Will the Age of Aquarius Solve the Problems of the World?

What is it about the Aquarian age that makes many people feel history will go against itself and create a problem-free age?  Has there ever been a problem-free age?  Perhaps every time the Age of Aquarius turns up around every 26,000 years the world takes a sabbatical from wars, violence, anger, catastrophes and natural disasters and creates a totally different age compared to all the other ages?


As ridiculous as this sounds, there is an element of truth to this concept.  Of all the twelve zodiacal signs, Aquarius is the one sign that is the different, radical or eccentric sign.  In other words Aquarius behaves very differently to the other eleven zodiacal signs.  Therefore if Aquarius behaves very different to the other signs, and if historically the other ages are full of problems, logic says that in the Aquarian age it should not have these problems.  Unfortunately this is faulty logic.


The reason that the logic is faulty is that it can be very different in the Aquarian age compared to other ages, but continue to be full of major problems, or problems of a very different nature.  How about this for a different kind of major problem – in this age, for the first time in history, the world may be destroyed or severely affected by humans due to the use of their nuclear arsenal or from the effects of pollution. Have humans previously been capable of destroying the world?


There is another way of approaching the difference associated with the Aquarian age compared to other ages.  If the difference is so fundamental between the sign of Aquarius and the other eleven zodiacal signs represented in the astrological ages then we should also see this with people. Have you noticed that Aquarians stand out from other people as being problem-free or saint-like?  If you have then you must know some incredibly rare Aquarian.  There is no evidence whatsoever that Aquarians are problem-free or better than the other signs.  The great people of the world are not overly represented by Aquarius, if they are then this would be one of the greatest secrets in astrology!


Unless there is some evidence to suggest that Aquarius is better than the other eleven zodiacal signs there is no reason to believe that the Aquarian age will be better than any other age.  If the Aquarian age is not better than any other age then why would the world be problem-free in the Age of Aquarius?


The world is very different in this Aquarian age to date compared to the known historical events of any other age.  No other age has seen the human population anywhere near current levels.  In no other age could humans light up the world at night so that it is observable from space.  In no other age could some people fly, watch TV and have all the labour savings devices available in this modern Age of Aquarius.


What is noticeable to date from the Aquarian age is that the benefits seem much greater compared to previous ages and the problems see much greater compared to earlier ages.  This in itself satisfies the Aquarian archetype that it must be somehow fundamentally different to other ages.


There is a secondary aspect to the issue of whether the Aquarian age will solve the problems of the world.  This aspect relates to the nature of astrology.  Does anything related to astrology improve anything?  Do the inhabitants of the world sit back in their sun lounges by a pool, sipping alcoholic beverages, waiting for the Aquarian age to come along like some mechanized street sweeper to clean up the world?  This is very comforting as it means we can continue to be as stupid as we have always been, but the Aquarian age will fix up all the mess we have made.


At the end of the day the world is full of people, and the sum of all the positive and negative aspects of each person produces all the positive and negative aspects of our world.  It is a major cop-out to think we can sit back in a lazy stupor and the Age of Aquarius will behave like our fairy godmother, wave her wand and suddenly all our individual and collective problems will disappear in a puff of magic smoke. It’s not a happening thing!


Does astrology help?  This is a very interesting question as I have been studying astrology for thirty-six years so I have learnt some things about astrology.  Now I know that astrology ‘works’ in the sense I can see the relations between planets and zodiacal signs and events affecting people and the world.  But does knowledge of this improve the situation?


The answer is, yet again yes and no.  Is it worth knowing from the weather forecast if it will be raining tomorrow or not?  Very often yes because at a minimum it may make the decision to take an umbrella easier to make.  However if you were to attend a conference full of astrologers, will you come across people that demonstrate they have a superior approach to life or even a superior life?  The answer is no.  In all my thirty-six years of studying astrology, and fraternising with astrologers, I have never seen any example of astrologers leading a life that has any fewer problems and greater advantages than normal people.


Some astrologers are nice, well mannered, interesting and rich, other astrologers are nasty, rude, dull and close to the poverty line.  In between are all the other astrologers in the normal bell curve arrangement you would expect from any group of people randomly chosen.  There is no evidence that any random group of astrologers demonstrate any greater achievements, skills or quality of life compared to a placebo group with similar qualities to the astrologers except they are not astrologers.


If knowledge of astrology does not benefit astrologers in a noticeable way, then why should knowledge of the Age of Aquarius help in any way?  Astrology does not appear to help astrologers avoid problems.  So if astrology cannot even help astrologers, how can the Age of Aquarius solve the problems of the world?


The Age of Aquarius is not going to save the world.  The Age of Aquarius is not going to raise your consciousness.  The future of the world depends upon the sum of all the people in the world.  It is what all the people in the world do that will make things happen. The Age of Aquarius for some people is a cop-out – allowing them to continue their destructive mode of living in this world because the Age of Aquarius will fix it up.


Judging by its track record to date, the problems and benefits in the Age of Aquarius will be much greater than previous