Gemini’s Role in our Modern World (or Battle of the Brains)

While most astrologers are still confused about which age the world is in, is it the Pisces age or Aquarian age, I was able to firmly resolve that issue 28 years ago (almost a full Saturn cycle ago)?  In 1987 Saturn was in mid (tropical) Sagittarius and appropriately in my 11th house.  The first Saturn Return on my work on the astrological ages will occur in 2016.  Saturn’s influence upon my work is further enhanced by the fact that in Vedic astrology, I entered my 19 years Saturn dasa in May 1987, a few months before I accurately rectified the start of the Age of Aquarius to the 15th century.  The Saturn dasa usually reveals a person’s major role or dharma in this life.  Saturn is also my ruling planet in my Vedic chart. According to my Vedic chart I am on a mission because my ruling planet is conjunct Mars, the planet of the pioneer.

Why should Gemini be strong in the world at present?  Do you doubt the current strength of Gemini?  If you doubt this you obviously have not seen everyone transfixed by their smartphones. Significant changes of behavior are always reflected in the sub periods of the astrological ages.   For some people, it can all seem so confusing with ages, sub-ages, micro-ages, nano-ages plus their respective decans but this is merely due to lack of familiarity (see the Age of Aquarius for Dummies).  The most strategic sub periods of the astrological ages appear to be associated with decans.  The most powerful decan in existence is the age-decans at over 700 years each.

Currently the world is in the Libra age-decan (1433 – 2148) and if you doubt the presence of Libra, start criticizing the closest female to you and see what happens.  Furthermore, the world is currently pulling itself out of a 5,000 years period of mainly male dominance due to the Aries age and its lingering influence.  With Libra opposite in nature to Aries, the current Libra age-decan is approaching the halfway mark of a 1,450 years process of putting a firm stop to the male testosterone madness of the last 5,000 years.  We have had, and continue to have, hairless chimps running around killing each other with increasingly more powerful weapons including drones, aircraft carriers and so on.  Hairless chimps rarely take a look in the mirror to see their own stupidity.  Libra is in the process of rectifying this situation.

Apart from age-decans, each age also has 12 sub-ages of some 178 years each, and each sub-age has three sub-age decans of almost 60 years each.  Currently the world is in a Libra sub-age (1970 – 2148) which will increase the pressure on hairless chimps holding weapons to control themselves despite the perception of many that the hairless chimps are gaining ground.  Though major historical developments can be associated with sub-ages, it is the sub-age decans that provide the most strategic insights.

There are three sub-age decans in the current Libra sub-age, and the world is in the first one – the Gemini sub-age decan (1970 – 2029).  However, due to the wave-like nature of ages and all age sub periods, the influence of the Gemini sub-age decan will extend to 2089 making the full period 1970 to 2089.  The second half of this period (2029 – 2089) will be far stronger in the manifestation of Gemini compared to the period 1970 to 2029, which is like the countdown to the real launch.

On the cultural level, the major significance of the current Gemini sub-age decan relates to communication (the internet and cell phones) and local transportation.  The impact that emails, the internet and cell phones are having on populations around the world cannot be doubted.  People’s addiction to cell phone is even affecting the political situations in an increasing number of countries as the populace finds new ways to circumvent the censorship and interference from their regressive governments.

This is early days yet for Gemini because all periods are staged based on their internal structure.   Gemini started in first gear in 1970 and changed to second gear in 2000.  This was the timeframe where fax machines were replaced by email and businesses started promoting web addresses.  This is also when the USA and West experienced a serious wake-up call from the 9/11 terrorist attack humiliating the prestige of the USA.  Gemini went into third gear in December 2014 with the arrival of the Gemini micro-age (2014 – 2029). We should expect s significant strengthening of Gemini in 2015 and 2016.  The two major 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris is a continuation of the humiliation of the West experienced under Gemini and more should be expected (more on this later).

Fourth gear will appear around 2024 with the Gemini micro-age decan and then the world will go into overdrive commencing 2029.  The world is still in Gemini’s formative period.  What this means is that even today, the most sophisticated smart phones are still equivalent to a Model T Ford.  Do you sometimes feel that smart phones, tablets and computers are still cumbersome and that many smart phones are really dumb phones?  This is because they are.  The beginning of the real communication revolution is still 14 years in the distance.  With the changing sub periods of the Age of Aquarius there will always be winners and losers, and smartphone technology is on the winning side.

The communication revolution has overshadowed the transportation revolution, but the shift away from carbon-based fuel sources and more sustainable public transport options is not a passing fad but a minor preview to the coming world.  Many cities have introduced buses powered by gas to lower their emissions or light rail services running on electricity.  The future is not a massive suburban mansion with two or three fuel guzzling cars.  In the same way we are still in the build up to the real communication revolution, the world is still in the preparatory period of the transportation revolution.

We can expect in the post 2029 era a significant reduction in domestic air transportation as high speed rail networks become the preferred domestic transportation option.  The world seems hesitant to move to environmentally friendly cars, but this will all change post-2029.  There is a downside to Gemini (and all zodiacal signs) inasmuch Sagittarius archetypes are stressed in a Gemini period.  This does not bode well for the international airplane travel and especially domestic airplane travel.  Sell your airline shares well before 2029.

Gemini also undermines Sagittarius’ philosophy and honesty.  Gemini is not a time for the great statesmen, philosophers and sages, it is more like a world run by used car and timeshare sales people.  Politicians will prefer the glib tongue over clarity and detailed explanation of policies.  Gemini has no clear demarcation between right and wrong, truth and falsehood etc. – everything is various shades of grey from black to white.  So at a time of great change, everyone may be able to tweet, Instagram, email, post etc. but that does not mean that politicians, news media and key people will provide clarity to the general public.  The truth will not be found easily as the world is seemingly controlled by (Gemini) spin doctors – euphemistically called public relation consultants who pedal massaged lies to the (almost always) gullible populace.   The Gemini news media follows the same basic format.

Another primary association of Gemini is twins.  It should be expected that the geopolitical situation will settle on a minimum of two primary superpowers, and it does not take a magician to see this is most likely western nations headed by the USA on the one side and China on the other.  The majority of the 20th century came under the rulership of a Pisces sub-age decan which promoted geopolitical duality.  This was represented by the Cold War where the world was basically divided by the mainly democratic West versus the Communist bloc.  Following the Pisces sub-age decan came the mono Scorpio sub-age decan and with the collapse of the Communist bloc came a period temporarily lacking major opposing camps.  The world is heading back to two (or more) major opposing camps under Gemini.

However Gemini also promotes fragmentation so we can also expect further fragmentation of the world political scene rather than two cleanly separated blocs.  This does not mean we are heading for a major military conflagration as on the level of ages, the lingering influence from Aries is currently being undermined by the incoming Libra age-decan.  The worldwide military nightmare commenced with the Aries age around 5000 years ago when the first emerging rulers realized they could raise an army and conquer or steal from their neighbors.

In the same way that Gemini, over the rest of current century, will undermine Sagittarius, the rising strength of Libra in the world will ultimately undermine the hairless chimp’s blood lust momentum of the last five millennia. Is this why no aggressor nation has won a war for many centuries?  One American commentator was complaining recently that the US has not won a war since the Second World War.  The USA did not start the Second World War so the gods were on its side.  The gods under Libra are only on your side if you don’t start the war!  Unfortunately hairless chimps are always baying for war.

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London.Chimp_Brain_in_a_jar


How will Gemini affect continents and countries?  The easiest way to view this is to examine the major sign (or signs if it is not obvious which is the major sign), and see how this sign interfaces with Gemini.  Pisces is the major sign for the USA, Europe and Polynesia and Gemini stimulates Pisces 4th house of home and anti-status (humiliation).  Gemini will force the USA and Europe to retreat to their borders because their status (on the international stage) is under threat.  The two terrorist attacks on Paris in 2015 is most likely the manifestation of this new geopolitical reality.  The USA and Europe should take care of their respective home bases, especially housing and dealing with newcomers (refugees and immigrants both legal and illegal).  With the 4th house, the best approach is a defensive approach.  The impetus should be on securing the borders and territorial integrity but they shouldn’t venture outside unless they are gluttons for punishment.

Polynesia will be ignored in their quest to prevent Climate Change drowning many of their islands, and in some cases, whole island nations.  Other countries with strong associations to Pisces include Turkey and Ukraine and are also on the firing line for humiliation.

Gemini is even more disastrous for any country ruled by Cancer as Gemini sits at the dreaded 12th house position to Cancer.  The three major Cancer regions in the world are China and all Middle Eastern nations plus countries on the Mediterranean Sea.  Some countries that have a strong association with Cancer may also get caught in the Gemini net including Scandinavia, North Africa, Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand and Russia.  Whatever turmoil these countries have experienced since 2000, if magnified post December 2014, will most likely be seriously in the firing line from 2029 onwards.

However it is Gemini countries that the major focus will be upon.  My sign rulership of countries (including many mentioned above), is not yet carved in stone as much more research is required.  Any astrologer from around the world wanting to research their own country or region’s interface with the astrological ages should contact me for information on how to approach this.  Currently the following countries I have previously assigned to Gemini are:  Iraq, North and South Korea, Singapore and Syria.

The Gemini fragmentation process is definitely applying to Iraq and Syria and the growing strength of Gemini insinuates this disintegration will not be stopped.  Most of these Middle Eastern countries are artificial countries inasmuch as the departing European colonists arbitrarily set up countries and borders with little regard to tribal and nationalistic aspirations of the people living in the Middle East.

For example, the Kurds were not given their own country and are spread throughout eastern Turkey, northern Syria, northern Iraq and western Iran.  The most famous Kurd known in the West is Saladin (1137/8 – 1193) who successfully led the Muslim opposition to the barbarian European Crusaders attacking the Levant.  This occurred under a Sagittarius sub-age decan suggesting that the modern Kurds retain Sagittarius strongly in their astrological signature.  In a Gemini period, a Sagittarian people will be attacked or will seriously go on the offensive. It is due to the Gemini dissolution of their region that the Sagittarian Kurds are on the offensive and are forging a natural homeland.

This Gemini fragmentation is also affecting many countries and the major beneficiary of this fragmentation will be cities, another Gemini archetypes.  Only recently, in the current Gemini sub-age, has the world for the first time ever in the evolution of the human race, have more people living in cities and urban areas than those living in farming areas of the world.  This is a major historical development.  People are flocking to (Gemini) cities.

Many social commentators have expressed the view that cities are better placed to deal with many major issues such as Climate Change compared to their national governments and UN because cities are at the coal face of Climate Change.  Pollution affects cities the most.  It is in cities best interest to have cars and local transportation using electricity or non-carbon based fuels. One city that should significantly be under the spotlight is London, historically ruled by Gemini.

The world is still suffering badly from the results of the Sagittarius sub-age overflow (1791-1970) whereby the Industrial Revolution ramped up population, wealth and consumption to an unprecedented level creating the current degradation of the environment resulting in the climate change issue.  Gemini will seriously put the brakes on the runaway expansionism and consumerism from Sagittarius.  However the breaks will not be applied uniformly around the world.

Astrological ages and their sub-periods never affect the world uniformly.  Whichever country, region or civilization that is at the forefront will manifest the archetypes quickly and in advance of other regions.  For example Mesopotamia was the beneficiary of the Gemini-Taurus age (5122-2916 BC), Egypt was the beneficiary of the Taurus-Aries age (2916 – 732 BC) and Ancient Rome was the primary beneficiary of the Aries-Pisces age (732 BC – 1413 AD).  I also believe that the primary beneficiary of the current Pisces-Aquarius age is the USA.   Whatever changes are instigated from an astrological age or sub-period slowly and steadily spreads and affects the rest of the world like the wake from the bow of a boat.  For example, the Industrial Revolution first hit Great Britain which then spread relatively quickly to Europe and North America.  However much of the rest of the world had to wait until after the Second World War to jump on this bandwagon, and many places still seem to be left behind or very sluggish in their economic development

It is mainly the First World that will initially be affected by Gemini throttling Sagittarius.  Many commentators will jump on the ‘we are falling behind’ bandwagon claiming that China and India will surpass Europe and the USA in the coming decades.  There is no doubt that China (with Cancer its main sign), is surging ahead under the current Cancer micro-age and overflow (2000-15-29) but the rising power of Gemini does not bode well for China as the current century progresses.  Ultimately the same fate affecting the developed countries will affect the rest of the world with the economic shakedown that is beginning to squeeze the USA and Europe.  But in the meantime the perception will exist that China (and Asia) will overtake the USA (and Europe) relatively soon.

One of the key indicators signifying the slowdown of Sagittarius, as the current Gemini period entrenches itself, is the negative population growth of most western nations that commenced decades ago.  In most cases, it is only immigration that is allowing western nations to grow.  However even many second tier countries are also commencing to experience slower population growths.  It is very possible that the recent Global Recession, which primarily affected the USA and Europe, is just one of many Gemini sorties trying to slow down Sagittarius.  The real slowdown commences in earnest from 2029 onwards.

The Gemini sub-age decan does not hit you in your face like the smaller micro-ages because it sits a little way in the background pulling a number of strategic strings that have a slower gestation period.  The world is currently at the highpoint of the Cancer micro-age and overflow (2000 – Dec 2014 – 2029) and so Cancer issues are the primary focus.  Cancer rules Islam, immigration, China and lack of leadership.  The general population is also hypersensitive in a Cancer period.  This is all occurring in under the destabilizing Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970 – 2148) making people feel vulnerable and unsafe.  Scorpio however is the best sign for discovering inner Truth because many people get freaked out from what is happening around them in a Scorpio period.  Scorpio is always stronger on the inside.

The greatest novelists the world has ever experienced will appear soon, around or after 2029.  The world has not had a Gemini period the strength of the current one for about 1,000 years.  JK Rowling may have broken records for sales, and she is the harbinger of what is to come.  However, will you have time to read the new novels, because under Gemini, everyone is running around juggling family, work, businesses, sport, hobbies not to mention Facebook, LinkedIn, and the penultimate manifestation of Gemini – Twitter.   In between this all, call centers are constantly bombarding us with demands on our time.  This is all occurring at what seems to be an ever increasing rate and it is a wonder people have time to scratch themselves.

Finally, Gemini, as the sign ruling the brain, may indicate a focus upon how we collectively think.  Scientists tell us that all humans have three basic sections in our brain mimicking our evolution from a one celled creature to an amphibian, reptile, mammal then finally evolving as a human.  I will ignore our core reptilian brain as that runs all of our bodily needs behind the scenes.  Our mammalian brain is the animal inside of us and governs our emotions.  This is the part of our brain which decides if under stress we fight, flight or freeze.  This is the part of our brain that rules the hairless chimp that wants to fight wars etc.  Finally there is the neocortex, our thinking brain that makes us human.  The rest of the current century may very well be a ‘battle’ between society’s addiction to having the animal brain dictate affairs and the human brain’s ability to use their intelligence to solve problems.

The history of humans is really the history of the interface of the hairless chimp orientated towards its animal brain and the human orientated towards consciousness and rationality.  This is why war, genocide and oppression are interfaced with stunning advances in the science, arts and social engineering.

I am not an anthropologist but from my perspective, the human brain is ever so slowly advancing on the animal brain of the hairless chimp.  For example, the animal brain wants to oppose or persecute people who are different such as homosexuals, people who use different intoxicants, people of other races and people with different religions or political allegiances.  The animal brain does not like anything new or different.  As a survival mechanism this was appropriate in the jungle but society cannot be a jungle if it is to survive.  This is one reason why it is such a hard slog introducing the truth and the reality of the astrological ages to astrologers as people still revert to their animal brains and prefers to reject the new.  This is a well known phenomenon.

I believe we are definitely seeing a slow shift to the rational brain.  Even democracy is a means to incorporate difference of opinion without having a civil war over every difference.  There are countless examples of society improving one area after another area due to rejecting our animal instincts and being guided by our human intellect.  For example, women in the west no longer experience the extreme prejudice against them that made them equivalent to being owned as property up until fairly recently.  This reality has not spread yet to the far corners of the world.  The rest of this century will see the push of the rational brain over the animal brain as Gemini promotes the mind.  This century will be the battle of the brains.

Finally, Gemini is never dull.  So while our brains battle it out, cities grow, smartphones become intelligent, high speed rail making inroads against domestic flights, environmentally efficient cars and a bipolar geopolitical reality with the further fragmentation of political power we will have to hang on even more tightly to the merry-go-round because it is picking up speed.  This will also affect astrology and astrologers.

The astrologer of tomorrow will not be a mono-astrologer practicing one approach to astrology such as Hellenistic, Medieval, Vedic, Chinese or modern 20th century psychological astrology.  It will be necessary to mix and match at least two of these forms of astrology or include significant variations such as Cosmobiology, fixed stars, macro-astrology etc.  Looking at astrology with only one eye is limited.  Knowing two majorly different types of astrology is like having two eyes wide open and provides greater clarity.  Each form of astrology is limited.  Combining at a minimum two forms reduces the inherent limitations found in all forms of astrology.  The Gemini gods favor this approach.

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19 thoughts on “Gemini’s Role in our Modern World (or Battle of the Brains)

  1. Hi Terry,

    I always look forward to your posts, and lately I have been trying to observe signs of the peaking influence of the Micro-Age of Cancer and the growing influence of the Micro-Age of Gemini. Allow me to share with you my observations and then ask for your insight.

    It appears to me that the mood of hypersensitivity in the masses, which anyone familiar with the sign of Cancer would expect to see at the waxing of the Micro-Age of Cancer, has created a new neologism – the ‘cry-bully’. This new term, which emerged in 2014, has been appearing in more and more social commentary articles in major newspapers and magazines. It refers to a hypersensitivity of a generation raised on the ideas of ‘micro-aggression’ and the banning of hate-speech (any speech or language that offends any historically marginalised or disenfranchised category of persons whatsoever, basically) on university campuses.

    Jonathan Haidt of Yale University has spoken eloquently about the dangers of this mutation from the traditional role of the Western Academy, since the Greeks, to foster strength and grit in students, toward the rise of ‘Coddle University’, where all historically marginalised groups will be ‘protected’ from the ‘hate speech’ of the dominant demographic (in the Euro-centric, historically patriarchal US that would be white American males, for example).

    See here:

    What interests me so much about the ‘cry-bullies’ is that Donald Trump goads them, deliberate provokes them into criticising him vociferously, but has learned how to convert this hypersensitivity to everything controversial and, frankly, insensitive he says, into political support from those who oppose the cry-bullies attempts to shut down Trump’s right to free speech, however insensitive and uncouth it might be. In other words, the political rise of Donald Trump would appear to be enabled by the hypersensitive reaction to him and even more significantly, the autocratic attempt by the Establishment to essentially curb his right to free speech, for no other reason than it is deemed hurtful to marginalised people.

    Regarding the rise of the influence of Gemini, as you mention Gemini is an amoral sign, concerned with praxis and techniques such as communications networks, smartphones, emails and trading in marketplaces, all governed by Mercury. I have Mercury 15 degrees Virgo, so I feel quite attuned to the growing influence of Mercury. It would appear to me that the the rise of Gemini, and decline of Sagittarius, will be experienced most tangibly by people in their daily lives through the end of economic growth, as human population rises and natural resources decline, and in the aggregate the world can no longer increase economic throughput and consumption year-on-year. This will be experienced by people most profoundly, in the very fabric of their own lives, as a colossal malfunctioning of the world fiat currency system, managed by the pillars of the system, the big central banks.

    The Kondratiev wave of economic expansion and contraction should’ve led to an economic ‘winter’ of high interest rates, debt defaults and deflation from about the year 2000 onwards, but governments bailed out over-leveraged banks and then central banks reduced interest rates to 0%, to avoid the downturn. But these measures only kick the can down the road, and soon people all over the world will be forced, due to malfunctions in the money system, to at least attempt to understand these matters, if only to make sense of what is happening to their savings, their house values, and their lives and those of their children.

    I consider this difficult ordeal to be a kind of mass Gemini initiation, where people are forced by circumstances to understand how money, fiat currency, usury, interest rates, declining resources and so on interact, and how to shrewdly invest and trade one’s way to maintain a decent quality of life. Only those with Gemini observation skills, quick wit, curiosity and ability to reallocate resources and use the internet and so on the start micro-businesses will thrive, and others will imitate the skills of those who are understand all of the above and know how to prosper. Such a world, which is absolutely inevitably before us, is about as antithetical to the qualities of a Sagittarius Sub-Age, progressively expanding and moral upright.

  2. Terry,

    Sorry, I forgot to ask my question! I was multi-tasking earlier, too impatient to proof-read, both indicators of the increasingly Gemini character of the times we live in.

    Do you think that the teachers to come in this century will be mostly teachers of practical skills? We are all accustomed to the great political leaders in our history books being philosophers, redeemers, drafters of constitutions, high-minded visionaries. As you point out, all of these qualities are associated with Sagittarius, but we would appear to be entering an increasingly Gemini world. Who will lead the world toward building a new economic architecture which is not predicated on perpetual economic growth, since that is not possible in a world of declining natural resources, increasing economic stresses like water shortages, desertification, depleting oil and natural gas fields, and the rest of it?

    The election of Barack Obama seemed to many people to herald a return to leadership, but he seemed as hostage to these complex forces as everyone else. Will we see very articulate leaders who bring clarity to these matters, and uplift through their pragmatic advice and the teaching of new skills, or is the very archetype of the leader itself something that will go into decline with the retreat of Sagittarius? Could it be that all ideas associated with political leadership will themselves be abandoned as the the great idea of Progress, so central during the Sagitarrius Sub-Age and overflow, is displaced by a new horizon of intelligent, often technical and local solutions to the problems of life, mostly spearheaded by business people?

    Thanks for your patience reading this to the end!



  3. Good question Rob. The full answer is actually the major theme when i do introductory talks on macro-astrology but I don’t yet have a focussed post on the subject. Basically each sub-age produces a new sub-culture that over the course of a sub-age becomes powerful. It is always these new sub-cultures that solve the problems of the time because existing cultures are mired in the paradigms of the past and are too slow to change, or cannot change enough to the existing circumstances. The only post that currently allude to this subject are “Will New Agers Rule the World?” at

    Look at the Workers Revolution in the early 1800s, it was not until the second half of the 20th century that they ‘won’ with one of two major political parties in western nations aligned to workers or the poorer half of society. The cultural revolution of the 1960s spilling into the 70s is the seed for the new world paradigm that will account for 50% of the political sentiment in western nations by the middle of next century. However it is not all doom and gloom until then.

    The year 2059 is a demarcation point (arrival of the Libra quasi sub-age) and I expect that around 20% of the western electorate at that time will be orientated towards the new environmental paradigm and the new outlook on life promoted in the 60s and 70s. 20% is the tipping point and an emergent 20% momentum has power beyond its numbers. It is worth reading “The Tipping Point” if you have not already done so.

    The new ethos from the 60s and 70s will also strongly influence business sentiment and there will be an increasing drive for ethical businesses. Interesting that Australia’s Ethical Investment Fund received the highest rating this year from Morningstar for its investment returns even though it does not invest in armaments, polluting industries etc. I don’t see an over-emphasis of business but certainly businesses are not going away in the next few thousand years anyway. However Gemini will promote the fragmentation of business (ie breaking down businesses to smaller parts) and those business people that have adopted the new ethos that came out of the 60s and 70s will be in critical positions and roles in society. No matter what the field, it is the link to the new ethos that is the critical element. I hope this at least part way answers your question?

    • Hi Terry,

      Your answer does clarify one very important consideration for me – that only the rise of ethics, environmentalism and a sense of social justice, all Libra Sub-Age qualities, can, in the long term, counteract the legacy of the Scorpio Sub-Age emphasis on war, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and above all, an overemphasis on the struggle for power and one-upmanship that we see playing itself out on our TV screens with the proxy war in Syria and Iraq. The public, it seems, increasingly wants peace and is increasingly wary of media propaganda promoting wars and other overt power struggles as ‘solutions’ to problems. The list of wars that cannot be won – war of terror, war on drugs, war of hate speech – is growing and Libran diplomacy and refusal to engage in overt confrontation and aggression, no matter what the provocation, will be needed as never before during this century to defuse the concentrated Scorpio power focus that is approaching it’s zenith now. Hence the fear of WWIII, which you believe growing Libra will avert. I hope you are right about that.

      Revisiting my question, it seems to me that not only is the public in Western democracies increasingly distrustful of politicians and authority figures, both of which are indicative of the current Micro-Age of Cancer overflow, but more deeply still, there seems to be a growing realisation that public representatives cannot help us survive and thrive in our personal lives, and even in our communities. It’s not even in their job description.

      When I asked if ‘business people’ might be the leaders of the future, I think I meant to say thinkers and doers with specialist skills and niche perspectives who offer people concrete solutions to immediate, emergent problems, often in their locale. I run a business and all business people must be attuned to circumstances at the micro-level of locales – markets, seasonal changes, demographics. Business people observe the world around them and to the extent that their observation skills are poor, they fail in business.

      In your blog post you mentioned changes in transportation and smartphones. Beyond that, there will be unstoppable growing interest in how to operate a business part-time on the internet, how pollution leads to business models which creatively solve pollution problems and dispose of waste ingeniously, how congested cities can shift to bicycles and how to sell this (Gemini) as progress to the citizenry. How to power cars in a world beyond fossil fuels. How to reduce food miles. The list of such niche problems, which require solutions tailored to local circumstances, is already utterly mind-blowing and is growing fast. Only a Gemini mind can actually discern the optimal choices, as it requires multi-faceted and complex, pragmatic thinking on a scale never before seen in human history. That is, if we are to have any grounds for optimism whatsoever, it rests on the ability of huge numbers of people to become almost super-humanly rational, subtle and lateral in their thinking, and task-focused in their actions. Whichever cities and regions respond best to these challenges will lead the others.

      In sum, it seems to me the culture of TED talks and other You Tube presentations focused on the problems we will are facing, and will increasingly face, will replace the role of journalists (who’s remit is simply to report on matters) and politicians (who’s remit is to broker deals and trade-offs between various vested interests) as the cadre of recognised leaders who are respected.

      In a world of problems as described above, leadership cannot emerge from the milieu of journalists, columnists, literary novelists, celebrities or politicians. It can only be led by inspiring brand solutions to problems – IKEA modular furniture, for example – solutions which will be copied by other companies and cities. This, it seems to me, is how the Gemini influence will radiate outwards around the world. Journalists and politicians will line up to interview these innovators, but the public will recognise the innovators as the leaders, and the journalists and politicians as figures in the background, not in the foreground.

      • Hi Rob, you should start writing some posts for me to include in my blog. I will make a comment though on your perspective of Libra versus Scorpio as your understanding of Gemini is already excellent. Each sign is equally positive and negative but you are assuming that the Libra sub-age is bringing positive benefits to counter the negative influence from the Scorpio sub-age. You need to be also able to see the negative side of Libra and the positive side of Scorpio. Furthermore, since 1970 the world is technically in the Libra – Scorpio sub-age and both signs will blend together. The New Age ethos is actually a combination of Scorpio and Libra.

        Firstly Scorpio is the best sign for change especially when change is needed. The change is metamorphic inasmuch there is ‘destruction ‘ before the rebirth and destruction is always difficult. The main area of destruction is (Taurus ) culture and we are seeing this on every continent as the world becomes global. However some don’t like to see their culture disintegrate be it a Euopean against immigrants with different religions or someone in the Middle East seeing western culture dismember their own culture etc. More and more people will adopt the New Age ethos and Scorpio will promote this

        Secondly Scorpio rules recycling, frugality, minimalism etc and all these qualities are needed to counter out of control consumerism that significantly promotes (Scorpio ) pollution. It will be under the Scorpio sub-age overflow that the world population will plummet over the coming few centuries due to (Scorpio ) birth control. Also, though little recognised or understood, Scorpio is the sign that engenders people to look within for their peace and meaning in life. This is a subject I have not written much about yet but whenever Scorpio is strong, great masters/visionaries/seers or whatever have bent extolling people to find the ultimate expereince within themselves – this cannot easily be seen in the external world as it is not like a sporting event that can be satellite broadcast to the world.

        Scorpio is also about perception, and in a Scorpio period people can perceive like never before, especially when considering that the major influence of the 20th century was Pisces which is never the sign for clarity. The world became drugged by consumerism, suburbanism, major corporations, spin or other mind numbing politics etc. People will wake up under Scorpio but Libra tells us that the future is not harsh, desolate, uncomfortable or full of war and aggression.

        How I learnt the way the sub – periods was through studying how they worked in history. You Should study something ruled by Scorpio and/Libra that has been around for a long time to see how both sides of their archetypes will appear etc. Libra has already brought diabetes to an unprecedented level due to sugar addiction. Many people will want an easy sweet life! As another exercise, you should look for all the negative archetypes of Libra and see how they are appearing and growing in the world. A key aspect of astrology is (Aquarius ) detachment because we are all biased, but we must recognize our personal biases and political opinions etc otherwise we devalue our ability to predict with accuracy

        BTW, you have the greatest understanding of Macro-Astrology of anyone I know. The best way to flesh out your considerable understanding is by picking a topic, researching it and writing an article which gets posted somewhere somehow as a kind of defacto peer review. Your quiet detailed responses to my Gemini in the Modern World is a good start.

        I am making a major change in direction in my promotion of macro-astrology as I have developed a form of simplified macro-astrology that anyone can easily apply to their personal lives or people/events of prominence that employs some elementary but key techniques developed in macro-astrology. It will bring the magic of Macro-Astrology alive to many more people almost instantly. I post by the Moon and the coming Sagittarius lunations is the perfect lunations to launch this new approach as Sagittarius rules my 11th house.

  4. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for the compliments 🙂 I have a lot to learn, but I’ve read your book ‘The Dawning’ and the more I apply the Hermetic axiom ‘As Above, So Below’ to your calibration of the Ages, Sub-Ages, Micro-Ages and so forth, the more it appears to correspond rather precisely with the changing mood and intelligence as we experience it here on Earth. I’ve never written an article on astrology before, but I have a passionate interest in the subject, macro-astrology in particular, because it seems to me to be a contemplation of the operations of what Christianity refers to as the Holy Spirit. Your writing seems to me to elucidate current and future trends more profoundly than any other field of study of which I am aware.

    To conclude our chat, consider the following. Gemini is known as a sign which dislikes routine, and retains a kind of Peter Pan outlook on life, even into old age. Now visualise, in your mind’s eye, all the people all over the world on their smartphones, just tweeting and FB messaging and liking pics of family and friends. What the masses currently do. That can’t be hard to visualise.

    Now imagine they all go to sleep one night and they all have a shared dream. In that dream they can all actually see, in a tangible sense, the unimaginably vast sums of money flying around the internet at light speed, every day. The billion dollar/euro/pounds/yen trades, the millions of transactions on Amazon every day, or Ebay, or Etsy, or any of the other e-commerce giants. All the billions of App downloads, all at $0.99 each. Now imagine they all wake up, and these masses are forced to have a quick breakfast before leaving the house early, only to be stuck, in the rain, in grid-lock traffic, on their way to a desk job in a cubicle in some office. At the end of the week, they get a ‘pay cheque’ in the form on a wire transfer of electronic ‘money’, a pitiful sum in comparison to the vast trillions they beheld in their visionary dream.

    Now imagine these people, en masse, awakening to the fact that their grid-lock commute and MS Office and phone answering job is about as significant as an Indian rickshaw driver cycling all day for a shiny coin.

    Now imagine they have a vision of a way of working from home, accessing that slippery electronic money without the grid-lock and cubicle grind. In Kabbalah, the Vision of the Sphere of Hod (Mercury) is often called ‘the Vision of Splendour’. Imagine the grin when they see a way of earning a living that leverages the planetary network of information, connectivity, credit card details and ‘money’ (?) that is the world wide web. A small vision, but a valid one, in a small niche corner of the internet that they will build.

    That small victory, that small, highly personal Vision of Splendour, that epiphany, that is the genius of Gemini touching one soul. The difference between that person’s epiphany and Mark Zuckerberg’s vision when he beheld Facebook in his mind’s eye, is only one of degree. Splendour is Splendour, from the highest to the lowest. A business that works is a business that works. Switch it on, behold, it works! So you don’t have to.

    Maybe, like Mark, that person will wear a Peter Pan hoodie and jeans into middle age and beyond. After all, there was a moment – a significant moment of clarity – when they saw a pathway out of the grind, which has since kept them free and young and an inspiration to others, still stuck in the grind.

    • What you say makes sense. Context is everything in macro-astrology, so the influence of the Gemini sub-age decan and overflow must first conform to the strictures of the Scorpio sub-age overflow and growing relevance of the Libra sub-age. The World really needs a social media platform modelled under a not-for-profit platform like Wikipedia. BTW, the next 9 years, especially the period 2019 – 2024 (aligned to the Aquarius micro-age decan) is a preview for the Aquarius sub-age decan and overflow commencing 2029 but becoming very serious from around 2089 onwards.

      • Hi Terry,

        When I mentioned the growing relevance of the internet to commerce, and move from industrial routine in the workplace, with a wage packet every Friday, to a more decentralised, distributed lifestyle based on buying and selling products and services through the internet, I think that is where the Scorpio SubAge overflow (internet) interacts with the growing Gemini influence (networked trading and commerce). When you imagine a social media platform modelled under a not-for-profit model, I think that is very much where the Scorpio SubAge overflow intersects with concerns about freedom and common ownership (Aquarius). In fact I thought about just such a social media platform, and I can imagine a model like that emerging that would generate the critical mass of excitement needed to supplant the current incumbents, with excitement being a very Aquarius archetype. Just such a social media platform has a sense of inevitability about it, when it’s time comes.

        In the Scorpio Sub-Age overflow, the internet will be more and more important, whether it’s centralised control or movements to counter centralised control.

  5. Hi Rob, yes I agree. You seem to be focussed upon your decentralized business structure etc. I know that traditionally Gemini is associated with commerce but i don’t think I have confirmed that this is also the case with macro-astrology yet. If you check out the last major Gemini period you may find some confirmation. The last Gemini sub-age and overflow was 713 – 894 – 1073 AD but the 894 – 1073 AD will be the strongest period for Gemini. Certainly the Scorpio medium of the internet is the new field of activity and will probably be instrumental in the necessary reduction in the consumption of physical products if Scorpio pollution is the be reigned in.

  6. Hi Terry,

    I must study that period in history, 713-894-1073 AD to see how culture was changing in that period. Of course, as you mention, certain parts of the world are attuned to the change earlier than others, which makes it harder to discern the pattern, but all the more interesting to study. Thanks for the tip.

    I’m not personally interested in current changes in business for their own sake, but only how these are formal expressions of changes in the nervous systems of human beings, supported and facilitated by emerging new platforms of communication and new, more subtle and less naive conceptions of value, income, labour, work, ‘working’, having a ‘job’ and other things that older generations, before the rise of Gemini, reified and understood in relatively straightforward ways. The ground is being pulled out from under ideas people previously invested in, such as an ‘honest day’s work’ for an ‘honest day’s pay’. These co-ordinates are being loosened at the moment, and I cannot see how they can be re-stabilised, under any circumstances, in a globalised world. I think this is actually happening, and will continue to happen. This is the ‘So Below’ of the Hermetic Axiom, there must be a Macro-astrological ‘As Above’ correspondence, which I’m inclined to ascribe to Mercury and Gemini.

    • For the last Gemini sub-age, it is probably better to examine China and the Middle East as these localities were the leading areas in the world at that time. However everything is different in the Age of Aquarius so there may be very little of interest or relevant from the last Geminin sub-age, but you never know. It is only through researching previous periods that you gain confidence in your understanding. Another way is to examine the Gemini micro-ages since the arrival of the Age of Aquarius, especially the Gemini micro-age overflows. Following are some notes from research many years ago on Gemini micro-ages and micro-age decans since the arrival of the Scorpio sub-age in 1791:

      Gem MAD 1796 the greatest advances in printing since the 15th century occurred when lithography was invented by the German Alois Senefelder and stereotypy in France
      Gem MAD 1799 Discovery of the Rosetta Stone in Egypt leads the way to decipher hieroglyphs
      Gem MAD 1800 Steam engine built
      Gem MAD 1802 Binary stars discovered (by William Herschel)
      Gem MAD 1802 Babylonian cuneiform deciphered
      Gem MAD 1804 first prototype locomotive running on tracks in England
      Gem MAD 1808 Napoleon’s brother made ruler of Spain
      Gem MA GEMINI MICRO-AGE 1851 – 1866
      Gem MA 1857 `Tom Brown’s Schooldays’ by Thomas Hughe
      Gem MA 1859 Dicken’s `A Tale of Two Cities’
      Gem MA 1861 first horse drawn trams (in London)
      Gem MA 1862 Victor Hugo’s `Les Miserables’
      Gem MA 1863 The first underground railway opens after 3 years of construction in London
      Gem MA 1864 Leo Tolstoy’s’ `War and Peace’
      Gem MA 1866 Dostoyevsky’s `Crime & Punishment’
      Gem MA 1866 Telegraph communication commences between Europe and North America
      Gem MA 1867 Charles Dickens, novelist, draws large crowds at his readings
      Gem MA 1867 Bicycles manufactured
      Gem MA 1867 First practical typewriter invented
      Gem MA 1868 – 9 Sagittarian ruled Spanish Revolution forces abdication of Queen Isabell II
      Gem MA 1869 After writing for 7 years, Tolstoy published `War & Peace’ one of the most ambitious novels to date
      Gem MA 1869 Jules Verne’s `20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’
      Gem MA 1871 journalist discovers David Livingstone in Africa
      Gem MA 1872 + FAMOUS NOVELS – `The American’ by Henry James 1877, `A Doll’s House, by Henrik Ibsen 1879, `Brothers Karamazov’ by Dostoyevsky 1880, Plus Flaubert, `Treasure Island’ by R L Stevenson1882, Huchleberry Finn 1884, `The Arabian Nights’ 1885, `Dr Jekill and Mr Hyde’ 1886,
      Gem MA 1872 work on connecting Australia to Europe via telegraph commences.
      Gem MA 1872 Jules Verne’s “around the World in 80 Days”
      Gem MA 1873 Typewriters commenced being made by Remington
      Gem MA 1874 Mark Twain’s “The Gilded Age”
      Gem MA 1874 Gustav Flaubert’s “The Temptation of St Anthony”
      Gem MA 1875 Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”
      Gem MA 1876 Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”
      Gem MA 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone
      Gem MA 1877 Edison invents the phonograph
      Gem MA 1878 the microphone is invented by David Hughes
      Gem MA 1878 Motorised tricycle invented by Karl Benz
      Gem MA 1879 First exhibition of an electric tram in Berlin by Siemens
      Gem MA 1881 First electric tram car in use (Berlin)
      Gem MA 1882 Cause of TB discovered in Germany to be bacteria
      Gem MA 1883 Paris-Istanbul Oriental express commences
      Gem MA 1886 Completion of the Canadian Pacific Railroad
      Gem MA 1887 Development of `Esperanto’
      Gem 1903 “The Great Train Robbery” film
      Gem MAD 1919 + `The Forsythe Saga’ by John Galsworthy 1921, ~Siddharta’ by Herman Hess 1922, Ulysses’ by James Joyce 1922, plus DH Lawrence 1923, Knut Hamsun 1923, Bernarde Shaw 1924, Kafka 1925, `The Great Gatsby’ by John Fitzgerald 1925
      Gem MAD 1919 Short wave radio experimentation
      Gem MAD 1921 BBC founded
      Gem MAD 1922 Sound films developed
      Gem MAD 1923 first transatlantic wireless broadcast from Britain to USA
      Gem MAD 1923 Military coup in Spain
      Gem MAD 1925 George Bernard Shaw wins Nobel Prize for Literature
      Gem MAD 1925 1st motel in US opens in California
      Gem MAD 1928 First scheduled TV broadcast (NEW YORK)
      Gem MAD 1928 Teleprinters come into use (US)
      Gem MAD 1929 First colour TV experiments (Bell)
      Gem MAD 1929 Talkies replace silent pictures

  7. Hi Terry,

    Consider this article in the light of Gemini. It is about an emerging split of the world financial system into two blocs.

    To be brief – can you, or indeed anyone, see the world returning to a uni-polar order with the World Bank and IMF as the ‘centre’? I would like to hear anyone explain how a return to a uni-polar world order dominated by Washington (Scorpio) can now occur.

    • Hi Rob, you are correct, the world is at a minimum splitting into two blocks with additional fragmentation. Unfortunately the western bloc is focussed upon making its rich constituents richer at the expense of the Third World. We are heading towards the peak of the Gemini sub-age decan in 2029 and we are already in the Gemini quasi sub-age decan (2000 – 2059). The following Aquarius sub-age decan will return the world back to a more focussed uni-polar world (temporarily) and after this 60 years it is back to a bi-polar world under Libra!

  8. […] While many major setbacks have occurred in the world since the dawn of human civilization, somehow there is an ongoing groundswell of improvement – like a numbers game that keeps casinos rich.  Perhaps 51% of events are ‘positive’ and 49% are ‘negative’, but over the long term, this slight advantage of positive over negative finds us in the world today instead of on average being dead by the age of 20 and a greater percentage of the world’s population than ever before have some democratic power.  If we could time travel, there is no point in going back in time.  Even the wealthy aristocrats from only a few centuries ago could not depend upon being alive past their 50s. Humanity is still coming out of the caves, and we can see this in the world we live in. The real focus should be on how humanity can extricate itself from this 5,000 years momentum of military madness. To understand at the deepest level the Ukrainian dilemma, it is necessary to understand the relationship between the hairless chimpanzees and humans. […]

  9. At the end of March 2022, I “discovered” Terry’s articles on astrology, history, and more; they are fascinating. Could someone provide a brief explanation of why Pisces is the sign that most strongly rules over the USA, Europe and Polynesia? Many astrological web pages state that the USA is ruled by Cancer, basing this on a natal chart for the nation. Thanks, in advance! Dana

    • The astrological websites you are referring to that state perhaps the USA is ruled by Cancer is based on a horoscope of some meaningful time associated with the formation of the government of the USA. There is no consensus on which is the appropriate horoscope for the USA. In macro-astrology based on the astrological ages, there are NO horoscopes, only astrological signatures. The USA inherited the Pisces component of its astrological signature from Pisces Europe, though Europe is really a mixture of Pisces and Aries. The USA is a mixture of Pisces and Aquarius, with Pisces the strongest of the two. Macro-astrology is a different astrological system to horoscopic astrology, and all periods associated with the astrological ages are based on the sidereal zodiac – not the tropical zodiac utilized by most western astrologers. See “Pisces America” for more details @ – I do need to produce a concise post on astrological signatures for many nations in the world.

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