The Myth of Modernity

On an extremely elementary level, myth is associated with Pisces and modernity with Aquarius and this dichotomy provides the crux of not only this post, but the big-picture view of our world at large.  Though the world is currently in the Age of Aquarius, the overflow from the previous age of Pisces is even stronger – especially in the first half of the Age of Aquarius [see Age of Aquarius for Dummies for details].  A more inclusive way to name the Age of Aquarius is the Pisces-Aquarius age, which followed the Aries-Pisces age (when Aries was more powerful than Pisces).  The combination of Pisces with Aquarius means that the influence of ‘myth’ from the Pisces age overflowing into the Aquarian age is greater than the influence of modernity even though modernity is easier to perceive – which is why most people live in the delusion that we are modern.

It is extremely easy to see modernity as it is represented by electricity, computers, technology, the internet, flight and the most widespread application of various forms and quality of democracy in the world to date – with most of this evidence tangible to the eye (with only democracy being the most nebulous item in this list).  Myth is a far more imprecise concept to deal with as it behaves like smoke and mirrors – what you perceive is not necessarily what exists if you can perceive anything at all!

Modernity is not a myth, the myth is that most people perceive that the world is modern without any qualification – an axiomatic situation.  Modernity may be the most noticeable game in town but Pisces’ myth and other Pisces’ associations are more influential in contemporary society and current affairs compared to Aquarius archetypes.  Modernity only plays the supporting role to myth, yet people believe modernity is the main focus.  This surreal situation is created by Pisces – the sign of delusion, illusion and vagueness overflowing into our ‘modern’ time.  Pisces is the branch we are all sitting upon as our reference point which, due to the nature of Pisces, we are generally unaware.  Furthermore, Pisces promotes medievalism – the name historians gave to that period before the arrival of the Age of Aquarius in the 15th century.

What is medievalism?  There are a number of definitions and associations to medievalism, but in general terms, it refers to that period when there were knights in white shining armor, kings, lords, dukes, barons and so on ruled the lands either benevolently or ruthlessly via a system of feudalism that resembled slavery – another archetype belonging to Pisces.  It was a time when (Pisces) Christianity had an extremely strong influence in western society where the beliefs of individuals could be classified as heretical at the whim of the church followed by punishment of one form or another – including the possibility of execution.

A 13th-century French text representing the Medieval tripartite social order: those who pray (clerics), those who fight (knights from the nobility) and those who work (peasants and members of the lower middle class).

In medieval society, logical understanding and rationality took the back seat to knee-jerk reactions and decisions based on dogmatism, chauvinism and sectarianism rather than fact – similar to how many or most contemporary politicians and governments often operate today.  Facts were scarce in medieval times, and to fill the vacuum, beliefs filled the void.  The time of medievalism was known as “a period contrary to reason.”[i]  Anything different was generally feared, ostracized or condemned and very little accurate information was known about the laws of physics or science.  Society was marked by prejudices and taboos – females were considered inferior, and people could and would believe anything – just as many follow this pattern today.

The more correct term for the current Age of Aquarius is the Age of Pisces-Aquarius, and this indicates that while medievalism is supposedly finished, it actually has continued to exist and dominates society – though feudalism has disappeared.  Another difference between contemporary society and medieval society is that our society has made some progress in extracting itself from irrationality, but the main difference is our harnessing of technology since the arrival of the Age of Aquarius in the 15th century.  This is why historians claim that medievalism finished in the 15th century and was replaced by Early Modernity. Wikipedia states that Early Modernity, based on traditional historiography, arrived in 1453 – only 20 years after the arrival of the Age of Aquarius (or Pisces-Aquarius age).  Some historians claim Early Modernity arrived in 1436[ii] – displaying a scant three year error to the correct date.

Early Modernity led to Modernity around the 18th century but while historians and people, in general, congratulate themselves on modernity, this places the focus upon mainly technological developments and ignores the root medievalism that permeates contemporary western society.  Just consider that at the apex of modernity supposedly sits the USA – but about 25% of Americans refute the idea of evolution and the Big Bang about 13 billion years ago, and embrace a conception of the world that has existed for only about 6,000 years.  This is not the only example of contemporary medievalism.  A better description of western society since the arrival of the Age of Aquarius in the 15th century is that we live in the age of Techno-Medievalism.

There are so many examples of contemporary medievalism in society, and when we leave western society and examine Second and Third World countries – the medievalism jumps in magnitude. One easy way to see this is that in many Second and Third World countries, religious doctrine of one sort or another is written into law and enforceable by governments – with some ‘modern’ western countries also enforcing religious doctrines usually based on some fundamentalist Christian belief.  Another classic example is President Trump – irrational, often incoherent, appearing deceptive and deceitful but supported by a very large minority of voting Americans because he promises to support their values – with most of these values based on conservative belief systems sourced from medieval outlooks.

There is a very good reason why the USA embodies technological advances and democratic practices on the one hand, and atavistic belief systems with strong fundamentalist Christian overtones on the other.  The USA was settled by basically medieval Europeans who brought their medieval belief systems with them.  Europe continued to evolve, but their colonizing cousins who went to America held on to many of their medieval beliefs far longer than Europeans due to their ‘isolation’ from Europe.  Europe at that time was at the nexus for the cutting edge of progressive developments and European society moved on somewhat.  This is similar to what many 20th-century immigrants experienced when migrating from post-war Europe to the USA, Canada, Australia and so on.

For example, so many Greeks migrated to Melbourne, Australia after the Second World War that Melbourne was labeled the third largest Greek city in the world.  But when many of these Greek migrants eventually returned to Greece after many decades, they were shocked to find that the Greece culture they knew and kept alive in Melbourne no longer existed – as the Greeks in Greece had continued to evolve their culture.   I have heard similar stories about Pakistanis migrating to the UK.

Unless we recognize that we are not modern but live in the Age of Techno-Medievalism, we are deluding ourselves.  However, this does not mean that things do not or cannot improve – the dramatic improvements I have experienced in my lifetime are awesome.  No longer does religion have a stranglehold over western legal systems as it did back in the 1950s.  Then there is the sexual revolution that came out of the 1960s and the decriminalization of homosexuality, abortion and the recent judicial investigations of religious sexual deviants.  Recreational, and in some cases hard drugs, have been partially or completely decriminalized or approaching a medical condition rather than a legal issue in many western nations.  Even Malaysia has recently acknowledged they have lost their war on drugs and plan to decriminalize drugs.  Euthanasia is seeing the light of day.

The problem with the many recent social and legal improvements is that people don’t seem to notice them – their focus remains on the ills and deficiencies of contemporary society and legal systems.  By analogy, it is like entering a room that urgently needed all surfaces painted.  If a painter turns up to do the job, but runs out of paint before the last wall is painted – which wall will draw your attention when you enter the room?  The unpainted wall of course.  This is what many progressives tend to do, not acknowledge the gains and only focusing upon the ills of society.

Modernity is a development in progress.  It did not wait until the arrival of the Age of Aquarius in 1433 AD to start splashing, but with the arrival of the Age of Aquarius – Modernity got down to the serious business of modernizing the world.  But, according to the astrological ages, Modernity, and all its trappings, is a process that parallels the Aquarian age and overflow (1433 – 3574 – 5697) and furthermore, its momentum will strongly extend about another seven centuries past 5697 to  c.6397 AD before it starts experiencing a serious pushback (from the Leo age-decan of the distant Sagittarius age).

Based on the above, if we take the whole period where the process of modernization is under development (1433 – 6397), a period of 4,964 years, in the year 2019 we are only 586 years inside this modernizing period.  This indicates that only approximately 12% of the possible modernization to come has made its impact to date.  The remaining ‘necessary’ 88% of modernization remains to be tackled. This is a very low level of modernization in our world, as the medieval influence can be argued to sit at around 88%.

The world remains at the kindergarten level of modernization (and democracy) – much more is yet to come.  So the big question is – what fills the gap between contemporary modernization and the level we are to achieve over the coming millennia?  It is mainly Pisces archetypes with a dash of Aries.  The world remains strongly influenced by the Aries age and overflow (2916 BC – 732 BC – 1433 AD) and while the momentum from this Aries epoch continues on with its male macho aggressive influence – its days are numbered.  The current Libra age-decan and overflow (1433 – 2148 – 2863) is in the process of overthrowing the vestige influence from the Aries epoch, and the recent strides females have made since the arrival of the Age of Aquarius and Libra age-decan is part of the accelerating Libra influence (which shifted into second gear in 1791).  Libra is even stronger next century (when it shifts into third gear).  In the meantime, we still have leaders in the world mentioning the possibility of using nuclear weapons demonstrating the ongoing legacy of violent Aries.

The Pisces epoch is defined as the Pisces age and overflow (732 BC – 1433 AD – 3574 AD), plus an additional seven centuries at the end (until it hits the might of the Virgo age-decan and especially its overflow around 2,000 years from now).  Pisces is not only the sign of today, it has also passed through about 80% of its time of might and so we know a lot more about the influence of Pisces.  In a nutshell, Pisces is associated with medievalism.  Combine medievalism with the remnant from macho Aries and you have a popular combination for the president of the USA modeled after John Wayne. and a growing number of wannabees around the world such as the UK, Brazil and so on.

No sign is associated with only positive archetypes.  The current Libra age-decan and overflow (1433 – 2148 – 2863) at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius breeds opposition.  This may help explain the developing divide of progressive versus conservatives around the world – but mainly in western society at present as each side of the debate sours with increasing frustration at either lack of progress or too much progress.  Another developing divide is autocratic governments (China, Russia etc) versus the ‘free’ world.  These divides will grow over the coming centuries due to the increase in influence in the Libra age-decan and overflow, especially post 2148 – though the astrology does indicate the possibility of a compromise of sorts.

The currents Libra sub-age and overflow (1970 – 2148 – 2327) is accelerating toward the 2148 high point of the first age-decan in the Age of Aquarius – the Libra age-decan and overflow (1433 – 2148 – 2863).  This suggests that all those science fiction apocalyptic or doom and gloom scenarios that have presented to us about the future are actually the transformation of our current pessimistic outlooks into the future and does not take into account the ‘softening’ of the world social and political situation associated with Libra.  Libra is not associated with austerity or living in caves or ruins of cities in a post-apocalyptic world due to climate change, nuclear war etc.  However, it cannot be absolutely ruled out that Libra will return the world to its garden state because humanity has wiped itself out by nuclear or environmental issues before Libra extends its influence from around 2059 onward.  If we survive, things look much better in the future, if we don’t, the world will improve anyway.

All the above however remains under the long term shift in emphasis from Pisces to Aquarius, and while progressive policies may fluctuate between centuries, it does not change the fundamental outlook that progress is a slow and extremely long term process.  I am sure that in the middle of the next century, progressives will still be gnashing their teeth and conservatives searching for ways to trip them up.  In addition, just to complicate matters, it is absurd to think that all initiatives of progressives or liberals are ‘good’ and that conservative initiatives are bad.  This is an absurd gross oversimplification that would imply that progressives are better people than conservatives.

In my decades of research, I have come to the conclusion that nearly everyone believes they are doing the right thing – and promoting the best policies or outlooks for their family, community, society, nation and world regardless of their political orientation.  It is important to be able to empathize with your political opponents and understand where they are coming from – because your opponent is usually equally sincere in their beliefs as you are.

In the meantime, living in the Age of Techno-Medievalism means that we must deal with a lot of backward and regressive issues due to our early position in Modernity.  There is only so much modernization that can occur in every century, and we will have to realize that the sum total of modernity cannot arrive either in our lifetimes, this century – or even this millennium.

Furthermore, progressive are not anti-medieval and conservatives pro-medieval.  This black and white narrative is incorrect.  Every person, group and country is a mixture of medieval and rational attributes.  The Greens and progressive political parties often demonstrate adherence to medieval values in their pursuit of modern progressive objectives.  A classic example is Greenpeace’s  Rainbow Warrior and its confrontational objectives. Another example is vegans breaking into animal farms and destroying property.   Is it ideal to seek idealistic solutions using yesterdays’ confrontational methods?  Many progressive believe so and indicates how pervasive Pisces medievalism remains out of control in our early 21st century world.

It is not good enough having progressive policies, it is also necessary to be highly conscious in dealing with opponents.  For millennia to come, every Aquarius archetype that appears will be shadowed by Pisces!  We all have the court jester, a knight in white shining armor, witch persecutor or damsel in distress in each of us. Instead of resorting to medieval tribalism, it is far more rational to respect political opponents and to be conscious in any dealings with them.  The views of our conservative opponents are usually a reflection of their gestational social and family environment which is rarely under their control.  A conservative cannot help being a conservative any more than a progressive can help being a progressive.

In conclusion, if you are a frustrated progressive, there is very little you can do to immediately correct all the ills in society other than by voting, expressing your opinions, belonging to groups engage in progressive change, participating in peaceful demonstrations etc with the understanding that progressive policies are very slow in arriving.  On a recent visit by Al Gore to Australia, he stated to the effect that:

‘expected change is much slower in coming than what is expected, but when it does come, it comes much faster than expected’

Despite the need for progressives to be more realistic in the fulfillment of their expectations, what is under our control is our interrelationships with conservative people, institutions and governments and society as a whole.  Gandhi captured the astrology of our times with his non-violent resistance. Non-violence also applies to the nature of our expression and treatment of people that do not agree with us.  The only limit to our personal modernization is ourselves.  Modernity may remain a myth for a long time to come, but our own personal or inner modernization is something we can all work on every day.  The Age of Aquarius is not going to come along and deliver to us a fantasy world on a silver platter where everything is great – that is just a typical Pisces myth.

See my YouTube Channel for more details on macro-astrology and the video of the above p[ost should be available soon.


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[i] K. J. Christiano, W. H. Swatos and P. Kivisto, Sociology of Religion: Contemporary Developments (Rowman Altamira, 2002), p. 77.

[ii] Modernity. Wikipedia, Retrieved 06:37, September 27, 2019

7 thoughts on “The Myth of Modernity

  1. Hi Terry, been reading your blog for a while and lately had been getting a feeling of anxiety or despair over the way things were going and knowing they were going to get better (Libra by mid-next century) but not seeing the results around me and wishing I could just skip till that time (even though I most likely won’t live that long). It’s ironic that before I found your teachings, I was anxious and finding out that things would get better without a shadow of a doubt placated me – albeit only for a while before the anxiety returned as I’ve said.

    This post put it all into perspective for me, yet it is still something I’ll have to come back to and struggle with a little. I will oftentimes forget, but I can know feel I have meaning and the meaning is not in knowing the truth, but in knowing the truth and having my own silent resistance from the world around me by practising understanding and justice to those around me. It will be hard as I oftentimes derive a sense of confidence from the situation of the majority of people around me (I am an INFJ, so that Fe is unfortunately a curse in this sense) but I will try my best. Life is for the little connections around you and changing one person’s mind through kindness has an impact on a little universe (their mind) even if I unfortunately can’t change the entire world.

    Aside: a little unrelated but related to the coronavirus outbreak – Do you know which signs in macroastrology signify a major pandemic and do you know if this will be one? Maybe we might not be in the micro ages/MADs for one, but I do recall you saying that the world population would have to drastically reduce before 2050(?) or 2100(?), so could this be the Scorpio sub age OF? I’m not too confident to even speculate as you know these things better than me. But there’s a lot of info flying both ways around. Apparently the Chinese government is underreporting??? – according to some internet conspiracy theorists, that is.

    • Preview to “The Astrology of the Coronavirus”
      I have been slowly working on the astrology behind the coronavirus outbreak while in Pushkar, India, and hopefully will finish it when I am ensconced in Ubud, Bali later next week for a few weeks. The current coronavirus came to the notice of the world at the very beginning of a Virgo period, and the sign Virgo on the mundane level is always associated with public health issues. The period in question is the Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (December 2019 – May 2020 – October 2020). Most likely the coronavirus scare is contained within this same timeframe.

      The last serious coronavirus outbreak was MERS (also known as camel flu) as the following quote is extracted from my blog of 20 June 2015 details:

      “Though MERS has been around since May 2013, it only accelerated in April 2014 and became an international newsworthy item since late May 2015, exactly aligned to the arrival of the Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (May 2015 – March 2016).”

      So we are seeing the semblance of a pattern forming with both coronavirus outbreaks occurring in the same successive astrological influences – Virgo. But astrology is a strange animal and rarely performs as we expect. The previous Virgo period of same or greater impact was three times stronger and three times longer – the Virgo nano-age and overflow (Apr 2011-Jul 12-Oct 13) – but to my knowledge, nothing of note occurred.

      Prior to the MERS/camel flu scare, that did not amount to much, was the far more significant Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) syndrome that hit the world between November 2002 and July 2003, with an outbreak of SARS in southern China that caused an eventual 8,098 cases, resulting in 774 deaths reported in 17 countries. Though SARS did not align with Virgo, it did align with an Aries nano-age (Aug 02-Nov 03) and Aries is the secondary sign for health after Virgo (as is its ruler Mars and its natural house – the 1st house).

      I have analysed the current coronavirus outbreak, and I am in the process of analysing MERS, to be followed by SARS but apart from the alignments between various forms of coronaviruses to nano-ages or nano-age decans, there is a far more underling and significant common denominator associated with all these outbreaks.

      “The new Gemini micro-age (Dec 2014 – Nov 2029) is also implicated as Gemini rules lung diseases, and MERS is a viral respiratory infection….. Gemini rules lung diseases and as such, we are entering a period of increased incidences of lung diseases. Some will be due to the resurgence of TB, others will be due to pollution and in addition there will be some lung diseases due to the normal spread of diseases such as MERS.” [Ref: ]

      However, it should be noted that the above Gemini micro-age (Dec 2014 – Nov 2029) is part of the much larger and more powerful Gemini sub-age decan and overflow (1970-2029-2059) and so Gemini is currently merely priming itself for bigger and greater things as the second half is always more powerful (ie in this case, from 2029 onward). The following is extracted from my current draft (work in progress):

      “With the growth of Gemini in the world approach its peaking time commencing in 2029 with the Gemini sub-age decan and overflow (1970 – 2029 – 2059), all issues to do with lung and respiratory diseases will have an exponential growth curve whether from cigarette smoking, deteriorating air quality or respiratory diseases such as camel flu or coronaviruses.”

      I do not wish to make premature speculations before I finish my research, but as a general statement, the current coronavirus outbreak is NOT THE BIG ONE, but is a warning, because once the world enters the almost 60 years more powerful Gemini sub-age decan overflow in 2029, (the ruler of lung diseases), it commences with a potent 10 year Virgo micro-age decan and overflow, (the ruler of public health issues), that is many times more potent than the current and previous outbreaks. This will be a real test for our mainly inept leaders (not all of them), distorted democracies and outright authoritarian governments that remain too influenced by confused conspiracy theorists than reality, and too focussed on protecting their economic interests or personal political power at the expense of the general public around the world. Interesting century ahead!

      • Terry, thanks so much for getting back to me! I can’t overestimate just how greatly appreciated your understanding of Macro-astrology is for me. Even after a full year of frequenting your blog, little things I never knew get revealed. I’m still learning and Gemini being the sign of respiratory disease was (for some reason) something I didn’t know. It makes sense, but I only associated Gemini with pollution-derived respiratory issues. I also associated Virgo with health after reading one of your blog posts where you did the same, but I never connected the dots to associate it with public health issues (for some odd reason). Your depth of knowledge is, again, greatly appreciated. I feel like in just a short time today I’ve learnt so much.

        From what you’ve explained, it definitely does sound like an interesting century we’ll be facing. I’m hoping that as bad as the health crisis may become later on next decade when the real deal happens, it acts as a critical junction to turn plenty governments into more people and welfare-focused institutions. I will definitely also look into attending writing festivals; they sound like they would be greatly beneficial to me.

        Anyways, thanks for once again placating my fears and explaining things! 🙂

  2. Hi Lauren, I am currently on the road in Rajastan, India, and I will get back to you re a formal response to your pertinent queries. You deserve a proper answer which I should be able to do over the next few days as the moon has just entered Aries for the next few days (ruling my 3rd house of communication), plus i am settling down until the end of the weekend in Pushkar and have time to catch up with some of my online affairs. You should also consider attending writers festivals, last week I attended the Jaipur Literature Festival which was full of the most inspiring speakers on all the contentious issues in the world. I am not interested in works of fiction so much. I also regularly attend the Ubud Writers Festival in Bali for the same reason The calamities and nonsense of the world get the headlines, but there is another world where people do not allow the affairs of the world to affect them, and for very good reasons – they are too intelligent and conscious to let the people facing yesteryear to drag them down in any way. Furthermore, I have been writing a rather large blog on most of the items you have mentioned and should publish it here shortly.

    • Oh, and thank you for explaining in detail in the new blog post. I have read it and will be waiting to read your coronavirus one! 🙂

  3. Also Lauren, I do not depend upon astrology or writer’s festival for my sense of security and positivity. If you feel it all gets too much for you, or you get overly concerned with developments in the world etc, watch a few videos at – I learnt through this teacher how to contact that special place within me that provides me with the clarity, enthusiasm and positivity that I employ in astrology and elsewhere in my life. It may not suit you, or it may not suit you at this time… but you never know!

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