Did You Perceive the Age of Aquarius in 2022?

The Age of Aquarius is very long – around 2150 years.  If you read discussions about the Age of Aquarius, most writers assume or presume that it is monolithic without any internal structure.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Most astrologers know about decanates (decans), but this escapes the notice of many astrologers when they contemplate the astrological ages. Why would the Age of Aquarius be bereft of age-decans at a minimum?

Apart from decans, most modern astrologers have lost sight of dividing zodiac signs into 12, but the ancient Babylonians were doing this as common practice well over 2,000 years ago.  They used the location of the Sun in these twelve-fold divisions of each zodiac sign as a substitute for the ascendant before the ascendant was invented by the later Hellenistic Greeks.  My 35 years of research into the astrological ages has clearly demonstrated that dividing signs into 12 parts is not the end of the line – this process can be extended a number of times due to the glacial nature of the astrological ages.  To perceive the Age of Aquarius in 2022, or any year, it is necessary to perceive very small parts of the Age of Aquarius because that is where the action is located.

For example, did you experience or perceive Sagittarius replacing Capricorn in 2022?  Did 2022 begin with the continuation of somber Capricorn’s note of restrictions and hardship associated mainly with the Covid pandemic only to be cast aside by Sagittarius’ good fortune, especially in the sphere of the resurgence of international travel and general optimism in comparison to Covid lockdown times?  This surge in international travel caught most airlines off guard, and many stories have been told of sudden cancellations of flights and the unprecedented quantity of baggage going missing.

Table 1 – The 2022 interplay between the Capricorn nano-age overflow and the Sagittarius nano-age and overflow with the crossover point June 2022. The peaking of the Scorpio nano-age and overflow will not occur until August 2023.

Russia’s heavy-handed attack on Ukraine supported the dark overtones of Capricorn that dominated the first half of 2022, reminding us of the Cold War yet again as Putin unleashed his orcs onto Ukraine – this is the typical cold hand of Capricorn at play as Capricorn stokes the forces of darkness, oppression and lack of empathy.  Capricorn was also a key astrological player in the world at the height of the Cold War associated with the Capricorn micro-age overflow (1940 – 1955). Furthermore, the Age of Aquarius commenced with the Capricorn sub-age and overflow (1433 – 1612 – 1791) as a preview of the difficult times expected under the Capricorn age and overflow (3581 – 5728 – 7876). However, it should be a stunning time for scientific advances – which will probably be needed for a resource-poor world in the future.

Another strong development in 2022 associated with Sagittarius was the return of inflation after a long time of respite.  Some years ago I researched economic cycles and discovered that economic problems were more likely to occur under mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces) – which was rather confusing, as I and most astrologers consider the mutable sign of Sagittarius to be a positive sign – how could it be associated with negative economic woes?  The best teacher of astrology is astrology and 2022 went out of its way to show me the other side of Sagittarius.  Inflation is basically economic growth expanding too quickly.  There is a general consensus that economic growth of 2% or 3% is highly desirable, but not 5% or more. This is how positive but expansionary Sagittarius can be instrumental in negative economic circumstances. The Republican Party in the USA were depending upon the negative perception of inflation by the electorate to help their chances in the midterm elections in early November 2022.

If you can perceive the above interface of the departure of Capricorn and the arrival of Sagittarius in 2022, you have just experienced the ever-so-slow creak and grind of the wheel of ages as the world glacially works itself through the early stages of the Age of Aquarius.  Most astrologers know very little of the astrological ages and especially how they work, but the more I research them, the more it becomes obvious that a significant amount of how the world experiences the astrological ages is via very tiny nano-ages and their decans. 

An age of around 2,150 years has 12 sub-ages of some 178 years, which again each have 12 micro-ages of almost 15 years each.  Each of these micro-ages has 12 nano ages of approximately 15 months each, and all these periods also have their decans of almost five months each.  Though I have drilled down to even a deeper level and identified pica ages of about 5 weeks each, these behave like small shimmering mirages and so the smallest useable or viable sub-period are nano-age decans (approximately 5 months long). 

It is the progression of these small five-month nano-age decans and 15-month nano-ages that basically define each astrological age or allow the ages to manifest.  Each nano-age or nano-age decan interfaces with the larger micro-ages, sub-ages and the full-size astrological ages and their respective decans to create what we call the Pisces age or Aquarius age.  Nano-ages and their decans that resonate with larger micro-ages, sub-ages, ages or their respective decans will have more impact.  It is the collective impact of variable influences at the nano-age and nano-age decan levels that ultimately define the astrological ages.

Every time the Age of Aquarius comes across an Aquarius period such as an Aquarian sub-age or sub-age decan, micro-age or micro-age decan, or nano-age or nano-age decan, these periods are going to be stronger than surrounding non-aligned periods.  The world is currently under the influence of an Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) – the only strong dose of Aquarius that all Baby Boomers and later generations have experienced in their lives to date.  It is only since the appearance of the current Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow that I truly could understand the calamities the world experienced under the Aquarius micro-age and overflow (1910 – 1925 – 1940) with its two world wars, Great Depression and the appearance of communism as a force to be reckoned with.  This is in stark contrast to the urban myth that Aquarius should bring peace and love to the world.  When did Aquarius morph into Libra?

It is understandable that astrologers long for a mythical Aquarian age where peace, love and understanding will rule the world, but this expectation is not based on evidence and is certainly not based on Aquarius.  The world of astrology is very strange (it is ruled by Aquarius), and in its eccentric nature, it behaves like a fusion of academia mixed with show business.  For every well-researched and detailed analysis provided by astrologers, about an equal amount of astrological nonsense is pedaled in a show business format where readers’ prejudices are exploited and popularity defines truth.

To appreciate the strength of these nano-ages and nano-age decans, 2022 basically commenced with the fireworks associated with the Aries nano-age decan overflow (Jan 2022 – Jun 2022), and it is necessary to understand how overflow periods operate if you want to appreciate how the astrological ages and their sub-periods operate. Basically, any overflow period is a period that follows any age or sub-period and is of the same length – but the overflow period is much stronger.  What this means is that the Age of Pisces (715 BC – 1433 AD) is more powerful in the Age of Aquarius (1433 – 3581) because the period 1433 to 3581 is also the Pisces age overflow, and Pisces will be more powerful in its overflow period.  The strongest time for Aquarius will be in the Capricorn Age (3581 – 5728). (see Age of Aquarius for Dummies )

The punch in the face the world experienced with the arrival of this Aries nano-age decan overflow at the beginning of 2022 was the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as Aries promotes war and conflict.  Of course, the Aries nano-age decan (Aug 2021 – Jan 2022) was developing its momentum and obviously, the machinations of war was being prepared by the Russian government, but the overflow period commencing in January 2022 is always far stronger. 

Volcanic eruptions are also linked to Aries and the eruption of the Hunga volcano in Tonga after four weeks of activity on 15 January 2022 was the largest volcanic eruption since the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo, and the most powerful eruption since the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa.  It should be noted that the 1991 eruption also occurred under Aries, the Aries micro-age decan overflow (Mar 1990 – Mar 1995) and Krakatoa occurred under the even more powerful Aries micro-age (1881-1896).  Many people also noticed the fantastic reddish sunsets since the volcanic eruption.  We can also include with Aries the return to operation in April 2022 of the Large Hadron Collider three years after being shut down for upgrades which naturally is based on collisions at the nuclear level – and Aries promotes collisions!

Assassinations are also linked to Aries and the July 2022 assassination of the former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe was a high-profile assassination.  Another high-profile death was that of the Islamic State leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi as a result of a counter-terrorism raid by US special forces in north-western Syria in February 2022. 

The Aries nano-age decan represents a third of a nano-age, and its parent nano-age was the Sagittarius nano-age (Mar 2021 – Jun 2022) leading into its more powerful Sagittarius nano-age overflow (Jun 2022 – Aug 2023).  Apart from warlike Aries, Sagittarius defined the second half of 2022 with passengers flocking to the air as the years of Covid isolation suddenly dissipated.  The rush towards international travel was like a stampede, with many airlines around the world trying to cope with a sudden surge in passengers and employees off sick with Covid.  Missing luggage became a sign of the times!

Another manifestation of Sagittarius, especially since mid-2022 when it peaked, has been the sigh of relief most of the world has expressed with the stoic Ukrainian response to the Russian invasion of their country.  Despite nuclear rumblings and the Russian’s frenzied attacks on Ukrainian civilian targets, the world seemed relieved at how the war has been proceeding to date – news of Ukraine’s successes and Russian failures are generally welcomed.  The Age of Aquarius has definitely sponsored the spread of democracy but the medieval Pisces Age Overflow energizes the assault upon democracy by the reactionary forces of darkness (or at least backwardness).  There is no indication that this struggle between democracy and totalitarianism will end any time soon, certainly not this century, and extremely unlikely by the end of the 3rd Millenium. The Age of Aquarius is definitely no golden age. Even the term ‘golden age’ is more accurately associated with Leo – the opposite sign to Aquarius. The Aquarian age does not promote light, it promotes excitement and disruption!

Scorpio nano-age (Jun 2022 – Aug 2023)

Usually, the overflow period significantly outweighs the following period, and so the emphasis would normally be placed on the Sagittarius nano-age overflow (Jun 2022 – Aug 2023) over the Scorpio nano-age (Jun 2022 – Aug 2023) – see Table 1.  However, the world is not only in the Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970 – 2149) but in its most powerful sector from 1970 to 2059.  Thus this small Scorpio period is stronger than the normal nano-age, and this was demonstrated in the November 2022 US midterm elections. 

For example, in an analysis of Michigan voters by the Epic-MRA pollster Bernie Porn, 43% of voters stated that the abortion issue was the strongest factor, while only 29% of voters factored inflation as the most important issue.  It is also more than coincidental that the US US Supreme Court reversed Roe versus Wade in June 2022, the very month Scorpio commenced.  With the full Scorpio nano-age and overflow (Jun 2022 – Aug 2023 – Nov 2024), it should be expected that abortion will be a decisive factor in the November 2024 US elections.  Scorpio is not just about sex, death and abortion, it is also revolutionary and promotes overthrowing limitations.  On the negative side, it does raise the stakes in the threat of nuclear weapons by Russia and other international malcontents.

Already a highly notable death has occurred under Scorpio’s watch – Queen Elizabeth II passed away in September 2022 marking perhaps the end of an era? If it is the end of an era, which era is ending? See the End of an Era postscript.

Aquarius micro-age decan overflow (Dec 2019 – Nov 2024)

Another key player for all of 2022 is the continuing and ongoing influence of the Aquarius micro-age decan overflow (Dec 2019 – Nov 2024).  Aquarius is the greatest disruptive sign in the zodiac and breeds extremism like Trump in the USA and Putin in Russia, with the Chinese president not far behind.  Aquarius partnered with Cancer (and Capricorn) to bring to the world the Covid pandemic.  More people in the world were disrupted by the pandemic compared to anything else since the end of the Second World War. The supply-chain disruptions that have played havoc in 2022 can probably be relied upon to continue into 2023 and COVID-19 should also maintain a dwindling presence in the world until around November 2024 with just enough energy to continue its disruption – but at a reduced level as there is no additional activation of Aquarius in 2023 – but it remains potent in the background. 

Of course, with Aquarius sitting within Russia’s astrological signature, it ensures that Russia always seems to be the odd country out, and when it changes, it seems to prefer extremes.  For example, it dawdled with monarchical rule way beyond the time’s norms, then lurched like a drunkard to the Kafkaesque nightmare of communism. After a very brief sojourn with the semblance of democracy after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was back to its autocratic thuggish roots. While the Aries nano-age decan overflow at the beginning of 2022 precipitated the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Aquarius influence has powered Russia in its self-proclaimed quest to repeat the achievement of Peter the Great – but replaced by Putin the Pathetic.

Aquarius rules electricity and many countries in the world are experiencing spiraling electricity prices as the Ukraine war disrupts energy supplies in Europe with a flow-on effect to much of the rest of the world.

Flashback to the Crimean War

It looks like history is against Russia – or to be more specific, history is against those who start wars be they American, Russian or anyone else. The original Crimean War (Oct 1853 – Feb 1856) had very similar astrology to the current Russian invasion of Ukraine. The start of the Crimean War in October 1853 was also in a Cancer micro-age overflow (Jun 1851 – Apr 1866) but in the Aquarius micro-age decan (Jun 1851 – May 1856) rather than an Aquarius micro-age decan overflow as was the case for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  The Crimean War commenced near the midway peak of the Aries nano-age and overflow (Sep 1852 – Dec 1853 – Feb 1855) whereas the Russian invasion of Ukraine commenced under an Aries nano-age decan overflow. Same basic signs but slightly different sub-periods involved.

Russia failed miserably in the Crimean War (1853 – 1856) which marked a turning point for the Russian Empire and suggests history is probably repeating itself.  It’s a little-known observation about war that rarely the aggressor wins (if you research the topic).   The Crimean War weakened the Imperial Russian Army, drained its finances, and undermined Russia’s influence in Europe and it took decades to recover. Russia’s humiliation forced it to recognize the need for fundamental reforms. The war thus became a catalyst for rapid modernization, and reforms of Russia’s social institutions, including the abolition of serfdom and overhauls in the justice system, local self-government, education and military service. 

We can only hope that the Russian invasion of Ukraine will teach Russians that they need an effective democracy and not just another dictatorial thug and warmonger as their leader.  It should be noted that historically for thousands of years, people have gravitated towards thugs as their leaders, and in a dog-eat-dog world, this makes sense.  However the appearance of the Age of Aquarius has clearly shown there has been an attempted shift to a less thuggish world, but there is more to do in this regard than what has been done to date. It’s a work in progress which parallels that the Age of Aquarius and it is extremely early days yet for the influence of the Age of Aquarius.  It may take millennia to entrench real democracy in our world.

Cancer micro-age decan overflow (Nov 2022 – Apr 2023)

2022 is concluding with a Cancer micro-age decan overflow (Nov 2022 – Apr 2023) and so we may see some evidence of a resurgent Russia, China and any archetypes associated with Cancer such as Islam, the Middle East, refugees, Covid or some other contagion, conspiracy theories and populace leaders and their rhetoric – but only for about five months.  However, this also resonates with the more powerful Cancer micro-age and overflow (Feb 2000 – Dec 2014 – Nov 2029) so it is another period that is bigger than its bootstraps – these are the ones to watch. 

One manifestation of Cancer is Iran’s footballers’ refusal to sing their country’s national anthem at the start of their World Cup match with England in apparent support for the anti-government protests sweeping the country. Even the staging of the World Cup in Qatar in November 2022 has brought attention to the restrictive anti-liberal laws in this Middle Eastern country.

Another manifestation of Cancer is the housing crisis many countries are experiencing around the world, especially with inflation driving up real estate prices and rentals.  China is having a mega housing crisis with the collapse of its housing sector. Cancer will also temporarily promote populace leaders and politics, and the underworld of conspiracy theorists should be enthused with their entrenched and mainly uniform delusions. The announcement by Donald Trump in November 2022 for another run for the US presidency is evidence of the return of Cancer. However, as Donald Trump’s dismal performance in the November 2022 US midterm elections displayed, while Cancer will remain very strong in the world until the end of this century, it is waning. Once the Aquarius micro-age overflow departs in November 2024, some sense of normality should return as Aquarius partnered with Cancer to bring us the new breed of lying populace leaders. Aquarius rules extremes, eccentrics and disruption, and this is why conspiracy theorists and volatile populace leaders have had such an impact of late – but there days are numbered. With the strongest sign in the Age of Aquarius being Pisces, is it any wonder that delusion can be placed on a pedestal in our so-called modern world?

One notable development linking the Gemini micro-age (2014 – 2029) with the Cancer nano-age overflow (Nov 2022 – Apr 2023) and Sagittarius nano-age overflow (June 2022 – Aug 2023) was the hostile takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, a supporter of Donald Trump. While Cancer promotes populace leaders, and Gemini’s focus on the internet, especially online communication (social media), the Sagittarius nano-age overflow opposes Gemini – and this strain between Sagittarius and Gemini promotes the kind of hostile takeover of Twitter that has taken place. The Sagittarius influence on Cancer activates Cancer’s 6th house, a desultory house for Cancer. So while the focus may increase on Cancer archetypes, Sagittarius will tend to play havoc upon them, and this can manifest in the appalling performance of the Russian military (ruled by the 6th house), plus China’s rigid stance with its draconian health rules associated with Covid – a 6th house issue.

Cancer is a sign of depression, and it is remarkable how depressed or pessimistic a significant number of people are displaying on social media or in conversations as if the end of the world is nigh. Compared to the first half of the 20th century, the world of 2022 is a Sunday School picnic – but depressed people cannot see the light of day. This collective depression is sure to find a number of means of expression, especially in this Cancer blip within the powerful Cancer micro-age and overflow. There are some legitimate areas of concern for many people to get depressed about, and probably the main one is lack of leadership. Countries with strong Cancer credentials such as China, Russia and the Middle East are somewhat immune to leadership issues but for the rest of the world, there is no real leadership. This is why Russia is allowed to run amok in Ukraine, not to mention the serious backtracking on the environment witnessed at Cop27 – though compensating underdeveloped countries for negative climate impact was acknowledged and technically agreed upon at the conference.

Interestingly, the launch of the Artemis rocket on November 16 2022 occurred after many months of delay for its mission to fly to the Moon and return to Earth. It is the first step to returning astronauts to the Moon, including the first female astronaut. Perhaps the rocket was waiting for the Cancer nano-age decan overflow to commence?

More details about 2023 will be found in 2023 in the Age of Aquarius once it is published. Click on 2022 in the Age of Aquarius for more predictive details about 2022.

The above astrological perspective on 2022 is focused on sub-periods of the Age of Aquarius.  These sub-periods are primarily:

  • Nano-ages (approx. 15 months) with 12 nano-ages in each micro-age
  • Micro-age-decans (approx. 5 years) with 3 micro-age decans in each micro-age
  • Micro-ages (almost 15 years) with 12 micro-ages in a sub-age

 [For further background information on the sub-periods of the astrological ages, see The Age of Aquarius for Dummies ]


You may not have been able to see the Age of Aquarius in 2022 prior to reading this post, but the key players were Capricorn followed by Sagittarius, with Aries playing a key role in the first half of 2022 and Cancer completing the year with Sagittarius remaining full steam ahead into 2023.  2023 sits strategically under the influences of the multi-year Aquarius micro-age decan overflow and Cancer micro-age overflow and these were the key players that brought 2022 to you and the rest of the world.  2023 has very different astrological dynamics and 2023 in the Age of Aquarius will be posted as soon as possible.

Searching for the Age of Aquarius? “The Spiritual Pilgrim Discovering Another World”. Engraving attributed to Camille Flammarion, 1888/2018. For more information on the above illustration, see The Flammarion Engraving and its Symbolic Potential by Laurence Browne

The End of an Era?

This is where the sub-periods of the astrological ages can yet again provide the answer. The end of an era the world is currently now experiencing is the era promoted by the Sagittarius sub-age and overflow (1612 – 1791 – 1970). But, you may ask, it should have concluded in 1970! But no, the momentum created by any period will continue but with greater competition. For example, while 1970 may have experienced the technical end of the Sagittarius influence, this is the same year that the Scorpio sub-age and overflow (1791 – 1970 – 2149) peaked with Scorpio now the dominant sub-age energy. Scorpio pushed Sagittarius aside, but not away. A primary manifestation is that the Scorpio pollution as a result of the Industrial Revolution and worldwide population explosion under Sagittarius now started to raise its head as a serious issue to be dealt with. Queen Elizabeth II was a vestige of the bountiful world under Sagittarius, but that bountiful world now has serious blemishes, cracks and jagged edges.

Secondly, all ages, and most sub-periods, such as the Sagittarius sub-age and overflow, encounter their opposite energy at their end. When the Sagittarius sub-age overflow concluded in 1970, and the Scorpio sub-age and overflow peaked, 1970 also marked the arrival of the Libra sub-age (1970 – 2149). Libra has three decans, and the Libra sub-age commenced with the Gemini sub-age decan and overflow (1970 – 2029 – 2088) and one of Gemini’s role is to stop Sagittarius – its opposite sign. This Gemini influence will peak in 2029 marking a more serious reversal of the so-called good fortune that arrived in the world under Sagittarius. By the end of the more powerful Gemini sub-age decan overflow in 2088, it is expected that the world population explosion will be complete, and that the world’s population will be on a descent curve. Interestingly, the most significant change in the world population explosion under Sagittarius occurred in its last decade, when the rate of population increase peaked in 1962 and 1963 as the following graph demonstrates.

The following graph indicates the expected total population in the world for the rest of the 21st century, which strongly suggests that the world’s population will be decreasing by the end of the Gemini sub-age overflow in 2088! Gemini has an assigned job to do, and predictions seem to support its role of undermining Sagittarius. Unfortunately, it will also be the era of lies – which most of us are already experiencing on an almost daily basis as we are haranged by telephone calls, emails or whatever of doubtful integrity, outright deceit or businesses trying to trick us into paying more for less. Most people now have an associate that was robbed or deceived online with authorities unwilling to take enough effective action. The Era of Scammers is on our doorstep!

6 thoughts on “Did You Perceive the Age of Aquarius in 2022?

  1. In my post on the perception of the Age of Aquarius in 2022, I focussed upon the interplay of the Capricorn and Sagittarius nano-ages that occurred in 2022, deep down within the Age of Aquarius. However, the greatest drama in 2022 was like an ancient myth playing out for the whole world to see – the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

    This invasion is a quintessential demonstration of the worldwide battle between Pisces and Aquarius that has been occurring since the arrival of the Age of Aquarius in the 15th century. The invasion draws upon the old time myths of Saturn castrating and killing his father, Uranus, only to have Jupiter overthrow Saturn. This ancient myth appears to be a story explaining the sequence of astrological ages, as Uranus rules Aquarius, Saturn rules Capricorn and Jupiter rules Sagittarius. This correctly portrays the movement of the astrological ages back ward through the zodiac. It is believed that only part of this ancient myth has been recovered, and that the full myth continues with Jupiter (Sagittarius) being overpowered by Pluto (Scorpio), who is overpowered by Venus (Libra) and so on.

    If we extend this ancient myth to 2022, the current battle in the Age of Aquarius is Aquarius versus Pisces, because while the Age of Aquarius arrived in the 15th century, this made Aquarius the emergent age or sign. In contrast, Pisces is the entrenched sign and explains why religions permeate most of the world, and large bureaucratic governments and organizations (corporations) basically run the world. It’s important to realize that a corporation is an artificial or fake body, which has many of the rights of an individual, and I believe in some city jurisdictions, some corporations can even vote!

    Corporations only appeared in the world in the early stages of the Age of Aquarius because the flow over of Pisces energy from the Pisces age is like a tsunami, and washes over the incoming age. This is why, while we reside many centuries within the Age of Aquarius, Pisces remains the dominant sign. With Pisces the entrenched and dominant sign, Aquarius has to fight its way to its vision of the world. A key component of Aquarius is democracy, freedom and equality. What we are seeing being played out is massive Russia with its Pisces cloak of delusion, bureaucracy and Kafkaesque political leadership versus the Ukrainians and their desire to continue living their lives in a democratic environment. It’s rather very simple once you understand the underlying reality.

    This is not to say that any country on the Aquarius side of the ledger is perfect, conscious and aware – and an excellent example of a grossly imperfect democracy is the USA. However, ancient Athens is the prime example of a very early example of proto-democracy, but despite their penchant for democracy and freedom, they kept slaves, denied women the vote, and did a number of horrific deeds including forcing Socrates to commit suicide. They also slaughtered and enslaved an entire community for just resisting Athenian demands based on the simple (anti-democratic) understanding that Athens was the stronger of the two, so the other community should submit – because that is the law of nature or the jungle. Though democracy is superior to all other alternatives, this does not make democratic nations guilt-free for their collective misdeeds.

    It was not an accident that when Ancient Athens briefly experimented with democracy in the early days of the Age of Pisces (715 BC – 1433 AD) because the first sub-age within the Pisces age was the Aquarius sub-age and overflow (715 BC – 536 BC – 357 BC). It is interesting to note that all ages begin with a sub-age of the following age as a kind of preview. Athenian democracy appeared in the late 6th century, not long after the midway point of the Aquarius sub-age and overflow – which is the most powerful part of any age, sub-age and so on. Currently the world is in the most powerful quarter of the Pisces age and overflow, with the quarter extending from 1433 AD to 2507 AD. This is the el supremo time for movies, drugs, corporations, salvation religions, ocean level rise, coastal flooding, confusion and lies.

    The role of Aquarius in the Age of Aquarius is not to produce a perfect world, it is only meant to bring a more democratic world with more freedoms and liberties compared to what the world has previously experienced for thousands of years under mainly monarchical rule or dictatorships – such as employed by Ancient Rome. Of course, Aquarius is not limited to democracy and freedoms, it also brings technology, especially any technology associated with electricity. Have you seen much movement towards electricity in the world over the last few centuries? Aquarius is also associated with flight – seen any such development in the world towards flight in recent times? It really is humorous the dance astrologers employ to explain why the Age of Aquarius has not yet arrived – but such a dance is understandable as dancing is a Pisces archetype.

    What can we expect from the ongoing mythological battle in the sky between Pisces and Aquarius? In the same way the Ukrainians are stoically resisting the overthrow of their democracy, the same sentiment keeps rearing its head around the world, especially since the world is in an Aquarius hotspot now due to the Aquarius micro-age and overflow (Dec 2024 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024). The death of a woman in Iran at the hands of the morality police has incensed many Iranians, resulting in months of ongoing clashes between pro-democracy civilians and their autocratic anti-democratic government. The FIFA Worlds Cup in November 2022 also witnessed a focus on Qatar’s atavistic laws on homosexuality. Even Chinese citizens are out on the street demanding the resignation of their president due to onerous lockdown measures employed by the government.

    Just because we are in the Age of Aquarius does not mean that in each and every clash or confrontation between the Pisces’ forces of darkness and the Aquarian quest for liberty, that Aquarian freedoms and democracy will prevail. Look at the Arab Spring, where a number of countries around the Mediterranean exploded in a frenzy of democratic intent, only for most of them to be put again in the yoke of intolerant conservatism. Syria is an excellent example of how freedom-loving revolutionaries have been trounced into the ground with hobnail boots – supplied mainly by Russia. The uglies will be ready to resist Aquarius democracy and freedom as Pisces is the strongest and entrenched sign in the world, but Aquarius is the strongest emergent sign in the world. Aquarius will not give up its quest, and no matter how many reversals occur, it will always bounce back while the Aquarius age and overflow is in play. China can have an almost endless parade of Tiananmen Square crackdowns, but one day, even freedom and democracy will come to China – but down hold your breath waiting for this – it could take centuries or millennia to come. This also irks (Pisces) idealists – they want their imaginary Aquarian age paradise, and everyone wants everything in their lifetime.

    Nothing is perfect in this world, and so the day will come when the energy of Aquarius will perversely be viewed as an unnecessary and backward element holding back society in some way – and therefore morphs into the forces of darkness. This is not hard to imagine as Aquarius rules fascism on a bad day, but whatever the case, it will become very obvious around 6500 AD, but we do not have to worry about that back here in the 21st century. It could make an interesting science-fiction movie? As an aside, science fiction is an excellent example of where Pisces and Aquarius happily coexist, with Pisces providing the fantasy and Aquarius the futuristic scientific element?

  2. An excellent summation of current events. It saddens me somewhat that the zodiac is so full of animosities and battles. Is there some kind of “mediator of the zodiac” who could introduce more harmony between the various signs? If so, it could radiate into a more peaceful existence for us all.

    • The zodiacal signs color events in the world, but from my perspective, they do not define events. For example, there is no astrological correlation to the fact that about 13,000 years ago, humans commenced “civilization”, and ever since, civilization has been advancing, yet this massive project has no astrological connotation other than the astrology colors the progress of civilization. This leads to fields outside of astrology, as most saints, sages and avatars clearly state that real peace is only an inner expereince, and it can be experienced despite what is happening in the world. I plan to write “The Astrology of Avatars” soon as there is a correlation between the appearance of avatars and Scorpio. One of the problems of becoming conscious, is that you see more clearly the devastating effects of so many unconscious people. This is actually a sign of improvement as people have to first see the problems before they can marshal the energies to solve the problems. So its not necessarily a bad thing to see animosities and battles.

    • “For him to have several months since the November elections and still not be able to clinch it, I think, is very much a testament to a lack of leadership.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discusses Kevin McCarthy’s failed attempts of becoming the Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

      This occurred under the influence of both the Cancer full moon (plus or minus one week of the exact full moon) and within the Cancer nano-age decan overflow (Dec 2022 – Apr 2023) with these two distinct Cancer periods reinforcing each other with their anti-leadership stance innately associated with Cancer due to its opposition to Capricorn. This is another possible example of the confluence of lunations with the sub-periods of the astrological ages despite each using a different zodiac.

      Cancer is a difficult sign for the USA as it was settled at the pointy end of the Capricorn sub-age (1433 – 1612) embalming Capricorn into the astrological signature of the USA. This explains the strong arch-conservative element entrenched in the psyche of the USA and also manifests as promotion of self-reliance and limitation on social security such as universal healthcare which is common in most western nations but retarded in the USA.


  3. […] complete evaluation of how the Sagittarius nano-age overflow performed out in 2022 is offered at Did You Perceive the Age of Aquarius in 2022?.  In abstract, Sagittarius promotes worldwide journey, luck and inflation amongst key […]

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