unprecedented speed.

Russia and possibly Germany appear to benefit under Aquarius.  Russia’s eccentric and erratic nature is its link to Aquarius plus the Russians spearheaded the anti-establishment worldwide communist revolution in the early 20th century. Germany’s link to Aquarius is from its technical exceptionalism, historical associations with totalitarian leaders and its avant garde currently manifesting as pro-green and pro-environment.  Naturally the Green Party anywhere has strong Aquarius credentials.  Aquarius is the second strongest sign in the signature for the USA but sublimated by Pisces, its strongest sign.  The USA rose to its status of the leading world power under the Pisces sub-age and overflow (1851-1910-1970) resulting in a distorted or stressed relationship between the USA and Aquarius, because though the USA ostensibly promotes Aquarian freedom and democracy, it really promotes free trade for its (Pisces) corporations and democratic jingoism to mask the reality that everything is set up for business and the wealthy.  A focus upon Aquarius is therefore stressful for the USA (the Great Depression occurred in the last Aquarius micro-age overflow) and the USA has always had trouble with people power and left wing politics. Aquarius is associated with world government[8] which therefore includes anything associated with the UN, G8, G20 etc.

Not only should we experience Aquarius and Gemini making a greater impact in the world, we should also see examples of their opposite signs (Leo and Sagittarius) in retreat or being subjugated.  One minor example of this in the previous nano-age and overflow period was the regal (Leo) marriage of Price Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles at a mere civil ceremony in April 2005 with the general public still pining for their idol, Princess Diana.  Therefore Leo (and Sagittarius) archetypes are under threat in the coming period.  Other Leo archetypes include the United Kingdom, Paris (and France), gold, heat, mainstream societal values, all forms of amusements, games, bright colors (South America), stained glass, bees and the color yellow. Moses is also closely associated with Leo indicating a connection to Judaism and thus we can expect much conflict in Israel, and the Occupied Territories over the coming decade.[9]  The Jews do not resonate well with Aquarius.  Aquarius is the traditional ruler of the Arabs.

The end of the Gemini micro-age in 2029 marks the end of the 59 year Gemini sub-age decan (1970-2029) and the beginning of the major Aquarius sub-age decan and overflow (2029-2089-2148).  Though the current Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow under investigation is not on the same scale nor included within the approaching major Aquarius sub-age decan and overflow, research on previous sub-age decans indicates that the current Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (2014-2019-2024) is a preview of the coming Aquarius maelstrom and some seeds developed in the Aquarius micro-age decan period will flourish in the coming Aquarius sub-age decan.  On the economic front, the new Aquarius sub-age decan and overflow should put an end to the excessive share (stock) values generated by the long term bull market that commenced in the Leo micro-age (1985-2000) though the real punch is unlikely to be experienced until around 2021 at the apex of the Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow bell-curve.

In addition to the arrival of the Aquarius micro-age decan, between December 2014 and 2029 a very special event takes place that has not occurred since 5122 BC.  Until 5122 BC (in the Gemini age), the world was the closest in temperament to the society still being shaped by mankind in today’s Aquarian age in the 21st century.  From around December 2014, for the first time in over 7,000 years the world will be passing through an age, sub-age and micro-age that all aligned with Water and Air – with no Fire or Earth in sight.  This occurrence will occur nine times in the Aquarian age, with the first three occurring between 2014 and 2148.  What can be expected in the period 2014 to 2029 – the first of nine such periods in the Aquarian age?  We can expect great instability, but also progress – one way or another.  Though doom and gloom pundits may predict a 3rd World War I don’t think this is a possibility as astrologically the world is turning away from war. Climate change is the real issue!   (Details can be found at A Celebration 7,000 Years in the Making )

While the Aquarius micro-age decan is on our doorstep (as of December 2014), the major player on the micro-age decan and micro-age level remains Cancer as the Cancer micro-age (2000 – Dec 2014) is at its apex and entering its most powerful quarter in its overflow period lasting until around June 2022.  For more details on the role of Cancer in the world today, see Cancer – the New Paradigm for the World

As breaking news identifies developments of an Aquarian nature, I will add them to the end of this post or as comments on this post.

Further details re Capricorn nano-age decan: The Dark Cold Hand of Capricorn


[1] There are 12 almost 15 years micro-ages in each sub-age, and there are 12 sub-ages in each age

[2] There are 12 15 month nano-ages in each micro-age

[3] No zodiacal sign is without negative archetypes and one negative archetype associated with Aquarius is fascism and totalitarianism.

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[7] Taken from Wikipedia so as to avoid bias

[8] “The Dawning”, Terry MacKinnell, Xlibris, 2011, pp 288-89

[9] “The Dawning”, Terry MacKinnell, Xlibris, 2011, p 284

10 thoughts on “On the Threshold of Aquarius

  1. Hi Terry,

    Great article. It would appear Aquarius is going to make itself felt here in the EU very soon, with the Greek elections on 25 Jan likely to bring Syriza to power, who will have a mandate to default on lots of Greek debt. If this happens, and Greece remains in the eurozone, then other populations will be inspired to elect similar politicians prepared to default, which will lead to a huge crisis. If Greece is jettisoned from the EZ for defaulting, then this will similarly create massive instability.

    In other EU countries, formerly minority anti-establishment parties are being major electoral forces, such as UKIP in the UK, the Front National in France, Sinn Féin in Ireland and Pademos in Spain. A revolutionary war – there is no other word for it – is brewing between the ordinary people and the banks and other private corporate interests who control all centre-left and centre-right establishment parties in the EU, and the corporate media, but amazingly, the growing political force is the revolutionary fringe, not the centre.

    On the issue of Germany, wouldn’t you say the archetype of Scorpio is strongest in it’s signature (emphasis on austerity, notorious penny-pinching, energy efficiency drives, symbol of the eagle of euro coins, etc), with uranus (technology) exhalted?

    Do you see the foundation of the Eurasian Union – between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan – on 1 Jan 2015 as an Aquarian decan of the Gemini MicroAge event? The USSR was born in the last Aquarian MicroAge (1910-25), and it collapse in 1991 as the Leo MicroAge gathered strength (1985-2000).

    Thanks as always for your blog posts, which I find very insightful.

    • Hi Rob, the creation of astrological signatures of countries is definitely at the early stages of work in progress to me, but I agree with your assessment that that the Aquarius signature in Russia is probably stronger than the Aquarius signature in Germany. Russia also has Cancer fairly strongly in its signature due to the invading (Cancer) Vikings who I believe set up the first government in Russia. This is why Russia (and China) is behaving like some kind of giant single cell amoeba trying to absorb their neighbors for lunch. The downside of Cancer for both Russia and China is that their governments have no long-term continuity but they take on a cyclical political behavior alternating between strong and weak central governments – this is particularly true for China where Cancer has a stronger role. Taking into account that Cancer is currently at peak strength at the beginning of the Cancer micro-age overflow (2014-2029) and that Aquarius has just come online, it seems to be an optimum time for Russia and it is unlikely that it will lose Crimea and suggests strength for the Eurasian Union – between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
      Ancient Greece was also defined by the opening sub-age at the beginning of the Aries-Pisces age (732 BC – 1433 AD) – the Aquarius sub-age and overflow (732 – 551 – 271 BC) and with Ancient Greece the ‘cradle of democracy’ it should be expected that Aquarius would be high on modern Greece’s totem pole. The Greek rich have been abusing their ineffective tax system for a long time so it’s either a democratic redress or a return to Greek military juntas. We are really the beginning of a whole new world as people power steps up a gear ready for the Aquarius onslaught peaking towards the end of this century. Under Aquarius the world should see a greater desire for real democracy plus suppression from reactionary political elements, mainly in peripheral societies that have not yet developed socio-political maturity.
      However there is a major limitation that cannot be ignore – the Pisces quasi-age (351 – 2503 AD). The age of corporatism, bureaucracies, dodgy deals, deceit and delusion and adherence to irrational belief systems will remain the dominant background influence in the world for another five centuries (including the oceans rising 1 metre per century). This entrenched Pisces reality will not be toppled in the coming century but from an objective viewpoint, the pendulum is currently at its furthest extreme in the direction of extremist capitalism, moneyed interests, and policies that favor the rich and grossly disadvantage the poor. There should be a long-term move back to the center balancing the needs of everyone in society due to the rising influence of the Libra age-decan peaking in 2148.
      I will be taking note of the foundation of the Eurasian Union on 1 Jan 2015. Thanks for the input as I often miss developments on the other side of the world. Also, I have just finished watching all series of Game of Thrones for the second time with my partner who watched it for the first time. It must be the best in that genre!

  2. The military styled executions at the offices of the French publication Charlie Hebdo on 7 January 2015 was the kind of event that I was looking for (but not hoping for) in the above post on 4 January 2015 for the arrival of the Aquarius micro-age decan (December 2014 – December 2019) as the following excerpt from the above post attests:

    “Established archetypes associated with Aquarius include: sudden or unexpected developments;….. , all freedom–loving archetypes such as all forms of independence, freedom and equality, new teachings, liberty and fraternity, and a more secular, free thinking liberal view of the world (the modern liberal democratic political system), …. , revolutions and revolutionaries, radicals, rebels, and extremists, plus …. fringe dwellers, different or abnormal behavior, ….. Finally Aquarius does everything quickly, like a bolt of lightning or with unprecedented speed.”


    “Therefore Leo (and Sagittarius) archetypes are under threat in the coming period. Other Leo archetypes include …., Paris (and France), ….., mainstream societal values, …. Moses is also closely associated with Leo indicating a connection to Judaism”

    Of course, Aquarius was not the only archetypal participant in this unfortunate terrorist attack, another key sign was Capricorn, and for the technical, details on this can be found at The Cold Dark Hand of Capricorn at https://cuttingedgeaquarianage.wordpress.com/2015/01/11/the-cold-dark-hand-of-capricorn/

    In summary, the terrorist attack is associated with an archetypal war between Capricorn and Aquarius which is strong all the way through to about October 2015. In this archetypal war, western culture is primarily relating to the Aquarius’ democracy and free speech archetype and extremist Islamic terrorists are primarily relating to the Capricorn archetype of respect as while the West sees free speech as a right and a societal bedrock, this is not a strong reality in most of the world, and in the absence of democracy, respect is the glue that holds or controls society. Over the long run, the Aquarius archetypes will win, but not within our lifetimes.

  3. Hey I’m originally from West Africa and I know how you say stuff like Aquarius is associated with North Europe and traditionally with Arabs and Libra associated with China, etc. What would West Africa be associated with? I feel like before colonialism, they didn’t even enter the age of Pisces? They never had monotheism and there was a lot of assigning natural things as gods (trees, wind, animals etc) and it was very polytheistic. Also, my specific ethnicity that I originally hail from (Igbo in Southeastern Nigeria) were the only ethnicity in Africa to have a democracy (really a quasi democratic Republic structure with father’s representing the families and meeting with other Fathers to discuss issues so if you wanted to have your say, your Father would represent you there). But they also had women’s rights (as in, women were allowed to sell things and own their own houses and even “own” wives – this one is a little confusing, but after searching, I don’t think this was LGBT rights. It was mainly for widows but I’m not sure why). And they also had a separate children’s democracy called “Age Grades” wherein young people could discuss issues too. But then colonialism happened and we no longer have age grades, women’s rights and our “democratically” elected leaders come from Northern Nigeria. Also, the Biafran war happened in the 60s and recently (2016) there was some separatist agitation back in Nigeria. Just wondering if different areas in Africa could possibly ruled traditionally by different signs, because everywhere else (precolonial) on the entire continent had systems of chiefs and Kings, but ours was democratic and very decentralised. We never had grand empires like Songhai in the southeast of Nigeria unfortunately.

  4. The sign traditionally associated with Africa is Cancer, with North Africa sub-ruled by Pisces, and North-east coast possibly sub-ruled by Gemini. However, each region and tribe can have their own sign(s) that distinguish them from their neighbors. They way to check sign rulership, is to look at when each society peaked and plummeted in the past, and see which signs were associated with it. For example, if the main sign for Africa is Cancer, then Africa should have peaked in the cancer age-decan and overflow (8BC – 713 AD – 1433 AD) – especially in the Cancer age-decan overflow (713 – 1433 AD).

  5. The length of any empire indicates at which level it is associated with the ages, and in the case of the Ghanaian Empire, it is most likely primarily associated with the Cancer age decan overflow (713 AD – 1433 AD). The major Khmer Empire (Cambodia) is also associated with this Cancer age-decan overflow. What you should do, is look for the Cancer archetypal relationship to the Ghanaian Empire – as Cancer archetypes should underpin the major paradigms powering this empire. This is the best way to learn macro-astrology.

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