Is the World Doomed?

As a young child, I remember many cartoons depicting some misfit carrying a placard saying that ‘the end is nigh’ or the ‘world is doomed’.  There was a good reason for this despondency – there were enough nuclear warheads ready to blow humans to smithereens.  I remember a graffiti message from this era ‘mutate now and avoid the rush’.  However now, in addition to the nuclear arsenal, humans are attempting to pollute themselves into oblivion.

One thing we know for certain is that the world is definitely doomed.  Eventually, the Sun will reach its terminal stage, expand and snuff out the Earth like some unlucky cockroach whacked with a folded newspaper.  However, this reality of certain doom is not due for many billions of years to come.  In the meantime, we have to contend with the world’s nuclear arsenal and carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere at unnaturally high levels.  Will either of these potential doomsday scenarios arrive on our doorstep in the immediate or near future?

James Lovelock developed the Gaia hypothesis in the 1970s.  He basically stated that the Earth as a whole can be viewed as an interaction of living (organic) and non-living (inorganic) material that in combination with each other regulates the environment of the world.  Lovelock was instrumental in the worldwide CFC ban to protect the slowly depleting ozone layer that provides a protective shield for the world.  However, he is less enthusiastic about global efforts to protect the world from carbon emissions.  Basically, Lovelock says:

 “I don’t think we can react fast enough or are clever enough to handle what’s coming up”   [ref: We’re doomed, but it’s not all bad, New Scientist, 24 January 2009, Pg 31].

The astrology of the Aquarian age agrees with Lovelock.  Each age has twelve sub-ages that interact with each other and the Aquarian age to produce a basic outline of what can be expected.  Between 1970 and 2148 the key sub-age is the Scorpio sub-age.  The previous sub-age was the Sagittarius sub-age.  In line with Sagittarius’ expanding and positive qualities, the world went into overdrive with the Industrial Revolution and the world population explosion – both the key factors producing pollution.  Scorpio is a very different zodiacal sign – it does not promote expansion and positivity but rather contraction, pollution, vulnerability and financial duress amongst a menu of Scorpio archetypes.

Since the 1970s the world has been in a transition time where the baton is being passed from Sagittarius to Scorpio.  There are key timeframes in this transition.  The 1970s saw the first glimmer of Scorpio with the rise of environmental groups concerned about the degradation of the environment or promoting sustainability.  However, despite some improvements the world continued on its merry way of expanding with the associated expansion of pollution.  Money, profits, economy and jobs were more important than the atmosphere or environment.

Even in the current economic crisis, many politicians are saying that measures to limit pollution should be put on hold – clearly implying that the economy (i.e. profits) is more important than the environment.  A good argument can be made that it is the quest for profits that is either the key factor or a key factor in the degradation of the environment.  Another key ingredient that results in environmental degradation is debt – especially credit card debt.  Debt allows people to consume now what they cannot afford.  It is consumption that creates pollution.

Between 2005 and 2015 a second key Scorpio period appears, and during this time it is driving its point home – the world is on a collision course with global warming and environmental degradation.  In addition, Scorpio is the sign associated with debt – and the recent global financial crisis is one manifestation of debt gone feral.  This is the time that serious remedial action should be put in place – but this is unlikely to occur to the extent necessary.

James Lovelock discredits the current approach that world leaders are giving lip service to.  He is especially scornful of carbon trading (this merely props up the economic establishment with profit in their sights), carbon sequestration (“it’s a crazy idea and dangerous”) and believes that it’s already too late for emissions reduction measures.

Lovelock believes that the result of humanity’s collective stupidity is that the world’s population will have to plummet from a projected nine billion people to one billion people by the end of this century as a world four degrees centigrade hotter than now cannot support more than about one billion people.  Though the astrology of the Aquarian age cannot be as proscriptive to the actual numbers as Lovelock indicates, Scorpio is the sign that wants to contract.  Think of the biblical seven fat cows and seven scrawny cows – Scorpio is the scrawny cows.  The population of the world will contract – but the amount of contraction is difficult to say based exclusively on astrology.

Population contraction has already been occurring for decades – first in most of the developed First World countries, and now in the second tier nations such as Korea.  It is just too expensive to have many kids in the modern world.  This contraction is hidden by immigrants so that First World countries can still log an expanding population – but not by the birth-rate alone.  The comical result of this natural contraction of birth-rates is that many countries (including Australia) are providing significant financial bonuses for parents to have children.

The reason that the Earth is suffering from pollution is that there are too many people who are consuming too many goods and services that are producing too much pollution.  These same governments that are supposedly going to save us from our own folly in the environmental area are encouraging (Sagittarian) population growth – the old paradigm.  As Lovelock states, Kyoto was 11 years ago and the only thing that has happened is endless talks and meetings.  The reason that governments behave the way they do is that they reflect the views of the general population.

Any study of history will show that human beings can rise to challenges, produce mighty artworks, cultures and civilization but equally go to war, persecute their citizens or neighbors and murder and kill enormous numbers of people.  This is all done in the name of patriotism, ideology or religion – in essence, masking stupidism.  What will happen in the coming century? Is stupidism or awareness going to be the dominant paradigm that guides the world to either destruction or rebirth?

The current Scorpio influence within the Aquarian age cannot answer this question, but it does provide a shortlist of outcomes.  Scorpio promotes death and destruction, pollution, secret deals, debt and tyranny.  It also promotes rebirth, renewal, environment sustainability and minimalism.  Minimalism indicates a limit to the number of offspring, currently occurring voluntarily in the West, and by government edict in China’s one-child policy.  Which path will the world go down?  Will the world continue in its current trajectory towards environmental doom and a massive population cull?

I essentially concur with the outlook of James Lovelock but with an added twist.  I believe that the world will go the point of no return before serious effort is put into turning around our current consumption and polluting paradigm.  This may seem like a contradiction but in reality, the result is surprisingly similar to what James Lovelock surmises. Lovelock says he is an optimistic pessimist about the dire environmental issue facing the world.

Global warming and water scarcity are stepping stones to much greater problems.  The sub-periods of the Age of Aquarius indicate that air quality will be a much more serious problem from about 2030 onwards (at the latest).  When significant numbers or people commence dying prematurely due to atmospheric degradation (remember the air we pollute is the same air we must breathe), when breathing without coughing plague much of the world (with the attendant lung diseases and problems) – surely something more realistic and drastic will be done?

Fortunately, some very significant astrological elements appear in the current century that has not occurred in the world for around 7,000 years.  These astrological elements involve progressive and lateral thinking of the highest order.  The first one comes online between 2015 and 2029.  The second appearance occurs at 2074 – 2089 and wraps up with a final one around 2133 – 2148.  More of these revitalizing elements appear about 700 years later.

From a rational perspective (as provided by James Lovelock) the world is in a bad way and getting worse.  The astrological configuration on one hand supports this pessimistic assessment but equally, it supports the addition of an unexpected new spirit or sense of renewal that is available to humanity this century.  Even the election of Barack Obama as president of the USA may be a titillating foretaste of the potential change that is coming our way.  Barack Obama may be part of the advance guard preparing the way for a new perspective that does not have companies’ profits as the base.

There has been no century in recorded history that is not a combination of various degrees of difficulties, natural calamities, adversity and problems with advancement, survivability and relative peace.  There is no reason to believe that the 21st century will be the perfect century or that any century can ever be a perfect century.  The 21st century will be a century of change, fragility, passion, catastrophe, financial losses, renewal, transformation and rebirth.  The ancient Chinese would say to their enemies:

‘may you live in interesting times’.

Interesting times was a euphemism for upheaval.  The 21st century will be an interesting time!

James Lovelock’s latest book is The Vanishing Force of Gaia




8 thoughts on “Is the World Doomed?

  1. Hi Terry,

    Very insightful analysis of Scorpio in Aquarius.

    What do you think of the Transhumanist projects that are currently underway? The development of nano-technology, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, etc.

    Even the scientists involved in moving these things forward have some pretty dire predictions for possible consequences. Their inventions might be the next nuclear bomb.


    David Metcalfe

  2. David, thank you for your insightful comment. The astrology of the ages and their sub-periods indicate where the action is located, but generallly the action is a combination of positive and negative developments. Scorpio rules everything to do with DNA, hidden things (nano-technology) and belive it or not – the internet (Scorpio is opposite the physical cultural sign of Taurus, so Scorpio implies total lack of physical culture = the internet). Also nuclear weapons and nuclear energy are on the upswing (for better or worse).

    Everywhere we look in history humanity extends itself in both positive and neagtive directions. Therefore genetic engineering is bound to have a down side. Nuclear proliferation will be bound to have a downside.

    The most likley times for extreme downsides associated with Scorpio this century are 2005 – 2015 and 2059 – 2069. However on the positive side, these two time periods also promote positive change and renewal. Therefore both can be expected to occur in these time frames.

    For example the election of Barack Obama seems to indicate a renewal in the USA (or at least the intention of renewal) but it is also possible that Iran may develop a nuclear bomb in the same period. For the first time in decades the construction of nuclear reactors is now increasing – but is there ever such a thing as a 100% fail-safe nuclear reactor?

    Like James Lovelock, I am a optimistic pessimist. Any study of history will show that humans collectively can manifest both positive and negative qualities – sometimes to the extreme, and that as a general rule, history is a combination of both. this is the track record. There is no reason to believe this track record will change in the future.

    Therefore to suggest that current scientific discoveries and inventions in technology, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, etc will have some dire or serious consequences is a realistic appraisal of the situation – but this does not mean that these developments should not happen. It is part of the macro-paradox of life, the universe and everything.

    Terry MacKinnell

  3. What are your thoughts on the Age of Capricorn that will Dawn in the late 36th century? I have debated if it will be an age of greed or an age that returns to nature. I have read Nostradamus’s prediction that the world could in the year 3797 (Sub Age of Scorpio of The Capricorn age, Micro age of Leo) When I realized that it will be the next sub age of Scorpio I started thinking that 3797 could indeed by an age something real bad takes place.

  4. The first sub-age of each age is the same as the following age – so it provides a preview to the coming age. The Aquarian sub-age and overflow of the last age was around 723 to 370 BC when the basics of modern democracy were developed in Ancient Greece as a preview to our age. The Capricorn sub-age and overflow (1433-1791) provides a preview for the next Capricorn age – especially the Capricorn sub-age overflow (1612-1791). Though each age always manifests both its positive and negative archetypes – Capricorn is in general a subdued time due to problems. However the Capricorn age overflow will be more problematical than the Capricorn age. Any Scorpio sub-age and overflow can breed much destruction. Well, at least we don’t have to worry if the world comes to an end in 3797!

  5. Hi Terry,

    I’m very impressed with your proposed dates for the start of ages and sub-ages generally, and those for the sub-ages of the Aquarian Age in particular.

    Since we are currently experiencing the rise of the sub-age of Libra and the powerful overflow of the previous sub-age of Scorpio, which you suggest ended in 1970, could this be fairly described as a time of wrestling with the legacy issues of industrial lifesyles, mindsets, habits, rituals and so on whilst simultaneously a vanguard aspires toward the organic, soft and relatively leisurely qualities of archetypal Libran lifestyles?

    For example, the number of people who are desperately trying to get out of debt and away from cubicle work or other industrial punch-clock work, in favour of yoga, organic food, lesiurely pursuits, beauty spas and parlours and so on?

    If so, might it be the case that Ireland, where I live, which is apparently ruled by Taurus, will be a good place to be as Libra rises in influence, or might it be in trouble as the Scorpio overflow opposes Taurus? This last can be seen in the astonishing level of household debt accumulated in the Bullish ‘Celtic Tiger’ (Leo micro-age) period?

    Is the Scorpio overflow more important to consider the welfare of nations in the C21st than the rising force of the Libra sub-age, which would seem to be the natural home of a cultural vanguard of pathbreakers, but perhaps not the masses of the people, not for many more decades at least? This would fit with the peak oil collapse reading of our times, rather than the resilience and relocalization Libran idealism of the next chapter.

    • Hi Rob,
      I can see that you have grasped the underlying concepts necessary to understand the astrological ages. There are two key forces at the sub-age level – the dominant Scorpio sub-age overflow and the nascent Libran sub-age. Scorpio is dealing with revolution on a multitude of levels, plus the fall-out from industrialization – mainly related to pollution. Certainly the vanguard has embraced Libra, as you suggest, but most developments are the result of a confluence of signs. The New Age movement for example seems to have Libra, Scorpio and Pisces as the three key signs in their astrological signature, but they certainly do not monopolize Libra. The whole result of the Industrial Revolution has spawned a level of (Libran) comfort and luxury for a higher percentage of the world population than any time previous. The current Libran sub-age sits at the end of the Libran age-decan (1433-2148).

      Debt is a Scorpio archetype. In the last few months we have just moved from the Scorpio quasi micro-age decan (2007 – 2012) aligned with the GFC to the Cancer quasi micro-age decan (2012-2017). It was during the Scorpio quasi micro-age decan that the world experienced the GFC (caused by Taurean financial institutions) and Ireland was hammered hard due to its Taurus association. No country or place has only one sign in its astrological signature. But I think the GFC aligned to Scorpio opposite Taurus confirms Taurus in Ireland astro signature. Ireland will be troubled by every Scorpio period, but the next Scorpio period of the same strength of the Scorpio quasi micro-age decan (2007 – 2012) will not be until around 2067 to 2072 (and it is debatable if it will have the same strength). Did you realize that the Irish potato famine (1845 to 52) occurred in the same Scorpio micro-age decan within a Cancer micro-age exactly one sub-age before the GFC?

      The real issue for Taurus Ireland, apart from it antipathy to Scorpio, is not its relationship so much with Libra, but its relationship to Gemini – the first sub-age decan of Libra. Gemini is relatively neutral to Taurus, but what other signs are in Ireland astro signature? Its seems that Ireland gained its independence under the influence of a Gemini micro-age decan and overflow (1915-1925) suggesting that Ireland may also have Gemini in its astro signature? I do remember that traditional Irish dancing has the quirk that they do not move their arms and hands (ruled by Gemini). Gemini is the twins, and Ireland is politically split in two. According to Wiki “Irish culture has had a significant influence on other cultures, particularly in the fields of literature,….. “ which again suggests Gemini, especially when thinking of James Joyce. So tentatively I speculate that Gemini is part of Ireland’s astro signature.

      If this is the case, Ireland is in for a particularly good time relative to most other countries, especially the 60 years commencing 1929 coinciding with the Gemini sub-age decan overflow (1929-2074) of the Libran sub-age. I would place Scorpio and Gemini ahead of Libra at this juncture, but Libra should swap places with Scorpio around 2059 when the Scorpio quasi sub-age passes the baton to the Libra quasi sub-age. To fully respond to your question, we would need to know the other sign(s) in Ireland’s astro signature. However, unless Sagittarius is one of them, it is unlikely any other sign added to Ireland’s astro signature will prevent Ireland from peaking in the years ahead, especailly post 2029.

  6. Terry,

    Thanks for the detailed response. As an Irishman, I would say Ireland’s astro signature dates from 12:45, 24 April 1916, the moment of the reading of the Proclamation of the Republic during the Easter Rising for independence from the UK. It reads Asc. Leo, Sun Taurus, Venus Gemini.

    RE: Venus in Gemini, to say the Irish love to talk, speculate, gamble and play is an understatement. As the Gemini decan of the Libra sub-age has gathered strength, the popular interest in our own native Gaelic language has correspondingly increased in recent years. Other indicators of Venus in Gemini include the EU headquarters of Google, Facebook, Linked In, Microsoft, Intel and other communications (Gemini) all based in Ireland.

    It appears to me that the Franco-German bureaucratic centralisation of power in Brussels (EU) and Frankfurt (EZ), especially measures such as pan-EU tax harmonization (Scorpio?) may work against the Taurean and Venusian signature of Ireland.

    However, Spain, which has a strong Sagittarius signature, would appear to be in for a rough ride as the Gemini decan of the Libra sub-age undermines their native preference for expansiveness, optimism and parties. With the greatest respect, I simply cannot see how mainstream Spanish culture, as it is currently constituted, can successfully adapt to the inevitable mandates of the next decade for Europe 2012-2022.

    Your dating of the astrological ages/subages/etc, wherein you propose that the dominant influences, in an admittedly complex mixture, are Scorpio and Gemini, would seem to be supported by the deep economic and cultural issues confronting Ireland and Spain.

  7. Rob, one of the main difference between macro-astrology (the study of the precessional ages), and normal astrology is that normal astrology is focused upon one particular time for a chart whereas this is not normally the case in macro-astrology. Another difference is that the government of a country is a subset of the country, not the defining factor. A third difference is that you cannot bring the chart for the government of a country (or any other natal chart) and use it in macro-astrology. The only technique you can bring are the zodiacal archetypes associated with each sign.

    So while a normal astro chart may take the reading of the Proclamation of the Republic during the Easter Rising as a key point, in macro-astrology it is the whole period from the proclamation to the culmination. Remember Irish society has existed for thousands of years and carries with it is astro signature everywhere it goes. Based on Ireland’s macro chart with a conjectured emphasis on Gemini – it looks like very fortunate times ahead regardless of what Europe does.

    I have not really examined Spain in detail yet, but obviously Spain’s astro signature must resonate well for the period from Columbus until the Spanish empire fell apart. Certainly they got their empire rolling under the Taurus sub-age decan and overflow (1493-1552-1612) but I think a primary sign for Spain will be Capricorn as the Capricorn sub-age and overflow (1433-1612-1791) seems to encapsulate Spain’s period of Glory. Spain was probably the most conservative state in Europe, far more so than Italy. The Spanish Inquisition was the most vicious in Europe, and it was due to pressure from Spain that Galileo was charged by the Catholic Church – the Italians were nonplussed about the subject until they got pressured by the arch-conservative Spanish. I will get a lot clearer on countries’ astro signature when I complete my second book on the ages. So while you can get some clues from traditional astro associations with countries from traditional astrology, it must all be confirmed using macro-astrological techniques.

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