Ukraine’s Birthday Cake Candles

Why is Ukraine in Russia’s gunsights?  It seems to be an issue of synchronicity. The history of Ukraine is clouded in obscurity, but the first farmers to settle this part of Europe is believed to have occurred in the Age of Gemini-Taurus (5010 – 2862 BC) combined with the Capricorn age-decan (5010 -4294 BC) and by 4500 BC a distinct flourishing culture existed.

Table 1 – The Taurus age combined with the Gemini age overflow with age-decans and their respective overflows

It is not necessary to find the exact beginning of a country, culture or region, as any associated astrological signature can also usually be determined from periods of might or glory, and subsequent highpoints.  Ukraine’s first claim to glory was Vladimir the Great (980–1015 AD) and his son, Yaroslav the Wise (1019–1054 AD), when the Golden Age of Kievan Rus’ reached the zenith of its cultural development and military power.  After an interregnum, Vladimir II Monomakh (1113–1125 AD) and his son Mstislav (1125–1132 AD) had the final fling.

Therefore the period 980 to 1132 AD provides the key to Ukraine’s astrological signature, combined with the early farmers under Gemini, Taurus and Capricorn. The most relevant common sign is the Taurus quasi sub-age (986 – 1165 AD) formed as the highpoint of the full Taurus sub-age and overflow (896 – 1075 – 1254).  This is obviously resonating with the first farmers at the beginning of the Taurus age.  Ukraine’s Taurus credential is exemplified by the fact that Ukraine is called the ‘breadbasket of Europe’.  Ukraine’s soil is very rich, and in Soviet times, Ukraine produced 25% of agricultural output for the whole USSR. 

The first part of modern Ukraine’s baptism was Vladimir the Great (not to be mistaken with Vladimir Putin) and his son which occurred in the Cancer quasi age-decan (359 – 1075 AD), and this aligns to the Viking origin of both Ukraine and Russian royalty, as the Vikings rode the Cancer quasi age-decan (359 – 1075 AD) in their conquests and inroads throughout much of Europe.  Cancer is a key part of Ukraine’s astrological signature – and Russia for exactly the same reason as they both have some common origins.  Also strongly associated with the initial period of Ukrainian glory was the Gemini sub-age overflow (896 – 1075 AD).  The final ingredient is Capricorn from the Capricorn sub-age decan overflow (955 – 1015 AD) which is also resonating back to the original farmers. 

The potential astrological signature for Ukraine contains Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Capricorn, and all four zodiacal signs are strongly stimulated at the beginning of 2022.  The current Scorpio sub-age and overflow (1791 – 1970 – 2149) sees the 7th house of Taurus activated, which has witnessed chaos and upheaval for Ukraine as Scorpio will undermine any Taurus country.  Ukraine was quickly absorbed into the USSR in 1922 – which is a continuation of a long term relationship between Ukraine and Russia.  Scorpio does not bring favors to a Taurus-aligned Ukraine, and the Scorpio sub-age and overflow is currently in its strongest quarter over the course of its period of influence (1791 – 1970 – 2149)

Without getting into too much detail, the current anti-Russian government of Ukraine had a turbulent start in 2013 but in the following year the pro-European faction with the support of the majority of Ukrainians took control of the government.  Crimean freedom fighters with assistance from Russia extracted themselves from Ukraine and were annexed by Russia in the same year with most Crimean’s of Russian ethnicity.  Therefore 2014 was a critical year for an independent Ukraine.  This occurred at the highpoint of the Cancer micro-age and overflow (2000 – 2014 – 2029) in the Gemini sub-age decan (1970 – 2029), with these two signs combined with the Scorpio sub-age overflow in opposition to Taurus and thus activating three out of the fours signs in Ukraine’s probable astrological signature.  In the beginning of 2022, all four signs are activated.   Until June 2022, the world is in the Capricorn nano-age and overflow (Dec 2019 – Feb 2021 – Jun 2022) bringing in the fourth sign of Ukraine’s astrological signature.  This is why all the attention is currently on Ukraine – all its birthday candles are lit.

Table 2 – The Capricorn nano-age overflow concludes in June 2022 leaving Sagittarius the key sign for the second half of 2022.  The arrival of the Scorpio nano-age is not problematical for Taurus-aligned Ukraine as Scorpio is in its weakest phase.

The interesting aspect of this confrontation between Russia and Ukraine is they both have very similar zodiacal signatures and have a history like conjoined twins. The early Ukrainian period of Vladimir the Great and his son did not just lay the foundation of Ukraine, but also of Russia.  Russia and Ukraine are like conjoined twins that have been separated, but Russia wants both halves rejoined but under the control of the thuggish twin.  All Cancer-associated countries are accentuated at present due to the Cancer micro-age overflow (Dec 2014 – Nov 2029) and we are not only seeing belligerence from Cancer Russia, but also from Cancer China. 

Russia does appear to have Aquarius in its astrological signature, as Russia historically and currently is always the odd country – the exception to the norm.  Currently, the Aquarius micro-age decan overflow (Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) is in force, and this will further empower and propel Russia in its endeavors to reestablish the old USSR borders, and this is what it is trying to do.  It wants to roll back the collapse of the USSR in 1991 and reestablish an extended Russian empire that itself was based on autocratic power similar to how most pre-modern countries were politically controlled.  Will Russia succeed against Ukraine?

The Gemini association is probably the key sign in this Russian-Ukraine conflict.  Ukraine was settled under the Gemini-Taurus age, with Gemini the senior sign.  The formative period for modern Ukraine occurred in the Gemini-Taurus sub-age but again, Gemini was the senior sign.  The strongest Gemini period since the 11th century is the current Gemini sub-age decan and overflow (1970 – 2029 – 2088). 

The geopolitical fate of the world currently sits with the Gemini sub-age decan and overflow (1970 – 2029 – 2088) and specifically its highpoint – the Gemini quasi sub-age decan (2000 – 2059).  Gemini prefers fragmentation and differentiation such as Great Britain leaving the European Union and Barcelona attempting to escape Spain.  This fragmentation process will accelerate from 2029 onward.  Gemini is opposite the sign Sagittarius – the sign of expansion.  It does not bode well for Russia’s or China’s medieval expansionary programs based on intimidation, force and coercion.  However, this does not mean they will not make some valiant attempts. But any gains are bound to be short-lived because the approaching Capricorn micro-age decan and overflow (2029 – 2039) of the approaching Taurus micro-age (2029 – 2044) will bring no favors to Cancer-associated countries such as Russia and China.

Early 2022 is orientated towards Aries, so if we avoid the threat of conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and combined with the Aries-associated Omicron strain of COVID-19 and the Winter Olympics, we will be fortunate.  For more details, see 2022 in the Age of Aquarius.  The Capricorn nano-age overflow concludes in June 2022, and will be replaced by Sagittarius.  Therefore any incursion into Ukraine by Russia would probably occur before mid-2022 while dour old doomy Capricorn has influence.  It’s unlikely to occur while the Winter Olympic Games are in progress in China otherwise the Russians will have to bear the backlash from China as well as most western nations.

Finally, as one historian stated, who can name a war that the protagonist has ultimately won in modern times?  This followed another statement that “all wars are based on lies”.  The Afghan war by the USA and its allies cost billions but to what benefit?  The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq was seriously rebuffed, the Viet Nam War by the USA , the invasion of Poland by Germany commencing the 2nd World War and so on demonstrate the utter stupidity of starting a war – which does not include civil wars.  When did the last protagonist win a war that did not ultimately reverse?  Even in the USA’s infancy, it failed to conquer Canada! Perhaps the occasional was or conflict is won by the protagonists – but it seems to be a rarity?

Unfortunately, major war or conflict appears to be heading our way, but it is unlikely in 2022.  The second half of this decade is a different issue.  Perhaps Russia will invade Ukraine, or China invades Taiwan in a few years, or North Korea goes even more ballistic. For more information, see The Next BIG Thing.  In the meantime, all the candles of Ukraine’s birthday cake are lit up, at least until mid-2022 – another Samson and Goliath story?

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