Why I Did Not Predict COVID-19?

It may seem incredibly unbelievable, but a sub-period that represents only a minute 1/5184th of the Age of Aquarius has brought the world to its knees with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Such a sub-period cannot create such turmoil without assistance, because a significant event is like a plane crash.  It is extremely rare for a plane crash to occur due to just one thing going wrong – the normal plane crash is the result of a number of seemingly insignificant events, none of which will cause the plane to crash, but in combination, has this power.  Since December 2019, the world has been experiencing such a deadly combination.  In addition, the outer planets have obviously made a significant contribution, but I will leave that analysis to those experienced astrologers who specialize in that field.

Around September last year (2019), I commenced focusing on December 2019 because I knew that December marked the greatest change in the sub-periods of the Age of Aquarius over a five year period. This change was due to the arrival of the approximate five year Libra micro-age decan (Dec 2019 – Nov 2024).  This Libra micro-age decan is strategically located within the following periods that behave like layers of an onion within the Age of Aquarius:

Libra micro-age decan (Dec 2019 – Nov 2024)

Gemini micro-age (Dec 2014 – Nov 2029)

Libra sub-age (1970 – 2148)

Age of Aquarius (1433 – 3574)

However, whenever a cusp is precipitated such as in December 2019, all smaller periods also experience a cusp, and sometimes larger periods as well.  In the current case, there were no larger periods involved, but December 2019 also experienced cusps at the even smaller 15-month nano-age and 5-month nano-age decan level, with nano-age decans the smallest part of an astrological age with clearly identifiable and reliable correlations to worldly events.  In fact, it is one such nano-age decan that has precipitated the COVID-19 pandemic despite the fact that a nano-age decan represents only 1/5184th of an astrological age (i.e. 12 sub-ages x 12 micro-ages x 12 nano-ages x 3 nano-age decans = 5184).

Referring back to the plane crash analogy, no one astrological input precipitates any event in macro-astrology, it is the combination that creates the circumstances and tells the story.  The relevant minute part within the Age of Aquarius was the approximate five-month Virgo nano-age decan (Dec 2019 – Apr 2020), and Virgo rules public health issues.  This alone cannot create a pandemic, because if it did, a pandemic would appear approximately every 5 years because every five years an earth-sign nano-age will appear, and every earth nano-age will have at a minimum a Virgo nano-age decan, with usually every third earth nano-age also being a Virgo nano-age.

Despite the incredible small size of the Virgo nano-age decan (Dec 2019 – Apr 2020), a public health crisis has appropriately occurred.  This also has precedence, because the last coronavirus attack, Camel Flu (MERS), appeared in the very last Virgo nano-age decan as I published on 20th June 2015:

“Though MERS has been around since May 2013, it only accelerated in April 2014 and became an international newsworthy item since late May 2015, exactly aligned to the arrival of the Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (May 2015 – March 2016)”.[1]

The even earlier coronavirus of note was SARS that commenced in November 2002 but it was not aligned with any Virgo sub-period – it was aligned with an Aries nano-age (Aug 2002 – Nov 2003) and Aries is the secondary sign associated with public health issues (being the natural ruler of the 1st house with the 1st and 6th houses the two acknowledged health houses).  Despite this apparent clear correlation, if we examine all the small Aries and Virgo sub-periods since 2000 prior to COVID-19, there have been four earth nano-ages with a Virgo component but only one of these four associated with a major health crisis, and four fire nano-ages with an Aries component , but only one of these is associated with a health crisis.  Consolidating both probabilities, there have been eight incidences between 2000 and 2019 associated with either an Aries or Virgo nano-age or nano-age decan, but only two produced a result, or alternatively, there has been a 25% chance that any Aries or Virgo nano-age or nano-age decan will produce a health crisis of one degree or another in recent times.  I was aware of this unreliability last September (2019), and while I promoted the possibility of an expanded Camel Flu (MERS) epidemic in the previous Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (2015), I decided not to go down that path for the Virgo nano-age decan that commenced in December 2019 as it did not seem a reliable correlation, plus Camel flu was kind of a fizzer and did not really affect the vast majority of the world.

The astrology behind COVID-19, while taking into account the Virgo nano-age decan (Dec 2019 – Apr 2020), provides a very detailed analysis of the real story associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The real story is that this pandemic is merely the precipitator of a larger and more significant event in the same way as the subprime home mortgage sector in the USA precipitated and created the massive Global Financial Crisis (2007 – 8), which is acknowledged as the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  The biggest problem the world is currently facing is not a health crisis but a financial crisis, and this financial crisis and disruption of the world economy will extend well past the actual pandemic.

Even calling COVID-19 a pandemic is an exaggeration – at best it should be called a mild pandemic despite its disastrous consequences, and possibly is better described as a serious flu epidemic that is 10 to 40 times more deadly than average seasonal flu.  The Spanish Flu (1918-19) pandemic was a real pandemic because between 60 and 100 million people died when the world had a population much smaller than today at about 1.8 billion people.[2]  About 27% of people were infected by Spanish flu and it killed between 3% to around 5% of the world population or one in every 20 to 33 people.  COVID-19 is not in the same league, and the astrology comparing the Spanish flu (plus major outbreaks of the Bubonic plague) are totally different and indicates that COVID-19 cannot be compared to previous major pandemics, though the economic disruption will be at least in the league of the GFC, and perhaps even more so.

I may not have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic, but I did predict the financial crisis the pandemic has precipitated. The following is extracted from my post of September 2019:

“What is even more cantankerous to the economic outlook from sometime in December 2019 onwards is the arrival of the Capricorn nano-age and overflow (Dec 2019 – Mar 2021 – Jun 2022) because Capricorn is true to its archetypal attachment to doom, gloom, austerity and distress – never a good omen for the economy.

Furthermore, the Capricorn nano-age and overflow commenced with the Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (Dec 2019 – May 2020 – Oct 2020) and not only is Virgo the bubble-breaker (Pisces bubbles always has trouble with Virgo reality), but it was with a similar connection of Capricorn with Virgo that brought the world the Great Depression commencing in September 1929.  However, in the case of the Great Depression, Capricorn was a micro-age, and Virgo was a micro-age decan, whereas, in 2019 and 2020, Capricorn is a mere nano-age and Virgo a nano-age decan.  The negative influence in late 2019 or 2020 is one-twelfth the strength and is in play for 1/12th the timeframe.”[3]

So what has occurred with COVID-19 is that it has been assigned the role of “bubble-breaker” and though Virgo usually attains this by bringing in (Virgo) reality to counter the (Pisces) market bubbles, in 2020, it has achieved this by a (Virgo) pandemic. I failed to take into account the possible health aspect of Virgo when predicting the current dire economic circumstances.  So while I did not specifically predict a health crisis that has led to a mild worldwide pandemic with COVID-19, I did predict the financial crisis that COVID-19 has created. And in the years to come, the financial crisis will be the main legacy even after the health aspect has been resolved. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic should be limited to the Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (Dec 2019 – Apr 2020 – Oct 2020) but this Virgo nano-age sits within the Capricorn nano-age and overflow (Dec 19 – Apr 2021 – Jun 2022).  Capricorn rarely brings good economic news, but prefers hardship and frugality.

The most significant astrological ingredient associated with COVID-19 appears to be Aquarius. December 2019 commenced the five years Libra micro-age decan, but this overlaps with the more powerful Aquarius micro-age decan overflow (Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) as overflow periods are stronger, and so if you are waiting for the main benefits associated with the Libra micro-age decan (Dec 2019 – Nov 2024), this will occur in the following Libra micro-age decan overflow (Nov 2024 – Nov 2029).

Aquarius is the great disrupter – it does not like normality or middle of the road positions, it prefers extremes.  Aquarius also prefers sudden and unexpected shocks.  Also, the Aquarius period commencing December 2019 is the strongest manifestation of Aquarius within the Age of Aquarius since the massive disruption associated with the Aquarius micro-age and overflow (1910 – 1925 – 1940) that brought two world wars, the Great Depression and the Spanish flu (it did not achieve all this on its own but it was a significant player). For example, no Baby Boomer or later generations have ever previously experienced Aquarius at the strength it has appeared in December 2019.

Compared to the Great Depression, the current economic crisis technically should be much smaller than the Great Depression because fortunately the current manifestation of Aquarius is one-third the size and length of the Aquarius micro-age and overflow (1910 – 1925 – 1940) and so the current Aquarius input is only one-ninth the power compared to the early 20th century Aquarius.

The timeframe for COVID-19 should be associated with the Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (Dec 2019 – Apr 2020 – Oct 2020).  The majority of the economic destruction should be associated with the Capricorn nano-age and overflow (Dec 19 – Apr 2021 – Jun 2022) so we should expect bad economic news for another two years.  The disruptive influence or shock to the world at large should extend to the end of the Aquarius micro-age decan overflow (Dec 2019 – Nov 2024).

When does the bad news recede? Based on the simple fact that COVID-19 came to world attention in December 2019, at the exact highpoint of the Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024), this strongly suggests that Aquarius is the key sign for the current crisis.  The associated Aquarius quasi micro-age decan (Jun 2017 – Jun 2022) is the upper half of the Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow bell curve, and with the influence shifting from the Aquarius quasi micro-age decan to the Libra quasi micro-age decan in June 2022, this provides a parameter of some sort for the extent of the current crisis, as Libra is a more benign sign and suggests that the worst will be over by mid-2022.

The current Capricorn nano-age and overflow (Dec 19 – Apr 2021 – Jun 2022) cannot provide any real or sustained support as even though the current influence of the Virgo nano-age decan will be followed by a Taurus nano-age decan and overflow (May 2020 – Oct 2020 – Mar 2021), Taurus will probably bring a serious banking crisis.  The influence of Capricorn will steadily increase until at least the end of the Capricorn quasi nano-age (Jul 2020 – Oct 2021).  Taking into account the quasi period is always the strongest manifestation, the world has not yet even reached the strongest manifestation of Capricorn yet – it remains in the pipeline.

The first significant positive influence will be the Sagittarius nano-age and overflow (Mar 2021 – Jun 2022 – Aug 2023) that overlaps and follows the current Capricorn nano-age and overflow (Dec 19 – Apr 2021 – Jun 2022).  The Sagittarius nano-age and overflow also has within it a Sagittarius nano-age decan and overflow (Jan 2022 – Jun 2022 – Nov 2022), and so this is the most reliable time for stock markets to stage a (temporary) recovery, especially in the second half (Jun 2022 – Nov 2022).

Relevant nano-ages and nano-age decans (NAD) associated with COVID-19 (OF = Overflow)

For background economic details based on the sub-periods of the Age of Aquarius, see The Dynamics of Economic Recessions in the Age of Aquarius.  In this paper I published in November 2016, Table 1 (also provided below), provides the likelihood of a large recession based on nano-age timeframes (i.e. 15 months).  All the nano-ages until December 2019 indicated no likelihood of a large recession, and December 2019 to March 2021 indicated the likelihood of a recession is 3, followed by even a greater likelihood from March 2021 to June 2022 with a score of 5.  This outlook supports the above assessment and also suggests a rocky decade ahead.

From To QMAD Nano-Age Mut Score
12 2014 3 2016 Cancer Taurus -4
3 2016 6 2017 Aries -4
6 2017 9 2018 Aquarius Pisces -1
9 2018 12 2019 Aquarius -1
12 2019 3 2021 Capricorn 3
3 2021 6 2022 Sagittarius * 5
6 2022 8 2023 Libra Scorpio -1
8 2023 11 2024 Libra 2
11 2024 2 2026 Virgo * 3
2 2026 5 2027 Leo 2
5 2027 8 2028 Gemini Cancer 1
8 2028 11 2029 Gemini * 6
11 2029 2 2031 Aries -2
2 2031 5 2032 Pisces * 0
5 2032 7 2033 Capricorn Aquarius 0
7 2033 10 2034 Capricorn 0
10 2034 1 2036 Sagittarius * 1
1 2036 4 2037 Scorpio -2
4 2037 7 2038 Virgo Libra 0
7 2038 10 2039 Virgo * 1
10 2039 1 2041 Leo -2
1 2041 4 2042 Cancer -5
4 2042 6 2043 Taurus Gemini -1
6 2043 9 2044 Taurus -5

Table 1 – Predictions of large recessions for the Gemini and Taurus micro-ages covering the period December 2014 to September 2044 with the ‘Mut’ column flagging Mutable nano-ages (with a positive score) which have the highest of all probabilities of commencing a large recession


[1] Camel Flu or MERS

[2] https://ourworldindata.org/spanish-flu-largest-influenza-pandemic-in-history

[3] Do the Tropical & Sidereal Zodiacs Talk to each Other?

8 thoughts on “Why I Did Not Predict COVID-19?

  1. This is an interesting post thank you. I noticed that the blog armstrong economics has also been predicting global financial collapse for some time. Another thing (slightly off topic) is that we are in the year of the Rat. Rat years might be good for business, but rats are also associated with plagues.

  2. Thank you. Many astrologers have predicted a financial dilemma for this period based on many different astrological techniques. International economics is a quagmire of mismanagement, delusion and pigs at the trough throwing caution and wisdom to the wind. It’s hard to see how this is going to fundamentally change while the average person thinks our leaders are actually leading, rather than feathering their own nests. The astrology suggests that the general public will eventually wake up and basically follow the lead of Bernie Sanders, but not until the end of this century! I will be writing a post about this at some time.

  3. Will COVID-19 Ramp Up in April 2020?

    There is a very strong astrological case for COVID-19 to significantly increase its impact upon the world commencing April 2020. This is simply based on the association of COVID-19 with the Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (Dec 2019 – Apr 2020 – Oct 2020) and the overflow period is usually nearly twice as powerful as its initial period. In the case of COVID-19, it came to the knowledge of the world at the beginning of the Virgo nano-age (Dec 19 – Apr 2020), but with Virgo more powerful in the Virgo nano-age decan overflow (Apr 2020 – Oct 2020), we should expect worsening conditions.

    This could relate to any one of a number of things such as:
    • a second wave affecting China
    • the shift of seasons bringing colder conditions to the Southern Hemisphere creating chaos in the much poorer continents of Africa and South America (and strongly affecting Australia and New Zealand).
    • extension of COVID-19 deeper into the remaining countries in the world (including the Northern Hemisphere)
    • Catastrophe in (Pisces) USA

    However, if the association of COVID-19 with the Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (Dec 2019 – Apr 2020 – Oct 2020) is taken at face value, the pandemic should be stopped in its tracks by late October 2020. Why will this be the case? Either one or more effective vaccines or remedies are put in place, or the pandemic just peters out due to social distancing etc?

    Regardless of the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, a more powerful inhibition of the world’s financial strength will continue well past October 2019. The Virgo nano-age decan and overflow is part of the Capricorn nano-age and overflow (Dec 19 – Mar 2021 – Jun 2022) suggesting that whatever financial hiatus the world finds itself in during the Capricorn nano-age (Dec 19 – Mar 2021), it will deteriorate in the Capricorn nano-age overflow (Mar 2021 – Jun 2022).

    The first rumblings of the nature of the financial crisis coming to the world should appear with the age-decan and overflow that overlaps and follows the Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (Dec 2019 – Apr 2020 – Oct 2020). The Taurus nano-age decan and overflow (Apr 2020 – Oct 2020 – Mar 2021) should see some initial rumblings in the first half (Apr 2020 – Oct 2020), but definitely by its overflow time (Oct 2020 – Mar 2021), Financial concerns and banking crisis should replace the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Astrologers interested in learning about the Overflow Effect can use the comparison between the Virgo nano-age decan (Dec 2019 – Apr 2020) and Virgo nano-age decan overflow (Apr 2020 – Oct 2020) as their petri dish. One of the most significant areas of difference between my research on the astrological ages, and the ‘standard’ model employed by astrologers for over the last 2,000 years is the application of the Overflow Effect.

    The Overflow Effect transforms ages from allegorical bricks in a wall to waves. This also applies to all sub-periods of the astrological ages. If you want to understand macro-astrology, you need to understand the Overflow Effect. The COVID-19 pandemic should demonstrate the Overflow Effect and by the end of April, it should be obvious… even to blind Freddy!

    • Wow!!! This comment (and the main article) were quite an interesting read! It’s got me thinking… especially the various examples of how the pandemic could worsen. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Really do hope New Zealand isn’t hit too badly as Jacinda seemed to be doing an incredible job containing it.

  4. On a simplistic level, it is easy to see that most countries in the world (including Australia and New Zealand) have had very little real impact from COVID-19, but this is now about to change. This does not preclude that specific countries may be able to avoid a big health problem, but as a general rule for the whole world, the next 5 months look much worse compared to the last 5 months (Dec 19 – Apr 20). For example, Germany seems to be handling the pandemic much better than most of its neighbors, but Germany is the exception.

  5. The Four Health Moons & COVID-19

    Boris Johnson’s COVID-19 personal journey was made public on 27 March 2020 when he tested positive after announcing that when he went to visit patients in a hospital, some of whom had COVID-19, he found it impossible not to shake everyone’s’ hands as that is what politicians do. This is believed to have occurred about four weeks before being admitted to hospital on April 5th, 2020.

    “March 3: Mr Johnson dismissed the trend for coronavirus ‘elbow bumps’ – saying he is perfectly happy to keep shaking hands with people. The PM joked that he was still carrying out the traditional greeting ‘continuously’, citing scientific advice that it is fine as long as you keep washing your hands.”

    Four weeks before April 5th is about 8th March 2020 and this is situated under the two week influence of the Virgo full moon (2nd – 16th March 2020) as each full moon influences the two-week period when the visible portion of the moon, as seen from earth, is 50% or more illuminated by the Sun. In Boris’ natal western horoscope, he has Libra rising. With Libra ruling his 1st house, Virgo rules his 12th house of ‘self-made problems’ – fairly standard astrological knowledge about the infamous 12th house and Boris certainly lived up to his 12th house full moon.

    By the 27th March, when Boris had tested positive, this occurred in the first week of the Aries lunar month (24th March – 1st April 2020). This was not a problem for Boris during this time and it was business as usual though in isolation. Aries, as ruler of his 7th house, is not a direct health sign for Boris. Due to the positive test on 27th March, this strongly suggests that he first experienced symptoms prior to this date, and the most likely timeframe was in the last week of the Pisces lunar month (17th – 24th March), with Pisces ruling his 6th house of health issues.

    By the time Boris was admitted to hospital on 5th April 2020, the influence of the new Aries lunar month (24th March – 23rd April 2020) had subsided as the full moon located in the middle of each lunar month overrides the sign of the lunar month. In this case, the hospital admission on 5th April 2020 occurred directly under the rays of the Libra full moon (1st – 14th April 2020 GMT) focusing upon his 1st house.

    The two health houses in every horoscope are the 1st and 6th houses, and it can be argued that these each have different nuances whereby the 1st house is a person’s constitutional or physical strength, and the 6th house illnesses – plain and simple. But in practice, it seems that the 1st and 6th houses are interchangeable when it comes to health issues. However, lunar astrology has a quirk, the ascendant based houses have to share the spotlight with solar houses. A solar house is every bit as relevant as an ascendant house in lunar astrology – including eclipses. Therefore, in the case of Boris Johnson, his solar 1st house is Gemini and therefore his solar 6th house is Scorpio.

    Therefore, Boris will experience two health-related full moons in a row – the Libra full moon (1st – 14th April 2020 GMT) followed by the Scorpio full moon (30th April – 14th May 2020). Furthermore, the Scorpio full moon sits in the middle of the Taurus lunar month (23rd April – 22nd May 2020) and Taurus is a diabolical sign in Boris’ western horoscope as Taurus rules his 8th house of vulnerability and is also the 12th solar house of self-made problems and difficult issues to his Gemini sun.

    What this lunar perspective means is that everyone each year has four lunar months (1st and last weeks only), and four full moons (middle two weeks of every lunar month) associated with the 1st and 6th ascendant and solar houses. Therefore at any time, a person is exposed one-third of the time to possible health issues, except for those people whose ascendant sign and sun sign are the same (i.e. born around sunrise). It is during these times, as demonstrated by Boris Johnson, that we are more exposed to COVID-19 or any other health concern.

    Lunar astrology will not indicate the relevance of any health issue, whether it is minor, major, long, short and so on. This requires additional astrological insights, and for further details on these insights for Boris Johnson plus a lunar ephemeris for the rest of 2020 click below: https://wp.me/p5DJPt-9Z

  6. Very interesting, Terry. Thank you. Can you help us understand from the astrological viewpoint the steep rise in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq during this time and continuing to the present? Also, any predictions about these stock indices in the coming cycles?

  7. If you examine the stock price graph for January 2020 to now, the rise has just been on-trend, the steep rise only occurred from March 2020 after the significant drop in early March 2020. What this means is that the main event in stock prices in 2020 was from the initial disruption caused by COVID-19. Disruption is mainly associated with Aquarius, and at the nano age level, the main influence is from the Aquarius nano-age overflow (Dec 2019 – Mar 2021). The Capricorn nano-age (Dec 2019 – Mar 2021) covers the same period but Capricorn will be stronger in its overflow period (March 2021 – June 2022) and so that is when any subdued mood in the markets is likely to manifest. Aquarius, apart from bringing disruption, also brings ‘excitement’ which can also be related to the strong rise in the markets commencing March 2020.
    For a long term economic perspective, see “The Dynamics of Economic Recessions in the Age of Aquarius” at http://wp.me/p5HsiC-21

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