First Nano-Age Decan Discovered?

When I commenced researching the astrological ages in 1987, I immediately realized that astrological ages of some 2,150 years each were just too massive to readily assimilate.  I therefore examined the possibility that each age consisted of 12 sub-ages (as many other researchers had previously attempted – such as Charles Carter).  It took about six weeks, but finally I found the last two sub-ages of the Pisces age and the first three sub-ages of the Aquarian age.  However I was basically limited to an accuracy in the order of a sub-age (approximately 179 years), and therefore while I could isolate the 15th century unambiguously for the arrival of the Aquarian age, I could do little better than pick the right century.

In 1994 I publish my first booklet and announced that the Aquarian age had arrived between 1457 and 1472 based on the presumption I had drilled down to the next level and accurately divided each sub-age into 12 micro-ages (of approximately 15 years each). This was documented in “The Book of World Horoscopes” (1999) by Nicholas Campion (p 489).  However, my initial investigation of the micro-ages was flawed.  After a six years interregnum, I recommenced my research in 2000 and re-evaluated the micro-ages and arrived at a new time period of 1443 – 1447 for the arrival of the Aquarian age as documented in ISAR’s email newsletter 212 on 28 Dec 2002.  I realized that if I was to improve the rectification process, I would need to find micro-age decans (approx. five years each).

By May 2006, I believed that I had found all the possible micro-age decans that existed from 1791 allowing me to fine tune the arrival of the Aquarian age to 1433. The possible discovery early this year of nano-age decans (of approximately five months each) indicates that if this hypothesis is proved correct, then the arrival of the Age of Aquarius may be fine-tuned to around either the first, second, third or fourth quarter of 1433.

While the existence of five months nano-age decans may seem ephemeral or even ludicrous, it is their ability to tighten the rectification of the arrival of the Aquarian age that offers the greatest initial utility from this discovery. However there is one unexpected issue associated with these quasi nano-age decans that I have not had to concern myself about with when researching larger sub-periods. Many astrologers know that there is a one degree retrograde movement of the earth over 72 years due to precession of the equinoxes. However this movement is not linear. Based on the formula for Rigorous Precession, there are two period each year of one to three months duration whereby the earth experiences an anti-retrograde motion (ie precession temporarily halts and moves the other way or ‘forward’). This will marginally affect the 15 months nano-ages, but the 5 months nano-age decans will be greatly distorted with some possibly lasting much more than 5 months, and other squashed into a time-frame less than 5 months. This is why I am calling these quasi nano-age decans with an average duration of 5 months ‘pulses’.

Nevertheless, these little periods or pulses of an average time-frame of five months do offer a context for events and developments in the world.  If my assessment is correct, the world is currently transitioning from a five months Aries period to a five months Sagittarius period (the first two decans of the Leo nano-age 2012-13)  The Aries events are focused between December 2012 and February 2013 and include: the school massacre in Connecticut, the  Japan China East China Sea Dispute, Lance Armstrong’s performance enhancing drugs confession on the Oprah Winfrey show, the Europol match-fixing investigation, the spectacular meteorite in the Russian Urals, the alleged murder of Reeva Steenkamp by Oscar Pistorius in South Africa and other items particularly involving the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport.  The hissy-fit by North Korea over the UN reactions to its atomic bomb test in early 2013 also has strong Aries overtone – it is not every day a country threatens to target the USA!  This is probably the best example of the God of War taking advantage of a little five month period aligned to Aries (with the American pro-gun lobby vying for first place). I have already documented a couple of events linked to the incoming Sagittarius nano-age decan. It is very possible that the election of Pope Francis on 13 March 2013 is one of the first notable events with strong archetypal relationship to Sagittarius as Sagittarius is always linked to mainstream religions.

The complete details on the above research have just been published at my other WordPress blog at The Cutting Edge of the Aquarian Age