Scorpio – the Sign of the Times

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Though the world has been in the Aquarian age for centuries, the most noticeable astrological effect currently upon the world is from Scorpio.  Scorpio may bring some serious catastrophes but it also brings some hidden jewels.  Why is Scorpio so strong?  The first ever known illustration of the zodiac over 2000 years ago depicts each zodiacal sign divided into twelve sub-signs.  Similarly the ages such as the Age of Aquarius are divided into twelve sub-ages.  The first four sub-ages of the Aquarian age are Capricorn (c.1433-1612), Sagittarius (1612-1791), Scorpio (1791-1970) and Libra (1970-2148).  However the dates assigned to these sub-ages belie the real situation.  Ages and sub-ages behave like waves and each wave is at its strongest point at its very end, whereupon it `breaks’ and washes over the following period.

The Scorpio sub-age (c.1791-1970) reached its zenith in 1970 and for all of the 21st and much of the 22nd centuries will be the most influential sign despite the appearance of the new Libra sub-age.   The prime concepts associated with Scorpio are revolution; spiritual regeneration; death; waste products from any process, which naturally includes sewage and pollution; atomic energy and bombs; almost everything associated with sex; taxes and debt (including credit cards); underground criminal organisations, spy networks and terrorists; minimalism; and tyrants with their cruelty.   In the lead up to the peak of Scorpio’s influence around 1970 some very noticeable Scorpio flavoured international events took place.

This period coincided with the Sexual Revolution following the public availability of the oral contraceptive pill in 1961.  The publication of `Portnoy’s Complaint’ with its ground breaking promotion of masturbation nine years later indicates the revolution in sexual behaviour.  Numerous assassinations or killing of prominent people occurred in the decade leading up to 1970 including President Kennedy, Che Guevara, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy along with the alleged attempted assassination of Castro in Cuba.  Along the same vein is the Mylai massacre of 109 civilians in Viet Nam by US troops.  Modern terrorism emerged also at this time when in 1970 Arab terrorists blew up three hijacked jets in Jordan.  The first of a series of James Bond spy movies were produced commencing with the James bond movie `Dr No’ in 1963.  Other significant Scorpio associated events include the Cultural Revolution commencing in China in 1968 and the 1968 student and workers uprising in France. With the peaking and breaking of the Scorpio wave in 1970 the overflow from the Scorpio sub-age will wash over the 21st century and most of the 22nd century.  However Scorpio’s influence will ebb and flow in these two centuries.  In the same way that ages have sub-ages, sub-ages also have smaller periods within them called micro-ages.  When the Scorpio sub-age overflow passes over a Scorpio influence associated with these micro-ages a Scorpio hotspot occurs.  The first very significant Scorpio hotspot was between 1970 and 1985.  It expanded the theme of the previous 15 years.

The Sexual Revolution continued unabated with the widespread appearance of single mothers.  Genetics became a new field and the first test tube pregnancy occurred in 1973 with the first test tube baby in 1978.  In 1974 scientists first chopped up DNA showing how genetic engineering could occur.  The nuclear issue gathered pace and in reaction in 1972 Greenpeace protested at a French nuclear blast at Mururoa Atoll.  The same year saw the signing of the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT) between the USA & USSR in an attempt to limit the deployment of nuclear weapons.  In 1979 there was the Three Mile Island atomic leak crisis in the USA and at the tail end of this period in 1986 the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in the USSR was stricken by fire releasing massive amounts of radioactivity.

Pollution increasingly became noticeable when in 1976 it was fairly universally acknowledged that fluorocarbons released into the atmosphere were depleting the Ozone layer.  By the tail end of this hotspot in 1987 seventy countries pledged to reduce damage to the earth’s ozone layer from propellants etc.

Some of the famous spying scandals and cases occurred in this Scorpio hotspot.  First there was the Watergate scandal in the USA in 1972 that eventually toppled President Nixon.  Two years later the West German chancellor resigned after a spy was found working in his office.  In 1981 it was discovered that a former British MI5 spy chief was probably a KGB mole.

It was not only the Beatles and the Rolling Stones who were singing about revolution at this time.  In 1973 Dr Spock was blamed `for much of the contemporary youth rebellion’.  The 60’s saw the birth of the counterculture – a radical new political force antagonistic to mainstream capitalistic society.  Numerous revolts took place around the world including the blacks in Soweto, South Africa in 1976, an army coup that toppled the moderate Afghanistan government in 1978, the overthrow of the Shah of Iran by Islamic fundamentalists and the socialist Sandinista rebels overthrew Nicaragua’s dictatorship – both in 1979.  In 1980 Mugabe was elected the first black prime minister of Zimbabwe replacing a white minority government.  In 1980 the independent Solidarity trade union formed in communist Poland which eventually lead to the overthrow of communism in Poland and was the thin edge of the wedge that saw the collapse of European communism over the next decade.  These were revolutionary times indeed!

Terrorists had their heyday in this hotspot.  Between 1972 and 1978 we saw the appearance of underground groups such as the Japanese Red Army terrorists, the Symbionese Liberation Army who kidnapped Patty Hearst and the Italian Red Brigade who assassinated a former prime minister.  In America the Weatherman Underground group formed out of radical 60’s students with the express purpose of overthrowing the US government.  In 1983 Islamic terrorists drove truck bombs into US and French bases in Lebanon killing 299 people while in 1984 an IRA bomb blasted the Tory Conference in Brighton.  At the tail end of this period in 1985 an Air India jumbo crashed into Atlantic from what is believed to have been a bomb explosion.  Finally in 1988 a Pan American jet crashed onto Lockerbie, Scotland from a bomb planted by Libyan agents.

The most significant or noticeable string of events during this pronounced Scorpio hotspot involved death, murder and assassination.  In 1973 Chile’s democratically elected President Allende was killed in what has been alleged a US orchestrated coup.  1975 saw the beginning of the Cambodian genocide under Pol Pot’s communist regime where it is believed millions were killed.  In 1978 mass suicide and murder took place at the People’s Temple cult in Guyana of mainly expatriate Americans and John Lennon in 1980.  In 1981 both President Reagan and the Pope were wounded in assassination bids and the British queen had blank shots fired at her.  President Sadat of Egypt drew the short straw that year when he was assassinated.  1982 saw the massacres at the PLO refugee camps in Lebanon.  In 1983 the USSR shot down a South Korean passenger jet for allegedly spying on its territory and the opposition leader Beningo Aquino Jnr was assassinated upon his return to the Philippines.  In 1984 Indira Ghandi was assassinated in India and in 1986 the Swedish prime minister was assassinated.

The world has arrived at another hotspot which stretches from 2005 to 2015 but the most potent time is between 2010 and 2015.  Already some early indicators of Scorpio’s increased presence is making itself felt.  One of the most noticeable aspects is a new concerted push to expand nuclear energy production.  Australia, the major supplier of uranium in the world, is moving towards increasing the number of mines and production and possibly even introducing nuclear reactors into Australia.  Other nuclear developments are North Korea’s claim in 2005 that it had developed a nuclear bomb and the belief in 2006 that Iran was developing a nuclear weapon.  If the last Scorpio hot spot is any guide, some nuclear calamity due to aggression or accident may be around the corner, especially between 2010 and 2015.

Other Scorpio inclined events in 2005 are the terrorist bombings in London, the assassination of the former prime minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri, the natural death of Pope John Paul II, riots in France by disaffected young Muslims.  One positive Scorpio development is that 150 nations are now focussed upon reducing greenhouse gases post 2012 but without the USA.  Even the fear of a bird flu pandemic in 2006 has Scorpio overtones as Scorpio rules birds with the eagle an alternative ruler of Scorpio!

The ten year Scorpio period 2005 to 2015 will not be as long lasting as the thirty year period surrounding 1970 but it may be as potent.  We should expect a sharp increase in terrorism, assassinations, murder, issues involving genetics (embryonic stem cell research) and death, nuclear energy and weapons, criminal networks and general instability.  Scorpio has never had a good reputation!  However this may be due to a common misunderstanding of Scorpio’s nature.  Scorpio’s strength lies on the inside – not the outside.  Security must be found on the inside, especially in a Scorpio period.  History indicates that some of the greatest `spiritual’ teachers appeared at Scorpio times.  For example not long after the peak of the last Scorpio sub-age in 8 BC appeared Jesus Christ.  His Gnostic followers focussed upon inner Knowledge and experience.  Travelling spiritual teachers or yogis from India also arrived in Rome during this time.

The 1970’s also reflected this new zeal for inner experience and the proliferation of cults that occurred around this time demonstrates Scorpio’s `inner world’ potential.  Such groups include the Children of God, Transcendental Meditation formed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi which temporarily gained the attraction of the Beatles and other rock stars. Ananda Marga and another popular cult from the 1970’s was the followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.  Despite the negativity associated with the word `cult’, the appearance and flourishing of these groups is indicative of the strong quest by many people to find inner peace under Scorpio.  We should see a replay of this especially between 2010 and 2015 but some early indicators may become available in the lead up to 2010.

Another area not readily reported in the newspapers is the silent revolution taking place around the world.  Alvin Toffler’s book `The Third Wave’ published in 1980 explores this theme.  This silent revolution involves a growing number of people turning away from many conventional values with a tendency to accept complementary or alternative medicine, vegetarianism, organic foods or a healthier holistic approach to nutrition; recycling, environmental awareness and anti-consumption; pro-peace and anti-war; gender equality, anti-global corporations and big business; pro rural or a simpler existence with a focus upon local communities, small business etc; a more liberal approach to illicit drugs (mainly soft drugs) and variations on family structures and sexual preferences; preference for non-mainstream religions if any, especially of Earth friendly spiritualism in all of its forms and guises; political preference towards Green parties or left wing political parties and scepticism of governments and governmental agencies.  The full list is much larger.  The above is not uniform amongst adherents, as there is great variation between individuals and perhaps between countries and regions.  For some people a sea-change or tree-change is their step towards this silent revolution.  This revolution is from the ground up so there is no common theme or attributes being dictated by anyone.

The mindset of the worlds’ leaders, governments and political parties is a modern version of the same basic outlooks that have dominated thinking for thousands of years.  For thousands of years war, strife and stupidity combined with intellectual advancement, artistic achievement and great strides in technology and economic efficiency have been the norm.  The astrology of the Scorpio sub-age overflow suggests that the appearance of this new approach to life or silent revolution commencing around the 1960’s and 70’s will eventually be on equal terms with the current and long standing mainstream approach to life by around the middle of the 22nd century.  This balance should persist for many centuries thereafter – even to the extent that a thousand years from now it may be classified a modern version of a golden age.

In the first part in the Scorpio sub-age proper (c.1791-1970) a world wide political revolution deposed the ruling monarchies replacing them with mainly democratic, proletarian or military based dictatorships of one form or another.  The second part of the Scorpio gear change is between 1970 and late in the 22nd century.  The current Scorpio hotspot, commencing 2005 but especially between 2010 and 2015, is one of those special times during which another significant step forward will be taken in the silent revolution.  So while death, terrorism, criminals, debt, pollution, adverse side effects from nuclear energy or weapons and general instability are on the rise again, so too will more people look for that inner contentment and peace that sages and wise people through the millennia have alluded to and the silent revolution will make another small step forward in its amorphous and uncoordinated march forward to being a key influence in world events, politics and community affairs.  A resurgence of the 1960’s and 70’s revolutionary passion is at our doorsteps again and will be very strong around 2010.

Published in the Astrological Monthly Review Vol. 68 No. 11 November 2006 Pg 27-31

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The Silent Revolution

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