Neptune and You

This post is not related to the Aquarian age, or any other astrological age.  The focus is upon the planet Neptune as it moves from Aquarius into Pisces in early February 2012.  Though my specialty is the astrological ages, I have been a student of modern western astrology for almost 40 years and Vedic astrology for around 25 years.  While I was researching the shift of Neptune into Pisces, I became aware of how far reaching this impact will be, not only for individuals but for the world as a whole.  If most individuals will expereince a net beneficial influence from Neptune moving into its own sign, then theoretically the whole world should experience the acccumulated benefits from the 7 billion inhabitants.  I have not yet explored the worldwide benefits, but the following link should provide you with insights into how Neptune shifting into Pisces should benefit you.

Note to astrologers:

In researching and writing this webpage, I experienced for the upteenth time that Neptune rules Pisces (in modern western astrology).  There is some confusion being generated in the astrological community that the insights discovered in Hellenistic and medieval astrology somehow affect modern western astrology.  Pisces can be ruled by Jupiter in Hellenistic and medieval astrology (and Vedic astrology) but ruled by Neptune in modern western astrology.  Each type of astrology maintains its own form and integrity.  Modern western astrology already has integrity without any input from Hellenistic or medieval astrology. The astrologers who developed modern western astrology over the last 200 years were not stupid. Each form of astrology is like a different language with different syntax, grammer etc – but each language manages as a medium for communication.  Modern western astrology is a valid form of astrological communication and has its own richness and diversity without being corrupted from Hellenistic and medieval astrological influences.  Today, we have the option of choosing one or more forms of astrology as astrological tools.  Diversity is always an advantage.