December 21st End of the World Increases Interest in the Astrological Ages

The December 21st 2012 end of the world scenario obviously garnered interest around the world. As the graph for this blog indicates, interest over the two days (due to shifting time zones) reflect December 21st at different parts of the world.

Wordpress Statistics Dec 23 2012
WordPress Statistics Dec 23 2012

Why were so many people affected by such spurious claims about the end of the world? It’s all due to the fact that the most important zodiacal sign in our part of the Aquarian age is actually Pisces, the sign of the previous age. When the Pisces age came to an end in c.1433 AD, it was at its greatest strength, and like a wave washes over the new Aquarian age which is like a newborn infant (see Is the Aquarian Age Like a Block of Granite? ). It will take until around 2500 AD before Aquarius can significantly begin to push Pisces aside. In the whole approximate 26,000 years cycle of the Great Year, the period 1433 to 2148 AD will be the time of greatest strength for Pisces (see Aquarius in Pisces Sheep Clothing). Pisces is strongly associated with end-of-the-world scenarios, delusion, deception, deceit, fantasy and general lack of clarity plus self-made destruction. Pisces rules belief-system, and does not care if these belief-systems are based on religion, politics or whatever. People prefer to believe in their beliefs than in reality when Pisces is strong. This is why many people who believe in the love of God one way, will kill other people who believe the love of God manifests differently. The world depends upon superficiality, fashion and smoke-and-mirrors under Pisces.

In a Pisces environment, it is not surprising that some delusional self-seeking publicist will claim the Mayans predicted the end-of-the-world on 21 December 2012. The reason why so many people were affected by this delusion, is that at this time of the cycle of the Great Year, people in general prefer delusion. Delusion is so comforting because you can mould it whatever way you want. Under Pisces you can develop whatever belief system you like, then pretend this belief system came from God, the cosmic force… whatever. This is why the US Civil War of the 19th century was actually a religious war as one side claimed God did not like slavery while the other side believed God supported slavery. Many US politicians treat capitalism as if it was God-given perfect way to run the world’s economy.

Many people sensibly treated the Mayan end-of-the-world with a party. Fortunately we are coming near the end of the Pisces at full throttle as it shifts down a gear over the next 150 years. For anyone born after 1940, including the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Gen Y and whatever comes next have never experienced a serious hit of Aquarius, even though we have been in the Aquarian age since 1433 AD. This anomaly will be rectified soon. Between 2015 and 2025 (and especially the peak of the bell curve 2017 – 2022) Aquarius will be in serious self-promotion mode as the Aquarian age passes over an Aquarian sub-period within the Aquarian age – creating a small Aquarius hot-spot. We are heading towards very interesting times from the astrological perspective and the world is actually on the cusp of the most dynamic and progressive developments not seen in the world for over 7,000 years and linked to the coming Aquarius hotspot commencing in 2015 (see A Celebration 7,000 Years in the Making )

Every one of us will experience the end-of-the-world when it is the end of our life. This life is a gift, this world is a gift and the universe is a gift. Reality dictates that we should experience primarly the fact we are surrounded by gifts not of our making. The only real response to the gifts that have been bestowed upon us is one of gratitude. If the world was orientated towards gratitude rather than delusional belief systems that ultimately are based on projecting our greatness (‘I live in the best country in the world’ is one of them) – the world may be a very different place. Just because the dominant paradigm in the world is currently Pisces-delusion, that does not mean as individuals we have to be locked into this fashionable stupidity.

For a comprehensive understanding of the astrological ages, see:

Now available online and at major book stores.
Now available online and at major book stores.


The Wisdom of the Ages

There is much wisdom to be gained from the astrological ages.  In my research and study of the ages I have taken the novel approach that to understand the ages it is necessary to ‘stand under’ the ages and let the ages teach me how they operate.  The ages do not operate in the way that the urban myths of the ages have spread.  Most astrologers define the ages and what supposedly occurs within ages based on theoretical considerations and wishful thinking, not from evidence.   The ages never indicate that paradise, utopia or a world exclusively based on consciousness, reason and rationality is around the corner – or even a possibility at any time.

In our modern world we have enough information and knowledge to examine ages in detail all the way back to the deglaciation of the world that commenced around 14,000 years ago.  It is true that highly detailed information is thin on the ground for the first few thousand years, but what information that is available from those ancient times not only support the existence of the astrological ages, but also that each age consists of positive and negative archetypes associated with the astrological sign concerned.

This is not new to astrologers.  All experienced astrologers know that the horoscope for each individual person is a combination of positive and negative elements.  Most people have a relative equal number of positive and negative astrological attributes.  There is no perfect human being and there is no perfect age.

The perspective of the ancient Chinese philosophers and sages got it right – everything associated with physical reality is composed of a combination on yin and yang, with a little bit of yang in the yin and vice versa.  What happens as each new age arrives is that the positive and negative archetypes associated with the new sign slowly take over from the positive and negative archetypes of the influence from the previous age.  This is what is happening in the world today.  The Pisces momentum from the Pisces age has promoted the positive and negative archetypes of Pisces while the new Aquarian age has commenced pushing its own positive and negative archetypes to the fore.

What are the positive and negative archetypes of Pisces?  On the plus side we have compassion, charities and social security (less so in the USA compared to most other Western nations); great poetry, drama and artworks from the likes of Shakespeare, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci onwards (including the modernists such as Picasso), an incredible array of movies, fictional novels and abstract concepts; pharmaceutical drugs for a whole range of ailments.

On the negative side of Pisces are alcoholism, poisonous chemicals, prisons, addictive drugs, propaganda (spin) and swindlers, religious delusions; slavery and now sex slaves.  In addition, there are a number of areas that can be either positive or negative depending upon your point of view.  These ambivalent Pisces activities include Buddhism, Christianity and Islam; European culture; petroleum, corporations and recreational intoxicants.

These positive and negative aspects of Pisces remain the dominant archetypes in the world but Aquarius has progressively introduced its positive and negative aspects since it arrived in 1443 (or 1442).   For example, Aquarius has promoted democracy on the positive side counter-balanced by fascism.  Whenever Aquarius is strong the sea-saw will tend to go towards fascism or democracy as both are strong Aquarian archetypes.  This is keenly demonstrated by the USA that so strongly promotes democracy within its borders yet since the Second World War has supported fascist dictators and governments around the world over democracy whenever it suits the commercial or political interests of the USA.  In fact, the USA is an excellent example of democracy and fascism conjoined – but that is another story altogether.

Positive developments associated with Aquarius include flight, electricity, humanitarianism and idealists, inventions, modernization, civic organizations and associations, and free thought.  Negative elements include lack of stability, mental instability and illnesses, emotional detachment (think of the Holocaust).  Other elements that can go either way are rebelliousness and revolutions (some bring democracy and freedom while others bring tyranny); and socialism (which can be extended to communism).

Are all zodiacal signs equal in their positive and negative aspects?   There are two schools of thought on this – the modern school typically indicates that each sign and planet is basically equal in its positive and negative aspects.  Traditionalists believe that some planets and the signs they rule are more orientated towards either positiveness or negativity.

In my observation, I believe that the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  No planet or sign is all bad or good – each contains both good and bad, but some planets and signs do tend slightly more to the negative while others tend towards the positive but some sit in the middle.  I believe that Pisces does err mildly on the negative side but Aquarius is either balanced or very slightly biased towards the positive side.  This does not make the Pisces age negative and the Aquarian age positive.

Therefore, though the world is not passing from the ‘dark’ Age of Pisces to the radiant Age of Aquarius, Aquarius does seem to offer some advantages over Pisces.  This can be easily demonstrated.  Whenever the ubiquitous Jehovah’s Witnesses would arrive at my doorstep they would quickly draw my attention to all the problems and deteriorations in the world.  My standard counter was ‘if the world is so bad today, when in the past was it better?’  This perspective always left them floundering.  Do you think 1978, 1988, 1998 for example were better than 2008?

Even with all the problems of pollution, corruption, inequality, terrorism, war, violence, criminal activity and so on, the world in general today is better for a higher proportion of the world’s population compared to any time in the past.  It reminds me of something I heard not too long ago.  Someone said that if your life is 51% positive and 49% negative then you are experiencing a positive life.  The same situation applies to the world.

The majority of the world does not live the relatively gifted lifestyles of the populations of the First World countries.  The proportion of the world that does get to experience modernity is growing.  Even over the last few decades hundreds of millions of people around the world have been embraced by modernity partially or fully – one way or another, especially in China and India.

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  The arrival of modernity from its seed that was planted over 500 years ago when the Aquarian age first arrived unannounced is steadily embracing a greater proportion of the world.  The modern world is not a perfect world but from my subjective perspective, it is superior to the medieval (Pisces) world it is replacing.

This is the wisdom of the ages.  There is no perfect age, and the Age of Aquarius is definitely not perfect.  The quest for the mythical perfect Age of Aquarius is just the hangover from Pisces.  Pisces rules delusions and self-deception.  You have a choice – you can continue to listen to delusions about a fantasized Age of Aquarius that will never arrive – or you can open your eyes and perceive the dawning of the Age of Aquarius – warts and all, that is occurring all around you and has been for over 500 years

There are many warts associated with the Age of Aquarius but in the end, it comes down to a simple issue – is the glass half full or half-empty?  On a daily basis, I give thanks to whatever reality that produced the universe and world we live in.  Is there any other time in history that is superior to today?  For the huge majority of us living in the modern world, we should be truly thankful for this unique experience since our evolution from the animal kingdom.

I sincerely hope that the dawning of the Age of Aquarius continues until all the people in the world have the option to live in this modern world.  The wisdom of the ages indicates that this will not occur this century and may not even be completed in the next one thousand years.  This is not based on my personal preferences but on what investigating the ages has taught me.