Demystifying the Aquarian Age

The Most Popular Posts

The Age of Aquarius for Dummies

An Age Old Mistake That Still Haunts Astrologers

The Aquarian age did not begin in the 1960’s or ’70s

SCORPIO – the Sign of the Times …. Revisited – Part 1

Females, Women and Feminists in the Age of Aquarius

Generational Astrology – Introduction (Part 1)

Gemini’s Role in our Modern World (or Battle of the Brains)

Trump is Representative of the Age of Aquarius

Is Trump the New Caligula

The above posts are slowly being produced in video format

Macro-Astrology on YouTube


Other Blogs by Terry MacKinnell
Aquarian Age Economics – financial astrology utilizing the ages and their sub-periods

At the Cutting Edge of the Aquarian Age – Its focus is upon the sub-periods of the astrological ages, especially the nano-ages (approximately 15 months duration).

Terry MacKinnell – Vedic Western Fusion Astrologer

“The Dawning” by Terry MacKinnell available at online book sellers and in Australia at

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