Is the World a Calamity in Progress?

Recently I have been exposed to many people with pessimistic outlooks upon the world.  We know that the world has enough food but yet people are starving.  We know that the world has adequate resources for all yet countless millions live in abject poverty.  We see Donald Trump on TV – and though he has redefined the concept of stupidity, he is an actual contender for the most powerful political position in the world.  And his finger could be on the button!  Will a cascade of intercontinental ballistic nuclear weapons rain down upon an unsuspecting world if he has a bad hair day?  What is also of concern is that over 40% of the American voting public apparently are prepared to vote for him.

Former Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) addresses a legislative luncheon held as part of the "Road to Majority" conference in Washington June 18, 2015. REUTERS/Carlos Barria - RTX1H57C
Former Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) addresses a legislative luncheon held as part of the “Road to Majority” conference in Washington June 18, 2015. REUTERS/Carlos Barria – RTX1H57C

This is just a small fraction of all the bad news.  Corporations and governments are facilitating the pollution of our air, water and land to the point that the average person actually must buy pure water to avoid poisoning themselves. Will we have to buy pure oxygen soon due to air pollution? In the Land of the Free (USA), where a greater percentage of the population is imprisoned compared to any other country, they have prisoner ‘sales’ targets whereby governments must ensure that the privatized prisons have at least 90% occupancy. The average prisoner costs the same amount of money to the state as the salary of a teacher.  Despite the trillions spent of the war against terrorists over the last decade or so, the likelihood of a random terrorist attack has increased exponentially many thousands of times.


I am sure that any sane person could spend the rest of their life documenting the ridiculous outcomes of our modern world.  Is modernity a negative concept? Even relatively normal people are expressing concern about where the world is heading.  The general consensus is that the world is like a ball rolling towards the cliff ready to fall over the edge.  This does not inspire optimism or confidence.


The astrology associated with the astrological ages, and specifically our position in the Age of Aquarius, does support the above pessimistic outlook but not the pessimistic outcome.  When we talk about optimism, we usually refer to Sagittarius suggesting that Sagittarius’ opposite sign Gemini is pessimistic.  A superficial examination of Sagittarius and Gemini plus other key signs within the Age of Aquarius reveals the reason for the current desultory outlook by many people, especially in Western Society.

"An Optimist & Pessimist" by Vladimir Makovsky (1846-1920) - Russian painter
“An Optimist & Pessimist” by Vladimir Makovsky (1846-1920) – Russian painter

In contrast to the West, many people in developing nations are not feeling negative or pessimistic as they are currently riding a secondary wave of economic expansion and material prosperity.  Whenever a new age or sub period of an age appears, the focus of new developments is usually focussed upon a specific region, center or culture.  This is what occurred with the arrival of the Age of Aquarius in the 15th century which firmly placed a focus upon Western society.  It was Western society that pioneered the new Aquarian age ethos which then spreads out to the rest of the world like the wake of a boat.  This is why Western society has become despondent while other societies are still experiencing the wake of the fading expansionary period.  The new despondent wake will also hit Asia and the rest of the world in the future.


Western society started the modern expansionary economic paradigm with the Industrial Revolution feeding into the worldwide population explosion.  This quiet naturally was associated with the Sagittarius sub-age and overflow (1612-1791-1970) which like a giant wave has swept through the world but spearheaded by mainly Western nations.  The majority of expansion and optimism was experienced in the second half of the wave (1791-1970).

World Manufacturing Graph (1750-1900)

Conversely, Western nations are unwittingly spearheading the drive towards contraction and minimalism but have not yet understood that this is actually happening and that this is not some temporary aberration but will continue for a long time.  The rest of the world is not taking over the reins from Western society, but just catching up, whereupon they will also start their own paths towards contraction, especially with their populations and economic growth. (see All Good Things Must Come to an End for more details)


Though the expansionary Sagittarius wave technically came to an end in 1970, this is not how it works in practise.  Basically the Sagittarius expansionary paradigm continues its momentum until it comes to a barrier. Secondly, near the end of this Sagittarius wave was a Sagittarius micro-age and overflow (1940-1955-1970) with the peak of this smaller wave aligned to the Baby Boomers.  (see Baby Boomers in the Age of Aquarius) The Baby Boomers are the last hurrah of expansionary Sagittarius as the world plummets into out-of-control economic overdrive and environmental degradation.  The Baby Boomers are like the captain of the Titanic encouraging the sailors to increase speed as they plough towards the iceberg.


The main sign that undermines Sagittarius is Gemini.  Gemini is currently developing as the new sign of our times. After the Sagittarius wave came the wave associated with the Scorpio sub-age and overflow (1791-1970-2148).  This remains very strong in the world and is part of the reason so many people are feeling vulnerable, sarcastic and desultory – Scorpio has never been known as a cheerful sign … unless you call throwing flower petals on a coffin a pleasant experience.  (see SCORPIO – the Sign of the Times …. Revisited – Part 1 )


However, following in the wake of the Scorpio wave is the relatively new Libra sub-age (1970-2148), and based on previous sub-ages, its main period of benefit will be in its overflow period commencing in 2148 whereupon it will bring in a mini Golden Age – provided there is anyone left around to enjoy it!  The current Libra sub-age (this is why a female is running for US president in 2016) has three sub-age decans, and the first sub-age decan within the Libra sub-age is the Gemini sub-age decan (1970-2029). Naturally, Gemini will be far stronger in its almost 60 years overflow period commencing in 2029.


Gemini is opposite Sagittarius, and it is this Gemini sub-age that is currently bringing a halt to economic expansionism and optimistic outlook mainly in the Western economies.  Because Gemini is unlucky and pessimistic, it has a tendency to resort to cheating and thieving to gain advantage.  This growing phenomenon is being played out by corporations around the world where each year they discover new means and methods to cheat their customers.  Whereupon a few years ago, airlines discovered they could extract more money from their passengers by supplying a relatively cheap basic service than charging often exorbitant amounts for add-ons, flight changes and so on, this is now spreading like an inferno. In the absence of a strongly expansionary market, businesses are trying to extract more and more from each customer using anyone of a number of devious and nefarious (Gemini) schemes.


This anti-Sagittarius new Gemini reality may be hypnotizing the world with handheld mobile devices, but it is also associated with a pessimistic outlook.  If everything is not expanding crazily, things must be bad!  However, while Gemini may be a new and growing reality, it is not the most important player on the field.  A massive revolution is underway associated with the Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970-2148) leading to an incredibly strong Libra period.  This Libra period will greatly affect the world for over 700 years commencing in 2148 – introducing the first mini golden age after almost 7,000 years of mainly war and violence.  Naturally, the last 5,000 years of war is associated with the arrival of the Aries age and overflow (2916BC – 732BC – 1433AD).


In the meantime in our cell phone modern world, it seems like a partnership with sour old Scorpio and pessimistic Gemini being the two key players of note.  Scorpio is bringing a smaller and more evolved world but change always grates because society and culture is always aligned to Taurus – the sign of stability. Scorpio is the opposite sign to Taurus, so all social cultural values have been under attack since 1791, and picking up speed since 1970.   Scorpio is introducing the most unstable of times and people not only dislike instability, they will even fight for their stable cultural-religious values as they dissolve in slow motion before their eyes.  But cultural values will continue to dissolve because Scorpio improves by first pruning the bush then producing new growth which is more appropriate to the times.  The world is mainly in the destructive side of a major metamorphosis.


If you look carefully, there are huge areas of advancement, progress and social evolution in the world today but our minds are more attuned to the disasters and problems when we feel desultory and pessimistic. A steady and growing percentage of Western populations are acknowledging the key role of the environment over short sighted capitalistic practises. Females continue to demand and get greater equality to the point that the most powerful political position in the world is soon to be most likely held by a woman.  Gays are in the process of gaining the right to marry in a growing number of Western nations. Some drugs demonized only a few decades ago are finding increasing support from mainstream society.


However, socio-political-cultural revolutions are painful, and many reactionary elements will do their best to stop the tide from coming in.  Donald Trump is tapping into this reactionary sentiment by many voters who nostalgically prefer the old over the new.   This is also why in the 1960s and 70s so many nations, including Western nations, succumbed to military coups and dictators in place of democracy to prevent progressive change from upsetting their part of the world.  It did not work then, and it will not work now or in the future but it will temporarily re-appear.  The main change to the change occurring in the world is that it will progressively grow stronger and have wider effects and affect more of the world – change is accelerating.  Reactionary elements will also periodically get stronger and try and stop the tide coming in.


So many people get despondent when they realise they will not be around for the mini Golden Age that will arrive mid next century.  There is no need to feel despondent as anyone can be mentally in the Golden Age now, and while the percentage of the population that may already be mentally in the Golden age is a small percentage, this percentage is constantly growing.  More and more people do not want more of the same. (see The Silent Revolution ) Unfortunately, Gemini makes people impatient, and many people are impatient for all the benefits of the Golden Age which cannot fully manifest before midway through next century.


There are important steps along the way towards the mini Golden Age, but the next most important step does not arrive until 2059 – but a preview will appear next decade.  What will happen around 2059?  In western society at least, about 20% of the population will be environmentally friendly and attuned to progressive political and cultural agendas compared to about 10% at present.  20% is the tipping point and research indicates that once 20% of the population has turned to a different direction, they have far greater influence upon society than what should be expected from only 20% of the population.  However, by the mid 22nc century, this 20% becomes 50%.


Finally, there is also very good news hidden behind the turmoil and angst of the modern world.  Of all the signs, Scorpio is the sign most aligned to inner reality or inner Truth.  This means that one of the greatest opportunities in the world today under Scorpio is to find or discover the inner reality that underpins life, the universe and everything.  Scorpio indicates change and turmoil in the external world but actively promotes the benefits of the inner world and the Truth available from going inside.  If truth and ultimate reality are important to you, then you have hit the jackpot for the time you live in.  Search for it because, amongst other considerations, the astrology is on your side for success in this endeavour.  It is also more fulfilling than complaining and watching the world seemingly go down the gurgler.


There is an old concept associated with the lotus.  While the lotus expresses beauty and enlightenment, it also usually grows in a smelly putrid swamp.  At this point of history, we definitely get the swamp, but we can also have the lotus.  Many ancient and modern seers have stated that they were distracted from smelling the putrid swamp when dazzled by the lotus.

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Aquarian Age Myths, Fallacies & Distortions

© Terry MacKinnell 2008, 2016 Under the Berne Convention

Why do people project Pisces’ archetypes onto the Age of Aquarius?  Most astrologers claim that Jesus commenced the Pisces age and most people believe the Age of Aquarius commenced in the 1960s and 70s.  However how can both these facts be true if ages are at least 2150 years in length?  Most projections of what we can expect in the Age of Aquarius is a paradisiacal age free from all the problems that have encumbered the world in recent millennia.  Are your Aquarian friends perfect?  Do they stand out as superior to the other 12 signs of the zodiac?  Why should the Age of Aquarius be more positive than any other age?

The Age of Aquarius has become an urban legend ever since the theatrical production of Hair proclaimed “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius ….”  Most newspapers and comments on blogs clearly relate the dawning of the Age of Aquarius to the 1960’s and 70’s when Hair first appeared.  Many people are so disappointed with the direction the world has taken since those inspiring times (for some) of the 60’s and 70’s to the point where the sentiment has become `where is the goddamned Age of Aquarius anyway?’  Some journalists even state that the Age of Aquarius was a 20 year phenomenon applying only the 1960s and 70s and has now died an ignoble death.

This is a poster for the musical Hair.

While people are ready to accept an Aquarian age commencing in the 60’s and 70’s as a fait accompli, rarely does anyone check the sources of such claims about the Aquarian age.  The song’s lyrics contain the following:

When the moon is in the Seventh House
and Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

While it is certainly melodious, from an astrological perspective it is absolute nonsense.  The position of the moon in the seventh house, eleventh house or any house has no relationship in any way with the Age of Aquarius.  Jupiter aligns with Mars (i.e. a conjunction) every couple of years or so and this has no relationship to the Age of Aquarius either.  There is no reason why the Aquarius song should maintain astrological integrity due to poetic license.  However this poetic license has continued unabated in the general public’s perception and many astrologers of this urban legend.

The above stanza is followed by the following lyrics. In addition, I have underlined the key word or words in each line and assign them the astrological sign that is most commonly associated with the word or phrase.  The following is the result:

Then peace will guide the planets  – Libra
And love will steer the stars  – Libra

Harmony and understanding  –  Libra, Gemini?
Sympathy and trust abounding  – Pisces, Pisces
Golden living dreams of visions  – LeoPisces
Mystic crystal revelation  – Pisces, Pisces, Pisces
And the mind’s true liberation  – Aquarius?
As our hearts go beating through the night  – Leo
We dance unto the dawn of day  – Pisces
To be the bearers of the water  – Aquarius
Our light will lead the way  – Leo
We are the spirit of the age of Aquarius  – Pisces
Angelic illumination  – Pisces
Rising fiery constellation  – Aries
Travelling our starry courses
Guided by the cosmic forces  – 
Oh, care for us; Aquarius  – Pisces

Removing repetitive choruses and lines the archetypal information that the song is telling us indicates 11 instances of Pisces, Libra 3, Leo 3, Aquarius 2, Aries 1 and Gemini 1.  Of the 21 instances from the above lyrics that can be related to astrological archetypes, 52% relate to Pisces and 10% to Aquarius.  Even if some of the above archetypal assignations are incorrect, much the same result of a great focus upon Pisces remains.

The lyrics to a song, like poetry, can engage in poetic license.  Poetic license has definitely occurred in the song Aquarius because only 10% of it is directed towards Aquarius while over half is directed to Pisces.  So why is a song that is directed at the Age of Aquarius full of Pisces metaphors?

This issue has an extra edge as the Age of Aquarius follows the age of Pisces.  On a simplistic level what this song indicates is that our collective view of the new Aquarian age is so corrupted by our entrenched Pisces sensibilities which will not allow us to accurately project Aquarius.  When we wish to project Aquarius we project Pisces. Why, because in the first half of the Age of Aquarius at least, the momentum from the Pisces age is stronger than Aquarius which is the new kid on the block and has not yet had time to age and mature.

The poetic license that exists in Aquarius does not end with this song.  It has continued unabated over the last three and a half decades with the result that over half the projections of the new Aquarian age actually describe Pisces.  Though anecdotal, my observation is that over 90% of the projections of the Aquarian age relate to Pisces.

For example, take the following excerpt was obtained online in 2008:

 This millennium came in with great expectation. Many people thought it was a new age that would usher in the age of Aquarius, the water bearer and the bearer of spirituality. As a result of this transformation the foundational western belief, dualism, would be shaken and give way to a more holistic approach to living. Spirituality would be available to everyone experientially and we would all be enlightened. Perhaps this will happen, but when we take a look around the world right now it’s obvious that it really hasn’t happened yet.[i]

The underlined text in the above is those keywords that draw upon Pisces archetypes.  In other words, this writer’s expectations of the Age of Aquarius is that it will bring in a Pisces paradise, but paradise belongs to Pisces, not Aquarius.

Another excellent example along the same theme is provided by (sic) theeKultleeder  in 2008 – the underlining of Pisces archetypes are mine:

 Some New Age adherents explicitly describe the new age as a return to paradisiacal Eden —…  Joel Kramer, in Yoga Journal 1980-Jan, wrote “In the mid-Sixties, many people believed that we were on the verge of an exciting and glorious new age in human evolution. The popular song, ‘Aquarius,’ captured the spirit …. , Many of us naively expected the human race to smoothly and quickly cultivate the earth into a new Eden.” In a poem titled “Age of Aquarius”, a New Age adherent named Cecil Hickman wrote in 2005-Feb: “A future to dream, we live in peace and love. / Glorious time for all of Earths humankind, / Eden reborn as promised from our Lord above. […] United as a planet, love will live, prejudice cease. […][ii] 

In the above peace and love and United as a planet, love will live evoke Libra.

The greatest myth of the Aquarian age is that it will bring in a Pisces paradise with a strong support from Libra.

Another typical example is the following from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

  So, now a New Age has started which is called the Age of Aquarius, meaning the pitcher carrier of spiritual holy water that is the work of Kundalini.[iii]

Spirituality is Pisces likewise all psychic phenomena and subtle forces such as Kundalini.

It is a fascinating that most comments, statements and expectations about the Age of Aquarius promote Pisces.  I am not the only astrologer to notice this extreme contradiction but the momentum of misinformation about the Pisces-colored Age of Aquarius is so strong that it continues like a never ending tragic soap opera – Pisces also rules tragic soap operas!  Occasionally someone refers to Aquarius archetypes in their projection of the Age of Aquarius, but they are a small minority.

Wolf in Sheep Clothing

The upshot of this is it is more likely than not that anything anyone states about the Aquarian age is pure (Pisces) myth.  The unfortunate repercussion of the myth-laden Age of Aquarius is that the misinformation spread about the Aquarian age prevents people from really seeing the Aquarian age in its own right.  Visualize an Pisces wolf in an Aquarian clothing – this is the situation today with the urban myths spread about the Age of Aquarius.  The Aquarian age does not need to recreate the mythical Garden of Eden to be a great age.  The Aquarian age does not require the comical spectacle of humanity all being enlightened – who will collect the garbage?  The Aquarian age can stand on its own feet and display its self-esteem about its Aquarian archetypes that will predominate in the Age of Aquarius. However, of all the signs, Aquarius is the sign of lowest self-esteem as its opposite sign, Leo, vacuums up self-esteem by the spade full leaving scant remnants for Aquarius.

The poetic license associated with the Age of Aquarius is so strong that probably in excess of 90% of everything ever stated about the Age of Aquarius is poetic license.  In other words, if a concept about the Aquarian age sounds good – it must be true!  This approach has not only been maintained by the general public, but also by most astrologers.

Why has this situation come about?  It is very simple really.  The astrological fraternity has not a clue about the Age of Aquarius.  Charles Carter, a leading 20th century British astrologer, stated:

It is probable that there is no branch of Astrology upon which more nonsense has been poured forth than the doctrine of the precession of the equinoxes

Note: precession of the equinoxes is the astronomical source for the ages such as the Age of Aquarius. All astrology has an astronomical source.  In the case of the astrological ages, precession of the equinoxes means that the Earth spins like a top but wobbles.  This wobble creates a 26,000 year cycle which when divided by 12, allows for the creation of 12 ages per cycle at a little over 2,000 years per age.

It is this total lack of clarity amongst astrologers referred to by Charles Carter that has created a knowledge vacuum about the Age of Aquarius.  In this vacuum poetic license has filled the gap.  So what is the solution to this mixed-up urban myth?  The only solution is that nothing should be believed about the Aquarian age (or any other age) unless some proof is tendered that a reasonably intelligent person can understand.  Unless some proof is tendered it is more likely than not that anything anyone states about the Aquarian age is pure myth or fallacies even though the astrologers peddling such misinformation are well intentioned – another Pisces archetype!

The Aquarian age did not begin in the 1960’s or ’70s

Another commonly stated myth about the Aquarian age is that it commenced in the 1960’s or ’70s.  Blogs from one end of the world to the other repeatedly discuss the arrival of the Aquarian age in those rebellious and drug-fueled times.  Just because the musical Hair proclaimed that `this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…’ does not make it so.  If all the people in the world jumped up and down in unison declaring this is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, Aquarius could not care less, even if everyone sang it in key!

When it comes to the Aquarian age, astrologers want to eat their cake and keep it.  The most common statement on the subject, from those few research astrologers that examine the ages, is that the previous age, the Age of Pisces, arrived with the birth of Jesus Christ.  Pisces is the sign of two fish.  Since early times Christians preferred the fish symbol for Christianity, so astrologers behave like Homer Simpson and say

Homer Simpson

d’oh – Jesus must have started the Pisces age

However if Jesus commenced the Pisces age, the earliest the Aquarian age can arrive is around 2150.  Why?  Because the cycle of ages takes approximately 26,000 years to make one revolution therefore each age appears for approximately 2150 years each.  If the Pisces age commenced with Jesus then the Aquarian age cannot commence before approx. 2150.

Furthermore, some astrologers actually believe that the length of an age is taken literally from the size of the zodiacal constellations along the zodiac.  For example, the constellation of Pisces is much larger than normal, so therefore the Pisces age must be even longer than 2,150 years.

The problem with the Aquarian age arriving in the middle of the 22nd century is how to explain all the Aquarian developments in the world today.  Such Aquarian developments include electricity, computers, flight, space travel and democracy.  What do these have to do with the Pisces age?

To get around this awkward question the solution is easy – just state that we are approaching the cusp of the Pisces and Aquarian ages, and at the cusp there is a blurring of the two influences.  Unfortunately no experienced astrologer to my knowledge has ever experienced cusps.  Cusps are an urban myth popular with those members of the general public with a little knowledge of astrology and with novice astrologers who do not know any better.  In over three decades of studying astrology, I have never encountered a factual explanation of cusps that justify their existence nor heard from any experienced astrologer that cusps have any validity.

The above is a good demonstration of irrationality at work.  When no justification for the arrival of the Aquarian age before 2150 can be supplied, astrologers have invented a solution that no one has proved or can substantiate.  In past times this is called `building your house on sand rather than rock’.  The house is going to fall down if built upon the sand. Cusps are made of sand.

What else is sand here – something very simple and totally overlooked?   There is no doubt that Christianity has a relationship with Pisces.  Pisces shares the fish symbol with Christianity and Pisces is also associated with mysticism and mystical religions, and religions based on salvation.  But the BIG question is, why should the Pisces age begin with the arrival of the avatar of Western culture?  Who said that ages must begin with a famous person?  What about Buddha, why could not the Pisces age be already in place when Buddha was alive around six centuries earlier?

The whole mess of an Aquarian age not arriving before 2150 is dependent on the unsubstantiated assumption that Jesus began the Pisces age.  When I have confronted some astrologers about this anomaly their eyes turn blank and their aura recedes because astrologers are not accustomed to think about the ages in general and the Aquarian age in particular.  Astrologers are deep thinkers, but not when it comes to the ages.  The astrological age topic is that one area in astrology where astrologers can dream up all manner of unsubstantiated nonsense and pretend it is true.   If this is how astrologers behave, no wonder the urban myths on the Aquarian age are in La-La-land.

If the Aquarian age arrived, say at 1970, then the Pisces age should have arrived at around 181 BC (1970 AD – 2150 = 181 BC).  What happened around 181 BC to indicate a major historical shift in gears?  Nothing!  There is no reason to believe that the Pisces age arrived around 181 BC.  However this does not mean that 181 BC was not in the Pisces age.

The upshot of all this is that from a simplistic and obvious point of view the Age of Aquarius has arrived.  What have ipods, cell phones, large-screen LCD TVs, super-jumbo jets, Facebook and blogs got to do with Pisces?  What astrologers have failed to recognize here is that unless astrology ‘works’ it is useless.  Unless the ages ‘work’ why even refer to them.  If the evidence suggests that the Aquarian age has arrived, why not investigate this to discover the real truth about the ages in general and the Age of Aquarius in particular?  Why not look at the evidence and avoid the idle and unfounded speculation?

Will the Age of Aquarius Solve the Problems of the World?

What is it about the Aquarian age that makes many people feel history will go against itself and create a problem-free age?  Has there ever been a problem-free age?  Perhaps every time the Age of Aquarius turns up around every 26,000 years the world takes a sabbatical from wars, violence, anger, catastrophes and natural disasters and creates a totally different age compared to all the other ages?

As ridiculous as this sounds, there is an element of truth to this concept.  Of all the twelve zodiacal signs, Aquarius is the one sign that is the different, radical or eccentric sign.  In other words Aquarius behaves very differently to the other eleven zodiacal signs.  Therefore if Aquarius behaves very different to the other signs, and if historically the other ages are full of problems, logic says that in the Aquarian age it should not have these problems.  Unfortunately this is faulty logic.

The reason that the logic is faulty is that it can be very different in the Aquarian age compared to other ages, but continue to be full of major problems, or problems of a very different nature.  How about this for a different kind of major problem – in this age, for the first time in history, the world may be destroyed or severely affected by humans due to the use of their nuclear arsenal or from the effects of pollution. Have humans previously been capable of destroying the world?

There is another way of approaching the difference associated with the Aquarian age compared to other ages.  If the difference is so fundamental between the sign of Aquarius and the other eleven zodiacal signs represented in the astrological ages then we should also see this with people. Have you noticed that Aquarians stand out from other people as being problem-free or saint-like?  If you have then you must know some incredibly rare Aquarian.  There is no evidence whatsoever that Aquarians are problem-free or better than the other signs.  The great people of the world are not overly represented by Aquarius, if they are then this would be one of the greatest secrets in astrology!

Unless there is some evidence to suggest that Aquarius is better than the other eleven zodiacal signs there is no reason to believe that the Aquarian age will be better than any other age.  If the Aquarian age is not better than any other age then why would the world be problem-free in the Age of Aquarius?

The world is very different in this Aquarian age to date compared to the known historical events of any other age.  No other age has seen the human population anywhere near current levels.  In no other age could humans light up the world at night (with Aquarius electricity) so that it is observable from space.  In no other age could some people fly, watch TV and have all the labor savings devices available in this modern Age of Aquarius.  In no other age has any human walked on the Moon.

What is noticeable to date from the Aquarian age is that the benefits seem much greater compared to previous ages and the problems see much greater compared to earlier ages.  This in itself satisfies the Aquarian archetype that it must be somehow fundamentally different to other ages.

The Age of Aquarius is not going to save the world.  The Age of Aquarius is not going to raise your consciousness.  The future of the world depends upon the sum of all the people in the world.  It is what all the people in the world do that will make things happen.  Judging by its track record to date, the problems and benefits in the Age of Aquarius will be much greater than previous.  However, there is every reason to believe from the evidence provided by astrology that in this age of uncertainty, there is a much higher chance than normal that the world is heading for a mini-golden age associated with the Libra age-decan of the Age of Aquarius that will be firmly in place by around the middle of the next century (the 22nd century). See  A Celebration 7,000 Years in the Making



Hair poster – By Source, Fair use,

Beware the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by Sam Phillips –

Homer Simpson – By Source, Fair use,


[i] but no longer available?

[ii] but no longer available?


An Age Old Mistake That Still Haunts Astrologers

©  Copyright Terry MacKinnell 2011, 2016 Under the Berne Convention

The ancient Greek astronomer-astrologer Hipparchus in the late 2nd century BC introduced the Vernal Point (VP) as the calibration technique for the astrological ages based on the VPs position amongst the zodiacal constellations.  The VP is the position of the Sun at the vernal equinox around 21st March each year. Hipparchus commenced the tradition of calibrating the astrological ages based on the location of the VP in one of the 12 zodiacal constellations.  This is a mathematical technique as it is not possible to actually see which constellation the Sun is ever located within as it is always daytime when the Sun is visible.

Sunrise in Baghdad, Iraq 20 March 2016
Sunrise in Baghdad, Iraq 20 March 2016

The above illustration shows the Sun rising at the vernal equinox on the 20th March 2016 in Baghdad, Iraq (in deference to the Sumerian and Mesopotamian astronomer-astrologers who defined the zodiacal constellations thousands of years ago).  The inclusion of the zodiacal constellation boundaries is for reference purposes. The constellation of Aquarius sits well above the horizon and the Sun is located in one arm of the constellation of Pisces.  The constellation boundaries are irrelevant for astrological purposes as they have been defined by modern pagan astronomers.  Furthermore there is no evidence the ancients had constellational borders.  The real estate style subdivision of the sky into constellation is a modern phenomenon.  Based on Hipparchus’ system, the above indicates the world is currently in the Age of Pisces.

The VP has been in the constellation of Pisces for two thousand years or more and remains in the constellation of Pisces.  This is why most astrologers claim we remain in the Age of Pisces.  Most research astrologers accept the zodiacal constellations as symbolic markers only for the 12 sidereal signs of exactly 30 degrees each.  The sidereal zodiac was invented by the ancient Greeks (or Babylonian astrologers) to tidy up the zodiacal constellations in their evolving practice of horoscopic astrology.

 A portrait of Hipparchus of Nicaea from "The School of Athens" by Raphael
A portrait of Hipparchus of Nicaea from “The School of Athens” by Raphael

Unfortunately for astrologers over the following period (equivalent to the length of an age), Hipparchus failed to realize that the old zodiacal constellations had a much older method of calibration. The older method of calibrating the zodiacal constellations is a visual technique. All old astronomical techniques were visual—mathematics took an insignificant role in ancient astronomy. Hipparchus did not use the ages old visual technique as he was obviously transfixed by the new mathematical techniques developed in his era.

I am much indebted to a paper by Rumen Kolev—Some Reflections about Babylonian Astrology.[1] In this paper, Kolev explains the five basic principles applied to ancient astronomy techniques in Babylon. In summary, three of these principles state the visible light directly received from a stellar object was of primary concern, as the ancients believed “God is Light.” In those days, the view of the heavens by the unaided eye was the only method of determining astronomical phenomena. The other two principles are that the two key times for astronomical observations are around Sunrise and Sunset.

In ancient times, the telescope was preceded by the line of the horizon and Neugebauer states that Babylonian astronomers were mainly concerned about astronomical phenomena on the horizon.[2] For example, a major Babylonian text dated 1400–1000 BCE supplies the heliacal rising dates of thirty-four stars and constellations according to their 360-day annual calendar.[3] In ancient Upper Egypt, the heliacal rising of the star Sirius marked the beginning of the year.[4]

The heliacal rising of a star or planet is its first appearance on the eastern horizon in the early morning sky just before the rays of the Sun obliterate the stars from the night sky. The term “heliacal rising” unfortunately has different interpretations.  The definition of the “true heliacal rising” is when a star or planet, etc., rises with the Sun but because the Sun is visible the planet or star cannot be seen.  This is the ‘mathematical’ system employed by Hipparchus as the position of the Sun in a constellation must be calculated.

The alternative to the “true helical rising” is the “visible heliacal rising” when a star or planet, etc., can be seen on the eastern horizon just before the approaching sunlight obliterates the star or planet from view.[5] My use of the term “heliacal rising” refers exclusively to the visible heliacal rising. In most ancient societies, the visible heliacal rising (or setting) of a stellar object was one of the most important calibration techniques applied to a stellar object.  The “true” heliacal rising technique is a ‘modern’ mathematical technique probably invented by Hipparchus.

The ancient Greek author Hesiod, a contemporary of Homer, mentions the heliacal risings of the star Arcturus and asterism, the Pleiades, as if the reader of his times clearly understood what he was talking about.[6] To many ancient people, the heliacal phenomena of stars and constellations were an integral part of their calendar. In practical terms, the heliacal rising of a body occurs about one hour before Sunrise, but this will vary with latitude, season, and the brightness of the bodies involved. Rumen Kolev also states the heliacal rising (or setting) of a stellar object must occur before the Sun rises (or after it sets)[7] which is another way of saying the “visible heliacal rising”.

Gavin White in his book Babylonian Star-Lore proposes the most relevant astronomical feature of ancient times (presumably other than the position of the Sun and Moon) were the stars on the eastern horizon just before dawn.[8] White goes further and claims that the first star maps were actually a calendar in the sky, with the equinoxes and solstices as the reference grid for the calendar.[9] In the earliest times of civilization, mankind referred to the stars in their heliacal mode with a specific focus upon the two annual equinoxes and solstices. Their New Year, commencing at the spring equinox, elevates this point above the autumn equinox and two solstices.

This ancient view of the cosmos is basically in agreement with my approach to the astrological ages based on precession. The modern approach to calibrating the ages using the Vernal Point developed by Hipparchus is incongruous to the original methods of observing the stars and constellations. This incongruity of using the position of the Sun at the vernal equinox as the calibrator for the astrological ages is put into context by Nicholas Campion, who states that in observational astronomy it makes no sense to place the Sun in a constellation or among stars, because whenever the Sun is visible the stars are not.[10] Observational astronomy was the astronomy of the ancients.

Elementary astronomy provides the reason why my rectification of the ages is half a sign in advance of the accepted norm amongst astrologers until now – it is because the commonly accepted ages based on the VP are half an age late! The VP is located at the Sun’s position on the vernal equinox (around 21 March each year). The heliacal zodiacal constellation is viewed approximately one hour before the Sun rises. As students, most of us are taught the Earth rotates on its own axis once per day, and all 360 degrees rise above the horizon in twenty-four hours. Therefore, in two hours, on average, thirty degrees (or one zodiacal sign) will rise up over the horizon.  In one hour, approximately, fifteen degrees of the ecliptic rises—this is equivalent to half a zodiacal sign. This is the source of the discrepancy between the ages as defined by Hipparchus and the ages based on the ancient visible heliacal method. The difference between the ancient techniques of the heliacal rising zodiacal constellation at the VE compared to the modern VP method is approximately fifteen degrees, half a sign/age or about 1,075 years.  In ancient times, the zodiacal constellations were meant to be read via their visible heliacal position when applied to the astrological ages. The error Hipparchus made in 127 BCE when he inadvertently used the VP in place of the visible heliacal method delayed his ages by approximately 1,075 years.

I am not the only researcher who acknowledges the heliacal rising of the zodiacal constellations at the spring equinox as the astronomical framework for the ages. The archeo-astronomer Sepp Rothwangl in Considerations About the Start of the Age of Aquarius[11] claims that, in ancient times, a new constellation rising on the eastern horizon before Sunrise on the morning of the Northern Hemisphere spring equinox was the main criterion for the start of a New Age. Rothwangl also states that such a change from Pisces to Aquarius has already occurred, thus indicating the arrival of the new Age of Aquarius.

Hipparchus suffered from a calibration error when he applied the VP method to precession and astronomers and astrologers have adhered to this erroneous VP calibration technique ever since.  If the ancient heliacal method is applied to the zodiacal signs, a very different time frame is provided compared to the Vernal Point method. For example, in 2016 at the vernal equinox, the Sun (VP) sits in the constellation of Pisces, though the constellation of Pisces cannot be seen. The Vernal Point will remain in the constellation of Pisces for many more centuries. However, if you are awake one hour before dawn, when the stars are still visible on the eastern horizon, the last stars seen rising up from the eastern horizon before the sky turns blue is the constellation of Aquarius.

One hour before sunrise 20 March 2016 in Baghdad, Iraq
One hour before sunrise 20 March 2016 in Baghdad, Iraq


The above illustration one hour before dawn on 20th March 2016 in Baghdad shows the constellation of Aquarius sitting just above the horizon with no stars visible in the constellation of Pisces.

Therefore, the constellation of Aquarius is currently the visible heliacal rising constellation. The constellation of Aquarius has been the visible heliacal rising constellation for centuries. The conundrum is that, based on the Vernal Point located in the constellation of Pisces, we are supposedly in the Age of Pisces and will remain so for many centuries while based on the visible heliacal rising of the constellation of Aquarius, we are in the Age of Aquarius and have been in the Age of Aquarius for centuries.  The latter assertion is substantiated by historians who claim the arrival of Modernity occurred about 500 years ago.[13]

It is one thing for an astrologer-astronomer from over 2,000 years ago to make a mistake, but to not correct this mistake at the first opportunity is another massive mistake by astrologers.


Star illustrations courtesy of Stellarium software –

A portrait of Hipparchus – Wikipedia,


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The Dawning by Terry MacKinnell

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The 2016 US Presidential Election Part 1

One of the key signs for the 2016 US presidential election is Cancer (based on the five year Cancer quasi micro-age decan July 2012 – June 2017).  During this five year period, it describes what the general public is feeling.  The general public is hypersensitive, emotional, changeable and anti-authoritarian.  They are moody and most likely will not like any outcome as they are also fickle.  They feel their (Capricorn) leaders are their enemies.  They are open to female input.  They are emotional about Cancer topics, most notably refugees and immigration, and some on the growing strength of China and of course the Middle East and Islam.  [For further details, see Cancer – the New Paradigm for the World ]

Research over the years has also demonstrated that there are conservative signs and progressive liberal signs (in macro-astrology).  The Fire and Earth signs all favor conservative and established mainstream values while the Water and Air signs favor progressive and liberal policies, but the times are generally much more volatile (it cannot be assumed that this directly translates to mundane astrology).  Because the current Cancer period is a Water sign this favors the Democrats.

A short review of recent decades from the perspective of periods used in Generational Astrology can quickly demonstrate how the pendulum swings between conservative and progressive values (see Table 1).

Feb 1948 Sagittarius -Sagittarius Conservative
Jul 1955 Sagittarius -Scorpio Conservative-Progressive
Dec 1962 Scorpio-Scorpio Progressive
May 1970 Scorpio-Virgo Progressive-Conservative
Oct 1977 Virgo-Virgo Conservative
Apr 1985 Virgo-Leo Conservative
Sep 1992 Leo-Leo Conservative
Feb 2000 Leo-Cancer Conservative-Progressive
Jul 2007 Cancer-Cancer Progressive
Dec 2014 Cancer-Gemini Progressive
Jun 2022 Gemini-Gemini Progressive
Nov 2029 Gemini-Taurus Progressive-Conservative

Table 1 – the pendulum swing between conservative and progressive values

What many people may find interesting in Table 1 is that it commences with the post-Second World War conservative times which coincided with the appearance of the first half of the Baby Boomer generation.  Baby Boomers can remember the stultifying social and political conservative times when being different in any way meant being ostracized.  This was the ‘medieval’ witch-hunt period of McCarthyism in the USA where a veritable kangaroo court made judgements on people’s political convictions without the due process of law.  On the economic front, it was a post-war boom time.  Conservative times usually promote good economic conditions.

From 1955 onwards, with the arrival of the Sagittarius-Scorpio period, the tide commenced to change in preparation of the heady days of the revolutionary 1960s which developed into a full-blown progressive period associated with the Scorpio-Scorpio period commencing December 1962.  This quickly turned into a western cultural revolution marked by the arrival of hippies and the New Age movement withPeace_sign their satanic rock-and-roll. The volatility of the times was also on display as many countries were taken over by military juntas or dictators.  Even Greece, the cradle of democracy, was unceremoniously taken over by a coup d’état in April 1967 by the Regime of the Colonels.  This was the same decade reactionary forces most likely arranged the assassinations of President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

Progressive times such, as the 1960s, breed reactionary forces.  People, groups, organizations, religions and political parties do not like seeing their power erode with the incoming progressive tide.  Despite all the coups and military dictatorships of the period, looking back, who won?  It was certainly not the reactionary forces.  Nevertheless, in any progressive time, reactionary forces try to prevent the inevitable.

However, the progressive influence of the 1960s was short-lived.  After only one short 7 1/2 year progressive period, the pendulum then commenced swinging back to conservative values starting in May 1970.  By October 1977, the world had to settle into three consecutive full strength conservative periods before the pendulum slowly started the swing back to progressive values commencing in February 2000.   As of July 2007, the world has commenced three consecutive progressive periods.

Normally in the pendulum swing, there are three periods of either 100% conservative or 100% progressive periods.  Each of these sets of three periods is separated by a transitional period where progressive and conservative tendencies temporarily co-exist.  However, every 178 or so years an anomaly occurs, and this last occurred in May 1970 (due to a change in sub-age).  When this occurs, instead of three periods of the same flavor existing in a row, it is reduced to one period.  The progressive Scorpio-Scorpio period (Dec 1962-May 1970) was a loner, and was tightly sandwiched between solid conservative periods.

This is why so many people became disillusioned by the 1960s and early 70s, as it occurred in reaction to the stifling conservatism that dominated the times, but instead of having a solid run over 3 periods

Royal Baby Flashback: Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher Celebrate ...
Royal Baby Flashback: Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher Celebrate …

(about 22 ½ years), it was quickly slowed down commencing in  May 1970 after only 7 1/2 years of progressive influence.  By October 1977 the conservative backlash was in full swing lasting until February 2000.  The peak representatives of this conservative backlash in the West could be represented by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and by Leonid Brezhnev in the USSR (Russia) up to 1982.

However, the table has again turned.  All those starry-eyed hippies of the 1960s and 70s are now beginning to see a continuation of the liberal-progressive narrative so swiftly truncated when they were still young.  Even some American states have legalized marijuana and the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in most western nations is an indication of the return to progressive policies.

This pendulum swing between conservative and progressive values normally lasting a few decades exists within larger frameworks that also display the same swing but over centuries and millennia.  What very few astrologers realize is that as of December 2014, the world has entered a progressive-liberal phase unmatched for over 7,000 years which also insinuates increased social, political and financial volatility.  The world is on the cusp of a multi-thousand year volatile-progressive landscape.  One way this has manifested is that about 5,000 years ago the opposite pendulum swing occurred and the world seriously went to war, and war has been central to world politics for the last 5,000 years.  See A Celebration 7,000 Years in the Making .  This does not mean the Democrats will win the presidential elections for the next 7,000 years!

Sitting behind the current five-year Cancer period is a major multi-century Scorpio influence that is at the absolute height of its dominance from 1970 to 2059.  This Scorpio influence is in the process of replacing the (Sagittarius) capitalist dream with debt, anxiety and a strong feeling of vulnerability from a number of fronts.  These include the threat of terrorism, lack of income growth, burgeoning debt, rapid societal dissolution from immigration (legal and illegal) and accelerating change in just about everything.  This contributes to the growth of reactionary forces wanting to ‘restore’ the past which is as effective a kids sand wall on the beach to prevent the tide from coming in.

Also since December 2014, Aquarius has reared its head after about 74 years of dormancy.  The new Aquarius (micro-age decan and overflow) will broadly affect the current period until 2024, and be a strong emergent influence up until 2019.  The strongest time for Aquarius will be 2019 to 2024 (see This is the Dawning of the Aquarius Micro-Age Decan ).  Aquarius likes extremes, and whenever Aquarius is strong, the extremists’ views at both end of the spectrum become stronger and more people than normal in the middle class will get affected by these more extreme views. This favors all candidates except Hillary as Hillary is the only top-four candidate in the middle.

Aquarius breeds reactionary fascism such as ISIS in the Middle East as well as many countries with immature democratic institutions.  Even ‘mature’ democratic nations will experience die-hards on the right trying to influence the direction of their nation in undemocratic ways.  One impetus is the pushBernie_Sanders to ‘restore values’ but democratic values are conveniently excluded from the values to be restored.

All the above periods affect the outcome of the presidential election and explains why the current top four are in their exalted positions.  Hillary benefits from being the only female in a Cancer period – Cancer is one of the two key female signs.  The other three candidates all benefit from emergent Aquarius – Saunders for his progressive views, and Trump and Cruz for their extremist right wing views. Cancer both helps and hinders Hillary, the female component helps her, but Cancer is anti-authoritarian, and Hillary is from establishment politics.

The almost permanent background Scorpio influence indicates that the general public is getting

"Road to Majority" conference in Washington June 18, 2015. REUTERS/Carlos Barria - RTX1H57C
Trump and Cruz

impassioned and they want something revolutionary to change the uncomfortable situation they believe they are in.  Research shows that Republican voters are far more upset than Democrat voters as they perceive progressive policies are eroding their established values.  This may explain why the two leading Republican candidates, Trump and Cruz, are so out there.  The background Scorpio influence favors all four candidates as the first female president, the socialist policies of Bernie Saunders, the extreme right wind views of Cruz and Trump as the jack-in-the-box all satisfy  the quest for a major change.  This is why they are the last four candidates effectively standing.  These four may not last until the elections, especially on the Republican side.

Finally, referring back to Table 1, it is possible to make a prediction on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election with about 80% accuracy based solely on these 7 ½ year periods’ orientation to either conservative or progressive values, or a combination of both in the transitional periods.  Table 2 correlates the US presidents with the conservative-progressive pendulum of Table 1:

Feb 1948 Sagittarius -Sagittarius CONSERVATIVE Eisenhower C
Jul 1955 Sagittarius -Scorpio Conservative-PROGRESSIVE JFK P
Dec 1962 Scorpio-Scorpio PROGRESSIVE LBJ P
Scorpio-Scorpio PROGRESSIVE R Nixon C
May 1970 Scorpio-Virgo PROGRESSIVE-Conservative J Carter P
Oct 1977 Virgo-Virgo CONSERVATIVE R Reagan C
Apr 1985 Virgo-Leo CONSERVATIVE G H W Bush C
Sep 1992 Leo-Leo CONSERVATIVE B Clinton P
Feb 2000 Leo-Cancer CONSERVATIVE-Progressive G W Bush C
Jul 2007 Cancer-Cancer PROGRESSIVE Obama P

Table 2 – excludes presidential elections when an incumbent president wins the election.  “P” = progressive and “C” = conservative.

The only presidents in Table 2 that were elected in a period where the opposite political influence was stronger were Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.  Maybe this was why Nixon left office in disgrace and Bill Clinton was only the second president to be impeached?  It seems to be dangerous territory for any president to be in office in a period favoring the other side of politics.

There is no suggestion that Table 2 is statistically relevant due to the small amount of data, but if this is representative of the broader whole, only two of the ten presidents listed were presidents in the ‘wrong’ period.  This means that 8 out of 10, or 80% of presidents were originally elected president in a period aligned to their political persuasion.  Based on Table 2, there is an 80% chance the 2017 US presidential election will be won by a Democrat. If the election is won by a Republican or right-leaning independent, they will probably court heated controversy of some kind as they will be a duck out of water.
From left, presidential candidates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders


From a distance, it seems that the main race for the 2016 presidential election is between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. A similar thing often happens at tennis tournaments when the main two protagonists face off against each other in the quarter or semi-finals, and the winner then just demolishes the last surviving player in the finals but the best match was earlier. It seems the Republican race is just to decide the loser in the presidential elections as the field they have produced seems incapable of attracting middle America.  The initial astrological perspective supports this view as do most polls (excluding Fox News).

However, this is only the initial conclusion based mainly on the application of 7 ½ years period and their orientation to conservative or progressive values.  Part 2 will focus on smaller periods associated with 5 year periods (based on micro-age decans that have already been briefly introduced here in Part 1), 15 month periods (nano-ages) and five month periods (nano-age decans).  The smaller periods may not agree with the above perspective.


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The Pre-Boomers (Capricorn-Sagittarius generation August 1940 – February 1948)

I am commencing the generational analysis with this Capricorn-Sagittarius generation, the Pre-Boomers, because they remain at the top rung of leadership in the world.  Few current leaders or influential people in 2016 are from the previous Capricorn-Capricorn generation (Mar 1933 – Aug 1940) purely due to their ages which in 2016 will range from about 76 years to 83 years.  I will not be ignoring this generation and my intention is to provide the same thorough review at a later stage comparable to younger generations.

US Presidents

There is clear evidence that the Capricorn-Sagittarius generation remains active on the world stage because, at a minimum, three of the top contenders running for US president in 2016 are from this generation: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders (as of January 2016).  The other key contenders are from younger generations.  It is worth noting that this Capricorn-Sagittarius generation is above average in producing US presidents with the average at almost one two-term president per generation.  This generation has already produced two two-term presidents: Bill Clinton and George W Bush. Not one president was sourced from either the previous Capricorn-Capricorn generation (Mar 1933 – Aug 1940) or the earlier Aquarius-Capricorn generation (Oct 1925 – Mar 1933).  However the Aquarius-Aquarius generation (May 1918 – Oct 1925) produced three US presidents: George Bush senior, Jimmy Carter and John Kennedy (JFK).

Research does confirm that the most noticeable quality associated with US presidents is that to date, of the 44 presidents, 70% came from a generation where the second sign was either an Air of Fire sign.    Also, of the two signs, the Air signs are the most popular signs for the second sign of generations accounting for 41% of all presidents to date.

It is also notable that after the two presidents from the Capricorn-Sagittarius generation (Bill Clinton and George W Bush) the Baby Boomer generation was skipped with Barack Obama belonging to the following Sagittarius-Scorpio generation (July 1955 – Dec 1962).  Perhaps the Sagittarius-Sagittarius generation inhaled too much?  It is possible that the Capricorn-Sagittarius generation has some quality making them strive for public office that is absent from the immediate surrounding generations?  Capricorn combined with Sagittarius may be a superior combination?  Certainly these two signs combined public office with good fortune.  Also, perhaps generations with mixed signs may include greater diversity of traits?

Are the Two Generational Signs Equivalent?

The two signs associated with each generation are not identical.  The first sign represents the entrenched influence for the generation while the second sign represents the emergent energy.  Every second generation has two signs that are the same and this just means that for the double-sign generations, though it has already established a firm foundation in the nature of the sign, it is still growing with ‘freshness’.  It is the emergent Air and Fire signs that appear to be the primary key for US presidents.

Generations where the (second) emergent sign is Air or Fire seem to have more political drive either due to their dynamic nature or intellectual projection.  Aquarius is the most popular sign for producing presidents and the most radical of the Air signs ruling extremist ideology which is why from the same generation we can have Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon on the conservative extreme and Kennedy on the other extreme.  Extremists seem to be more politically motivated than other generations as if they have a political fire in their belly.

Though there is a difference between the statuses of the two signs that define the nature of each generation, it is not a major factor but something to take into consideration.  There is something about the emergent energy that allegorically can be associated with new life.  Further research and case studies may clarify the difference between the two generational signs.

General Characteristics

The characteristics we should expect from a generation with Capricorn combined with Sagittarius is an optimistic pragmatic outlook.  Capricorn will breed a sense of duty and desire for recognition and status, while Sagittarius will express itself with almost boundless optimism.  Capricorn would normally limit such optimism to be harnessed wisely.

The difference between this generation of Pre-Boomers and the following Baby Boomers is that the Pre-Boomers seemed to have taken a leadership role in the heady and revolutionary days of the 1960s and early 70s when on average, they were in their early 20s.  Doug Owram argues that some of the most influential people among boomers were musicians such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones[1] mostly drawn from this Capricorn-Sagittarius generation.  With Capricorn combined with Sagittarius we have a blend of Capricorn leadership and public status combined with the good fortune of Sagittarius – a winning combination!

Historical Events

Another way to understand the archetypal relationships in this generation is by examining how Capricorn and Sagittarius manifested in world affairs during this time.  This period/generation commenced in the midst of the most disastrous times in the 20th century when tens of millions of innocent people were needlessly killed by a cloud of darkness that descended upon much of the world in the Second World War.  The preceding Capricorn-Capricorn period (Mar 1933 – Aug 1940) saw the descent into this darkness with no light at the end of the tunnel – very appropriate for pure Capricorn!  The situation quickly changed with the arrival of the Capricorn-Sagittarius period in August 1940 as within 16 months, the USA entered the war and changed the whole dynamics due to the massive economic resources of the USA which were then turned to war industries. The light at the end of the tunnel arrived soon after the appearance of Sagittarius!

With the end of the Second World War in 1945, much of Eurasia, North Africa, Asia and Polynesia had succumbed to the military insanity that has been relatively common in the world since the arrival of the peak of the Aries age around 2900 BC.  But the darkness of Capricorn did not stop in 1945.  Due to the devastation of the war and the economic destruction it brought, there were shortages of food and many essential items, so rationing that appeared in many countries during the war, continued on for many more years.  This is Capricorn’s austerity and frugality.  Secondly, the dark hand of communism spread out of the USSR engulfing Eastern Europe and China fell to the communists.  The dark forces of war then bred the dark forces of totalitarianism hiding behind socialism.  Communism is the combination of totalitarianism and socialism.   The problem was not with the socialism, but with the totalitarianism.

Despite the height of darkness associated first with the Capricorn-Capricorn period leading into the Capricorn-Sagittarius period, compared to many people today, people in those times were stoic and seemed to have backbone in the face of unimaginable devastation.  Compare this with some Goth-inspired Islamist extremists doing their best to bring mayhem and destruction to the ‘civilized’ world and any intelligent person would realize that the world in 2015 leading into 2016 is a Sunday school picnic compared to times under Capricorn.  However, the world since December 2014 is in a Cancer-Gemini period (archetypally directly opposite to the Capricorn-Sagittarius period) which explains why so many people today display wimpish or immature emotional responses when faced with the antics of a few Gothic terrorists.  People and society have no backbone today as Cancer is the sign that represents no-backbone.  We should expect people born in any generation associated with Capricorn to have backbone.

Due to the Second World War, there were no Olympic Games for 12 years (Capricorn again), but in 1948, the Olympic Games recommenced, but became known as the Austerity Games because of the economic climate and post-war rationing.  Unlike the modern Olympics, no construction preceded these games – existing facilities were used due to the asutere times.  Germany and Japan were excluded and the USSR did not attend.[2]  Nevertheless, it was a step forward showing signs of Sagittarius’ expansion.  Apart from the noticeable worldwide increase in births in the Capricorn-Sagittarius period, the world commenced moving forward again, and some impressive Sagittarius archetypes manifested.

Firstly, Sagittarius is closely associated with air travel, and the first large-scale mass-produced helicopter, and the first jet aircraft appeared in this period (initially only as fighter planes).  By 1947 the first supersonic flight occurred.  Sagittarian Air transportation was on a mission.  Sagittarius also rules religion (and combined with Capricorn for antiquities), the Dead Sea Scrolls commenced being discovered in 1946.  The Scrolls are believed to date from the last three centuries BC and the 1st century AD and provided a hitherto unrivalled access to the ancient scriptural traditions associated with the evolution of the Hebrew Bible.[3]  These scrolls were a major revelation.

The famous Kon-Tiki expedition commenced at the end of the current period.  It was a journey by raft across the pacific from South America to forward the theory that Polynesia could have been populated by immigrants from South America.  Later research supports South Americans arriving on Easter Island between the 13th and 15th centuries AD.[4]  The Sagittarian influence is clearly seen here with the world responding to the adventurist spirit of the expedition.

Culture is usually strongly influenced by these periods, and a noticeable new style of music appeared in the early 1940’s – Bebop.  Bebop, or Bop,  developed in reaction to popular swing styles focused on dancing to a new style with a faster tempo and a strong influence upon improvisation.  Bebop was the beginning of modern jazz which matured in the early 1960s and therefore suggests that Bebop and modern jazz were a product of fiery Sagittarius – as its formation, development and peak occurred in the Sagittarius macro-generation/period (Aug 1940 – Dec 1962).  Key Bebop musicians include: Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk.[5]

A “New Look” in fashion spearheaded by Christian Dior in 1946 reestablished Paris as the center of the fashion world in 1946.  It rejected (Capricorn?) boxy, fabric-conserving shapes of the World War II styles replaced by voluptuous use of material that highlighted the female curvaceous form.  However Capricorn manifested in another way as the New Look covered up women’s legs and there was some opposition to the (Sagittarius) profligacy of the new style.[6]

House Relationships to Birth Generation

The Capricorn-Sagittarius generation will have one foot in stoic and austere Capricorn, and one foot into Sagittarian optimism, positivity and expanding good fortune.  Every person that was born in this generation will work their way through the following periods and activate specific house relationships on the way.  Table 1 display these periods and relationships and will constantly be referred to in the following case studies.

GENERATION: Sagittarius-Capricorn Houses
Stage Period: Period Signature H1 H2 H3 H4
1 Feb 1948 Sagittarius -Sagittarius 1 12 1 12
2 Jul 1955 Sagittarius -Scorpio 1 12 12 11
3 Dec 1962 Scorpio-Scorpio 12 11 12 11
4 May 1970 Scorpio-Virgo 12 11 10 9
5 Oct 1977 Virgo-Virgo 10 9 10 9
6 Apr 1985 Virgo-Leo 10 9 9 8
7 Sep 1992 Leo-Leo 9 8 9 8
8 Feb 2000 Leo-Cancer 9 8 8 7
9 Jul 2007 Cancer-Cancer 8 7 8 7
10 Dec 2014 Cancer-Gemini 8 7 7 6
11 Jun 2022 Gemini-Gemini 7 6 7 6
12 Nov 2029 Gemini-Taurus 7 6 6 5
13 Apr 2037 Taurus-Taurus 6 5 6 5
14 Sep 2044 Taurus-Aries 6 5 5 4

Table 1 – House Relationships

The main function for Table 1 is to define the house relationships between each succeeding period to the birth generation.[7]  I am ignoring the birth generation as a period to analyze and so Stage 1 for each person born in this generation commence somewhere in the weeks after birth to up to 7 ½ years of age.  The H1, H2, H3 and H4 columns refer to the following house relationships:

H1 – first period sign to first generational sign

H2 – first period sign to second generational sign

H3 – second period sign to first generational sign

H4 – second period sign to second generational sign

H1 to H4 covers all possible relationships though H1 and H4 may be the most relevant relationships.


Bill Clinton

Born in August 1946 Clinton was the Arkansas state Attorney General from 1977 to 1979 mainly in Stage44_Bill_Clinton_3x4 5 in the Virgo-Virgo period which is a prime period in any person’s life as the influence is equally mixed between the strong 9th and 10th houses.  This was his launching pad to high political office.  Also in stage 5 he became governor of Arkansas from 1979 to 1981 and again from 1983 to 1992. His wife Hillary was born only one year later and is therefore also of this same generation.

Clinton became US president from 1993 to 2001 almost exactly in parallel to the new Leo-Leo period (Sep 1992 – Feb 2000).  The Leo-Leo period activates stage 7 which is equally split between the fortunate 9th house and difficult 8th house, and in this case the connection between the 8th house and sex had a strong influence on his presidency via the Monica Lewinski scandal.  His 8th house vulnerability also was expressed by the fact that in 1994 when the Republican Party won control of Congress for the first time in 40 years indicating political vulnerability.  His 8th house again was invoked when he was impeached – though he was acquitted.

He was the most popular president on leaving office since WW2 matching those of Ronald Reagan and Franklin D. Roosevelt as the highest ratings for departing presidents in the modern era.[8]  This may harks back to his strong 9th house influence associated with his presidency.  However, this popularity probably has a stronger connection to the Leo-Leo period he was president because if any period is going to positively promote a leader, Leo, the king of the jungle, will be the best sign to accomplish this.  It may also be relevant that Bill Clinton belonged to the US Democratic Party that was formed in 1828 in a Virgo-Leo period.  Virgo sits well with both Capricorn and Sagittarius (9th and 10th houses respectively) and Leo sits very well with Sagittarius and only the Leo to Capricorn invokes a difficult house relationship (8th house).  It seems appropriate that in his Leo-Leo presidency, Clinton was caught with his pants down with a female subordinate.  This typical alpha male behavior obviously did not negatively affect his reputation.  Clinton just so happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Clinton’s greatest health crisis time commenced in September 2004 with a quadruple bypass surgery followed by surgery for a partially collapsed lung in 2005.This occurred in his stage 8 when 50% of the house associations to his Capricorn-Sagittarius generation were from the dreaded 8th house and this period was in the middle of the strongest 8th house influences in his life. In 2010 he had two coronary stents inserted into his heart in stage 9 where the 8th house retained its double strength influence.  Due to his vulnerability to health issues, he adopted a vegan diet and with cows and bulls ruled by Taurus, associated with the 2nd house.  It is highly appropriate that Clinton became a vegan under the 8th house influence as the 8th house is directly opposite the 2nd house.  The 8th house is the house of research and someone certainly did high quality research to end up with such a good diet for someone with heart problems.   It was under this same strong 8th house period that Hillary Clinton spectacularly failed in her bid for the Democratic candidate for the 2008 US presidential election.

By the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency, the Clinton’s were broke due to legal fees and this again is entirely appropriate under the 8th house. However, the Clinton’s earned more than $160 million in the next decade. This occurred mainly in Stage 8 and into stage 9 with both stages strongly linked to 8th house financial vulnerability.  It is also notable that as soon as Stage 9 appeared in July 2007, Clinton vigorously advocated on behalf of his wife, Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential candidate in the 2008 elections. However Clinton also enthusiastically endorsed Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention[9] which again activates the 7th house of ‘the other person’.

Since December 2014, Bill Clinton is in stage 10 with 50% of house influences on the 7th house, so we can expect that again he will be an enthusiastic supporter of Hillary’s pitch for the Democratic candidate for the 2016 presidential elections as the 7th house equally indicates the partner and opponent.  Hillary’s candidature again for US president in the 2016 elections is in her stage 9 period of Cancer-Gemini.  The strongest house influence is from the 7th house and it should be noted that the Cancer-Gemini period is directly opposite her birth Capricorn-Sagittarius period.  This places the stress on allies and oppositions, so it will most likely be an extremely hard fought operation or she will hit the proverbial brick wall of the 7th house.

Hillary Clinton also comes to the 2016 election with vulnerabilities from her time as Secretary of State (Jan 2009 – Feb 2013) related to the 2012 Benghazi attack.  This all occurred in her stage 9 Cancer-Cancer period.  The 8th house of vulnerabilities (and death) was strong during this time and can be associated with the deaths of American consulate personnel in Libya.  In contrast, her election as a New York senator in 2000 and again in 2004 both occurred in a Leo-Cancer period with the remnant influence of the strong 9th house still influential though the 8th house of debt and vulnerability was very strong during this time.

George W Bush

Born in July 1946, in the same generation as Bill and Hillary Clinton, he became US president in800px-George-W-Bush January 2001 in his stage 8 which is not as favorable as Clinton’s Stage 7 presidency.  This may be reflected in the fact he is one of only four presidents who received less votes than his opponent (Al Gore).  His astrological golden years (1992 – 2000) under Leo-Leo saw him governor of Texas.  Bush most notably was president during the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the USA and arguably has inflamed if not created most of the current major problems in the Middle East and particularly ISIS due to his maligned attack upon Iraq in 2003 when he was able to con a willing electorate.  Compared to other First World countries, an extremely large sector of the US general public not only prefers guns, but under pressure, they prefer to shoot first and ask questions later which Bush certainly responded to.  Much of his presidency was aligned to 8th house issues, the house which was strongest in his stage 8 presidency.   These issues included amending the Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriages, broad tax cuts which have subsequently sent the USA debt hurtling skywards, the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act and funding for the AIDS relief program. His tenure saw national debates on Social Security and torture.[10] All these issues are related to the 8th house.  Even the 9/11 terrorist attack has strong 8th house connotations as the terrorists capitalized upon the USA’s vulnerabilities, especially in its security agencies.  By attacking Iraq, the USA demonstrated that it was a gorilla to be reckoned with, but now the gorilla is confused because though it won the war it has lost the peace.

Stephen Hawking

Born in January 1942 he was the first scientist to set forth a theory of cosmology explained by a union ofStephen_Hawking.StarChild the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics (basically the very large combined with the very small).  However he is also well known for his rare medical condition of early-onset and a slow-progressing form of motor neurone disease which became noticeable towards the end of his stage 2 with the dominant influence the unfortunate 12th house.  His disease was medically diagnosed in 1963 at the beginning of the stage 3 with the 12th house influence remaining the major influence (for stages 1, 2 and 3).  By the end of stage 3 he was in a wheelchair.  By stage 5 he was virtually unintelligible.  At the very beginning of stage 6 he almost died of pneumonia in mid-1985 – stage 6 (Apr 1985 – Sep 1992) introduced the 8th house of mortality for the first time and this quickly manifested.

In 1974 he discovered that black holes emit radiation, now known as Hawking radiation – which was widely accepted as a significant breakthrough in theoretical physics.  Up until this new theory, it was believed everything only entered black holes and nothing ever came out.  This occurred in stage 4 (May 1970 – Oct 1977) with the entry of the 9th house relationship into the equation.  He received increasing academic recognition of his work during stage 4 and was appointed a professor with a chair in gravitational physics in 1977 – the same year commencing his stage 6 Virgo-Virgo period and the second period of his 9th house being the dominant influence.  Hawking’s famous book, “A Brief History of Time” was also published in mid-1988 with the 9th house of publishing at full strength in stage 6. A film version of “A Brief History of Time” produced by Steven Spielberg, premiered in 1992 at the end of stage 6.

In 2006 in stage 8, which is the first appearance of the 7th house influence, Hawking’s divorced his second wife and resumed amicable relationships with his first wife, children and his grandchildren that had been interrupted with his second marriage. The 7th house can bring rapprochement.  However with the 7th house ruling opposition, Hawking experienced a major humiliation in mid-2012 when the Higgs boson particle was discovered in July 2012 at CERN after Hawking claimed it would never be found.  He then experienced another humiliation in January 2014 when he acknowledged his “biggest blunder” for formerly alleging the loss of information in black holes which contradicted other scientific theories.[11]  Both these humiliations occurred in his stage 9 when houses 7 (opposition) and 8th (vulnerability) were equally strong.

As of December 2014 Hawking has entered stage 10 which is the middle period of a 50% influence from the 7th house and the first appearance of the 6th house of health.  This is a Cancer-Gemini period directly opposing his Capricorn-Sagittarius birth generation.

 Joan Baez

With room for only one more case study, I decided to select a notable female.  Amongst female actors in1280px-Joan_Baez_Hamburg_1973_2811730005 this generation, there was a large choice with Raquel Welch, Faye Dunaway, Barbra Streisand, Sharon Tate and so on all the way to Barbara Hershey.  Other notable females from this generation include:  Billie Jean King (tennis), Camilla Parker Bowles (royalty) and Hillary Clinton.  However, it is from amongst the singers that I chose Joan Baez.  Other notable singers in this generation include: Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin, Cilla Black, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, Bette Midler, Cher, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris but I chose Joan Baez because of her civic consciousness.

Joan Baez was born very early in the Capricorn-Sagittarius generation in January 1941.  At the age of 13 she went to a performance by the musical activist Pete Seeger which firmly precipitated her musical direction thereafter and probably also her strong political convictions.  This occurred in the Sagittarius-Sagittarius period or her Stage 1 with the only two dominant house influences equally split between the 1st house of self and the 12th house of music and inspiration (and drugs).  It is worthwhile mentioning that her parents were fearful at the time that her musical interest would lead her to becoming a drug addict.

The next notable change occurred in stage 2 when in 1958 her family moved to Boston.  This stage introduced the 11th house of civic consciousness and friends and was the beginning of her up-and-coming folk-music scene.    Baez gave her first concert in 1958 and other highlights at this stage were performing at the 1959 Newport Folk Festival and signing her first recording contract in 1959.  Baez went on to introduce Bob Dylan to the general public in the early 1960s, and they had a relatively short term relationship.

Very early in stage 3, Baez appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in November 1962. Stage 3 is equally focused upon the 12th house of inspiration and music and 11th house of civic consciousness.  She was one of the principal performers at the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the day on which Martin Luther King delivered his “I have a dream” speech.  Towards the end of this stage in 1969, her appearance at Woodstock afforded her international musical and political recognition, particularly upon the successful release of the documentary film Woodstock in the following year.  1970 marks the beginning of stage 4 with the dilution of the former 12th and 11th house influences and the arrival of the 10th house of career and recognition and 9th house of international fame.  Baez is notable at being one of the first musicians to use her popularity as a vehicle for social protest, singing and marching for human rights and peace.

With the arrival of stage 5 in October 1977, Baez entered her astrological magic period equally divided between the 9th and 10th houses.  For example, in 1980, Baez was given an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters for her political activism and the “universality of her music”. In 1983, she appeared on the Grammy Awards, performing Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind”, a song she first performed twenty years earlier.  This was the period she had a relationship with Steve Jobs of Apple Computer fame.

The arrival of stage 6 now included an 8th house influence for the first time and this is reflected in the fact that Baez also played a significant role in the 1985 Live Aid concert for African famine relief and she assisted many other causes.  In this stage in May 1989, Baez performed at a music festival in communist Czechoslovakia, and met the future Czechoslovakian president Václav Havel and became friends.

1992 saw the arrival of stage 7 with the 8th house influence equal to that of the 9th. In 1993, at the invitation of Refugees International and sponsored by the Soros Foundation, she traveled to the war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina region of then-Yugoslavia in an effort to help bring more attention to the suffering there.  The new 8th house influence may correlate to the fact Baez stopped writing her own songs in this stage (around 1989)?[12]

With stage 8 arriving in February 2000, this was the middle of the strongest period of the 8th house, and appropriately in 2001 her first 13 albums were re-released featuring digitally restored sound, unreleased bonus songs and new and original artwork.  The 8th house is the recycle house.  More old albums were rereleased in 2003.  It was in this stage she changed one of her songs as a tribute to her late sister and in December 2005. Baez also appeared and sang “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” at the California protest at the San Quentin State Prison against an execution.[13]

Stage 9 commenced in July 2007 keeping the influence on the 8th but equally shared with the 7th house.  Around 2011 Baez almost stopped singing as she thought her voice had become unmanageable but was quickly remedied by a vocal therapist.  The 7th house can sometimes appear like a brick wall in your path.  Stage 10 arrived in December 2014 with the dominant influence from the 7th house but introducing the 6th house of health for the first time.  It is too early to know if it has any effect yet.

David Bowie

David Bowie also belonged to this Capricorn-Sagittarius generation.  See ‎ for additional details.

Previous Capricorn-Sagittarius generations

Around every 165 years another Capricorn-Sagittarius generation appears (most of the time).  The last Capricorn-Sagittarius generation was from February 1777 to July 1784.[14]  Only one US president came from this generation – Van Buren who is assessed as an average president.  It is also worth noting the dark similarity between the recent Capricorn-Sagittarius period and this older period.  Both periods commenced with a war and the American War of Independence (1775 – 1783) almost perfectly matched this older Capricorn-Sagittarius period.  It also suggests that the government of the USA was born in a Capricorn-Sagittarius period.  The astrological signature for a government is not the same as for the society.  American society existed before the War of Independence.

Interestingly, the direct opposite of the birth generation for the US government is a Cancer-Gemini period, which has just commenced in December 2014.  The last Cancer-Gemini period (Jun 1851 – Nov 1858) was the lead up to the American Civil War.  It was in this lead up period that the internal stresses within the USA were developed that created the Civil War.  Historians believe that while slavery was the obvious focus for the Civil War, it masked the deep disunity that occurred in the USA at the time.  Is the USA currently marching towards deep disunity?  It certainly seems to be the case as there appears to be two Americas.  One is cosmopolitan with progressive social values, the other is a gun-totting, religious, conservative small town and rural America.

We should expect deepening divisions in the USA in the current Cancer-Gemini period but while the astrology for Civil War is again mimicked in the following Gemini-Gemini period (Jun 2022 – Nov 2029), it is not the same and one key component is far weaker in the coming period compared to the Civil War period.  However, we should expect fireworks of some sort soon for the USA.

Washington Irving

The only recognizable person born in this period is the American author Washington Irving (b. Apr800px-Irving-Washington-LOC 1783) best known for “Rip Van Winkle” which fictitiously plays with (Capricorn) time.  He is also author of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” which was recently made into a feature film directed by Tim Burton in 1999 starring Johnny Depp.  Again the dour influence of Capricorn is readily seen in this story.  He was America’s first genuine internationally best-selling author.  He was also author of a number of historical works including studies on George Washington, Oliver Goldsmith, Muhammad and several histories of 15th-century Spain including Christopher Columbus, the Moors and the Alhambra.  Irving was one of the first American writers to earn acclaim in Europe, and Irving influenced other American authors such as Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Edgar Allan Poe. He was also admired internationally by Walter Scott, Lord Byron, and Charles Dickens.[15]  His subject matter seemed mainly Capricorn but his expansive fictional and non-fiction writing and international acclaim is pure Sagittarius.

Illustrations & Graphics

Bill Clinton: “44 Bill Clinton 3×4” by Bob McNeely, The White House [1] – Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

George-W-Bush: by White house photo by Eric Draper. – This Image was released by the United States Department of Defense with the ID 030114-O-0000D-001_screen (next).This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing for more information.বাংলা | Deutsch | English | español | euskara | فارسی | français | italiano | 日本語 | 한국어 | македонски | മലയാളം | Plattdüütsch | Nederlands | polski | português | Türkçe | 中文 | 中文(简体)‎ | +/−. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

“Stephen Hawking.StarChild” by NASA – Original. Source (StarChild Learning Center). Directory listing.. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

“Joan Baez Hamburg 1973 2811730005” by Heinrich Klaffs – originally posted to Flickr as Joan Baez 2811730005. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons –

“Irving-Washington-LOC” by Copy daguerreotype by Mathew Brady, reverse of original by John Plumbe. – This version:This image is available from the United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID cph.3a07639.

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References & Citations

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Generational Astrology – Introduction (Part 1)

Copyright Terry MacKinnell 2016 (under the Berne Convention)

A horoscope at the time of birth for a person (or event) provides the most critical astrological insights.  The insights may be based on western astrology, Indian (Vedic) astrology, Chinese astrology, horary astrology or whatever form of astrology that is preferred.  However, very few astrologers know that each person is also born into an astrological generation defined by one or more sub-periods of the astrological ages such as the Age of Aquarius.  The birth generation is incredibly accurate in describing the nature of each generation and predicting what major events they will experience in life as each new generational period appears.  Furthermore, it is not limited to famous or notable people as it applies to everyone, though the unique way this will occur for each person will be based on their standard natal horoscopes etc. combined with normal predictive techniques.

The following table displays generations commencing May 1799 until September 2044.

Month Year Generation
May 1799 Libra-Libra
Nov 1806 Libra-Virgo
Jul 1815 Virgo-Virgo
Sep 1821 Virgo-Leo
Feb 1829 Leo-Leo
Jul 1836 Leo-Cancer
Jan 1844 Cancer-Cancer
Jun 1851 Cancer-Gemini
Nov 1858 Gemini-Gemini
Apr 1866 Gemini-Taurus
Sep 1873 Taurus-Taurus
Mar 1881 Taurus-Aries
Aug 1888 Aries-Aries
Jan 1896 Aries-Pisces
Jun 1903 Pisces-Pisces
Dec 1910 Pisces-Aquarius
May 1918 Aquarius-Aquarius
Oct 1925 Aquarius-Capricorn
Mar 1933 Capricorn-Capricorn
Aug 1940 Capricorn-Sagittarius
Feb 1948 Sagittarius-Sagittarius
Jul 1955 Sagittarius-Scorpio
Dec 1962 Scorpio-Scorpio
May 1970 Scorpio-Virgo
Oct 1977 Virgo-Virgo
Apr 1985 Virgo-Leo
Sep 1992 Leo-Leo
Feb 2000 Leo-Cancer
Jul 2007 Cancer-Cancer
Dec 2014 Cancer-Gemini
Jun 2022 Gemini-Gemini
Nov 2029 Gemini-Taurus
Apr 2037 Taurus-Taurus
Sep 2044

Table 1 – Starting dates for each generation (or period)

The first notable point in Table 1 is that each generation (or period) is composed of two signs.  These two signs are identical in every second generation so there is a 50% chance to be born into one.  Someone born in June 1978 is born into a Virgo-Virgo generation.  There is no advantage of being born into a double-sign generation.  For example, the Virgo-Virgo generation merely maximizes its projection of Virgo archetypes compared to the following Virgo-Leo generation. There are both advantages and disadvantages to being born in a double-sign generation.  The case studies at the end of this introduction will demonstrate how notable people have responded to their generational signature and their changing fortunes.

The astrological generation a person/event is born into will not correlate to any personality trait of the person, but will define the specific characteristics embedded within the whole generation.  For example, if someone was born in a Pisces generation, they will be of a generation that will contribute far more than a normal generation’s share of actors, poets and abstract painters but they will not have a Pisces personality.  Similarly, Aries’ generations contribute far more warmongers and dynamic active people compared to other generations.  These generations are basically concerned with peoples’ roles in society and the world.

Each of the above generations are almost 7 ½ years.  What creates these generations?  Basically, each astrological age of approximately 2,150 years has 12 sub-ages of about 179 years each.  Drilling down even further, each sub-age has 12 micro-ages of almost 15 years each.  It is these 15 year micro-ages that provide the underlying basis for Table 1.

(For those astrologers technically inclined, Table 1 is based on a combination of 15 years micro-ages and 15 years quasi micro-ages.  Quasi micro-ages are delayed half a micro-age. Half of 15 years is 7 ½ years.  This almost 7 ½ year delay provides the timescale for each of these generations See The Age of Aquarius for Dummies for a detailed background explanation of macro-astrology).

It is also possible to combine pairs of the generations in Table 1 which commence with the same sign into a super-generation.  For example the Sagittarius –Sagittarius generation commencing in February 1948 can be combined with the following Sagittarius–Scorpio generation commencing in July 1955 to create a Sagittarius super-generation commencing in February 1948 and lasting until December 1962.  This super-generation is not normally called the Sagittarius super-generation as they are commonly known as Baby Boomers.

Baby Boomers

The following graph displays the recorded births in the USA with the Baby Boomers highlighted in red.

"US Birth Rates" by Saiarcot895 - Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Commons -
US birth rates highlighting the traditional Baby Boomer generation (in red).

According to Wikipedia, the Baby Boomers are that generation of people born from 1946 to 1964, compared to February 1948 to December 1962 for the Sagittarius super-generation.  The Sagittarius super-generation is a little tighter than the common dates assigned to the Baby Boomers because the generational theorists do not have the advantage of understanding the correlations to the sub-periods of the astrological ages.  Nevertheless their observations are relatively accurate which is to be expected by professionals in any field.  The above graph depicts a boom in births which should be expected from a Sagittarius generation as a key archetype associated with Sagittarius is expansion combined with fortunate circumstances.

“In Europe and North America boomers are widely associated with privilege, as many grew up in a time of widespread government subsidies in post-war housing and education, and increasing affluence.”

Interestingly this reference is from Born at the Right Time by Doug Owram.  Other notable facts associated with the Baby Boomers are their increased activity, better health (compared to previous generations) and they grew up with the firm expectation the world would improve with time – in other words, they had Sagittarius’ optimistic outlook.  Their levels of income were unprecedented and therefore they could engage in excessive consumerism and another archetype associated with Sagittarius – a lot of foreign travel.  Baby Boomers considered themselves as a special generation, markedly different from previous generations.  One description of the Baby Boomers was they were “the pig in the python”.  As early as 1948, Newsweek proclaimed “Babies Mean Business” indicating they could see the resultant economic boom to follow the massive increase in the birthrate.

Baby Boomers may be more philanthropic than previous generations as in the USA, one third of Baby Boomers indicated they would prefer leaving their inheritances to charities rather than to their children.  Another generational expression of the Baby Boomers was rock and roll – they were the first generation to grow up with TV.  Another comment was: “never before in history had youth been so idealized as they were at this moment”.  The key political associations to the Baby Boomers are the revolutionary counterculture of the 1960s, the African American civil rights movement (in the USA) and the feminist cause of the 1970s.

Continuing on with the example of the Baby Boomers, the Sagittarius super-generation is also situated in a larger Sagittarius macro-generation comprised of three generations associated with Sagittarius.  This super-generation commenced when Sagittarius first arrived until it finally departed.  Referring to Table 2, Sagittarius first appeared with the Capricorn-Sagittarius generation in August 1940, and departed with the end of the Sagittarius-Scorpio generation in December 1962.

Month Year Generation
Aug 1940 Capricorn-Sagittarius
Feb 1948 Sagittarius-Sagittarius
Jul 1955 Sagittarius-Scorpio
Dec 1962 End

Table 2 – Sagittarius macro-generation

I will not normally be referencing macro-generations however the three parts of the Sagittarius macro-generation displayed in Table 2 each have historical correlations that have been duly noted.  Firstly, let’s examine the early Capricorn-Sagittarius generation (Aug 1940 – Feb 1948).  If you examine the Baby Boomers’ births graph, you will notice that the birth rate began to seriously increase as soon as the Capricorn-Sagittarius generation commenced in August 1940, even though the Baby Boomers generation technically did not commence until much later in the decade. The rise in birth rates commencing in 1940 indicates the arrival of expansionary Sagittarius with the Capricorn-Sagittarius generation.

Researchers however have noticed a difference amongst Baby Boomers that correspond remarkably well with the three divisions of the Sagittarius macro-generation in Table 2.  The Capricorn-Sagittarius generation (Aug 1940 – Feb 1948) or Pre-Boomers were technically born before the Baby Boomer generation but many in this generation strongly influenced the Baby Boomers, mainly through music such as the Beatles (all born between 1940 and 1943), Bob Dylan (b.1941), and the Rolling Stones (all born in the early 1940s except Bill Wyman b.1936).  Other key musicians and other leaders that influenced the Baby Boomers include Frank Zappa (b.1940), Joan Baez and Jesse Jackson (both born 1941), Muhammad Ali, Stephen Hawking and Jimmy Hendrix (all born 1942), Bob Marley, Eric Clapton and Van Morrison (all born 1945), plus Elton John and Carlos Santana (both born 1947).

The first half of the Baby Boomers were the people born from February 1948 until July 1955 and could be labelled as the ‘pure’ Baby Boomers represented astrologically as the Sagittarius-Sagittarius generation.  Some researchers have used 1955 as a key demarcation point for the Baby Boomers born 1946 to 1955 with the second group 1955 to 1964.  The first group were the main participants in the revolutionary 1960s and early 70s.  Their key characteristics were their experimental nature, individualism, free spirited and orientation towards social causes.  The second group were the Sagittarius-Scorpio generation and some researchers (who are not astrologers), have noticed the arrival of Scorpio archetypes in the Baby Boomers part two.  The new characteristics for post 1955 Baby Boomers are: less optimism, distrust of the government and general cynicism.

Generation X

The Baby Boomers were succeeded by Generation X with the notable impact that according to observers, Generation X was the first modern generation to enjoy a lesser quality of life compared to the generation preceding it,[1] thus cementing the Sagittarius bulge of the Sagittarian Baby Boomers.  The main definition for Generation X is that this generation was born after the Baby Boomers and is usually said to be those born from 1961 to 1981.  The starting date is close enough to December 1962 for the start of the Scorpio-Scorpio generation.

In the preface to Generation X Goes Global: Mapping a Youth Culture in Motion, Professor Christine Henseler summarized it as:

“a generation whose worldview is based on change, on the need to combat corruption, dictatorships, abuse, AIDS, a generation in search of human dignity and individual freedom, the need for stability, love, tolerance, and human rights for all”.[2]

Many of the these attributes are closely linked to Scorpio such as “change”, AIDS, the search for human dignity and the one thing missing in Scorpio – stability.  Interestingly, the attributes of stability and tolerance are normally associated Scorpio’s opposite sign Taurus.  Perhaps each generation recognizes what it lacks and therefore what it strives towards?

According to BBC News, Generation X members were born from 1962 to 1982.[3]  A Canadian researcher believes Generation X were those born from 1960 to 1966 closely aligned to the Scorpio-Scorpio generation (December 1962 – May 1970) followed by the “Bust Generation” 1967 to 1981[4] roughly aligned to the Scorpio-Virgo generation (May 1970 – October 1977).  Generation X roughly coincides with the Scorpio super-generation (December 1962 to October 1977) – see Table 3.

Dec 1962 Scorpio-Scorpio
May 1970 Scorpio-Virgo
Oct 1977 Virgo-Virgo
Apr 1985

Table 3 – the Scorpio super generation and Generation X

The timeframes assigned to Generation X do not have the same level of accuracy as for the Baby Boomers but generational theorists have to work with what they have, and Scorpio is not outwardly as noticeable a sign as Sagittarius.  The bulge of Sagittarius is highly noticeable at both ends, but few of the following generations have this attribute.

Generation Y (Millennials)

The Millennials or Generation Y are usually said to be born commencing the early 1980s until the early 2000s and roughly coincide with the Virgo-Leo and Leo-Leo generations (which is the same as the underlying Leo micro-age) in the following Table 4.

Apr 1985 Virgo-Leo
Sep 1992 Leo-Leo
Feb 2000 Leo-Cancer

Table 4 – Generation Y?

The appearance of Leo is the first appearance of a fiery generation since the Sagittarian Baby Boomers and this is reflected by the observation that the Millennials are sometimes also called Echo Boomers, referring to the generation’s size relative to the Baby Boomer generation and due to the significant increase in birth rates during the 1980s and into the 1990s. In the United States, birth rates peaked in August 1990 when Leo was near its peak strength.  In his book The Lucky Few: Between the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boom, author Elwood Carlson called Millennials the “New Boomers” (born 1983 to 2001), because of the upswing in births after 1983.[5]  1983 to 2001 is very close to the combined Virgo-Leo and Leo-Leo two generations (April 1985 – February 2000) in the above Table 4.  (These two combined generations are the same as the Leo micro-age from which these 7 ½ years generations are derived).

The Leo archetype also seems to be associated with the Millennials.

“Jean Twenge, the author of the 2006 book Generation Me, considers Millennials, along with younger members of Generation X, to be part of what she calls ‘Generation Me’. Twenge attributes Millennials with the traits of confidence and tolerance, but also identifies a sense of entitlement and narcissism based on personality surveys that showed increasing narcissism among Millennials compared to preceding generations …”.[6]

Leo is rather fond of confidence and narcissism.

Generation Z

Those born after the Millennial Generation have no agreed name or range of birth dates… yet. A common name given to them is Generation Z, and sources date the generation from the mid or late 1990s – or the more widely used period from the mid-2000s to the present day (2015?).  2000 to 2015 coincides with the two generations displayed in Table 5 and these two generations combined align with the underlying Cancer micro-age (2000 – 2014).

Feb 2000 Leo-Cancer
Jul 2007 Cancer-Cancer
Dec 2014 End

Table 5 – Generation Z

What does this all mean?  It strongly insinuates that the most important astrological indicator of generations is not derived from the outer planets or from Jupiter-Saturn cycles but from the sub-periods of the ages and that the process of identifying the two aspects of the almost 15 years micro-ages, as I have presented here, is the appropriate way to identify generations astrologically. This does not mean that all those people grouped together by whatever sign Pluto, Neptune or Pisces are located in will not share some common features, but just that these features are not strong enough to be noticed by independent generational theorists compared to periods derived from micro-ages.

I first noticed this generational influence well over a decade ago when researching all the micro-ages and micro-age decans since 1791 but did not follow up on it because at that stage, my main focus was fine-tuning the accuracy of the rectification of the astrological ages by correlating ever smaller sub-periods of the astrological ages until I now believe I have it accurate to within one month.


The following case studies of Louis Pasteur, George Orwell, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein will demonstrate the power of these generations and how each generation interfaces with the following 7 ½ year generational periods.

Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur was born in 1822 in a Virgo super-generation and Virgo-Leo generation.  He discovered the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization which has become such a contentious subject in the world today.  Virgo is the sign of health and Leo the sign of fame – both of which certainly applied to Pasteur as he became the ‘father of modern bacteriology’ following his discovery of vaccination to prevent illnesses.  He became a professor in 1867 early in a Gemini-Taurus period.  Gemini is Virgo’s 10th house of status, Taurus rules Leo’s 10th house of status, Taurus is in total harmony with Virgo at 9th house position (of universities).  He became a professor in a ‘magic’ high profile period for his Virgo-Leo generation.  Perhaps the recent Virgo-Leo generation (Apr 1985 – Sep 1992) will produce someone with another groundbreaking medical discovery?  He died in September 1895 near the end of the Aries-Aries period (Aug 1888-Jan 1896) with Aries activating the 8th house of death to Virgo. Interestingly, the dormant anti-vaccination movement erupted into broad daylight in the mid 1970’s with the reappearance of the first of three Virgo generations/periods in 1970.

George Orwell

George Orwell (the source of the terms “big brother is watching you”[7] and “the thought police”) was born in June 1903 on the exact border of an Aries-Pisces generation (Jan 1896 – Jun 1903) and Pisces-Pisces generation (Jun 1903 – Dec 1910).  A person can swing either way on a cuspal month but when someone is born on the border with the second possible generation a ‘double’ generation, I use the double generation due to the way these generations have been constructed from the underlying micro-ages.  Certainly the focus upon double Pisces manifested in George Orwell’s life as he was fixated upon Pisces ruled bureaucracies and mind numbing situations aptly displayed in his two most popular books: Animal Farm (p.1945) and Nineteen Eighty-Four (p.1949).  The first book was published in a Capricorn-Sagittarius period with Capricorn ruling Pisces neutral 11th house of civic mindedness and Sagittarius ruling Pisces’ 10th house of status.  The situation improved with “Nineteen Eighty-Four” published in a Sagittarius-Sagittarius period with Sagittarius promoting Pisces 10th house of status in an amplified way as it was Sagittarius-Sagittarius to Pisces-Pisces.

“Animal Farm struck a particular resonance in the post-war climate and its worldwide success made Orwell a sought-after figure.”[8]

This period of his life reinforced the magnitude of possibilities for a Pisces-Pisces person in a 10th house Sagittarius – Sagittarius period which is the magic 10th house period for his generation.  Was George Orwell attempting to introduce the opposite element to his strong Pisces be introducing a Virgo element?  Certainly in his novels, he was attempting to prick the bubble of (Pisces) illusions associated with the ‘trendiness’ of communism at the time.  This is what Virgo is notable for, pricking illusionary bubbles. “Animal Farm” conjures up the Virgo archetype!

Bill Gates

Bill_Gates_June_2015Born into the Baby Boomers generation (or pure Baby Boomers) in October 1955, he is certainly the most financially successful Baby Boomer (of the Sagittarius – Sagittarius generation). Gates should have experienced a status peak in the Virgo-Virgo period (October 1977 – April 1985).  His company, Microsoft, was approached by IBM in July 1980 for an operating system for its new personal computer.  Soon Gates provided IBM with the operating system but retained the copyright,[9] and the rest is history.   This all occurred in the Virgo-Virgo period with Virgo doubly activating Sagittarius’ 10th house of status and recognition.

The Gates Foundation is the largest private foundation in the world and was founded in 2000, but its forerunner, the William H. Gates Foundation commenced in 1994 in the Leo-Leo period.  Leo-Leo is as favorable as possible from the 9th house position to someone born in the Sagittarius-Sagittarius generation.  The actual setup of the Gates Foundation in 2000 in the following Leo-Cancer period retains a strong and favorable 9th house influence but Cancer adds the 8th house which is the house of gifts (and giving away one’s wealth).  It should be noted that the 8th house also includes receiving gifts and the Gates Foundation received a massive pledge donation from Warren Buffett in 2006[10] which was received in the following Cancer-Cancer period (July 2007-Dec 2014) when the Cancer-Cancer period maximizes its 8th house potential of gifts to a double Sagittarius individual.

Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg (b.May 1984) from the Virgo-Virgo generation (October 1977 – April 1985) launched Facebook from his Harvard dormitory room in February 2004 in a Leo-Cancer period (February 2000 – July 2007).  In May 2007 the embryonic Facebook platform was developed further and at the beginning of the Cancer-Cancer period (July 2007 – December 2014) Microsoft purchased 1.6% of Facebook shares for $US240 million.[11]  It was in the Cancer-Cancer period that Facebook became what it is today and by January 2011 Facebook was valued at $50 billion.[12]  What is the relationship between Zuckerberg’s Facebook successes in the Cancer-Cancer period to his Virgo-Virgo generation?  Cancer sits at the 11th house position of friends, and that basically is what Facebook is all about – friends connecting.  The double Cancer-Cancer to Virgo-Virgo increases this astrological focus upon the 11th house.  Zuckerberg will probably achieve the apex of his personal success in the Gemini-Gemini period (June 2022 – November 2029) when there will be a double emphasis on the 10th house of status and success (Gemini 10th house position to Virgo).

It is certainly a reasonable possibility that being born in a double Virgo generation Zuckerberg was in the opposite position to George Orwell, but with Zuckerberg he was seeking to introduce Pisces into his world?  Certainly Facebook has many of the attributes of Pisces.  It is a massive organization with a glossy front and is attempting catch nearly everyone, and increasingly is using Piscean advertising methods whereby people unknowingly are promoting products to their friends.  Deceptive advertising techniques  is pure Pisces.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi (b.Oct 1869) is from a Gemini-Taurus generation.  He was a (Gemini) lawyer promoting (Taurus)Mahatma-Gandhi non-violent civil disobedience.  The Gemini component may help explain his ideal of religious pluralism he hoped for India in reconciling the Hindu and Muslim populations.  The honorific “mahatma” was first applied in 1914 in a Pisces-Aquarius period with Pisces in the 10th house position of status to Gemini and Aquarius in the 10th house position to Taurus.   (All generations will experience double strength house aspects and it is not limited to those born in a generation where both signs are the same).  Pisces also aspects Taurus from the 11th house position of civic duty.  He became leader of the Indian National Congress in 1921 in the Aquarius-Aquarius period with Aquarius still activating his 10th house to Taurus and positively activating his Gemini from the favorable 9th house position.

The famous Salt March against a British imposed tax occurred in 1930 in the Aquarius-Capricorn period with Aquarius in favorable 9th house aspect to Gemini, 10th house to Taurus and Capricorn ruling the 8th house of tax to Gemini and favorable 9th house to Taurus.  The double influence in the case on the 9th house is interesting inasmuch the 9th house is the house of conflict to the 3rd house of short journeys.  Gandhi used this famous march as opposition to the British imperialists.

Gandhi finally got his wish of self-rule for India in 1947 in the Capricorn-Sagittarius period (Aug 1940 – Feb 1948) but from the early 1940s Gandhi was challenged by a new Muslim nationalism which was demanding a separate Muslim homeland carved out of greater India.  The new Sagittarius influence, which also commenced in 1940 opposed his Gemini, and activated Taurus’ 8th house of vulnerability.  Capricorn, while favorable to Taurus, again activated the 8th house to Gemini.  He was assassinated in January 1948[13] at the very end of this period while the 8th house of death was activated in two ways.

Did Gandhi’s Gemini-Taurus generation influence orientate him towards the opposite Sagittarius-Scorpio ideals?  Sagittarius is a religious and a big picture sign and even Gandhi’s “mahatma” honorific plus grand plans for India align well with Sagittarius.  Scorpio is the sign of revolution, and regardless of how a revolution occurs, Gandhi spearheaded the Indian nationalist revolution against their imperialist colonial overlords.

Albert Einstein

Finally I will conclude with Albert Einstein (b.March 1879) from a Taurus-Taurus generation (September 1873 – th_12_Einstein1921March 1881).  Arguably the most famous scientist the world has known to date and he produced the most famous scientific equation of all times: e = mc2.  It also seems totally appropriate that he was born in a Taurus-Taurus generation because his famous equation redefined what matter is – it is energy.  Taurus is always the sign of the basic fundamental structure, and Einstein certainly accomplished the greatest understanding of matter in his lifetime.  He obtained his PhD in 1905 which has been called Einstein’s ‘annus mirabilis’ (miracle year), when he published four groundbreaking papers.  This miracle year occurred in a Pisces-Pisces period (Jun 1903 – Dec 1910) doubly activating the 11th house (of higher intellectual activity?) to Taurus.  Einstein became famous in 1919 when it was observed that light could be bent by a star which he had predicted.  The London Times printed a banner headline that read: “Revolution in Science – New Theory of the Universe – Newtonian Ideas Overthrown”.  This occurred in an Aquarius-Aquarius period (May 1918-October 1925) doubly activating his 10th house of status and career and he won the Nobel Prize in 1921 in the same period.  Any strong Aquarius period will also foster intellectual advance in the world.

In 1933 Einstein was visiting the USA when the Nazi’s came to power in Germany, and being a Jew, Einstein considered it prudent to avoid returning to Germany.  This occurred in the Capricorn-Capricorn period (March 1933- August 1940) stimulating Taurus’ 9th house of foreign lands.  Most of Einstein’s involvement with the development of the nuclear bomb occurred in the Capricorn-Sagittarius period (August 1940-February 1948) with Sagittarius ruling Taurus’ 8th house, the natural house of Scorpio and nuclear bombs.  Einstein died in April 1955[14] near the end of the Sagittarius-Sagittarius period (February 1948 – July 1955) doubly activating the 8th house of death for Taurus.

Einstein’s Taurus-Taurus generation may have made him the new bedrock for modern science but was he also orientated towards Scorpio, Taurus’ opposite sign?  Like Gandhi, he was a revolutionary, but in the field of science, and is the most revolutionary scientist of the modern world overthrowing the formerly well-establish Newtonian world view.  Scorpio is also the sign of deep perception, something that Einstein appears to have had in abundance.


Generational astrology will not replace natal charts of one form or another, but these generations do provide an additional tool when examining people and events, especially famous people.  However anyone, no matter how humble, will still personally experience the change in their own fortune as they wend their way through these generational periods.  These periods certainly affected me as I was born in a Sagittarius-Sagittarius generation but during the Cancer-Cancer period (July 2007 – December 2014) I had my closest brush with mortality when I suddenly was required to have an operation on my heart.  This Cancer-Cancer period doubly activates the 8th house of death and mortality for a double Sagittarian.  The Cancer-Cancer period (July 2007 – December 2014) was particularly pernicious for many of my Baby Boomer friends with many of my acquaintances born experiencing financial disaster due to the Great Recession (Global Financial Crisis) in this Cancer-Cancer period and some even committed suicide due to their financial destitution.

Experienced astrologers will have no problem predicting life events based upon the birth generation of anyone, as determined in Table 1, and then using the house structure between signs to understand what can be expected in the following periods.  In my following posts on Generational Astrology, I will be providing a review of all generations of people currently living.  (For novice astrologers, and the general public, I will be providing relevant information about how to compare any two signs using the astrological house structure as each generation is reviewed).

For those readers wanting some background reading on this topic, see US Presidents in the Age of Aquarius (Revised for 2012) where I was grappling with the concept of generational astrology without being fully aware of their ultimate power and scope.

More on Micro-ages: The micro-ages form the underlying basis of the generations used in Generational Astrology. Basically, each age of some 2,150 years has 12 sub-ages of some 178 years each.  Each sub-age has 12 micro-ages of almost 15 years each.  Intensive research has confirmed that these micro-ages have clear and concise correlations to historical events.  For example, based on Table 1, the world is currently in a Cancer macro-generation/period (Feb 2000 – Jun 2022), Cancer super-generation/period (Jul 2007 – Jun 2022) and Cancer-Gemini generation/period (Dec 2014 – Jun 2022).  This means that Cancer is currently very strong in the world.  The key Cancer archetypes in the world are the Middle East, the movement of people looking for a new home (refugees and illegal immigrants), China and issues related to water such as floods and droughts.  For a comprehensive review of Cancer in the world see Cancer – the New Paradigm for the World.

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US birth rates courtesy of:   Saiarcot895 – Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Commons –

Bill Gates: UK International Development Secretary Justine Greening meeting with Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation during his visit to London earlier today. Picture: Russell Watkins/DFID, 24 June 2015, by DFID – UK Department for International Development

Mark Zuckerberg: Founder & CEO of Facebook, at the press conference about the e-G8 forum during the 37th G8 summit in Deauville, France, 26 May 2011, by  Guillaume Paumier, CC-BY.

Mahatma Gandhi:

Albert Einstein:  Wien 1921. Foto: Albert-Einstein-Archiv, Jerusalem, Ferdinand Schmutzer,


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Gemini’s Role in our Modern World (or Battle of the Brains)

While most astrologers are still confused about which age the world is in, is it the Pisces age or Aquarian age, I was able to firmly resolve that issue 28 years ago (almost a full Saturn cycle ago)?  In 1987 Saturn was in mid (tropical) Sagittarius and appropriately in my 11th house.  The first Saturn Return on my work on the astrological ages will occur in 2016.  Saturn’s influence upon my work is further enhanced by the fact that in Vedic astrology, I entered my 19 years Saturn dasa in May 1987, a few months before I accurately rectified the start of the Age of Aquarius to the 15th century.  The Saturn dasa usually reveals a person’s major role or dharma in this life.  Saturn is also my ruling planet in my Vedic chart. According to my Vedic chart I am on a mission because my ruling planet is conjunct Mars, the planet of the pioneer.

Why should Gemini be strong in the world at present?  Do you doubt the current strength of Gemini?  If you doubt this you obviously have not seen everyone transfixed by their smartphones. Significant changes of behavior are always reflected in the sub periods of the astrological ages.   For some people, it can all seem so confusing with ages, sub-ages, micro-ages, nano-ages plus their respective decans but this is merely due to lack of familiarity (see the Age of Aquarius for Dummies).  The most strategic sub periods of the astrological ages appear to be associated with decans.  The most powerful decan in existence is the age-decans at over 700 years each.

Currently the world is in the Libra age-decan (1433 – 2148) and if you doubt the presence of Libra, start criticizing the closest female to you and see what happens.  Furthermore, the world is currently pulling itself out of a 5,000 years period of mainly male dominance due to the Aries age and its lingering influence.  With Libra opposite in nature to Aries, the current Libra age-decan is approaching the halfway mark of a 1,450 years process of putting a firm stop to the male testosterone madness of the last 5,000 years.  We have had, and continue to have, hairless chimps running around killing each other with increasingly more powerful weapons including drones, aircraft carriers and so on.  Hairless chimps rarely take a look in the mirror to see their own stupidity.  Libra is in the process of rectifying this situation.

Apart from age-decans, each age also has 12 sub-ages of some 178 years each, and each sub-age has three sub-age decans of almost 60 years each.  Currently the world is in a Libra sub-age (1970 – 2148) which will increase the pressure on hairless chimps holding weapons to control themselves despite the perception of many that the hairless chimps are gaining ground.  Though major historical developments can be associated with sub-ages, it is the sub-age decans that provide the most strategic insights.

There are three sub-age decans in the current Libra sub-age, and the world is in the first one – the Gemini sub-age decan (1970 – 2029).  However, due to the wave-like nature of ages and all age sub periods, the influence of the Gemini sub-age decan will extend to 2089 making the full period 1970 to 2089.  The second half of this period (2029 – 2089) will be far stronger in the manifestation of Gemini compared to the period 1970 to 2029, which is like the countdown to the real launch.

On the cultural level, the major significance of the current Gemini sub-age decan relates to communication (the internet and cell phones) and local transportation.  The impact that emails, the internet and cell phones are having on populations around the world cannot be doubted.  People’s addiction to cell phone is even affecting the political situations in an increasing number of countries as the populace finds new ways to circumvent the censorship and interference from their regressive governments.

This is early days yet for Gemini because all periods are staged based on their internal structure.   Gemini started in first gear in 1970 and changed to second gear in 2000.  This was the timeframe where fax machines were replaced by email and businesses started promoting web addresses.  This is also when the USA and West experienced a serious wake-up call from the 9/11 terrorist attack humiliating the prestige of the USA.  Gemini went into third gear in December 2014 with the arrival of the Gemini micro-age (2014 – 2029). We should expect s significant strengthening of Gemini in 2015 and 2016.  The two major 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris is a continuation of the humiliation of the West experienced under Gemini and more should be expected (more on this later).

Fourth gear will appear around 2024 with the Gemini micro-age decan and then the world will go into overdrive commencing 2029.  The world is still in Gemini’s formative period.  What this means is that even today, the most sophisticated smart phones are still equivalent to a Model T Ford.  Do you sometimes feel that smart phones, tablets and computers are still cumbersome and that many smart phones are really dumb phones?  This is because they are.  The beginning of the real communication revolution is still 14 years in the distance.  With the changing sub periods of the Age of Aquarius there will always be winners and losers, and smartphone technology is on the winning side.

The communication revolution has overshadowed the transportation revolution, but the shift away from carbon-based fuel sources and more sustainable public transport options is not a passing fad but a minor preview to the coming world.  Many cities have introduced buses powered by gas to lower their emissions or light rail services running on electricity.  The future is not a massive suburban mansion with two or three fuel guzzling cars.  In the same way we are still in the build up to the real communication revolution, the world is still in the preparatory period of the transportation revolution.

We can expect in the post 2029 era a significant reduction in domestic air transportation as high speed rail networks become the preferred domestic transportation option.  The world seems hesitant to move to environmentally friendly cars, but this will all change post-2029.  There is a downside to Gemini (and all zodiacal signs) inasmuch Sagittarius archetypes are stressed in a Gemini period.  This does not bode well for the international airplane travel and especially domestic airplane travel.  Sell your airline shares well before 2029.

Gemini also undermines Sagittarius’ philosophy and honesty.  Gemini is not a time for the great statesmen, philosophers and sages, it is more like a world run by used car and timeshare sales people.  Politicians will prefer the glib tongue over clarity and detailed explanation of policies.  Gemini has no clear demarcation between right and wrong, truth and falsehood etc. – everything is various shades of grey from black to white.  So at a time of great change, everyone may be able to tweet, Instagram, email, post etc. but that does not mean that politicians, news media and key people will provide clarity to the general public.  The truth will not be found easily as the world is seemingly controlled by (Gemini) spin doctors – euphemistically called public relation consultants who pedal massaged lies to the (almost always) gullible populace.   The Gemini news media follows the same basic format.

Another primary association of Gemini is twins.  It should be expected that the geopolitical situation will settle on a minimum of two primary superpowers, and it does not take a magician to see this is most likely western nations headed by the USA on the one side and China on the other.  The majority of the 20th century came under the rulership of a Pisces sub-age decan which promoted geopolitical duality.  This was represented by the Cold War where the world was basically divided by the mainly democratic West versus the Communist bloc.  Following the Pisces sub-age decan came the mono Scorpio sub-age decan and with the collapse of the Communist bloc came a period temporarily lacking major opposing camps.  The world is heading back to two (or more) major opposing camps under Gemini.

However Gemini also promotes fragmentation so we can also expect further fragmentation of the world political scene rather than two cleanly separated blocs.  This does not mean we are heading for a major military conflagration as on the level of ages, the lingering influence from Aries is currently being undermined by the incoming Libra age-decan.  The worldwide military nightmare commenced with the Aries age around 5000 years ago when the first emerging rulers realized they could raise an army and conquer or steal from their neighbors.

In the same way that Gemini, over the rest of current century, will undermine Sagittarius, the rising strength of Libra in the world will ultimately undermine the hairless chimp’s blood lust momentum of the last five millennia. Is this why no aggressor nation has won a war for many centuries?  One American commentator was complaining recently that the US has not won a war since the Second World War.  The USA did not start the Second World War so the gods were on its side.  The gods under Libra are only on your side if you don’t start the war!  Unfortunately hairless chimps are always baying for war.

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London.Chimp_Brain_in_a_jar


How will Gemini affect continents and countries?  The easiest way to view this is to examine the major sign (or signs if it is not obvious which is the major sign), and see how this sign interfaces with Gemini.  Pisces is the major sign for the USA, Europe and Polynesia and Gemini stimulates Pisces 4th house of home and anti-status (humiliation).  Gemini will force the USA and Europe to retreat to their borders because their status (on the international stage) is under threat.  The two terrorist attacks on Paris in 2015 is most likely the manifestation of this new geopolitical reality.  The USA and Europe should take care of their respective home bases, especially housing and dealing with newcomers (refugees and immigrants both legal and illegal).  With the 4th house, the best approach is a defensive approach.  The impetus should be on securing the borders and territorial integrity but they shouldn’t venture outside unless they are gluttons for punishment.

Polynesia will be ignored in their quest to prevent Climate Change drowning many of their islands, and in some cases, whole island nations.  Other countries with strong associations to Pisces include Turkey and Ukraine and are also on the firing line for humiliation.

Gemini is even more disastrous for any country ruled by Cancer as Gemini sits at the dreaded 12th house position to Cancer.  The three major Cancer regions in the world are China and all Middle Eastern nations plus countries on the Mediterranean Sea.  Some countries that have a strong association with Cancer may also get caught in the Gemini net including Scandinavia, North Africa, Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand and Russia.  Whatever turmoil these countries have experienced since 2000, if magnified post December 2014, will most likely be seriously in the firing line from 2029 onwards.

However it is Gemini countries that the major focus will be upon.  My sign rulership of countries (including many mentioned above), is not yet carved in stone as much more research is required.  Any astrologer from around the world wanting to research their own country or region’s interface with the astrological ages should contact me for information on how to approach this.  Currently the following countries I have previously assigned to Gemini are:  Iraq, North and South Korea, Singapore and Syria.

The Gemini fragmentation process is definitely applying to Iraq and Syria and the growing strength of Gemini insinuates this disintegration will not be stopped.  Most of these Middle Eastern countries are artificial countries inasmuch as the departing European colonists arbitrarily set up countries and borders with little regard to tribal and nationalistic aspirations of the people living in the Middle East.

For example, the Kurds were not given their own country and are spread throughout eastern Turkey, northern Syria, northern Iraq and western Iran.  The most famous Kurd known in the West is Saladin (1137/8 – 1193) who successfully led the Muslim opposition to the barbarian European Crusaders attacking the Levant.  This occurred under a Sagittarius sub-age decan suggesting that the modern Kurds retain Sagittarius strongly in their astrological signature.  In a Gemini period, a Sagittarian people will be attacked or will seriously go on the offensive. It is due to the Gemini dissolution of their region that the Sagittarian Kurds are on the offensive and are forging a natural homeland.

This Gemini fragmentation is also affecting many countries and the major beneficiary of this fragmentation will be cities, another Gemini archetypes.  Only recently, in the current Gemini sub-age, has the world for the first time ever in the evolution of the human race, have more people living in cities and urban areas than those living in farming areas of the world.  This is a major historical development.  People are flocking to (Gemini) cities.

Many social commentators have expressed the view that cities are better placed to deal with many major issues such as Climate Change compared to their national governments and UN because cities are at the coal face of Climate Change.  Pollution affects cities the most.  It is in cities best interest to have cars and local transportation using electricity or non-carbon based fuels. One city that should significantly be under the spotlight is London, historically ruled by Gemini.

The world is still suffering badly from the results of the Sagittarius sub-age overflow (1791-1970) whereby the Industrial Revolution ramped up population, wealth and consumption to an unprecedented level creating the current degradation of the environment resulting in the climate change issue.  Gemini will seriously put the brakes on the runaway expansionism and consumerism from Sagittarius.  However the breaks will not be applied uniformly around the world.

Astrological ages and their sub-periods never affect the world uniformly.  Whichever country, region or civilization that is at the forefront will manifest the archetypes quickly and in advance of other regions.  For example Mesopotamia was the beneficiary of the Gemini-Taurus age (5122-2916 BC), Egypt was the beneficiary of the Taurus-Aries age (2916 – 732 BC) and Ancient Rome was the primary beneficiary of the Aries-Pisces age (732 BC – 1413 AD).  I also believe that the primary beneficiary of the current Pisces-Aquarius age is the USA.   Whatever changes are instigated from an astrological age or sub-period slowly and steadily spreads and affects the rest of the world like the wake from the bow of a boat.  For example, the Industrial Revolution first hit Great Britain which then spread relatively quickly to Europe and North America.  However much of the rest of the world had to wait until after the Second World War to jump on this bandwagon, and many places still seem to be left behind or very sluggish in their economic development

It is mainly the First World that will initially be affected by Gemini throttling Sagittarius.  Many commentators will jump on the ‘we are falling behind’ bandwagon claiming that China and India will surpass Europe and the USA in the coming decades.  There is no doubt that China (with Cancer its main sign), is surging ahead under the current Cancer micro-age and overflow (2000-15-29) but the rising power of Gemini does not bode well for China as the current century progresses.  Ultimately the same fate affecting the developed countries will affect the rest of the world with the economic shakedown that is beginning to squeeze the USA and Europe.  But in the meantime the perception will exist that China (and Asia) will overtake the USA (and Europe) relatively soon.

One of the key indicators signifying the slowdown of Sagittarius, as the current Gemini period entrenches itself, is the negative population growth of most western nations that commenced decades ago.  In most cases, it is only immigration that is allowing western nations to grow.  However even many second tier countries are also commencing to experience slower population growths.  It is very possible that the recent Global Recession, which primarily affected the USA and Europe, is just one of many Gemini sorties trying to slow down Sagittarius.  The real slowdown commences in earnest from 2029 onwards.

The Gemini sub-age decan does not hit you in your face like the smaller micro-ages because it sits a little way in the background pulling a number of strategic strings that have a slower gestation period.  The world is currently at the highpoint of the Cancer micro-age and overflow (2000 – Dec 2014 – 2029) and so Cancer issues are the primary focus.  Cancer rules Islam, immigration, China and lack of leadership.  The general population is also hypersensitive in a Cancer period.  This is all occurring in under the destabilizing Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970 – 2148) making people feel vulnerable and unsafe.  Scorpio however is the best sign for discovering inner Truth because many people get freaked out from what is happening around them in a Scorpio period.  Scorpio is always stronger on the inside.

The greatest novelists the world has ever experienced will appear soon, around or after 2029.  The world has not had a Gemini period the strength of the current one for about 1,000 years.  JK Rowling may have broken records for sales, and she is the harbinger of what is to come.  However, will you have time to read the new novels, because under Gemini, everyone is running around juggling family, work, businesses, sport, hobbies not to mention Facebook, LinkedIn, and the penultimate manifestation of Gemini – Twitter.   In between this all, call centers are constantly bombarding us with demands on our time.  This is all occurring at what seems to be an ever increasing rate and it is a wonder people have time to scratch themselves.

Finally, Gemini, as the sign ruling the brain, may indicate a focus upon how we collectively think.  Scientists tell us that all humans have three basic sections in our brain mimicking our evolution from a one celled creature to an amphibian, reptile, mammal then finally evolving as a human.  I will ignore our core reptilian brain as that runs all of our bodily needs behind the scenes.  Our mammalian brain is the animal inside of us and governs our emotions.  This is the part of our brain which decides if under stress we fight, flight or freeze.  This is the part of our brain that rules the hairless chimp that wants to fight wars etc.  Finally there is the neocortex, our thinking brain that makes us human.  The rest of the current century may very well be a ‘battle’ between society’s addiction to having the animal brain dictate affairs and the human brain’s ability to use their intelligence to solve problems.

The history of humans is really the history of the interface of the hairless chimp orientated towards its animal brain and the human orientated towards consciousness and rationality.  This is why war, genocide and oppression are interfaced with stunning advances in the science, arts and social engineering.

I am not an anthropologist but from my perspective, the human brain is ever so slowly advancing on the animal brain of the hairless chimp.  For example, the animal brain wants to oppose or persecute people who are different such as homosexuals, people who use different intoxicants, people of other races and people with different religions or political allegiances.  The animal brain does not like anything new or different.  As a survival mechanism this was appropriate in the jungle but society cannot be a jungle if it is to survive.  This is one reason why it is such a hard slog introducing the truth and the reality of the astrological ages to astrologers as people still revert to their animal brains and prefers to reject the new.  This is a well known phenomenon.

I believe we are definitely seeing a slow shift to the rational brain.  Even democracy is a means to incorporate difference of opinion without having a civil war over every difference.  There are countless examples of society improving one area after another area due to rejecting our animal instincts and being guided by our human intellect.  For example, women in the west no longer experience the extreme prejudice against them that made them equivalent to being owned as property up until fairly recently.  This reality has not spread yet to the far corners of the world.  The rest of this century will see the push of the rational brain over the animal brain as Gemini promotes the mind.  This century will be the battle of the brains.

Finally, Gemini is never dull.  So while our brains battle it out, cities grow, smartphones become intelligent, high speed rail making inroads against domestic flights, environmentally efficient cars and a bipolar geopolitical reality with the further fragmentation of political power we will have to hang on even more tightly to the merry-go-round because it is picking up speed.  This will also affect astrology and astrologers.

The astrologer of tomorrow will not be a mono-astrologer practicing one approach to astrology such as Hellenistic, Medieval, Vedic, Chinese or modern 20th century psychological astrology.  It will be necessary to mix and match at least two of these forms of astrology or include significant variations such as Cosmobiology, fixed stars, macro-astrology etc.  Looking at astrology with only one eye is limited.  Knowing two majorly different types of astrology is like having two eyes wide open and provides greater clarity.  Each form of astrology is limited.  Combining at a minimum two forms reduces the inherent limitations found in all forms of astrology.  The Gemini gods favor this approach.

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