Pica-ages in 2023 – a Research Project

A pica-age is an oxymoron because for an astrological age of some 2140-60 years, a 5-week pica-age is anything but an age.  The term remains useful because a pica-age is derived from an astrological age, but it’s very unlikely that anyone will discover a smaller period associated with an astrological age – a pica-age appears to be the end of the line when drilling down within any astrological age such as the Age of Aquarius.

However, while pica-ages are mainly a curiosity factor, they do sometimes come into focus, and though they may have limited astrological worth, there are tantalizing indications that they can perform.  Recently, we perhaps have been witnessing the manifestation of a Gemini pica-age and overflow (Nov 22 – Dec 22 – Jan 23) with the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk.  Musk came to a buyout agreement with Twitter on 25th April 2022 and after some shenanigans, Musk took control on 27th October 2022.[1]   This confrontational period between Musk and Twitter appropriately occurred under the Sagittarius nano-age decan and overflow (Jan – Oct 2022) because the strongest association with Twitter is Gemini, and Sagittarius suggests opposition, and so this defined the basically hostile and confrontational nature of Musk’s takeover.

Within a few days, Musk sacked Twitter’s management and commenced a short period of personally managing Twitter, but following an online poll where 57.5% of respondents said Musk should go, Musk indicated on 21st December 2022 that he would resign his role.  It is this period of Elon Musk at the helm in November and December 2022 that coincides with the Gemini pica-age (Nov 2022 – Jan 2023) see Table 1. This Gemini pica-age exists within a Scorpio nano-age (Jun 2022 – Aug 2023), but this is just one of twelve nano-ages in the Gemini micro-age (Dec 2104 – Nov 2029) see Table 1. 

Table 1 – The Gemini micro-age (Dec 2014 – Nov 2029) broken down into its 12 nano-ages and overflows, with the Scorpio nano-age and overflow highlighted in yellow

For some other possible correlations to pica-ages in 2022, see the Appendix at the end of this post.

A micro-age has clout, so what would otherwise be an insignificant Gemini pica-age can be raised out of the swamp due to its resonance with the Gemini micro-age.  This is how astrological ages are constructed.  Subperiods all the way down to pica-ages will have varying strengths, and those that resonate with stronger periods are the ones that will make the biggest splashes.  It is this splash approach that I am going to apply to the pica-ages in 2023 – see Table 2 below. 

Table 2 – Pica-ages and overflows in 2023

The level of uncertainty related to the timeframe of a pica-age is high.  The astrological ages and all their sub-periods are not like the movement of planets that can be accurately gauged.  All borders for all ages and sub-periods are imaginary lines, and furthermore, the underlying creator of the astrological ages and sub-periods is due to the precession of the equinoxes. Precession is not linear but wobbles around because of the gravitational tug of the moon, other planets and so on.  It is very possible that some of these pica- ages are squashed far smaller than 5 weeks, or stretched out much longer than 5 weeks.  Alternatively, their position may be shifted wholesale to an earlier or later timeframe. It is also possible that precession temporarily changes direction and instead of its normal retrograde motion, it may temporarily travel forward through the sidereal zodiac due to the jerky mechanics of precession.  If this is the case, it may have meant that the world entered the Age of Aquarius more than once while temporarily returning to the Age of Pisces?  The advanced mathematics of precession is beyond my scope, so we will have to wait for an expert to turn their attention to this issue for resolution.

Based on the uncertainty associated with the mechanics of precession of the equinoxes, my approach to calibrating pica-ages is to assume they are perfectly linear but allow for uncertainty as to their exact borders in time.  With regard to the Gemini pica-age in question, it could have started in October, or as late as even December – or even further afield?  Therefore we have to handle pica-ages like electrons. When scientists are working with electrons, they are working with probability, as they usually can never be certain where an electron is at any time, and if they do momentarily measure its position, they cannot determine its velocity. Electrons, protons, neutrons and so on are not miniature solar systems because everything is fuzzy.  The quantum world is a messy place, and pica-ages are the equivalent of the quantum world in macro-astrology. We have to treat pica-ages like blobs with all of their surfaces and dimensions elastic.

Most of the pica-ages in Table 2 do not require any analysis here.  If any of the above pica-ages sit at the end of a nano-age decan or nano-age, their astrological analysis is available in 2023 In the Age of Aquarius. This applies to the following pica-ages:

  • Pisces pica-age and overflow (Feb – Apr – May 2023
  • Sagittarius pica-age and overflow (Jun – Jul – Aug 2023)
  • Scorpio pica-age and overflow (Jul – Aug – Oct 2023)
  • Cancer pica-age and overflow (Nov 2023 – Dec 2023 – Jan 2024)

Of the remaining pica-ages, those that do not resonate with a parent period will be ignored.  This does not mean they may not have an identifiable astrological effect, but they are unlikely to have a pronounced effect due to their lack of resonance.  This applies to the following pica ages with some suggested possible effects, if any can be detected:

  • Taurus – stock market stability?
  • Aries – aggression, war and conflict? Meteor or asteroid strike or volcanic eruption?
  • Capricorn – conservatism, doom and gloom, Russia
  • Virgo – public health issues and workers
  • Leo – royalty, financial stability, children, UK, gold

Therefore the only pica ages we need to examine in detail in 2023 are Aquarius and Gemini.

  • Aquarius
  • Gemini

Aquarius pica-age and overflow (Apr – May – Jun 2023) resonates with the Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) – see Table 3 below.  This will stimulate extremists, more Russian extremism, quests for freedoms and democracy, ongoing supply-chain disruptions from either the Ukraine invasion or Covid, and even unexpected cold-snaps or something out of the blue – as to be expected from Aquarius.  Also, any antagonism towards Leo archetypes such as monarchs, royal families, children and business activities may be higher than normal.

Table 3 – Nano-ages within the Gemini micro-age including micro-age decans with the Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow highlighted

It should be noted that the Aquarius micro-age and overflow (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) see Table 3, that this little Aquarius pica age resonates with, is the first Aquarius period larger than a nano-age that all Baby Boomers and later generations have experienced in their lives to date.  What Baby Boomers never had first-hand experience of in their lives until December 2014 was the direct experience of any serious air element period in their lives.  Baby Boomers were limited to the Sagittarius (1940 – 1955 – 1970), Scorpio (1955 – 1970 – 1985), Virgo (1970 – 1985 – 2000) and Leo (1985 – 2000 – 2014) and Cancer (2000 – 2014 – 2029) micro-ages and overflows, and taking into account the three decans associated with each of these micro-ages, Baby Boomers had only experienced 9 of the 12 signs, leaving air element signs to the post-2014 world. This is when the world went ‘strange’. First, there was Brexit in the UK where the British shot themselves in the foot, and then Trump appeared like a rabbit out of a magician’s hat. As a second act, Covid appeared followed by the largest conflict in Europe since the Second World War.

Aquarius promotes political extremists such as fascism and communism, and the 20th century’s Aquarius micro-age and overflow (1910 – 1925 – 1940) produced the worst leaders that the world has had the misfortune to experience to date – and ultimately the death of well over 100,000 million people.  Under the current Aquarius micro-age and overflow (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) we have neo-fascists like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin with many hangers-on such as Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and Boris Johnson in the UK – though to be fair, Johnson was more like the buffoon neo-fascist but was still able to harness the UK’s latent racism or unfounded superiority complex.

Trump trying to overturn the results of the 2021 presidential elections was classic fascist behavior, as fascists hate democracy and instead extol the virtues of an omnipotent-type alpha male leader where force rules and persecution of minorities is the modus operandi.  However, those people enchanted by these fascist-orientated leaders behave as if the messiah has come.  It was not until the rise of Trump that I was able to understand why in the 1920s and 30s much of the German public threw themselves behind one of the evilest leaders the world has experienced to date. 

Most people alive today will not again see such a strong dose of Aquarius such as we have been experiencing in the period December 2014 to November 2024 but it is a foretaste of what lies ahead.  Any Aquarius sub-period is enhanced and energized in the Age of Aquarius.  Currently, the world is in the Libra sub-age (1970 – 2149) and one of the three decans of the Libra sub-age is the Aquarius sub-age decan and overflow (2029 – 2088 – 2149).  While Aquarius will not be the key sign for most of 21st century (this is assigned to Gemini), it will still be a major player, and arrives in 2029 – but as a broad background influence!  Our Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) is a primer for evolving conditions over the rest of this century – particularly towards the end.  Regardless of the many disruptions and extremism that Aquarius brings, it is the sign of excitement!

Gemini pica-age and overflow (Dec 2023 – Jan 2024) does not activate its overflow period in 2023, but we may have some kind of replay of an internet drama similar to Musk’s takeover of Twitter in 2022?  Anything to do with the internet, scams, and cyberattacks could appear.  It does not promote a good economic environment but does promote electric vehicles with Aquarius supplying the electricity.  This small Gemini period is worth examining as Gemini is the key sign for most of the 21st century due to the Gemini sub-age decan and overflow (1970 – 2029 – 2088) with its most impactful time 2029 and beyond. The world remains in the T-Model Ford stage of cell phones and mobile devices but graduates in 2029.

Gemini is difficult for Cancer, as Gemini sits in the woeful 12th house position to Gemini.  This means that Cancer orientated countries and regions such as China, the Middle East, Islamic nations, Russia etc. are in for difficult times.  Even the Gemini pica-age and overflow (Nov 22 – Dec 22 – Jan 22) has demonstrated that when it comes to Russia, the king has no clothes.  Cancer rules fresh water, so expect difficulties surrounding adequate water supplies – though Gemini will whip up very powerful windstorms.  The harnessing of wind for energy will be a major push in energy supply – good time to buy shares in wind farms? 

For some background on Gemini, see:

Gemini’s Role in our Modern World (or Battle of the Brains)

Windmills, Windmills Everywhere and

This research on pica-ages remains in the exploratory stage.  I am assuming that those pica-ages that do not resonate with a larger period or are the end point of a period are either irrelevant or inconsequential.  I will use 2023 as the experimental year for nano-ages.  Ultimately, nano-ages probably will provide insufficient astrological relevance, but remain a quirky point of interest?


Another possible correlation between the 2022 pica ages and notable events was the death of Queen Elizabeth 11 on 8 September 2022. This occurred very close to the beginning of the Scorpio nano-age (Jun 2022 – Aug 2023) which speaks for itself. It also occurred appropriately in a Leo pica age and overflow (Aug – Nov 2022) taking into account the innate stress that existed with this Leo-royalty pica-age and the Aquarius micro-age decan overflow (Dec 2019 – Nov 2024). Born on 21st April 1926, Queen Elizabeth 11 was born in an Aquarius-Capricorn generation. The Capricorn element may have contributed to her extraordinarily long reign and stoic personality, while the Aquarius element subjected her to the conservative monarchy’s clash with modernity? Whatever the case, this Aquarius-Capricorn generation had to withstand or succumb to Aquarius’s fascism and communism and Capricorn’s miserable world created by the devastation of the Second World War and its aftereffects.

The massive military exercise around Taiwan by the Chinese armed forces in early August 2022 following a visit by Nancy Pelosi coincided with the Libra pica age and overflow (Jun – Aug 2022) with Libra a key sign for China, and this Libra resonates with the Libra micro-age decan (Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) and Libra sub-age (1970 – 2149) so it has some very powerful support. The backdown by the Chinese government over its draconian anti-Covid policies in early December 2022 was most likely associated with the Gemini pica-age and overflow (Nov 22 – Jan 23) with this pica-age resonating with the Gemini micro-age (Dec 2014 – Nov 2029), and with Gemini in 12th house adverse aspect to China’s Cancer. This may be a foretaste for much of the 21st century, as the dominant sub-age decan in play for the 21st century is Gemini with Gemini bad news for all Cancer-orientated nations and regions.

[1] Twitter, Inc. Retrieved 01:53, December 24, 2022, from https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Twitter,_Inc.&oldid=1128867484

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