The UK General Election December 2019

The UK General Election on December 12 2019 is astrologically remarkable because it occurs at the ‘peak’ of the Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024).  [see This is the Dawning of the Aquarius Micro-Age Decan for details on this micro-age decan ] Aquarius promotes extremists and extremism at the expense of the middle ground.  This is why extremists have been able to capture the American presidency, convince enough UK voters in 2016 to choose Brexit combined with a number of leaders around the world falling into line or mimicking the new breakout by the hard rightwing politicians.

Hard left politicians are also on the rise such as Jeremy Corbyn in the UK and Bernie Sanders in the USA. but their impact on mainstream politics has not yet materialized as the center stage has been stolen by the hard right.  What is more noticeable is the civil disturbances around the world against intractable governments.  At the time of publication, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Chile, Iraq, Pakistan, Barcelona, Holland, France, Peru and Haiti to name a few of the major outbursts against mainly unjust or inequitable government policies regardless of the democratic standing of the government.  Aquarius promotes rebellion.

The current Aquarius period does have astrological precedence as the very last time Aquarius was strong, the world had to withstand Hitler, Mussolini and Franco in Europe alone.  The previous Aquarius micro-age and overflow (1910 – 1925 – 1940) was three times stronger and three-time longer with the most potent time for extremists being 1925 to 1933.  However, extremists under Aquarius only seem to swing mature societies and democracies initially as the new extremists tend to appear like a bolt of lightning and can catch many people unawares. Many Germans in the 1930s were magnetized by Hitler.  Extremists have the ability to maintain a cult-like following, and once a cult is formed, the leader is above reproach.

In the 1920s and 30s, neither Germany, Italy or Spain had an entrenched democratic tradition, and so it was much easier for extremists to get away with denying their citizens the normal democratic rights including the rule of law as occurred in Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan.  The USSR was also created by extremists due to the lack of an entrenched democratic tradition in Russia. Aquarian extremists can be on either side of politics – hard right (including fascism) or extreme left (including communism).  They both tend to have the same outcome – failure.

Entrenched democracies are much harder to permanently sway as extremists only seem to have more effect on mature societies in the first half until the society wakes up and realizes that the wool has been pulled over their eyes.  Extremists (on the right or left) cannot help but avoid honesty or the ethical norms of mainstream society.  So the big test for the UK general election in 2019 is really a measure of the UK’s political maturity.  Taking into account its heritage, the UK represents both the leading edge and anachronistic practices in its form of democratic government – after all, having a House of Lords is a duplicitous exercise in anti-democratic behavior.  The UK’s first-past-the-post voting is another desecration of democracy.  In our contemporary world, the delusion of democracy is as major as the myth of modernity.

With the UK general election in December at the exact upper peak of the Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024), it is really a matter of the susceptibility of the UK general public to the notion that the UK would be better outside of the European Union.  The lies, falsehoods and untruths that were employed by the pro-Brexiters in the 2016 referendum is widely publicized and is enough in itself to decide which side to trust – if only rationality needed to be taken into account.  Even entrenched modern democracies remain enchanted with contemporary medievalism because the primary influence of Pisces in the first half of the Age of Aquarius is caused by the overflow from the Pisces age (732 BC – 1433 AD) with the strongest experience of Pisces medievalism over a 26,000 years period being 1433 AD to 2503 AD (the first half of the Age of Aquarius (1433 AD – 3574).

At our current stage within the Age of Aquarius (1433 – 3574), the influence of medievalism, overflowing from the Pisces age, remains more influential than Aquarius rationality.  Tribalism, delusion, deceit, petty dislikes, fear of the foreign (i.e. foreigners) and so on remain highly influential around the world, including so-called modern societies with liberal-democracies, and especially in the many sham democracies around the world.  This is why most advances of liberal democratic ideals over the last five centuries since the arrival of the Age of Aquarius in 1433 AD are so strongly opposed because the forces of medievalism are entrenched and very strong.  People are still hypnotized by belief systems.

However, many UK citizens, (plus Americans and many people in most countries) are not politically sophisticated but only know that they have been shafted by the ‘establishment’ for many decades as the end result of globalization and extreme capitalism.  Voting for Brexit (or Trump) was a form of vengeance or recoil at how the world is moving ahead leaving them in the dust.  This is understandable because they have been shafted and left in the dust.  It is rather perverse that in retaliation they pick as their new saviors that side of politics that have created the greatest mayhem for them over the decades (and centuries).  This is not accidental, as the conservative side of politics has the financial resources to twist and distort the political debate in favor of conservative politicians and parties – Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News is a classic example.  It is in the best interest of the corporate elite and rich to side with the downtrodden to prevent leftwing and socialist policies improving the lot of the downtrodden – as the downtrodden are rarely politically sophisticated and tend to believe anyone selling an easy fix and who behave like a John Wayne clone.

Democracy is a complicated business, and it could easily be argued that democracy is really the dictatorship of the proletariat, as the lowest common denominator can often rule in a democracy.   In the absence of leadership, Brexit and Trump can easily occur.  The Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow is not the only strong astrological influence around at present – the world is currently in the most potent 7 ½ years of the Cancer micro-age and overflow (2000 – 2014 – 2029), and in Cancer periods, the general public (ruled by Cancer) is in fear due to their hypersensitivity, and politicians are willing to exploit these fears.  Also, Cancer will promote people to be homeland-orientated and therefore hypersensitive about refugees and immigrants ‘invading’ their country.

Unfortunately, Cancer undermines Capricorn resulting in a shortfall of real leaders and strategic goals.  This is one of the main reasons why the world is going down the environmental tube leaving an utter catastrophe for the following generations because there are not enough real leaders in the world to lead the world out of this massive mess. For example, in Murdoch’s Australian press, most journalists have moved on from decades of denying climate change outright, as even blind Freddy can see unprecedented fires ravishing the land. So their new response is to say it is too late to do anything meaningful about it and what is the point of Australian doing anything when it only contributes less than 2% towards worldwide climate change anyway?  There is little or no leadership in the world at present under Cancer. [see Cancer – the New Paradigm for the World ]

Finally, the world is passing through the much larger Gemini sub-age decan and overflow (1970 – 2029 -2088)[1] of the Libra sub-age (1970m – 2148) which has two main consequential effects on modern society.  Firstly, everyone wants everything now so businesses, corporations and governments are orientated towards short-termism, and secondly, ethics and morality have been thrown out with the bathwater.  Sagittarius rules ethics and morality but is in detriment in a Gemini period.  We even have politicians in Australia lying and misrepresenting to the general public after they have taken virtual media lessons from Donald Trump whose approach to everything is to first lie, then lie more and louder each time the lie is repudiated or proven wrong. However, their supporters adoringly look to their leader as their savior who can do no wrong, and any criticism of their leader is merely fake news.  Medievalism is not only alive and strong in our so-called modern world, but it is also stronger and more influential than modernity and its trappings such as real democracy.  This perverse reality, though firmly entrenched, is constantly being nibbled at the edges by rationality and democracy as Aquarius is on a slow growth curve.

There is little difference between Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Donald Trump and their clones.  Which way will the UK go?  My astrological bet is that the UK is entering the second stage of the current Aquarius micro-age and overflow – and will adopt a slightly more nuanced, educated or rational approach to their political concerns. UK society appears to be in a period of correction from the excesses associated with Brexit.  This is why Theresa May lost the Tory majority in the previous elections and neither Theresa May or Boris Johnson could enact Brexit even though they were prime ministers and ostensibly the head of the government.  With December 2019 the fulcrum point for the current Aquarius period, the edge must go further to the Remainders, but only the edge.

I will be watching the results of the 2019 UK election keenly, as it provides fascinating live input into my understanding of macro-astrology.  One should not have too great an expectation of the results when medievalism is so strong in the world.  The biggest change within the UK should come with a second referendum on Brexit – highly favored astrologically post December 2019.  However, referendum or not, this is not a good time for Leo UK.

In parallel to the absurd political machinations associated with Aquarian periods, the British royalty also usually takes a hit.  Last time around it was the abdication of King Edward VIII in 1936, this time, so far, it is Prince Andrew and his affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein.

“Prince Andrew has been de-royaled, if there is such a word,” said the historian and biographer Robert Lacey, an adviser to the acclaimed Netflix series The Crown. “At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I really would compare it to 1936 and the abdication of Edward VIII. What we are talking about is effectively the removal of a member of the royal family as a result of public opinion.” [Ref: ]

The UK just does not do well in Aquarian periods over the last 2,000 years – at least back as far as the defeat of the warrior-queen Boudica, followed by the War of the Roses and Britains Darkest Hour in the Second World War – all of which occurred when Aquarius was strong, one way or another.  It gets much worse for the UK later this century.  In the meantime, no matter which way the UK goes in relation to Brexit, it will remain a highly divided nation for at least the next 5 years while the Aquarius micro-age decan (Dec 19 – Nov 24) overflow reigns.  Aquarius provides the best solution in this situation – another referendum!

HRH The Duke of York arriving at a service of remembrance at St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War.

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“The Brexit referendum in 2016 occurred early in the Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) of the Gemini micro-age (2014 – 2029) of the Libra sub-age (1970 – 2148) – the forth sub-age within the Age of Aquarius (1433 – 3574), and all these zodiacal signs are antithetical to the signs in the astrological signature for the UK.  This suggests that Brexit will bring the UK no benefits, but for the short term, it also suggests a damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you-don’t scenario due to the polarization that has occurred in the UK on this issue, very similar to the divide that has embraced the USA under President Trump.  Aquarius does not favor the mainstream – it favors extremists, fringes and radicals, and politicians are taking advantage of this temporary rejection of middle-of-the-road politics in an attempt to shift the political agenda to radical or other extremist agendas. The initial impulse has mainly been towards the hard right wing and even neo-fascist side of politics – but it remains early days yet for the current Aquarius period.” Background to Brexit


The UK Astrological Signature

[1] The Gemini sub-age decan is the first sub-age decan of the Libra sub-age (1970 – 2148), with the Libra sub-age the forth sub-age within the Age of Aquarius. [see Gemini’s Role in our Modern World (or Battle of the Brains) ]

Photograph HRH The Duke of York courtesy of Aaron McCracken/Harrisons 07778373486 (C)2014 Harrison Photography, all rights reserved