How did it get to this?

In 2022, a country run by former KGB personnel turned criminals launched a savage attack on an independent, sovereign and democratic nation Ukraine in the middle of Europe.  After an initially slow response, many countries progressively applied sanctions against Russia, their key oligarchs and other associated parties while Russia merely increased its brutish attacks.  President Biden in his State of Union Address stated that if such barbaric behavior by Russia is not addressed, history tells us that the situation will deteriorate.  He then proceeded to do nothing effective.  Responding to Russia’s barbarous attacks by sanctions is like rapping the knuckles of a serial murderer.  Certainly sanctions are better than nothing, and they will have a detrimental effect upon Russia, meanwhile western democracies throw Ukraine under the bus.  This is the biggest elephant in the room, yet rarely discussed in the media – why have western democracies allowed the travesty in Ukraine to continue without effective retaliation?  Are western democracies cowards?

The only way to deal with force is by force.  Why have western democracies turned away from providing real assistance to Ukraine? This is starting to look like the same kind of response when Czechoslovakia was thrown under the Nazi bus in the lead-up to the Second World War. 

This is where astrology provides a framework that allows us to better understand any situation.  When Cancer is strong in the world, such as now, the world goes through a period of weakness, lack of backbone and wisdom, and this is reflected both in political leadership and populations.  The current strength of Cancer in the world is at its strongest since the 1850s.  Interestingly, this was the decade of the Crimean War (1853 – 56) that marked a turning point for the Russian Empire. The war weakened the Russian army, drained the treasury and undermined Russia’s influence in Europe and the Russian empire, that Putin is trying to resurrect, and it took decades for Russia to recover. Russia’s humiliation forced its educated elites to identify its problems and to recognize the need for fundamental reforms and so the war thus became a catalyst for reforms of Russia’s social institutions, including the abolition of serfdom and overhauls in the justice system, local self-government, education and military service.  There is hope yet!

Of the 12 sub-ages in every astrological age, each has a Cancer micro-age such as referred to above.  The recent Cancer micro-age (February 2000 – December 2014) is the first half of a wave, which like a tsunami, has overflowed into the following Gemini micro-age, and is also the same timeframe as the Cancer micro-age overflow (December 2014 – November 2029).  The overflow period is almost twice as powerful as the first part – so Cancer picked up momentum post-December 2014.  Furthermore, due to the way periods and overflow interact, it creates a four-stage structure similar to the four phases of the moon.  The absolute strongest quarter of the Cancer micro-age and overflow is the period December 2014 to June 2022.  Cancer has not peaked like this since the 1850s.

Cancer is not limited to lack of backbone, it also weakens immune systems and this contributed to the Covid-19 pandemic. It also marks a time when (Capricorn) wisdom is at a low ebb, and strategic decisions are lacking.  Public opinion becomes more important than leadership, and so this period also marks the rise of populace leaders seen in many countries in the world including former President Trump in the USA and Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the UK and so on.  Cancer periods also breed strong anti-science sentiment which was clearly witnessed during the pandemic.  It also strengthens for better or worse countries with Cancer strongly located in their astrological signatures such as China, Russia, Scandinavian countries, United Kingdom, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries and New Zealand – all of which have received more focus in recent times – one way or another. 

For Russia, China and UK, this has made them more bellicose and belligerent and in the case of Russia and China, they have also demonstrated another archetype associated with Cancer – they are both behaving like an amoeba that is trying to absorb their neighbors or regions on their periphery – borders are ruled by Cancer.  With China, it is islands on the South China Sea and their determination to swallow up democratic Taiwan.  For Russia, it has been absorbing territory in Georgia (2008), Crimea (2014) and now Russia has returned to steal the rest of Ukraine.

Coinciding with this Cancer micro-age overflow period, which is empowering both China and Russia on the world stage, is the current Gemini micro-age (December 2014 – November 2029), which has three micro-age decans, each with their own corresponding overflow periods.  The Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) is also at its strongest in its second half (Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) and this, combined with Cancer, brought the COVID pandemic, as Aquarius rules unusual events and particularly interruption.  The world has been more interrupted by the pandemic compared to anything else since the Second World War.  Aquarius’ interruption is not limited to the pandemic, the Russian invasion has brought another round of interruption in the international community.

The Cancer micro-age overflow and Gemini micro-ages with the three micro-age decans of the Gemini micro-age

Aquarius is not limited to interruptions, it is also the key sign for democracy and fascism, and this is what is occurring in Ukraine – the attempted demolition of democracy by fascism.  Furthermore, Aquarius sits strongly in Russia’s astrological signature, and this explains why the world is experiencing at this time Russia invading Ukraine rather than China invading Taiwan – China does not have Aquarius in its signature.  Russia is supercharged by both the most potent quarter of the Cancer micro-age and overflow (December 2014 – June 2022) combined with the most potent quarter of the Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (December 2019 – November 2024).  This combination has turned Russia into a megalomaniacal monster of the worse kind.  All it needs is to be rapped on the knuckles with sanctions and it will obediently retreat to its borders with its tail between its legs.  This is what the democratic leaders of the world expect.  Cancer is the time of anti-leaders who will even sell their siblings if it gets them out of trouble. It really is rather pitiful. However, this is how the world has often been run for the last 5,000 years since governments first appeared.

With Cancer so strong, we cannot expect western democracies to shoulder their responsibility – as responsibility is ruled by Capricorn, the opposite sign to Cancer.  However there is hope.  The extremely adverse transits from the lunar nodes to critical elements in Ukraine’s natal horoscope disappear from around 17th to 24th March 2022.  Ukraine may just make it over the line, one way or another.

The series of unfortunate nodal transits over Ukraine’s Uranus and especially to its ascendant and natal lunar nodes correlates to the devastation in Ukraine in late February 2022 and early March 2022 but the adverse nodal influences cease by around 24th March 2022, possibly as early as the 17th March

With the approaching Virgo full moon on 18th March, there is also some chance that Pisces Europe may go to war with Russia as the moon activates Europe’s 7th house.  The prime sign for the USA is also Pisces, so perhaps the Americans and Europeans conjoin to put Russia under Putin firmly back into its place?  Coincidentally, the Virgo full moon activates President Biden’s 10th house – so maybe he finds his backbone which has been missing in action to date?  We cannot expect, only hope.

The astrology indicates a much bigger international conflict is on its way that will appear any time before the end of this decade, and it could in some way be linked to the Russian invasion of Ukraine or the Russian invasion may be the precipitating element to start this new major international conflict.  We live in an age of tyrants, and Putin is just another in the line of Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Jong-un plus a medley of smaller more localized tyrants. Now Putin can be added to the mix of some of the most repulsive leaders the modern world has the misfortune to experience.  These tyrants are aligned to the Scorpio sub-age and overflow (1791 – 1970 – 2149), or probably more accurately, the Scorpio quasi sub-age (1880 – 2059) which represents the middle 50% of the larger Scorpio period. Scorpio is the sign of tyrants and also the sign of nuclear weapons, so we should not be surprised if a contemporary tyrant uses them.  Tyrants are also criminals that have stolen a country but never been bought to justice as they always steal the legal system as well.  Criminals do not have a sense of ethics, justice or humanity as at their core, they are orientated to undermining these qualities at every opportunity. This is what is occurring in Ukraine.

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4 thoughts on “How did it get to this?

  1. Hi Terry,

    Thanks as always for your macro-astrology analysis of current events.

    Assuming your timelines for Ages, Sub-Ages, Micro-Ages and Nano-Ages to be correct, we would expect to see the same astrological timelines being activated using the techniques of traditional mundane astrology. As you know, one of the most important periodicities for traditional astrologers is the cycle of Great Conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn.

    As you know for 200 years the Great Conjunction, which happens every 20 years, has been almost always in earth signs of the tropical zodiac. The most recent Great Conjunction on 21st Dec 2020 marks a transition to 200 years of Great Conjunctions in air signs. For the remainder of the 21st century, it looks like this:

    21st Dec 2020 – Great Conjunction in Aquarius
    31st Oct 2040 – Great Conjunction in Libra
    7th Apr 2060 – Great Conjunction in Gemini
    14th March 2080 – Great Conjunction in Aquarius
    18th March 2100 – Great Conjunction in Libra

    For traditional and medieval astrologers, the period 2020-40 will experience social change and social dynamics with Aquarian characteristics. You pointed out the importance of Aquarius in Russia’s mundane chart. Hence Russia and its economic, political and now military efforts to establish the new Eurasian Union have suddenly hit world consciousness.

    The Western media is focusing on the sanctions on Russia as the means to topple Putin. But little Western media attention has been given – yet – to the very important fact that China, India, Pakistan, Iran and other countries in Asia have not yet begun imposing sanctions on Russia. If China doesn’t impose sanctions, nor India, that’s a huge chunk of the world’s population already outside the Western efforts to marginalise Russia for its aggression against Ukraine.

    You often correctly point out how we really still live in a very late-medieval world, governed by the outgoing Age of Pisces, very slowly transitioning to an early-modern world increasingly attuned to the incoming Age of Aquarius. In traditional astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn rather than Uranus. I subscribe to the traditional view that Saturn rules Aquarius rather than Uranus. Aquarius is always fixated on the vision of a new order of things. Although newness is characteristic of Uranus the construction and establishment of order is more Saturn than Uranus. Combine the very late-medieval world we live in with the Aquarian socio-cultural energy of the 2020 Great Conjunction and we get, among other new forms, Putin’s autocratic Eurasian Union with it’s hard power militarism. When we combine our late-medieval world with Aquarian passion we also get the disruptive, excitable energy of the Trump movement and America First.

    So an analysis of the Russia-Ukraine war using the Great Conjunction cycle suggests we are in a battle between a more progressive, modern, compassionate, democratic, humanitarian Aquarius versus the autocratic fascism of, for example, Putin’s Russia, Trump’s America First and the Mullahs of Iran, each of which is actually quite proud to upset the progressive democratic camp with its fusion of late medieval thinking with Aquarian passions and visions of a new order for the world, even as the new order in many cases is really nothing more than a new iteration of an older form – the Islamic Republic of Iran, Putin’s revived Russian Empire and Trump’s ‘make America great again’.

  2. Hi Terry, all interesting stuff especially about the fact that we could already be in the age of Aquarius. The reason I came across your website was because I found a cryptographic code in one of Albrecht Durers engravings and it seems to agree with your theory. The picture is from 15th century and it shows the zodiac cardinal points as Aquarius opposite Leo and Taurus opposite Scorpio. There are 13 other constellations that relate to the lunar calendar of Mesopotamia so they are not to be confused with the zodiac ones. Do you think it’s possible that Durer could have understood that even in his time, the system was in error? He also alludes to an 11 minute error per year or 9 days error at the time he made the engraving, between the real date of Easter and the date that was currently being observed so he does seem to have understood calendar to some degree?

    • Thank you for your insight into one of Albrecht Durer’s engravings. Do you have a name and/or web address as to where I can see it? There is possibly another perspective and that is that the first depictions over many centuries even 2,000 years ago showed the exact same 4 zodiacal signs as cardinal points because it appears that ancient astrologer-astronomers first became aware of the astrological ages in the Age of Taurus, and therefore the other 3 cardinal points where Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio?

      • Hi Terry please reply me at and I can email you some graphics showing the constellations. Durers picture seems to be coded in kaballah as their are ancient Jewish words and themes in it. In kabbalah there are always 4 concurrent narratives running through a text or picture. So in a picture every item would have 4 meanings but each meaning is linked to the others in some way and therefore weaves all 4 full narratives for all of the items together. Durer seems to have created his picture to preserve a dying Jewish history or tradition or culture (religious and astronomical). The astronomical knowledge is centred around the moon and their ancient astronomy that dates to 2000 bce if we consider the founder of Israel as Abraham who was a priest at the temple of the moon in UR ancient capital of Sumeria. According to NASA these constellations are the oldest known ones from Mesopotamia and they correlate well with the path of the moon 13 stations giving 13 months of 28days and 7 leap years over an 18yr Saros period etc. The coded numbers are also lunar numbers which is in line with the ancient Jewish Lunar calendar. His astronomical narrative gives a number value for the Angel in the picture that is 54 (this gives us the name of the Angel when we check the Jewish bible for the 72 angels named in exodus) but in the Jewish narrative we see that 54 yrs is the period of a triple lunar Saros also. The flying “bat” gives a number value of 40 and biblically represents the 40yrs Exodus of the Israelites in the deserts of Sinai. Therefore in the astronomical narrative these numbers need to be accounted for (used in the narrative). It seems that 40 X 54 = 2160 = one full zodiacal sign of precession of the equinoxes and that the 72 angels is equal to 2160/72 = 30 degrees of precession. Therefore each one degree of precession equals 72 angels or years. In my opinion these numbers are not random, they are key to understanding precession. They prove a figure was known to Durer in 1514ce. The main constellation shown in the artwork is Aquarius but it’s not clear at this point if he is indicating that we are in the age of Aquarius (the clock on the wall and the twilight setting with the background star falling seem to indicate a correct observation time of 4am) or if he is depicting the zodiac constellations at the time of Abraham? All the best!

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