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Terry MacKinnell – A Short Biography

Born 1951 in Sydney, Australia where he mostly lived until 1980 (except for a short two year stint in California in the early 1960s). He became interested in astrology in 1972, and consequently studied, researched and erratically practiced for many years. (Horoscope details available)

In 1987, he came up with the inspiration for his research into the astrological ages and commenced publishing articles on the subject since 1994. It all commenced one winter’s afternoon while lying in the sun hanging out with some friends.  His thoughts (oddly) turned to the issue of the cusp of the astrological ages.  Quickly he realized that it was absolutely absurd that the Age of Aquarius could not begin at a specific time and date in the same way that practically everything else in astrology conforms.

It was a long and at times torturous path from inception to publication and he spent some years doing no research at all.  From 2000 onward, he became more focused upon his astrological research into the astrological ages and deepened his study of Vedic astrology while continuing studying western tropical astrology.  Finally in 2011 he published his first book on the astrological ages including the age-decans.  (see http://www.macro-astrology.com). Terry is currently writing his second book specifically orientated upon the sub-ages and sub-age decans of the astrological ages.

He is a member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers and sometimes other astrological associations.

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Some Insights from Terry MacKinnell

The most humorous aspect of my research was that originally I thought other astrologers would steal my idea. I quickly discovered that not only was no one interested in stealing my ideas, very very few astrologers even wanted to know what I had to say about the astrological ages. My research on the astrological ages has uncovered many inconsistencies and problems with the standard model plus I have experienced many epiphanies. All astrologers experience epiphanies as they discover astrology, but there is something special about being the first to experience an epiphany in an area no one has gone before (or at least in modern times). It’s like being the Christopher Columbus of the astrological ages.

The standard model of the astrological ages is based on the approach of an ancient Greek astronomer called Hipparchus (there is a satellite named after him).  However while other ancient intellectuals such as Aristotle, Galen, Ptolemy etc have had their theories examined and in most cases rejected from the time of the Scientific Revolution onward, the same has not applied to Hipparchus.  We have rejected the Flat Earth Theory and the earth at the center of-the-universe but many astrologers cling to the unverified ancient approach to the astrological ages which like most other ancient theories, is either incorrect or faulty.

Hipparchus unwittingly made a fundamental error in his astronomical approach to the astrological ages.  I certainly did not set out to undermine his authority in this field, but over the course of my lengthy research it has become obvious that Hipparchus’ fundamental error has delayed the appearance of each astrological age by approximately half an age (i.e. 1075 years).  So while most astrologers predict the Age of Aquarius arriving around 2600 AD, my revised methodology indicates that the Aquarian age arrived in the 15th century, aligned to the Renaissance, the beginning of the Scientific Revolution and the arrival of Modernity (look it up in Wikipedia if you do not believe me).

Historians and a plethora of recent books indicate that the modern world arrived around 500 years ago.  The modern world IS the Age of Aquarius.  There is a conceptual revulsion by many people to the idea that the Aquarian age arrived in the 15th century and this is certainly not limited to astrologers.  This is because there is an urban myth that the Age of Aquarius will bring peace, awareness and a veritable Garden of Eden to the world.  This is merely millennialism in a different form. The new revised timings for the astrological ages tally with Big Picture historians such as John C Landon, author of “World History and the Eonic Effect”.

For the same reason people believed 2012 would bring the end of the world or some other fantasy, and the year 2000 was supposed to indicate disasters due to all the computers not recognizing date from 2000 onward,  many people look for doomsday or paradise due to their dissatisfaction with the world or lack of inner fulfillment.  It is a bit unsettling if paradise is expected with the arrival of the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Aquarius arrived over 500 years ago.  Should unsubstantiated concepts and dreams over rule painstaking research?  This is the state of the astrological ages today.

The reason why there is so much confusion about the Astrological Ages and the start of the Age of Aquarius is that the standard model is incorrect.  Because it is incorrect people put bandages on it, then bandages on the bandages to try and cover up the festering inconsistencies.  All these bandages makes a dog’s breakfast of the astrological ages.  Anyone can say anything about the Age of Aquarius, and they do, but this does not make their statements true.

For a basic overview of the confused state of play in the arcane world of the Astrological Ages see Wikipedia.  For a real assessment of the Astrological Ages, stay tuned to this blog.  A new Macro-Astrology channel at YouTube is now available.

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6 thoughts on “About Terry MacKinnell

  1. Have you or anyone you know of compared he history of a place through both the official history and the astrological one? If they match it only gives more insight to this recount, but if it doesn´t, what happens?

  2. Yes I have done a number of comparisons and they always do match provided you know the astrological signature for the city, state, nation or region etc. For example the three key signs in the astrological signature for the USA are Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn. Whenever these signs are encountered, the USA gets a boost, one way or another. Whenever their opposite signs are encountered (ie Virgo, Leo and Cancer) the USA hits a wall.

    For example under Cancer the USA expereinces internal turmoil and division (eg Civil War). The peak of the last Leo energy was 2000, with the Leo influence very strong between 2000 and 2007. the 9/11 terrorists attack in 2001 is a good example of this.

    See my latest article at the http://www.macro-astrology.com website “0320 Economic Long Cycles”. Though this is based on economic conditions, it does provide some interesting parallels to the question you raised.

    Also countries can be compared to their horoscope for a different view. See Nicholas Campion’s “The Book of World Horoscopes”

    Regards, Terry

  3. Hello Terry
    I would gladly go and see this article of yours if it werent for this problem:
    I was accepted in the group
    Congratulations, mercedeswelitsme!

    Your application for membership in Macro-Astrology Research Centre was accepted by the group’s manager.
    But I cannot log in and the morons of MSN answered me this when I told them about the problem
    Hemos recibido tu consulta, según la cual no sabes si tu contraseña ha sido aceptada o no para ingresar a un MSN grupo…Nosotros no tenemos soporte para este tipo de problemas
    we have received your enquiry according to which you do not if your password has been or not accepted to access to a MSN group… we have no support for this kind of problems
    I wrote back telling them that they were incompetent to which they wrote back writing this -amongst other things-
    Windows Live ID. Recuerda que estamos las 24 hs. para resolver tus inconvenientes.
    we are here for you 24 hours a day to which I replied

    Esto no funciona.Hazlo funcionar o voy a comunicar por
    todos los grupos en que estoy que tan tarados son los
    de MSN, dos contestaciones y cero resultados
    This doesn´t work, make it work or I will let everyone in every group what kind of dumb you are, two answers and no results.

    Me, Terry, I am extremely intrested in this information and I am telling you about the problem so I can read the documents that you think anyone can read if you keep them with MNS. This is not true, question is how many have been turned away because of the stupidity of MNS.
    I want to read that information but how can I do it if you believe you have them for general access and they are shield behind the incapacity of MNS morons.

  4. You are the first person I have found whose reading of the Age of Aquarius matches the observed phenomena. Most specifically, the Renaissance of the 1400-1500 saw the expulsion of Islam from Spain, the colonization of the New World, the Inquisition, the seas, Mercantilism, and an incredible explosion of culture not seen since.

    Today we see once again the expulsion of Islam, the resurgence of Christianity-the natural balance to the Abrahamic codes of Judaism and Islam, the oceans of cyberspace and outer space as well as BitCoin and Mercantilism. Currently you will see an incredible change with the introduction of BlockChain as it distributes the Piscean power hierarchy into an Aquarian model of consensus.

    God Bless you sir.

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