The Astrology of the US House of Representative’s Speaker Turmoil (January 2023)

The recent turmoil over the election of the speaker of the US House of Representatives has two precedents, one in December 1855, and another in December 1923.  There are some concise astrological similarities between these previous and present speaker votes involving Aquarius (and Gemini). Is this an accident or coincidence, or does it tell us something about the astrological dynamics of the USA?

The extreme Republicans blocking Kevin McCarthy are refusing to accept a loss – the core of the Trumpist playbook.  ‘This is not what democracy looks like; this is what acting out a belief in minority rule looks like.’ Photograph: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images courtesy of The Guardian.

These three coincidences all occur within the Age of Aquarius, but the first two occurred in the Scorpio sub-age (1791 – 1970) while the current one occurs in the Libra sub-age (1970 – 2149).  Each sub-age has 12 micro-ages (of almost 15 years each) and this is where the astrological correlation starts to come into focus.

  • 1855 – Aquarius micro-age decan (6/1851 – 5/1856)
  • 1923 – Aquarius micro-age decan (10/2020 – 10/2025)
  • 2023 – Aquarius micro-age decan overflow (12/2019 – 11/2024)

The Gemini connection can never be far away for Aquarius due to decans, and any Aquarius period, other than a decan, will have a Gemini decan and vice versa.

  • 1855 – Gemini micro-age (1851 – 1866)
  • 1923 – Gemini micro-age decan overflow (10/1920 – 10/1925)
  • 2023 – Gemini micro-age (2014 – 2029)

There is another commonality between these three periods other than their connections to Aquarius (and Gemini) – these three Aquarius periods are the three strongest appearances of Aquarius the world has experienced since the early 1800s.  In every 15 years micro-age there are 12 nano-age (approx. 15 months), including an Aquarius nano-age, but these are short-term periods closer to the second hand on the clock, whereas the micro-age and decans relate more to the minute hand.  These three Aquarius periods stand out as the strongest manifestations of Aquarius over the last 200 years, and they usually only appear once every 60 years (on average but with some eccentricities).  Aquarius is probably the most relevant because we are in the Age of Aquarius, and so any Aquarius sub-period, such as a micro-age or micro-age decan, will resonate with the full power of the Aquarian age.  These Aquarius micro-age and micro-age decan can be taken as part of the backbone of the Age of Aquarius, and taking into account that the USA is the empire of the Pisces-Aquarius age, these small Aquarius periods have special relevance. [Note: I discovered backbones associated with the ages only recently, and my initial discovery of astrological backbones was focused upon the backbone of the current Libra age decan (1433 – 2149)]

Every age since the Gemini age has produced an age empire, but a mono-signed age is really a misnomer – each age is really the combination of the previous age combined with the new age.  Accordingly, we are not in the Age of Aquarius, we are in the Pisces-Aquarius age. The Gemini-Taurus age produced Mesopotamia with its first cities and writing, the Taurus-Aries age produced Ancient Egypt with its massive temples and pyramids, the Aries-Pisces age produced Ancient Rome with the mightiest army legions prior to modern times and now the Pisces-Aquarius age has produced the USA as the corporate monolith in the world. It is the first of the dual signs associated with each age empire that has the real power. [see Age of Aquarius for Dummies ]

Though the USA is the age-empire of the current Pisces-Aquarius age, Pisces has the greatest influence which is readily perceived.  The USA was mainly settled by arrivals from Pisces Europe.  Pisces rules slavery and the USA gained its initial economic leverage from slavery, plus has fought a civil war over slavery.  Pisces is the sign of corporations (fake bodies), and the USA sits at the center of the modern corporate world.  Pisces rules dreams and Americans place dreams on the pedestal of the American Dream.  The USA is the movie capital of the world and Pisces rules movies.  Pisces also rules suburban culture – pioneered by the USA. Pisces promotes snake-oil salesmen and grifters. [see Pisces America ]

Pisces is also the dumbbell sign due to its two fish swimming in opposite directions, which explains why the USA behaves as if it is two separate nations forced to live together, rather than one society with two shades – as is the case with most modern western countries.  This dumbbell analogy for the USA explains why the rift between conservatives and progressives is far more divisive compared to most other western nations, as the USA is two countries forced to exist within a common border.  Each half of the USA has its own ethos, and the two ethe often vehemently clash such as with Prohibition. 

The secret to all age empires is that they harness both the energies of the previous age and current age though this is difficult to achieve because all age empires appear to have a love-hate relationship between their two key signs, and for the USA, Aquarius is the partner it both loves and hates.  Aquarius is placed strongly in America’s psyche, which is why the USA trumpets its democratic credentials around the world – but the USA is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  The wolf is America’s corporate-business interests while the sheep’s clothing is Aquarius democracy. This is not a criticism as the astrology suggests that this is about the best that can be expected at this point in the socio-political evolution of societies.

The astrology of the world from the perspective of the astrological ages suggests that the first age-empire that will pioneer Aquarius (democracy) as its primary ethos cannot appear in the world before the arrival of the Capricorn age in 3581 when the empire of the Aquarius-Capricorn age will manifest. In thousands of years’ time, the USA will be looked back at as the key stepping stone from the kindergarten democracy of Ancient Athens and the more democratic-orientated world of the post-3581 world.  The USA fulfills the role of elementary or formative democracy only, while the ancient Athenians grappled with their very basic and rudimentary democracy – killing Socrates in the process!

The problem with the USA as the empire of the Pisces-Aquarius age is that Aquarius sits at the 12th house position to Pisces and the 12th house is basically an unfavorable house and suggests significant self-made problems associated with Aquarius democracy and fascism.  There is something about Aquarius that unsettles Pisces, and I believe that these three periods of discord associated with the speaker elections of the House of Representatives demonstrate the difficulty the USA has with Aquarius.  Most astrologers are brainwashed into thinking that the Age of Aquarius will introduce to the world a Pisces’ heaven, but Aquarius has its own agenda based on Aquarius archetypes – and Aquarius archetypes have nothing to do with peace, mysticism, rainbows or love. 

High up on Aquarius’ totem pole of archetypes sits disruption and extremism.  Examples of such disruption and extremism under the current Aquarius micro-age decan (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) include the election of Donald Trump as president of the USA and Britain’s exit from the European Union.  The recent massive international social disruption and supply chain disruptions due to the Covid pandemic is another example of the current Aquarius period – especially its overflow commencing in December 2019.  Another example of Aquarius is the Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupting energy and food supplies around the world.  China is now experiencing massive disruption in its society due to the sudden deregulation of its former draconian policies toward Covid.

Despite the extremism and disruption associated with Aquarius, any historical analysis of the world since the arrival of the Age of Aquarius also promotes freedom, liberty and democracy – but at every step of the way, there are barking mad dogs trying to upset the apple cart such as Putin in Ukraine, Trump in America, and all the other clones around the world.  Despite the rabid mad dogs of the 20th century, the world did not ultimately succumb to the fascist and communist extremists and currently, more and more countries are slowly moving to the democratic camp. Ukraine is an example of one recent arrival embracing the positive side of the Age of Aquarius.

The Republican extremists in the US House of Representatives who delayed the election of the speaker is merely one of many instances of extremists trying to either gain power, or more power.  Based on a number of commentators, there is a perception that these Republican extremists, if they don’t get their own way, want to wreck as much as possible as extremists do not like democracy, they prefer their minority political views instead. It’s one of the ironies of politics that Aquarius breeds nutcase extremists and democracy with the same breath!

If we want to understand the real Age of Aquarius, and not the delusionary Piscean view of the Age of Aquarius, we need to closely examine the backbone of the Age of Aquarius, and the world is experiencing one of these Aquarius vertebrae now.  The current Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow is the most powerful experience of Aquarius that any baby boomer or younger generations have experienced to date.  You don’t want to miss the experience of examining our current Aquarius backbone as these are usually once-in-a-generation opportunity? 

The US House of Representatives speaker debacle is part of this Aquarius backbone in action, and no matter how many battles the forces of darkness wage and even win against the incoming Aquarian tide of freedom and democracy, freedom and democracy are due to win the war – but not in our lifetimes, century or even this millennia. Most of the changes that most progressives want now will eventually arrive, but it’s a long slow process though surges do appear infrequently or unexpectantly – especially when Aquarius is involved.

Though I have glossed over Gemini in favor of Aquarius, Gemini may have a supporting role?  When Gemini is strong, truth, honesty and ethics are weak as Sagittarius is in detriment in a Gemini period.  Certainly, under the influence of the current Gemini micro-age (2014 – 2029) we have seen the dilution of facts into counter-facts to such an extent, that a significant minority of society will accept any information peddled on the internet or from a political grifter as the gospel truth if it aligns with their distorted outlook on life.  This must be expected for a very long time, as the strongest sign in the world for a very long time remains Pisces, as we are in the Pisces-Aquarius age.

Our current Gemini influence has witnessed the rise of conspiracy theories to its highest level in recent times, and the conspiracy epidemic is parallel to the Covid pandemic.  The rejection of Trump’s electoral loss is one of these counter-facts, and the recent impasse in the US House of Representatives is apparently spearheaded by these anti-fact troglodytes.  Bad habits by the age-empire of our times spread like a stench, and the recent assault upon democracy by rioters in Brazil when they invaded their governmental buildings is a good example. This is the price of democracy – the weirdos get to be the focus every once in a while, especially if Aquarius is involved, but this is a small price to pay to live in a democratic-orientated country and not under a Putin-styled thug.  At least the Ukrainians understand this clearly where the biggest contemporary battle of the Aquarian age is currently taking place! The spread of freedom and democracy is the major focus of the Age of Aquarius. We need to understand that we sit only about 500 years within this war for democracy that will play out over the next four and a half thousand years! It’s extremely early days in this war, so expectations should not be too high, and many battles will be lost before the war is finally won!